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  1. Nice five game sweep of Milwaukee.
  2. White Sox traded him for James Shields. Oof.
  3. The big rumor on the Twitters is Joe Girardi will be named the new manager after the All-Star break.
  4. The people enraged by Cohen are the same people who think James O'Keefe is a real investigative journalist.
  5. I read each tweet in the voice of a different character from Trainspotting.
  6. Bro or mansierre?
  7. As awesome as the catch was, it way cool to see the reactions of his teammates, especially Gennett and Peraza. They were hopping up and around like crazy.
  8. The stat nerds have Bobby Grich near the same level as Tim Raines, so if he isn't in, Utley has a long wait ahead of him
  9. Gohmert hasn't needed that suggestion since the Reagan administration.
  10. That was a nice hit.
  11. I don't think that describes Lester in any shape or form. He is one of the sharpest pitchers in the league. It wouldn't surprise me to see him in the rotation when he gets close to forty. He reminds me of Frank Tanana, who was a productive pitcher even when he lost most of his stuff.
  12. I told a woman I work with that Rosenstein is the same dude who played Arvid on the eighties sitcom Head of the Class. I said he used a stage name back then. I think she believes me.
  13. She's back tonight.
  14. Jordan was a top high school wrestler in Ohio yet he attended the University of Wisconsin rather than Ohio State. That seems odd. Has he ever explained why.