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  1. The Bulls went into halftime leading Milwaukee 63-45. Milwaukee then dropped forty-six points in the 3rd quarter, the Bulls chipped in with a cool seventeen. It was like watching an avalanche.
  2. Theresa May with some grade A trolling: she called Trump to "congratulate" him on the midterm elections.
  3. Don't forget Darko: the guy drafted ahead of Carmelo Anthony/Chris Bosh/Dwyane Wade.
  4. When Putin approached the podium, two world leaders had one reaction, the third had another:
  5. Encyclopedia Brown

    God no! They’re going to run Hillary in 2020!

    Eric Swalwell is the guy to watch out for. He is very impressive. I like O'Rourke, but he comes off a little...manufactured. You can sometimes see him performing for the crowd. Swalwell is authentic, and he knows how to fight.
  6. Brook Lopez looking like vintage Michael Redd tonight.
  7. Seeing the dozens of pictures of President Obama out in torrential downpour doing his presidential duties is a painful juxtaposition of where we are today.
  8. Encyclopedia Brown

    Lions vs Bears - Week 10

    Ryan Pace looks like he could have a role on Mad Men.
  9. Encyclopedia Brown

    What is Paul Newman's signature role

    One of his best scenes in any movie was when he realizes that Forrest Whitaker has hustled him. He has very little dialouge, it is all in his body language. You can see that he realizes that not only has he lost his playing skills, but also the ability to recognize the hustle. He sees himself as a tired old man.
  10. Encyclopedia Brown

    Breaking Bad on AMC

    He committed cold-blooded, first-degree murder of an innocent man. That seems to get glossed over when Jesse's character is discussed. I don't see much distinction between Jesse and Gale and Gus with the boxcutter, or Mike on this season's Better Call Saul and the German scientist.
  11. If that guy had been born thirty years earlier there is no doubt he would have played at NC State for Jim Valvano, right alongside Tom Gugliotta/Chris Corchiani/Vinny Del Negro.
  12. Encyclopedia Brown

    Sessions ......he gone

    Trump is more like Fredo in the scene where Vito is buying oranges.
  13. Encyclopedia Brown

    2018 MLB Regular Season Thread! Current thread batting average: .420

    Like the swallows returning to Capistrano, it feels that time of year when @Eephus cranks up the new Hot Stove thread. It is less than one hundred days before pitchers and catchers report.
  14. Yeah, that was tedious. Although I did enjoy shooting pool with Little Jacob.