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  1. Too bad the RNC didn't rig their primaries.
  2. It was an easy choice. Vote for the one candidate in the race with governing experience that wasn't deeply corrupt, I.e. Gary Johnson.
  3. Manafort's "conspiracy" count is for evading taxes, that's all. It's not for treason.
  4. I voted for Johnson because Trump and Clinton were and are morally unfit for the office. Nothing to do with conspiracy theories.
  5. It's not even close. That charge is related to tax evasion in this case.
  6. Whatever Trump might have done, it's not treason. That is defined in the constitution, and this stuff ain't that.
  7. The Mandibles, a fairly "realistic" dystopian novel. No zombies or alien invaders, just the slow, grinding decline of the economy due to debt and the loss of reserve currency status. My favorite recent novel.
  8. Not really. I agree that Trump is bat #### crazy, but so is this teacher.
  9. Holy shiot!! You're seriously contending that conservatives have historically been more solicitous of the Russians than liberals have?
  10. Yes we know Hillary, you were married to him. Oh, wait, she's not talking about Saturday Night Bill.
  11. I just know that I like being lectured about state violence from a mental midget in a Fidel Castro t-shirt.
  12. We should take the vote away from anyone on direct government aid. There goes the Social Security crowd and the young welfare cheats. Immediate improvement in the electorate. You're welcome.
  13. The TV was on ESPN in the gym today, and they must have spent a good 45 minutes talking about the National Anthem BS. Show some freaking sports already. Apparently ESPN stands for Endless Star spangled banner Pontificating Nutjobs now.
  14. I live in Ohio and took so much crap last year. I will be taking my OU coffee mug to every meeting I go to next week.
  15. Gorsuch was about the only thing that had been positive. The signal coming from DeVos that due process is going to be restored on campus has the potential to be a major positive.
  16. 1. Abortion ban 2. Repeal of the Great Society 3. Repeal of the New Deal Of course 2 and 3 may count as more than one thing each.
  17. Return the federal government to its proper role, i.e. limited, enumerated powers. Without the ability to pick winners and losers in the economy a million ways, you will see unemployed lobbyists by the thousands, and the amount of cash raised by campaigns will drop precipitously.
  18. Exactly, it's like saying a benevolent Nazi regime is possible (once all the lesser races have been purged).