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  1. Of course they are, but I'm not the one claiming that any constitutional rights are wedded to the exact technology that existed at the time of the founders.
  2. Yes, and people can change their minds back. The relentless march of history in one direction is clearly a fallacy.
  3. The recent history of presidential elections saw Barack Obama elected, then Donald Trump. Which side was history on? Did history change it's mind?
  4. Does this mean we don't have the right to free speech except for the printed word and the soap box in the public square?
  5. McCabe's current attorney in January 2017. Another illustration of why I hate the incestuous culture in DC.
  6. I think politics means more to liberals. It is their reason for being. They want to politicize basically everything, where conservatives might care about the one-off issue here or there that would be worth protesting about.
  7. He hasn't been fired yet. Hopefully he will be, and then given the Michael Flynn treatment.
  8. You're proving my point. Used to be that liberals were skeptical of the surveillance state and federal law enforcement, and now they aren't. Conservatives have flipped the other way. I prefer the skeptical position no matter which of the two parties currently agrees with me.
  9. Johnson voter here. I think that consistency is important. I have problems with warrantless surveillance of American citizens, even if they work for DT. I personally am sick of the "you must work for Putin" response to legitimate questions about this activity. I still remember when liberals weren't crazy about FISA, the Patriot Act, etc. Back then, "questioning was patriotism". Now apparently, not so much.
  10. Like when they lobby against ethanol subsidies even though they are big ethanol producers? I think they are pretty consistent.
  11. Charles Koch co-founded Cato. David Koch was the Libertarian Party VP candidate in 1980. They sometimes identify as Republicans, but they are definitely on the libertarian side of the party.
  12. If you only look at the "Seven Deadly Sins" and only Clinton vs Trump, you would have to go with Clinton. She's only guilty of 6/7 compared to Trump's perfect score.
  13. I don't think you understand the question.
  14. All of them many times over. What's your point?
  15. Pride is pretty much a gimme regarding Obama. The constant use of "I" in his speeches, his statement that he could do any job on the campaign better than the people he hires to do them, the oceans will recede and the planet heal because of his election, etc.
  16. Maduro raises minimum wage by 40% with inflation at an estimated 2000%.