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  1. Markkanen is the fastest ever to 100 three-pointers (forty-one games). Lavine has looked very good in limited minutes, and Kris Dunn remains steady and solid. The trade looks better for the Bulls with each passing day.
  2. David Schoenfield made the point that the Dodgers will (relatively) be at their weakest in 2018. They want to stay under the tax threshold as well as save for a run at the big 2019 FA class. This might be the only year over the next half decade that the Giants have a chance, so he thinks, why not go all in for one year.
  3. Only The Lonely--Motels
  4. Why did you end it right before the chorus?
  5. Heat Of The Moment--Asia
  6. Clean your grimy faucets before going all Bob Villa.
  7. The Cubs Convention is this weekend, and there were murmurs that a big signing would be revealed during opening ceremonies, but alas that was not the case. Pete LaCock was in attendance, so that was something, at least.
  8. There was a 90's sitcom called Just Shoot Me that had David Cross (who bears an uncanny resemblance to Page) playing a character who was faking a mental disability to get out of having any kind of life responsibilities. "Slow Donnie" was his name. Whenever I see Page on TV or pictures of him walking around with that ridiculous hat, I wonder if this isn't some kind of act to disguise how he was the real mastermind behind the Trump election.
  9. I would, too. He's earned it. The potential Cain signing makes me think Almora might be part of a trade package. Maybe for Archer, or Gerritt Cole.
  10. Poor guy was getting the fishhook and the (booby) twister.
  11. Bruce Levine says the Cubs have a three year offer to Lorenzo Cain.
  12. One small tidbit that points to a larger picture is how openly he berates Elaine Chao, particularly when she attempts to explain things he doesn't understand. He yells at her, rolls his eyes, and routinely throws her out of his office. You would think that from a sense of self-preservation--if only that--he would demonstrate at least a slight amount of restraint. He can't possibly be so unaware/ignorant/arrogant to not realize just how much harm Elaine Chao's husband can do to his presidency. McConnell can almost single-handedly thwart any piece of legislation that comes out of the White House. He could be the thorniest of thorns in Trump's side. It is only one anecdote, but it is stunning to see how removed Trump is from some of the most basic acts of human behavior.
  13. I had that same question. Seems a bit ominous for Jefferson Beauregard.