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  1. Moore is now soliciting funds to pay for a recount. A conman through and through.
  2. I kept reading the words "Bryant Annex", and had to look it up because I had no idea what it meant. Apparently, it is a large courthouse in Washington, and looks to be fully occupied at 2 AM eastern. That seems to be what is setting everyone abuzz.
  3. He wants to play shortstop. I thought you guys already have the next Barry Larkin at short. So far, he has been the next Mike Caruso.
  4. You'll always have Wockenfuss.
  5. I read that the same forces who pushed for Tim Raines inclusion had Bobby Grich on the same list. Also, from a pitching standpoint, Rick Reuschel was high on the list.
  6. He does have that vibe of Tom Berenger's character in Platoon.
  7. He also attacked Joe Scarborough's inferior academic credentials, which might have been the wrong place to do so: https://twitter.com/jonallendc/status/940389382334418944
  8. Chris Jansing is sixty years old (sixty-one next month). I am usually pretty good at guessing ages, but I would have put money on her being in her mid-forties.
  9. Brandon Morrow signs with the Cubs. No word on whether he is the team's new closer or will have the same role he did in LA.
  10. The old guy out jogging who keeps making abrupt starts and stops, and then it turns out he was tracking his coordinates, and prints out a heart-shaped picture for his wife. First, it looks like he was cutting way too sharply for the picture to be heart shaped. The route looks triangular. Second, did anyone notice how rundown and shabby his house and neighborhood are? You get the sense he has been doing stunts like this all during the marriage, and not working on being a provider, and that's why they live on twelve hundred dollars a month Social Security, instead of a decent pension because dude could never keep a job long enough to build up a pension.
  11. I got the sense that Miranda is a huge fan of Larry and the show, but Larry is mostly oblivious to Hamilton, other than knowing that it is a huge phenomenon. Nothing rang true about that whole story arc. The scenes between Larry and F. Murray Abraham felt much more authentic.
  12. That vaunted Minnesota defense just shut down Austin Rivers to the tune of 30 points and 7-10 three-pointers.
  13. Joe Maddon believes that Jake Arrieta will leave the Cubs: http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2017/12/01/cubs-joe-maddon-jake-arrieta-probably-gone-free-agency/ Alex Cobb is on the Cubs radar.
  14. They are taking the vote right now.
  15. I was thinking Dead Parrot with the Trumpsters being Palin and the rest of the world being John Cleese.