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  1. I assume that is why Stark is unemployed and Dallas Braden still earns a paycheck.
  2. Stark was not only great on the air, but also an excellent writer. His odd facts and coincidences columns were always interesting to read.
  3. Designated for assignment.
  4. Bill Wade to Johnny Morris and Mike Ditka.
  5. Joe should consider benching Baez, move Zobrist to second and give Almora the starting centerfield job. Baez looks lost at the plate. He has seriously regressed. Every time Almora gets a shot he makes the most out of it, both defensively and offensively.
  6. Gurriel got off to a slow start but has really turned it up the past couple of weeks.
  7. Love means never having to say you're sorry
  8. Gummy bear? They've been in my pocket, so they're real warm and soft.
  9. I was only boning you to get to Mary.
  10. Marty has always been a doosh, but Thom is a good broadcaster and from what I have heard, a decent guy behind the scenes. He had a difficult time with the Cubs, and handled it with class. Harry Caray was not shy about expressing his desire to see grandson Chip on the Cubs broadcasting team. He openly campaigned for the Tribune Company to hire him, throwing it right in front of Thom's face. In those days, Harry used to do the middle innings on radio, and Thom would replace him in the TV booth. Supposedly, Harry wouldn't even make eye contact when they were switching seats.
  11. They couldn't find another pic of JFK escorting Jackie down the steps? It had to be the one from the last time they descended from a plane.
  12. Maybe give Jeff Leonard a call.
  13. At least he didn't lie about it like Jeff Kent.
  14. Rush Limbaugh was a disc jockey in Pittsburgh playing Jethro Tull and Journey records. Not only did he not talk politics, he wasn't even allowed to use his real name--he had a stage name. He got fired and ended up in Sacramento doing the same thing. He realized that if he didn't try something new that this would be his fate. He created Rush Limbaugh out of thin air.
  15. You guys have turned on him faster than you did Jack McDowell when he left for the Yankees twenty years ago.