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  1. Just wait until a bunch of illegal immigrants test positive...
  2. I don’t think they can plead the fifth any more. I think the statute of limitations had passed, so that option wouldn’t be available.
  3. Of course the dirty secret of the Nordic countries is that their tax structure is less progressive than America, and they don’t have/need much of a military. And they don’t demonize billionaires. Sweden has twice the billionaires per capita as the US. Good luck selling a Nordic tax structure in the US to pay for all the goodies. They generally tax income over about $60K at about 55%, and that is the top tax rate. Contrary to Bernie’s ranting, we are much more progressive than that.
  4. Ethnic Finns living in the US probably approximate the happiness of their homeland. Some of it is just cultural.
  5. Two things. One, nationalizing industry is authoritarianism. You are taking property away from the owner based on nothing but raw power. Two, he has verbally supported many a dictator in his time. That says more to me than him saying he doesn't support that for America. For what it's worth, Castro denied being a communist throughout his revolution, but clearly was lying as we saw once he took power. America would not become communist if Sanders is elected. But morally, in my opinion, he is unfit for that office. And I believe we should marginalize socialism as much as possible, not reward it.
  6. I don't know where your link really contradicts anything I said, other than maybe whether Sanders was a member of the SWP. However, he endorsed their candidates in 1980 and 1984, and served as an elector for the party. Either way, that is a pretty close relationship with a very radical group. As an adult approaching middle age, he should have known better.
  7. But at almost 40 years old, he was a member of the Socialist Workers Party, which was communist, and that party called for abolishing the defense budget and standing in solidarity with the "revolutionary regimes" in Iran, Nicaragua, Grenada, and Cuba. This was also right in the middle of the Iranian Hostage Crisis. At around the same time, he called for nationalization of most major industries. So he either was a communist or was practically indistinguishable from them. He acts like he doesn't hold those positions now, but I've never heard him address why he changed on them. I would guess in his heart of hearts, if he thought he could be elected while professing those positions, he would still hold them.
  8. I agree. Trump and Sanders shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the Oval Office unless they buy a ticket and take a White House tour.
  9. Well I disagree with this. Trump basically is Nixon, only not as smart.
  10. Was Ike a Trotskyite before he became a Republican?
  11. What would have been the odds that in 2020, the party of JFK would nominate a candidate that was on Castro’s side in the Cuban missile crisis?
  12. Saw a great line about Hillary. "It's too bad she lost, because if she had won, she would have to sit every day at that desk."
  13. I wonder If she's talking about Fidel Castro and other socialist billionaires. He and other similar totalitarians are the only billionaires taking their fortune. Ironic though given her proclivities.
  14. I tried to turn my bathroom into an indoor swimming pool by putting a towel against the bottom of the door and then turning on all the faucets. It didn't work.