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  1. Sogard nailing Frazier at the plate was one of the better heads-up, astute plays I have seen in a long while. Frazier looked stunned to even see the throw. http://m.mlb.com/video/v1526026783/pitmil-sogard-throws-out-frazier-call-stands/?game_pk=491194
  2. What happened to you not polluting the board with a bunch of asinine and poorly spelled threads, and instead keeping your drivel confined to one general thread?
  3. It would be awesome if Odenkirk and David Cross reunited for a few episodes of "Mr. Show".
  4. I have heard Verlander to the Cubs several times over the past weeks. The main reason is Theo/Jed refuse to be hijacked by Tampa with regards to Chris Archer. Theo/Jed also believe Verlander is the type of pitcher who causes grief to free-swinging teams like Washington and Los Angeles--teams the Cubs will likely face in the playoffs.
  5. Christian Yelich going 1-4 every other day, with no SB's and little power is getting annoying.
  6. You could update that movie as is, just change the name of Kevin Costner's character to Michael Flynn.
  7. Oh boy, is this not great
  8. Nick Johnson redux?
  9. Good shtick.
  10. Is this spam or shtick?
  11. Welcome back, Mitch Haniger. You were missed in my lineup.
  12. Adam West as Batman/Bruce Wayne: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgCkmUS1IYI
  13. Ten years ago was the air date of the last episode. It was interesting to go back to the beginning of the thread and read the posts in real time. At this point, the only posts I don't read through are theories about the last episode. It has become the most tedious thing about the show. I hope RN checks in and we can continue discussing our admiration for Vito's grace and nimbleness as he climbed back into the car after shooting Jackie Jr.
  14. Of all the special effects in all the Batman movies, my favorite is from the series when Batman and Robin would climb the side of a building--and they would just tilt the camera sideways.
  15. Blackmon is just ridiculous. Jon Lester holds such ownage over LH that Blackmon taking a wicked slider and scooping it opposite field for a hit unnerved him to such an extent that he lost focus and grooved one to LeMahieu.