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  1. Is Ed Harris playing the same character as James Tolkan or is he playing a different short, loud bald guy? Tolkan is still around (pushing ninety).
  2. That awful smirk he has in every photograph indicates someone who believes the rules will never apply to him.
  3. Mike Ditka had a similar style of play, and he has barely been able to walk for the last thirty years. I once saw a live satellite feed of ESPN Gameday. He was so immobile, it took him five minutes to bend into a chair.
  4. Maybe a way to heal the rift between the Cubs and Pirates is to make a trade that benefits both teams. The Cubs need a 2B and leadoff hitter. The Pirates need a starting catcher. Victor Caratini for Adam Frazier would work for both teams.
  5. So long, Mike Montgomery. You have immortality for recording the last out of the 2016 World Series.
  6. Seger has admitted that he can never play "Like A Rock" live anymore because of the Chevy commercial that ran it into the ground.
  7. What was the first recorded meh? Was it Imogene Coca in "Vacation" when she kept eating her sandwich even after learning the dog had wet everything?
  8. Rerun bootlegging a Doobie Brothers concert: From the comments: I remember when the tape recorder fell out of Rerun's pants and the “audience” went oooooooooooooohhhh and then silent like he shot a guy
  9. Why not a "Both" option?
  10. FOX News and CNN are both live from NYC. What part of New York are they located?
  11. It is a good time to have an apartment filled with mirrors, as you can use them to reflect light.
  12. Barr's father was Jewish and was born in NYC. He converted to Catholicism after marrying an Irish girl.
  13. Can Brewers homers give a ruling on this picture: It's the ball from Posey's game winning grand-slam. Seems a bit traitorous-ish.
  14. The weekend series between the Cubs and Pirates is going to be interesting. There has been some bad blood over the past few years. No one is quite sure what exactly has kept it going, but I heard a couple of theories. The first: Pirates are still angry over Chris Coghlan fracturing Jung Ho Kang's leg in what they perceive was a dirty slide at 2nd base. The second: Before the 2015 one-game playoff, Jake Arrieta went on Twitter and pretty much guaranteed a Cubs win, which rankled some of the old-school Pirates (and Hurdle).