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  1. It looks like Schwarber will take the place of Rob Zastryzny, a lefty borderline LOOGY but mostly mop-up type. I don't think Schwarber will impede Contreras at all, but rather Chris Coghlan will now probably not see many AB's this series.
  2. He didn't just lose his shirt, the taxpayers of Rhode Island had to swallow seventy-five million in defaulted loans. He shows no remorse for any of it.
  3. I had no idea even where the Weather Channel was on my cable system until I saw her name mentioned here. I remember a ten page flame war between two posters over her, which included threats of physical violence, and the promise to meet somewhere face to face.
  4. Ken Rosenthal rocks a bow-tie like no one since Orville Redenbacher.
  5. Cherokee Parks
  6. I am really surprised to read suggestions about Kershaw pitching tomorrow. If Dodgers had won tonight that would make perfect sense: you want Kershaw to deliver the knockout punch, and not have to return to Chicago. But since they must win at least once in Chicago, I think it makes for better strategy to pitch him in Game Six, where if he wins, the momentum would subdue the home-field advantage of Game Seven. Also, the psychological aspect of Kershaw losing tomorrow (or even a ND), and then having to trudge back to Chicago for two games without him being available, would be a huge hurdle to overcome.
  7. Who are those two handsome Cleveland fans they keep showing? They look like the guy who played Frances McDormand's husband in "Fargo".
  8. The contrast between Kershaw and Hendricks is something to behold. Kershaw is sheer force, he just overwhelms with his stuff. Hendricks is movement and razor sharp precision, hitters can't get a clean shot on him. The Gonzalez homerun seemed accidental rather than grooved.
  9. Yogi Ferrell has replaced Spencer Dinwiddie as my favorite NBA player name.
  10. Pete Rose and A-Rod seem to be stirring up conflict where none exists regarding Maddon pinch-hitting for Lester. I thought it was obvious Maddon waited until Lester was in the on-deck circle before pulling him so he could get an ovation from the crowd.
  11. I can't fathom John Cusack being fifty-years old.
  12. Great to see Heyward turn on that pitch after doosh-bag Buck had to bust balls on him.
  13. Terrible decision by the Dodgers 3B coach. Zobrist was playing barely thirty feet behind Bryant, and Gonzalez has catcher-ish speed.
  14. rockaction=Little Carmine from "The Sopranos"?