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  1. Kevin Maas sends his regards to Rhys Hoskins.
  2. Explain it to him.
  3. Trump is going to be on Fox & Friends this morning. However, it will be pre-taped and edited before broadcast. No word if that was a FOX or John Kelly decision.
  4. Where have you gone Ron Karkovice/the South Side turns its lonely eyes to you
  5. If you didn't have cable, his show was the only place you could see highlights of the NFL games. Plays Of The Month was epic.
  6. Joe Isuzu. He's lying.
  7. The M's are the phone to Bret Boone and Julio Cruz.
  8. He sounds like Michael Scott when he said I declare bankruptcy.
  9. Manzarek just kills the piano in the last thirty seconds of the song.
  10. The One Night In Bangkok guy? I never knew he had any other charted songs.
  11. The Cubs complete all their road games against the Reds before Cincinnati makes a first trip to Chicago. I don't think I have seen a schedule like that before.
  12. Leaving an event so he could return in a helicopter and make a grand entrance was painful to read. I doubt Trump goes after Gates because like most bullies he won't hit someone who can and will hit back--and hit back harder.
  13. Mookie is ridiculous.
  14. He's no Jack Perconte.