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  1. Shoke deserved a better fate

  2. Don't need to. You already admitted it. Keep living in your fantasy world about what you do here. You cry to the mods about everything including nicknames and yet you do the same stuff you whine about. Have a good night.
  3. Your "I'm innocent" shtick isn't working. You stir the pot more than anyone here.
  4. So you were innocent with your BieberClieber comments?
  5. and why on earth you are protected the way you are here is beyond me. You stir the pot, report, and then complain when you are offended. Rinse and repeat.
  6. Beav used when Bucky said he wasn't familar with Oprah's political leanings and many posters went after him because they were offended by . It's a damn emoji. The people that attacked Dodds are still here and that will always continue.
  7. This is interesting "Mueller grand jury room 'looks like a Bernie Sanders rally' claims Russia probe witness who says two jurors wore 'peace t-shirts"
  8. Better than 2/3 of the QBS in the NFL? That is funny stuff.