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  1. Not just senior staff members. Way down into the ranks as well.
  2. Everything government does is ultimately based on force.
  3. Government has guns and a near monopoly on lawful violence. Corporations for the most part do not.
  4. The problem with this is that the FBI seems to be trying to work independently of legitimate congressional oversight as well.
  5. I thought about listing all the permutations of special, independent, counsel, prosecutor, etc. I decided against it thinking that most reasonably intelligent people would know what I was talking about. But yeah, I'm not a fan of any of the permutations.
  6. That would be interesting to watch the case be made for a stagnant or shrinking economy.
  7. Exactly. Not to mention the fact that they almost inevitably morph into an unlimited investigation of the target, mostly leading to charges very tangential to the original scope. Just ask Bill Clinton and Scooter Libby.
  8. Harry Reid finding "creative" ways to give taxpayer money to his friends.
  9. I would argue those policies helped pull the economy out of the 2001 recession. People thought after 9-11 that the economy would tank. It didn't and we had pretty good results until the housing bubble burst. And that was pretty much baked in. President Gore would have had the same problem in his second term. That all being said, I am not arguing that those policies are short term oriented. But, if you consistently have freer trade, lower taxes, sounder money, and lighter regulation than competitor countries, you will be wealthier than them.
  10. it's not hard. Free trade. Low taxes. Sound money. Light regulatory burden.
  11. Holy crap, Miami playing Wisconsin in the Orange Bowl. Talk about a 0-0 tie waiting to happen.
  12. They have changed it in the last 2 months. How odd. At the time of this link, it was in the criteria.
  13. You forgot "Other Relevant Factors". That's in there too. That's their catchall to do whatever they want to get what they think are the 4 best teams.
  14. What we really need is to reduce the power of government so that whether we elect atheistic socialist Doc Brown, or faux evangelical Cheeto Man becomes much less important, because there is only so much stuff they can muck up.
  15. If you asked the cheeto if he "controlled every law and policy" he would have a 50-50 chance of answering correctly.
  16. That is a pretty horrendous perspective. How does a person write about politics that knows less about our system of government than the orange cheeto himself. I didn't think it was possible to come across as less informed than Drumpf.
  17. I don't see either party taking a pro-trade stance again in the near future. Slightly better odds for the Republicans to do so if Trump goes down in flames. The Democrats have been completely Sanders-fied, so I don't think there is any chance there.
  18. Kaepernick shows up at Unthanksgiving Day.
  19. Right now, his approval rating in Minnesota is lower than Trump. 33% say he should resign compared to 22% that think he shouldn't. And these polls don't even consider the latest two women.
  20. If this is the case for Franken: Paging Keith Ellison. Your Senate seat awaits.