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  1. Mark Judge was found in a Delaware resort town, the backseat of his car filled with dirty laundry and dozens of issues of Superman comics.
  2. From the article: Republicans knew about this last week, and their immediate reaction was to try and speed up the confirmation vote.
  3. The New Yorker story is up. It involves a woman during his freshman year at Yale.
  4. He gone.
  5. He has always been one of the more interesting players I have seen interviewed. Insightful, intelligent and with a good perspective on the game.
  6. Maybe the guy who played Arvid on Head of the Class?
  7. JR Smith had a good (and shirtless) time at the Browns game tonight.
  8. It was around this time in 1988 that she had about six solid weeks of musical ubiquity. Hourly rotation on MTV, articles in Rolling Stone, comparisons to Joni Mitchell, appearance on SNL (where she met Paul). And then poof, she evaporated into the ether.
  9. I want to beat Dennis, so pop it in.
  10. I missed it, too. It is like the opening scene in No Country For Old Men.
  11. Best karaoke I ever saw was at a company Christmas party when the comptroller (who looked like Raj from What's Happenin') got up and belted out Dirty White Boy.
  12. Brandon Morrow down for the rest of the season with an unhealed bone bruise. Theo believes the injury occurred when Morrow pitched in a game on a third consecutive day (with the Cubs up 7-1), and he mentions specifically that Morrow was scheduled not to pitch that day. Theo is usually so cautious and non-committal with his words, that it seems maybe that comment was directed at a certain someone in the Cubs dugout.
  13. Awesome. Another one: https://hyperallergic.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/trump-washington-photoshop-1080x667.jpg