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  1. Peter Gabriel's best album.
  2. I just watched a long interview with Jon Voight. I now know from which side of the family Angelina inherited the crazy.
  3. Miguel Ferrer: http://deadline.com/2017/01/miguel-ferrer-dead-ncis-los-angeles-crossing-jordan-1201890002/ Excellent character actor. He was great in "Robocop", and "Twin Peaks.
  4. I keep seeing how much the Cubs (especially Maddon) really really want Chris Archer, but Tampa won't budge unless Baez or Schwarber, and a top level prospect head east. That's a deal-breaker for Theo.
  5. Do you think Dave Kingman would have a job in today's game?
  6. Dee's face at the end when she made her announcement. I only meant to fart. Now you're just a grown woman who #### her pants.
  7. Good topic. I would be interested to hear what advanced stats people use for fantasy. The last couple of seasons I have paid close attention to contact-rate and line-drive percentage when seeking players for batting average.
  8. An un-subtle takedown of Gervais by the Daily Mail: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3771768/Why-laughing-Ricky-Gervais-not-comic-s-new-film-s-panned-s-morphing-narcissistic-buffoon-famous.html
  9. I had seen the first few seasons of the American version before purchasing the British box set. The first scene where Brent brings in Dawn and accuses her of stealing, and makes her cry, and the way the scene just keeps going on and on--that would never have have occurred here. It was startling. I had not heard of a rift between Gervais and Merchant. I saw Merchant in a really unfunny HBO show whose title I can't even remember. The last thing I saw them together was in a show called "Life's Too Short".
  10. Olson and McElhenny looked legitimately pained in that tunnel. It must have been rough filming.
  11. Manny Ramirez making a comeback in Japan: http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/18434315/ex-mlb-star-manny-ramirez-signs-kochi-fighting-dogs-japan I'd read that Theo and Jed had been so impressed with his coaching ability that he was on track to become a member of Joe's staff, maybe as soon as this season. It seems odd to throw that away to go play minor-league Japanese baseball.
  12. Aretha and Sigourney looked positively thrilled in their photos.
  13. Where did you ever hear that? That is completely and totally the opposite of what has always been said about him. He was known to send his men into the bloodiest battles while he stood on the sidelines.