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  1. Do you think maybe it has something to do with the nature of this hobby? To succeed at fantasy sports you have to make decisions based on logic and not faith. I am not an atheist (I was raised Catholic), and I know I have made decisions based more on faith than logic. If two players were close in talent and one of the players was from my favorite NFL team/hometown/alma mater, I have sometimes used that as a determining factor, whereas an atheist would not approach the situation the same way. When I go through your Weekly Matchups and see that my #1 RB is listed under "Tough Matchup", I still try to have faith that he will have a good game despite what logic might say.
  2. Kimbrel should wait until after the draft, at which point the compensation pick expires. That has been the deal breaker, almost as much as his salary demands. He would make more money by waiting, probably have teams bidding against each other for his services.
  3. Any opinions on Grayson Greiner (other than he has a cool sounding name)? I don't know very much about him, other than he is raking so far in spring training, and that he is a big kid, like Lance Parrish. After Realmuto, and Grandal, the catching position is mostly a wasteland. I would rather take an end-of-draft flyer on someone like Greiner or Danny Jansen than use a higher pick on Sanchez or Contreras.
  4. Boone has said there won't be a platoon between Voit and Bird, that one of them will win the job outright. But now with Aaron Hicks out to start the season, maybe both players will get full-time at-bats. It's a tricky situation, but Bird has always had talent, he just can't stay on the field.
  5. Two years ago he was on the list of co-sponsors for a bill called Discouraging Frivolous Lawsuits Act.
  6. She has had problems before. When HBO aired the Robert Durst story, she spent her entire show rebutting it, ignoring all other topics. She was reprimanded for that, and the following week spent half the show on it. She was then told by top execs that she could devote one segment on Durst, and if she went beyond that her entire show would not air. If I am not mistaken, the Murdoch brothers personally intervened.
  7. A couple days prior there was a seventy-five million dollar drug bust. John Gotti's younger brother was released from prison after serving nearly twenty-five years, and a few hours before the hit, two rivals were acquitted in court. I wonder how much (if all or nothing) these events are connected.
  8. Awesome site. When Willie McCovey passed they had a pic of him and Willie Stargell sitting in a dugout looking casually badass.
  9. It is the main reason many online news sites had to disable their comments section. No matter the story, no matter how benign, the comments were simply the worst kind of vitriol.
  10. An apartment building is being constructed near my work. When they started on the roof, I was so tempted to go over and tell them that I was looking for a job and had hot mops.
  11. Yu Darvish has been hitting 95 MPH, consistently and easily. He also passes the eye test. He looks calm, focused and relaxed out on the mound. I am buying in this year.
  12. At Christmas time, Loughlin, McKeller and the girl from Party Of Five are in every other movie. No exaggeration.