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  1. I never said it was announced on Monday. I said it was announced for Monday.
  2. They already announced it. But I don’t have all the sources you do 🙄. Watch raw and see what match is first Monday
  3. Does my bookie no longer allow first score td bets? I haven’t seen them at all this year
  4. I’m pretty sure this is the guys name I got today said same location also. I was wondering though he gave me good deal like all the others but said he was calling tomorrow to finalize everything. Have the others that have been told this actually been getting the return call?
  5. Anyone know how late you can call these numbers.
  6. For the 410 number did you state you got an email or a missed call?
  7. Anyone know why cbs doesn’t have CBS sports network app or allow it to be watched on the CBS sports hq app. I can watch it on phone and iPad app but Apple TV and Roku apps do not include the CBS sports network stream.
  8. BACKTOSCHOOL code works again this year making it only $80
  9. Another waste of demon Finn coming at WrestleMania 2.0 🙄
  10. Not sure but my guess was him. He knew if that plan had went through Dany would be trying to kill him.