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  1. I tried to turn my bathroom into an indoor swimming pool by putting a towel against the bottom of the door and then turning on all the faucets. It didn't work.
  2. So you're resorting to behavioral stereotypes to describe what a gender "feels like"? Pretty weak tea.
  3. Politicians aren't stupid about politics. If there was a vast amount of voters that truly were fiscally conservative and socially liberal, somebody would be running and winning on that platform. The dearth of candidates like that speaks volumes.
  4. So we're not allowed to disbelieve people where their gender feelings don't match their biological sex, but if I say I don't have a sense of gender, I'm not telling the truth? Seems kind of inconsistent.
  5. But that makes my point. If being socially liberal drives your economics, in no meaningful way are you +/-. I would challenge anyone to come up with a half dozen prominent national politicians that are +/-. Or, as we see on this board, lots of people claim to be +/-, but when you try to quantify it, they really aren't.
  6. She says a lot of silly things, but I don't think it's from being an ignoramus like it is with Trump. She's probably just trolling.
  7. The "usual mantra" is not factual, as the post above mentions about the lack of results that map that way shows. Vastly more people are going to be +/+ or -/- than +/- (or -/+).
  8. I disagree with this. I have no sense of "gender" whatsoever, and I don't think that is uncommon. It's all a little too metaphysical for me.
  9. 8.63 / -5.03 More libertarian than Milton Friedman. Woo hoo.
  10. This. The original cast ruled. And once Alan Alda started playing himself and not Hawkeye, it became unbearable.
  11. A commitment to liberty across the board that is missing from the two major parties.
  12. Trump gets punished for his scumbaggery with a Democratic House, and the Democrats get punished for the horrendous way they handled the Kavanaugh nomination. Have one on the house, American people.
  13. For good reason. Lots of demons have taken up that name and cause.
  14. The Nordic countries tax the people making "50K or so" way more heavily than the US does.
  15. We can try, but advocates of that should point out that the Nordic model includes massive taxes on the middle class. They have the US equivalent of a 60% tax on income starting at $60K. Plus a VAT. We should also point out that there are huge cultural differences between the Nordic countries and the US. And massive global responsibility differences. And yes, size of population and territory matter as well. This is a common failing of the left. Overestimating the ability of bureaucrats to implement programs like this and underestimating the unintended consequences of doing so.
  16. Because this is a whole different animal. If we want Scandinavian benefits, we should pay Scandinavian tax rates, about 60% on income over $60K.
  17. Strongly opposed across the board, however if we get these policies, we need massive tax increases on the middle class to preserve some relationship between the benefits people receive and the price they pay.
  18. So the possibility of tyranny is no longer relevant?
  19. Little Red Corvette Sign O The Times Purple Rain
  20. A Day In The Life Strawberry Fields Money (That's What I Want)
  21. Oh, I look at the positions also. So far it's been pretty straightforward. I hate the positions of everyone that has identified as a Democratic Socialist, and I'm sure I will hate the positions of anyone that identifies as a Democratic Fascist.