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  1. He is almost certainly batting leadoff to begin the year, so that extra plate appearance helps in the counting categories. I think there is concern about his BA, especially once he gets around the league. Also, the Cubs are determined to keep Ben Zobrist in the lineup, and LF is about the only place where he fits in (Baez is a lock at 2B).
  2. On MLB Network tonight the White Sox were profiled. The logo on their caps is of the South Side Hitmen from the 1970's. Very cool, and brought back memories from when I was very young. When I saw the players, I half expected to see Richie Zisk and Ralph Garr, maybe Eric Soderholm walking by. I could hear Harry Caray asking Jimmy Piersall if he had taken his pills today, and Jimmy responding by saying he had papers in his briefcase that proved he was legally sane, did Harry?
  3. The guy who jumped on stage is on CNN. Shockingly, he is inarticulate and unable to express a single coherent thought.
  4. Dee becoming a famous stand-up comedian with dry heaving as her catchphrase, and Dennis' jealous rage is an all-time episode .
  5. What? He looks like Albert Brooks in that scene in "Broadcast News" when he hosted the network news.
  6. Bulls have not lost to Toronto since New Year's Eve of 2013. Eleven straight victories.
  7. Anyone catch the new CBS sitcom "Superior Donuts"? It stars an eighty-one year old Judd Hirsch, Champ Kind and Katey Sagal. CBS seems to have gone back to the formula of seventies sitcoms: an ensemble cast set in a central location with punchlines every thirty seconds from a cast of "wacky" characters. So far, the show has been okay. Hirsch and Sagal are old pros who know their way around a sitcom.
  8. Bill. Joe Friday never really trusted him.
  9. I just watched the MLB Network special about the Oakland A's of the 1970's. Quite interesting. I knew most of the basic elements of the story, but a lot of details got filled in. The first thing that stood out was how obvious the animosity towards Finley from the players has not abated, not forty-five years since those days, or the twenty years since Finley's death. Bando, Blue and especially Holtzman are still seething. Finley during the arbitration hearings for Blue/Holtzman: the only reason they have so many wins is because the team has the majors best closer in Rollie Fingers. Finley during the arbitration hearings for Fingers: the only reason he has so many saves is because the team has two top starters in Blue/Holtzman. Fingers made a good point about what might have been a fourth championship in 1976. After Bowie Kuhn negated the fire sale trades, and forced the players back, Finley refused to play them, only relenting when the team threatened a strike. They still only lost the division to KC by two games. If Rudi, Blue and Fingers were in the lineup for those ten days, things might have been different.
  10. Nathan Eovaldi gets 2M from the Rays but not play in 2017.
  11. I don't follow college sports, so for a long while whenever I heard Fab Melo and Syracuse, I assumed that was a nickname for Carmelo Anthony when he played there.
  12. He will never be as good as Robert Smith who wrote great songs as an RB for Minnesota, nor will he be like Tony Banks who played keyboard for Genesis as well as QB for Baltimore .
  13. Brian Wilson trying to make a comeback as a knuckle-baller.
  14. Johnny "Red" Kerr was an excellent Syracuse player.