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  1. You might have posted the entire video (unless you were looking for a reaction). Dude initiated the confrontation and was chasing people with a sword:
  2. Our guy RN got the coveted blue checkmark. He's official!!
  3. He gave an interview. How shocking that his description of events does not match up at all with what the video shows.
  4. The Proud Boys have been identified at protests in Washington D.C., Beverley Hills and Raleigh.
  5. Trump Tower in Chicago is an empty dump. An eyesore. A good line on Twitter: the people who broke in are running around like Lara Croft.
  6. Chauvin's mugshot: He's not smirking or sneering so much now, is he.
  7. Carew was the best. I read that he put a Jawbreaker in his cheek because he thought it pulled his eyeball closer to the pitcher, helping with pitch recognition. So, I did the exact same thing--and the first time I swung, I almost swallowed the thing whole.
  8. On Twitter a top trend is the name (I won't repeat it) of an alleged undercover cop who started the riot at the auto parts store. Have you heard anything that verifies or discredits this person?
  9. Kate Winslet delivered a better acting performance in that movie than Titanic.
  10. MLB Network showed Game 5 of the 1984 World Series. What an excellent game. Kirk Gibson was something. The heart of the San Diego lineup: Gwynn/Garvey/Nettles went 2-12, with Gwynn at 0-5. I was curious about Sparky Anderson's age, so I looked it up. I assumed he was in his early sixties at that point--uh no, he was fifty.
  11. Rounders is a much better Matt Damon movie than Good Will Hunting.
  12. The Prime Minister having to go door-to-door to find information that he could find with one phone call is so jarringly dumb that it knocks the whole movie off its axis.
  13. He seemed to be in every other pack of baseball cards. Over a summer, you might see one or two Carlton Fisk's, or Lance Parrish, maybe a Rick Dempsey now and again, but you more than likely had a stack of cards with Biff's picture on the front (and Barry Foote, as well).
  14. Who the eff are you is pretty good. It comes in handy for a variety of situations.