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  1. Billy Connors: 1941-2018 https://www.mlb.com/news/billy-connors-former-pitching-coach-dies/c-282156366 Connors was the pitching coach for the 1984 Cubs. He was not much of a tactician, but rather was excellent at getting into the psyche of his players. Rick Sutcliffe, Lee Smith and Steve Trout were guys with talent but also had attitude problems. Connors seemed to innately know how to reach each guy on an individual level. When the Cubs traded Buckner for Eckersley it was thought that the Cubs and Boston were trading one broken down player for another. But Eckersley had a fine year for the Cubs. Unfortunately, he was not one of Dallas Green's "guys", so he didn't last with the team. He deserves more credit for his work with the Cubs than he has received.
  2. There was an ESPN writer who went into the archives of his stories and surreptitiously edited his draft comments and predictions after-the-fact about prospects so that his write-ups appeared more accurate than they actually were. I forget his name, but he got busted. Simmons should have considered that move. It can't be as bad as having to reread his Lillard comments.
  3. Smooth talk from a fan of a team that allowed Terry Bevington and Robin Ventura to fill out a lineup card one thousand two hundred times.
  4. Chad Green didn't watch it land.
  5. Sounds like that scene in Goodfellas where Paulie was slicing garlic with a razor blade and yelling at the other guy not to put too many onions in the sauce.
  6. He is in the same place that Michael Vick was in. I believe they kept him separated from other inmates.
  7. I read that the detention center where Manafort is headed has serious plumbing problems and is infested with cockroachs. I also read that Friday's are Salisbury steak night, with a cup of lime jello on the side. So, it balances out in the end.
  8. Cohen files a restraining order against Avenatti: https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/15/politics/cohen-restraining-order-avenatti/index.html FBG lawyers, what is the play behind this filing? What is Cohen's aim and intentions?
  9. What is it with guys like Sano and Ike Davis (and going back to Ben Grieve)? They have it and then suddenly they don't have it.
  10. This pic did not age well: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DfnPqP5UYAEbgEo.jpg
  11. Got this from the Twitters. Obama at the G7 in 2015: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DfSmToUVQAEHHEN.jpg Trump at the G7 in 2018: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DfSkqvNVQAAYuyO.png
  12. I heard someone say: Paul Manafort has about ten days left as a free man. Then he will die in prison.
  13. We had a thread here once that listed "crafty lefties". I think I picked Joe Sambito.
  14. Jon Lester and Dexter Fowler cut Theo a lot of slack. Morrow has been lights out. I am trying to block out the voices who are already comparing Darvish to Carl Crawford.
  15. Manafort wears two ankle bracelets. I thought that was a joke when I first heard it, but it's true.