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  1. Matt Holliday to the Yankees for 1 year/13 million.
  2. Trump's biggest Baldwin fan is Stephen, who had a minor role in a big flick: "Usual Suspects". But otherwise is known for being Pauly Shore's wingman.
  3. Eickoff or Velasquez (with Appel thrown in so the Cubs can give him a locker one spot ahead of Kris Bryant).
  4. How do you rank your doppelganger, Sebastian Cabot: http://ibdp.huluim.com/video/60520921?size=720x405 http://movieactors.com/photos-stars/sebastian-cabot-checkmate-2.jpg
  5. Cubs sign Jon Jay to a 1-year deal. I guess that means the end of Dexter Fowler's stay. I would assume that Soler is going to be moved. It's a crowded outfield. Schwarber and Zobrist will share time in LF, and Almora and Jay will probably platoon. Not many AB's left for Soler.
  6. There is not a red stripe going along the wall as there was in the other room. Only certain rooms in the shuke abode get stripes?
  7. FOX News must have run the last play (and only the last play) of the SF/MIA game a dozen times in one hour. No exaggeration.
  8. He looked better than Wojo did on "Mad Men".
  9. Divorce Having never been married I didn't think I would connect to the premise, but it's a compelling show. Thomas Haden Church has knocked it out of the park with his performance. He has a lot of emotions to cycle through, both high and low, and he fills up the screen. I give credit to Sarah Jessica Parker for going all in with a truly unlikable character. Unfaithful, dishonest, duplicitous--not traits that draw you into a character, but she's has been unflinching. Man With A Plan It is what it is: a network sitcom with Matt Le Blanc playing a grayer and pudgier version of Joey Tribbiani. But I have laughed at every episode. Le Blanc and Kevin Nealon are a couple of old pros who can hit a punchline.
  10. What is the ranking of the content inside those cans on the shelf over your right shoulder?
  11. I did the same thing. There was a great thread here (I think it has been purged) about Brady Bunch trivia. Someone would ask a question and whoever answered first got to ask the next one. I don't think ten seconds went between responses because so many people knew the show by heart.
  12. I thought she was talking about Lester.
  13. Very sad. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/florence-henderson-mom-brady-bunch-dies-at-82-950456?utm_source=twitter&utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral
  14. Going into last year's drafts, I had him targeted ahead of Trevor Story, Piscotty and Travis Shaw. Oof. Do you think he could have a Jonathan Villar type of breakout?