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  1. The NYT has dropped Part II. Trump golf courses have lost 315 million dollars. The year "The Apprentice" debuted, Trump reported to the IRS 89.9 million in losses.
  2. He does this in depositions, as well. The opposing lawyer in the Trump University scam did exactly as you suggested and Trump broke down like Captain Queeg and the strawberries. It was a big reason why the settlement was so large and uncontested.
  3. I saw a single story where the angle was questioning the "timing" of the story.
  4. Barbara Walters had Trump's number thirty years ago:
  5. In the 90's he was like the B-movie version of Steven Seagal. He was in a whole bunch of crappy Cinemax action movies with poor fight choreography and cheesy sex scenes with the loud saxophone on the soundtrack.
  6. Fred Trump was turning profits each and every year well into his eighties. The only time he ever lost money was when he either loaned or invested in a company run by Donald.
  7. I have heard the story that when the labels had only a demo tape of Van Halen, nothing else, the first and loudest critique was the less than stellar vocals of Dave. However, if anyone from the label had seen Van Halen in concert, the first thing they pointed out was Dave's on-stage charisma and showmanship.
  8. Showtime has a two-part mini-series starting tonight, "The Comey Rule". Jeff Daniels as Comey, Brendan Gleeson as Trump. Trailer #1: Trailer #2:
  9. Elisabeth Shue has said she is a fan of the show and her children really like it and want her involved, but I haven't seen anything definite. I hope she comes on board. That would be cool.
  10. Congrats Reds. Bauer/Gray/Castillo can make a lot of trouble in a short series.
  11. I could listen to that anchor pronounce "McCain", all day.
  12. They put a smackdown on the Cubs these past few games. I wonder if the Cubs batters were as distracted by Brault's arm tattoos as I was watching from home. Then the next day the Cubs made Trevor Williams look like Doug Drabek, and today was just an old-fashioned beating.
  13. Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks really stuck up for Phil to become the lead vocalist after Peter Gabriel departed, and not bring in someone from outside the group (which was what the label wanted, as they were going to re-brand the group as something totally new). Phil's enormous solo career resulted because of their loyalty, and I have read that he felt he owed it to them to use his popularity to return the favor.