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  1. No collage of Hawk Harrelson is complete without the cover of SI where he rocks a Nehru jacket: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-nXlCpnQeCgM/VbAW9h5nMWI/AAAAAAAAJBY/6w8QttR6mX8/s1600/ken-harrelson.jpg
  2. Comedy Central does not ever rerun Chevy's roast because of how brutal it was. None of the big-name former castmates or co-stars showed up, it was just Chevy sitting in a big chair wearing dark sunglasses as a litany of random comedians got up on stage and took him apart. It looks like they have also done a good job of keeping clips offline because I couldn't find many links. A quote from the late great Greg Giraldo: Chevy is living proof that you could actually snort the funny right out of yourself
  3. http://gawker.com/5899097/hes-not-chevy-hes-an-#######-a-history-of-chevy-chases-horrific-behavior
  4. Terri Garr?
  5. It was not the shark move for Wayne LaPierre to stand up at CPAC and berate the FBI. They have to eat crap from Trump because he is the President. Those rules don't apply to him.
  6. He is only going to turn forty-six years old this year. These charges have cumulative penalties of half a century. He must be catatonic with fear. I've read that Mueller craftily wrote these indictments in such a way to avoid double-jeopardy in case Trump pardons Manafort and Gates and individual states decide to file the same charges, especially New York.
  7. Gates has fired all of his lawyers. Does that mean he has a plea offer from Mueller?
  8. The Phillies and Jake Arrieta are having a "dialogue".
  9. Paul Giamatti as Rick Gates.
  10. From the Atlantic:
  11. In that article from The Atlantic, and stated in other places, if Manafort had simply stayed away from Trump, none of this would have happened. He would have lived out the rest of his life quietly and with relative prosperity. It's true he was in debt, and was going through emotional tribulations, but it wasn't insurmountable. He could have dug his way out. Now it's all over. I wonder how many times a day he looks down at that ankle bracelet, as he sits locked in his house (a house that will soon be liquidated), and turns that thought over in his head.
  12. One of Harry's closest friends was a man named Pete Vonachen, a Peoria businessman who owned the Cubs minor league affiliate in that town. He gave the eulogy at Harry's funeral. Great stuff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgPmTXI99Es&feature=youtu.be
  13. The Royals have a pitcher in camp whose name is Dick Lovelady.
  14. Jenna Fischer balances the scale a little bit. Jon Hamm, too.
  15. I always wondered how Harry Chapin could be thirty-two years old and yet have a son who had finished college and had kids of his own, who had the flu.