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  1. Is this just a hot streak for Cron or is there something to consider? He seemed like a guy with flaws but with consistent PT could develop into a decent option.
  2. Why so angry at Joey Votto?
  3. C'mom, man. You can't possibly make that comparison. Hannity is a mashup of Ed Rooney and the waiter at the French restaurant.
  4. One of the all-time episodes of Cheers was when Harry helped Coach get his money back from the hustler. Sam: all along it was you and Coach Coach: you're not even close, Sam Harry: yeah, he is Coach: oh, that's it exactly https://youtu.be/3x5kjNo5jCA?t=222
  5. Would the pee tape be along the same lines as a Chicago Sunroof?
  6. A pole: In the last ten days or so what percentage of your roster has had either DL or PPD next to the players name? It was 25% every day and a couple over 50%.
  7. I saw it mentioned that Colon and Beltre are the two last players to have played in the Astrodome.
  8. Bartolo Colon perfect through six.
  9. How can De Niro still struggle to read cue cards? He has been on the show more than half a dozen times. He kept stepping all over Stiller's lines, stuttering, losing his place.
  10. The Daily Mail quotes a three thousand dollar price tag for that blazer: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-5613989/Michael-Cohen-heads-lunch-Barneys-SECOND-day-week-wearing-3K-plaid-blazer.html
  11. Mitch Haniger.
  12. Trea Turner has been un-good.
  13. I hope his mom attends the inauguration: https://wendylovesjesus.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/lily-season-2.jpg
  14. Was that also the year Rob Dibble and Lou Piniella threw haymakers at each other in the Reds clubhouse?
  15. The NL starter for the 1990 All-Star game is an all-time WHO?