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  1. Luol Deng signs a one-day contract with the Bulls, and retires. Fifteen years in the league. He ranks in the Top-Ten stats as a Bull in: games/minutes played/points/rebounds/three-pointers/blocks/steals. Urban legend has Kobe vetoing a trade to Chicago when he discovered that Deng was the centerpiece heading to Los Angeles. He was a good man off the court. A philanthropist in word and deed, and money. The latter half of his career would not have arced downward so severely if Tom Thibodeau had not ground him into sawdust. Good shtick to play the guy forty minutes the same day he had a spinal tap.
  2. I read an article where he said if he got the chance for a last go-around it would be for an AL team, since he never had that experience.
  3. He always came across as a genuine, stand-up guy.
  4. Those three dudes to Trump's right look utterly despondent.
  5. Cubs are interviewing Kapler this week. Theo has so far been starting each interview at a Starbucks near Wrigley Field. Kapler looks like a guy who orders coffee with five ingredients and has eight specific directions for how to prepare it.
  6. Trump taking the bait:
  7. You guys acquired him for a couple of mediocre years of JD Drew. Jason Marquis came along with Wainwright, and he was a solid starter for a number of seasons.
  8. Cool seeing Scherzer bolt out of the bullpen.
  9. The Athletic (which I subscribe to) deleted and then disabled all comments on an article on this issue. I can't recall them doing this for any other article.
  10. I hope the Rays keep it going. Houston not even planning for a Game Four starter is beyond arrogant, and disrespectful. It will be cool if the Rays can give Verlander a little taste of what they gave Greinke.
  11. He was also the last player ever to bat against Sandy Koufax.