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  1. This thread sounds like the scene in "Kingpin" with Woody Harrelson and the landlady.
  2. Properly caulking bathroom doors.
  3. He's off the island (at least for the day).
  4. He's great. His Batman shtick was hilarious.
  5. I just saw Justin Turner, the 3B for the Dodgers without his helmet. He is in the early stages of the Ben Franklin/David Crosby look.
  6. Are you talking about white guys or Colin Kaepernick?
  7. The next thirteen games are against last-place clubs, and the next twenty-four against teams under .500. Milwaukee goes out west for nine games, with games against LA and Colorado. St. Louis has Boston and Tampa Bay upcoming, and then they go out west. St. Louis and Milwaukee only have five games left against each other, and the final three are in the last series of September. The Cubs don't play either Milwaukee or St. Louis until the second week of September. This is the Cubs last big chance to put distance between themselves and the other two teams. I would hope they begin September a minimum of five games ahead, with gravy being anything over eight.
  8. I wonder what Connor Barth is thinking.
  9. Scaramucci is on the morning talk shows going pretty hard at Bannon. I am still amazed at his manifesto, at how lucid and thoughtful, logical and straight-forward it was. It went exactly opposite of his persona. If Trump made even the slightest effort to follow Scaramucci's guidelines, the turmoil in his presidency would easily calm down.
  10. This thread is the Exxon Valdez of threads and any complaints with snarky comments would be like complaining about someone pouring a Slurpee atop ten million gallons of crude oil.
  11. This is the last day of the thread, right? Promises need to be kept.
  12. I hope not literally. They laid over the outfield grass a thick sheet of rubbery material that I had some difficulty navigating while trying not to spill my beer or Joe Maddon Authentic Philly Hoagie. I may have stumbled a little bit. As others mentioned, Billy did the thing where he offered up two song choices for a vote. The winner (over "Innocent Man") was for a song I admit to being unfamiliar: "Zanzibar". It was a good song. A big round dude came on stage with a trumpet and blared out a lot of fills over Billy's vocals, and then a two minute solo. Billy played for over two-and-a-half hours and poured out every big hit except for "Just The Way You Are". I have always liked "I Go To Extremes", but I didn't expect to hear it, so I wasn't disappointed by its omission. He also did a song that I haven't heard in many years but I remember from it being one of the first videos I ever saw on MTV: "Sometimes A Fantasy". All in all, quite entertaining show and I am glad I attended.
  13. Thanks for the encouragement. I am now sitting where Addison Russell usually stands. 8pm start but the stage is still dark.
  14. I know it's not cool to admit, but I found Matt LeBlanc's sitcom "Man With A Plan" to be pretty good. It is nothing original, and he's basically playing a grayer, pudgier, middle-aged version of Joey Tribbiani, but the writing was sharp, with a good quota of one-liners.