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  1. Every other joke on Twitter is about Trump not knowing the difference between Ralph Waldo Emerson and Where's Waldo.
  2. Trump wanted Barr to hold a press conference and announce that Trump was completely exonerated for his "perfect" phone call with Ukraine. Barr told him to pound sand. Trump didn't push back.
  3. Great network, spend quality time on it. The standard-def broadcast is a serious buzzkill.
  4. The time line says quite different. A Google search of Barr/Epstein floods with results that puts Epstein hiring by Barr in 1973. Barr's resignation came in 1974.
  5. I did not know until recently that Barr's father was the headmaster of an elite private school in NYC, and that he hired a very young, very unqualified Jeffrey Epstein as a math teacher. Epstein had no college degree, no accreditation, no resume, no nothing.
  6. Welcome, Jason Kipnis. If he can stay healthy (a big if), he could be a solid bench piece, getting time at both 2B and CF.
  7. The thing I hear from grudging Bloomberg supporters is that they know he will take it right at Trump, about anything and everything. That might be the only thing they like about Bloomberg, but it is the main thing.
  8. Rachel Dratch does a spot on Klobuchar. I'm here. I'm square, get used to it.
  9. Frank Costanza is going to be upset about the omission of one of his favorite players.
  10. Peg: My Old School: Dirty Work: Hey Nineteen: Rikki Don't Lose That Number: Babylon Sisters: Reeling In The Years: Josie: Deacon Blues: Do It Again: Kid Charlemagne: Black Cow: Black Friday:
  11. He was legit angry at Gabe Kaplan for some unknown technical glitch in the 1976 episode. Conrad wasn't just a quick runner, he was also quite quick with the ethnic jokes (he hits about three in the first minute) He was also on one of the more convoluted episodes of Columbo. Usually, I can figure where Columbo is going, but this one seemed so out in leftfield.
  12. He was forty in 1958. I can't imagine a forty year old in today's game being the highest paid player.
  13. The Cubs seem obsessed with trading Kris Bryant, and with the grievance issue settled, Washington has again popped up as a potential landing spot. Theo wants Robles/Kieboom and a prospect. Washington is resisting any overtures for Robles, and I read something that said they think Robles might become a better all-around player than Soto. He will never hit like Soto, but his off-the-charts elite defense more than balances out. I had always thought of Robles as a very good player, but Soto as a generational talent. I was surprised to see Washington management value Robles so highly.
  14. The last cut of spring training was Pujols in favor of the immortal Chad Hutchinson. It took Hutchinson blowing out his elbow to get Pujols on the Opening Day roster.
  15. In re-watching clips from some of the earlier seasons, I have come to appreciate Brendan Filone a little bit more. He was profoundly stupid, hilariously so. But unlike Christaphuh, Jackie Jr., and the two knuckleheads who tried to whack Chrissy, Brendan seemed to know he was a moron and just went with it. The laugh over his witticism about Jackie Sr. and "chemo-sabe" and Tony's response: