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  1. A re-enactment of the slap fight between Jerry Sichting and Ralph Sampson would be pretty cool.
  2. Glad to see this thread make a comeback. Always interesting to follow.
  3. What is Bob Knepper up to these days?
  4. I wonder if every city that had a Bozo heard the same urban legend about the kid who missed the last bucket and on live TV told Bozo, "Cram it up your ###, clownie".
  5. Whenever her picture flashes on the screen or on a website , I keep thinking she is Courtney Cox.
  6. I have not quite processed how Dowd went from taking on a man whose actions threatened the integrity of an entire sport to defending a man whose actions threatened the integrity of an entire country.
  7. Matt Davidson. Intriguing spring.
  8. Rosario is batting 8th? I thought he was a lead-off candidate.
  9. I have read that McMahon is headed to Triple A because the Rockies have nowhere to play Ian Desmond.
  10. Stormy's lawyer reminded me of someone but it took awhile to place him: he's a scrawny version of the guy from "Right Said Fred".
  11. Steve Doocy. The real life Ted Baxter.
  12. Which guy is Keith Poole?
  13. James Comey has the #1 book at Amazon, and it won't be published until mid-April.
  14. I mentioned Swalwell's name in this thread. Impressive dude. Excellent counter to Nunes.
  15. Whenever reading one of his posts, I hear this line: And Stork, here. Everyone thought that Stork was brain damaged.