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  1. That guy sitting behind home plate at Dodger Stadium--the one with the enormous square head and Michael McDonald hair, is really distracting. He looks like Barney Rubble.
  2. Agree. I am trying to block out the Cubs trading Josh Donaldson for a few months of injury plagued Rich Harden, or Chris Archer for Matt Garza.
  3. Ken Anderson's 70's mustache: http://static.nfl.com/static/content/public/image/getty/2011/09000d5d82073fec_gallery_600.jpg
  4. Welcome to the Cubs, Mike Montgomery.
  5. Sale has a long way to go before he can top going into the stands and beating the crap out of a fan who had no hands.
  6. Those 1976 jerseys were way cool. An authentic Jack Brohamer or Wayne Nordhagen would rule.
  7. I've read it was the 1976 jersey they were going to wear, and the 1983 was a backup.
  8. Over/under on the number of jokes about Sale having a nasty cutter.
  9. Fistfight in the clubhouse?
  10. I tried to watch the speech on C-Span. How is it possible that a major cable network still broadcasts in standard-def?
  11. She has a lovely face.
  12. Clint arguing with the bubblegum in the front of his mouth was good shtick.
  13. I can never quite figure if he wears the world's worst toupee or just has the world's worst haircut.
  14. I heard him tell the story of how he landed Jackie Gleason for the role of Tom Hanks' father. Gleason was embittered, in poor health, and isolated from Hollywood. Marshall says he called up him up and simply said: "Jackie, do you really want your last movie appearance to be Smokey & Bandit part III?"