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  1. If the Cubs can get this series back to Los Angeles, I think the Dodgers will fall into the same kind of tailspin they did in the middle of the season.
  2. Don't do blue. You'll never work the big rooms. Ask Redd Foxx.
  3. The Ryan Arcidiacono Era begins.
  4. Larry and Super Dave lamenting the inability to wank with their left hand was good, but overall the episode and season seems unfocused. I have heard that Jeff Garlin was known for his behind-the-scenes work on the show. He had a good sense of what worked, what didn't, had a keen eye for structuring the show. I wonder if he is so occupied with his network show that he didn't have the time to contribute as he did in season's past. Even his acting part seems limited this season.
  5. I have often wondered if when Peter King walks into a bar does everyone shout....Norm.
  6. He's going for the Ben Franklin/David Crosby look.
  7. Javy Baez took a walk. Holy crap.
  8. Game time temp is 96 degrees.
  9. Is that Mary Hart sitting behind home plate?
  10. One of the biggest prizes was believed to be Justin Wilson. He was left off the NLCS roster.
  11. Welcome back, Hector.
  12. What is Turner complaining about?
  13. Joe has talked more about Lackey and the 2002 World Series than Lackey ever has. It obviously left some kind of emotional imprint on Joe that preserves some weird man-crush.
  14. Rick Sutcliffe or Bill Hands will start Saturday, as they are the only two who Joe has not exhausted.
  15. I am work listening to the ESPN radio feed. Jessica Mendoza is wearing Lobaton out. She is legit pissed off.