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  1. Alan Ruck was twenty-nine when he began filming "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", nine years younger than Cindy Pickett, who played Mrs. Bueller, and eleven years older than Mia Sara, his classmate.
  2. Rookie Davis. I vaguely recognized the name, had to look him up. He is projected to be a 4th starter for the Reds, which is projected to be the high point of his career. A biographical detail states that he was the "blue chip" prospect the Reds got from the Yankees for Aroldis Chapman. A few months later the Yankees got from the Cubs Gleyber Torres for Chapman, who is considered a top ten major league prospect, and is already being compared to Jeter and Barry Larkin. Maybe shuke can chime in and rate the Reds scouting department.
  3. Seattle apparently has room for only one first baseman named Daniel: Vogelbach optioned to Triple A. I thought Vogelbach would have been a good late-round platoon matchup type of player in a points/OBP league.
  4. #26-30 provokes a single question: how did Sessions get away with such blatant perjury?
  5. Lawrence O'Donnell has an interesting theory: Republican House members are reluctant to vote yes on the bill not because of ideological reasons but because they don't believe Trump will fight for the bill once it bogs down in the Senate. Basically, the House reps don't have any faith that Trump possesses the skill, the strength, the know-how or even the attention span needed to finagle the bill into law. In slang terms, they don't think Trump "has their back", and thus they are not going to waste a yea vote on something that could come back to haunt them in the mid-terms.
  6. Bird has a lot of potential, but the presence of Chris Carter is worrisome. The Yankees didn't sign him to sit around. I had Bird and CJ Cron in the same tier and for the same reason (competition for AB's), but with Luis Valbuena gone until Memorial Day, I think Cron rises above Bird.
  7. Paul Ryan is calling a closed-door meeting with House Republicans. Is it an implausible theory to think that this delay is a ploy by Paul Ryan to consolidate power against the White House? Earlier in the week Ryan was guaranteeing the votes were there to pass. He was absolutely certain of it. Now it appears DOA. If he can come out of this meeting with the needed votes then he can go to Trump and say something like "you owe me bigly". He can crow about how the bill would never have passed without him, that the WH needs him more than he needs them.
  8. Part II was okay, the fight scene was well choreographed. III was bizarre. Daniel-San didn't even fight, he just did a weird sideways dance.
  9. The opening of Sean Hannity's show had a graphic in bold capitalized letters: SURVEILLANCE CONFIRMED
  10. This is the site that took a picture from a medical textbook of someone with a broken eye socket and claimed it was Darren Wilson.
  11. Traded Ivan De Jesus to Philadelphia for Larry Bowa, with a throw-in player named Ryne Sandberg. Two years after that, traded Mike Diaz and Bill Campbell to Philadelphia for Gary Matthews and Bob Dernier. Drafted Rafael Palmeiro/Greg Maddux/ and Mark Grace (who he got in the 24th round). Rumor has always been that Dennis Eckersley told both Green and Don Zimmer that he could no longer give even five innings as a starter, but thought he could be a closer. Green thought it was worth a chance, but Zimmer thought Eckersley was a drunk with a shot arm. Jimmy Piersall used to host a radio talk show and I don't think he went more than a week without mentioning the occasion of his 100th career homerun and his running the bases backwards. Dallas Green was the pitcher who gave up the homerun.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5xTu6AMxq4
  13. He looked like Albert Brooks in "Broadcast News" when he finally got the chance to host the nightly news.