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  1. Cub fans chanting M-V-P for Kris Bryant at Dodger Stadium is very good shtick.
  2. Frank Gifford with both a rushing and receiving TD.
  3. Buster Olney asked why the Dodgers did not just wait for another week until the rosters expanded, when they could acquire Ruiz and keep Ellis.
  4. You are 100% correct. (I actually rewound my DirecTV). The dude was wearing a Dodgers cap and a Dodgers shirt. D'oh.
  5. Good camera work to catch the Dodgers fan with the double-middle finger.
  6. 119 pitches!! If the Dodgers keep taking those chippy half-assed swings, Moore might clear 130.
  7. Utley was a dickbag up there.
  8. I wonder if the producers felt a little guilty about highlighting Goff's difficulties with astronomy, so they showed Keenum struggling with a playbook he's had for probably six months.
  9. This Nigel Farage dude is hilarious. It's like he's doing an over-the-top impression of Austin Powers, except it's not an impression.
  10. San Diego must not bother with scouting reports. Jake Arrieta's mediocrity these past couple of months has come because teams are working the count, making him hit all of his spots. Arrieta went eight full innings tonight and didn't complete one-hundred pitches. If not for one mildly stressful inning, he might finished the night at under ninety pitches. The San Diego batters went up to the plate and just hacked away at anything he threw.
  11. Dane Sanzenbacher.
  12. Long snappers, too.
  13. Butler supposedly told the sales rep from the shoe company that he and Valencia both endorse to drop Valencia because he didn't always wear their brand. That is big-time dooshy.
  14. Fred Dryer and Nolan Cromwell each with an end zone sack of Ken Anderson. Vince Ferragamo to Billy Waddy. John Cappaletti busts one in with tears in his eyes as he thinks about that crappy movie they made about his little brother.
  15. Joe gets a lot of credit for his new-school and advanced way of thinking, but he has a definite old-school approach with mistreating his pitchers. Today, Hammel had absolutely nothing, and Joe let him out there to drown (just like he did with Lester in New York at the end of June). He pitched Chapman four days in a row, including both ends of a double-header, and also had John Lackey warmup twice for a potential relief appearance.