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  1. So you're saying he's sometimes grabbing ### at the fair, but he's telling the truth that he doesn't remember grabbing this particular woman's ###. That's a winner for sure.
  2. Their denials are fine. Their problem is they are almost surely lying. Kind of like the first Monica Lewinsky denial from Bill Clinton. He sounded like he meant it, but you knew he was lying.
  3. That notorious right-winger Kathleen Sebelius agrees with me:
  4. You better hope you're never on trial for anything if you think that is a strong denial.
  5. I don't remember grabbing her ### isn't exactly the denial you would expect from someone that was innocent.
  6. I'm talking about the "I don't remember things the same way BS". Either he stuck his tongue down her throat or he didn't. If he didn't, he should say so.
  7. He gave a sort of vague apology on Tweeden and has not spoken on the Menz accusation to my knowledge. Feel free to contrast that with Thomas' statements if you wish.
  8. Yes but still massive differences. First, we're still early in the Franken thing. Odds are, more will come forward. Thomas on the other hand has had almost thirty years go by with no additional women coming forward. Second, Franken doesn't exactly deny the charges. Thomas vehemently denied the charges against him. Third, the nature of the accusations are much more damning in Franken's case, including physical assault. Thomas was basically accused of some off-color comments. Fourth, there are not multiple women coming forward saying that it is inconceivable that Franken did what has been alleged. Thomas had several very credible women he had worked with that said exactly that in his behalf.
  9. That's not at all my implication, any more than I would expect Democrats to vote for a squeaky clean Republican over Clinton. I do think though that a less corrupt Democratic candidate would probably have won against Trump.
  10. I would be open to this if there is a meaningful number of cases in the data set. I don't think that there is, but I could be wrong. Here's a great article by Andrew Sullivan on the dangers of tribalism in politics and the problem with "the other side is the only problem".
  11. Of course in the Trump election, most people were choosing between a sexual abuser and a woman that enabled her husbands sexual abuse. So neither side was very hands clean there.
  12. But he blames decades on the Republicans and the examples you quote are both in the last 5 minutes and haven't even played out fully yet.
  13. Bottom line in the Thomas case, I believe him. His side of the story was way more persuasive.
  14. If everyone in a football game that used the F word got suspended, you would have a tough time finding enough players, coaches and referees to play the next game.
  15. I agree with the vast majority of what's going on now in regards to believing the women. However, I will always think that Anita Hill was a nut at worst and an opportunist at best. Her story was full of holes, and Thomas had nothing like scores of other women coming forward. In fact, he had lots of women testifying to his character. Way different than Moore, Franken, Trump, Rose, etc.
  16. Uh, no. As a libertarian, I support the government dismantling racism in the government school monopoly. I would however go further and not have government schools at all. Same with most of the Civil Rights Act. Correcting the racism of government actors is great. I disagree with most of the public accommodations aspect of the ruling however.
  17. Probably 3/4 of current federal activity is unconstitutional. An ERA wouldn't be as bulletproof as you think. A future SC could just "interpret" it to mean the opposite of what it says.
  18. And then there's this. Pretty funny that someone thinks like this.