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  1. Encyclopedia Brown

    Big Ten Basketball 2018/2019 - Return to Power

    He was one of the best players in one of the better eras of the Big Ten. A lot of talent flowed through the Big Ten in the late 80's-early 90's. He also got to earn a decent paycheck for a couple of years sitting at the end of the Knicks bench (although I read that he was one game short of having his pension vested).
  2. Encyclopedia Brown

    2019 Baseball Hall of Fame Thread

    I read that Jerry Reinsdorf pushed really hard for this, he leaned on the voters, called in every favor. He is ailing, and--to put it somewhat morbidly--is looking to tie up a few final things, and getting Baines into the HOF was a big deal for him. He loves Harold Baines on a level that might surpass what he feels about Michael Jordan. Baines, Jerry Krause and Kenny Williams are the three guys Reinsdorf always stuck by, no matter what.
  3. Jim Boylen--in his first week of his first NBA head coaching gig--pulls the R. Lee Ermey from Full Metal Jacket shtick and when confronted with a near revolt doubles down and compares himself to Coach Popovich. Pop, the guy with twelve-hundred wins, and five titles. Unless John Paxson is playing some 5-D chess with the hopes of drafting Zion next year, the Chicago Bulls might be the most dysfunctional franchise in professional sports.
  4. Encyclopedia Brown

    ***Detroit Tigers thread: Offseason should be great!***

    A few seasons ago, the Cubs offered Javy Baez to San Diego for Tyson Ross. San Diego refused, the main reason was their lingering embarrassment over the Anthony Rizzo for Andrew Cashner trade. They feared getting burned twice.
  5. Encyclopedia Brown

    Bears 🐻 vs Rams 🐏​​​​​​​ Week 14

    Tonight, he is not even Dieter Brock.
  6. Encyclopedia Brown

    Bears 🐻 vs Rams 🐏​​​​​​​ Week 14

    A little bit of a buzzkill to bring up Material Issue, considering the fate of the lead singer.
  7. Encyclopedia Brown

    Bears 🐻 vs Rams 🐏​​​​​​​ Week 14

    30 degrees, with a wind-chill of 22.
  8. I read on Twitter: Ayers looks like the bully in every 1980's teen movie.
  9. I had never heard the theory that Dershowitz was compromised into defending Trump until I read it on this board, but watching him these past couple of days shill for Trump using the most shallow arguments, I can't help but think of Godfather II and Senator Geary defending Michael at the hearings.
  10. Encyclopedia Brown

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    John Goodman as Rex Tillerson on SNL: "I left a fifty billion dollar company to go work for a man who sold steaks through the mail."
  11. Encyclopedia Brown

    2020 Presidential Election Thread

    If you are not trolling, you might be reminded that his son died.
  12. Encyclopedia Brown

    2018 MLB Regular Season Thread! Current thread batting average: .420

    Brandon Morrow might not be ready to pitch until Memorial Day. This is probably what Theo thinks about as he lets Joe enter the season in the final year of his contract, with not a hint of an extension.
  13. Nebraska gave Trump 58% of the vote. Tariffs have cost the state over a billion dollars in revenue:
  14. Encyclopedia Brown

    2018 MLB Regular Season Thread! Current thread batting average: .420

    Saw this on the Twitters. Goldschmidt's stat lines versus the Cubs (.353/.461/.699) and versus Milwaukee (.366/.478/.652)
  15. Encyclopedia Brown

    Is a picture of deviled eggs funny?

    What about paprika?