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  1. You flipped the tip
  2. Sounds like a good topic for your next video.
  3. Alex Cobb to the Cubs seems almost an inevitability. The only hitch might be length of contract. Cobb is seeking at least four years, pushing for five. I think both sides are waiting to see how the Arrieta scenario plays out. If he signs elsewhere, then Cobb's price steepens, if Arrieta resigns, then Cobb's contract is suited to what Theo/Jed want.
  4. I guess the Dan Vogelbach Era has come to an end.
  5. Jungle Jim Rivera 1921-2017 He didn't make the majors until he was thirty, but then played until he was almost forty. I couldn't find a reason for why he got such a late start.
  6. Cecily Strong as Dianne Feinstein was oddly alluring.
  7. Bucky86: don't get yourself sent on an extended "vacation" with that link.
  8. I don't know how long Theo holds onto personal issues, but it was fairly well known that the Shark was not all that impressed with Theo's approach to the game, and wasn't shy about running his mouth. And then when it became evident that he would not be getting the long-term deal he felt he deserved, Shark turned up the doosh meter to eleven. I still can't figure how Theo got Addison Russell for him.
  9. Cody Zeller had seven offensive rebounds and zero defensive rebounds, tonight.
  10. Another nachos incident?
  11. Don't forget the super-duper razor blade and a subscription to LifeLock.
  12. Jim Parsons wearing a skull cap as Carter Page.
  13. Cubs make qualifying offer to both Davis and Arrieta. Verlander going to Houston kind of screwed Arrieta's plans. The rumor has always been that was where he wanted to play. He seemingly does not want to play for the Rangers.
  14. My first thought after the final out was how long would it take for Eephus to fire up the 2018 Hot Stove Thread.
  15. Hallmark Channel went full on Christmas movies last week.