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  1. I thought he was involved with Rashida Jones.
  2. A 476 ft blast for Kyle.
  3. I have seen every episode of the series but never saw the movie. I recall all the negativity surrounding it, with the consensus being that it was a cash grab, and just plain awful. Even when it was on cable, I never stayed with it for long. However, reading a lot of reviews about tonight, it seems that having seen the movie is a requisite for understanding the series. I am going to try and watch it before next Sunday.
  4. A bit slow-moving, though I know they are laying the groundwork for the rest of the series. It had the same feel and rhythm as the original. I didn't time it, but I am guessing that a quarter of the show were close-ups of a bewildered Kyle Maclachlan.
  5. Happ stays, Tommy LaStella goes to Iowa. Joe has tinkered with the lineup: Zobrist at leadoff, Schwarber bats 2nd.
  6. Norm has contended that it was the OJ jokes that got him fired. A big NBC exec was friends with OJ and his family and asked Lorne Michaels as a favor to have Norm cool it. Lorne would excise the jokes from the script but Norm would ad-lib them anyway.
  7. Paraphrasing: (the episode first aired in May 1996) Norm showed a picture of Soren and quoted her as saying she wasn't dating journalist Michael Lewis because she didn't have time to pretend she is not dating someone. Norm responded that was because she was too busy pretending not to be stupid.
  8. Norm took no prisoners at the Weekend Update desk. That Tabitha Soren line was brutal.
  9. Is that Tigerette girl doing shtick about Cobain, or is she serious? I cannot tell.
  10. Comey's 86 year-old father took a hammer to Trump. He called him "incompetent", "nuts", and "way out of his league".
  11. Supposedly, Joe has bothered Theo/Jed about Chris Archer ever since he was hired as manager. During hot stove, TB wanted two of Schwarber/Contreras/Baez for Archer.
  12. Joel Pollak is just as loony as Hannity, but he delivers it in a more polished, erudite package.
  13. I am glad you posted your opinion. In the few seconds it took to type, you didn't have to think about the Tigers bullpen.