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  1. In four games this weekend, the Cubs and Pirates scored a combined nine runs. I don't know where that ranks historically for offensive futility, but it is has to be up there.
  2. The video for Centerfold has a mid-thirties Peter Wolf prancing around in a high school classroom surrounded by girls all dressed in nightgowns. The video for She's A Beauty has a twelve year old boy in a strip club waving money at a woman who is locked in a cage.
  3. It bottles the mind that she turned sixty last week. Live to Tell Like A Prayer Beautiful Stranger
  4. I miss Bryan Cox talking about his love of Adam Sandler movies.
  5. Q needs to explain the "red shoes" shtick. It appears Q took random photographs of people, opened up MS Paint and then drew red over the subjects shoes, and re-posted them as authentic. The creepy gist is that these shoes represent a "code" between certain types of people.
  6. Can't You Hear Me Knocking
  7. Cole Hamels is reminiscent of when Kenny Lofton came over in 2003. Same vibe, same sense of something re-igniting. It's great to witness.
  8. The fakest of fake tough guys.
  9. Giuliani is threatening to take any Mueller subpoena to the Supreme Court. As bad as that would be for America, I would pay good money to watch the 85 year-old Notorious RBG shred Giuliani until nothing was left but his yellowed dentures.
  10. Yesterday's Papers
  11. It would be awesome if Teller spoke up and confirmed what Jillette said.
  12. Puig swinging at Hundley while Hundley is wearing his mask is not a technique Angelo Dundee would have approved of.
  13. On the other hand, trading a once in a generation pitcher for guy who looks much closer to Scott Fletcher than Roberto Alomar might make the Nolan Ryan for Jim Fregosi trade look quaint in comparison.
  14. When Jimenez comes up and turns into the Big Hurt, this trade becomes horribly lopsided.