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  1. Jatavis was injured last week, only played about half the game, was limited in practice this week. I doubt he lost his spot, and would think the team is being protective of their best remaining ILB.
  2. That depth chart has them playing a 4-3 base, my understanding is that Oakland was moving to a 3-4. We'll have to resolve that first or wait to see how things shake out.
  3. Now Rotoworld has Mario Williams in the starting lineup for Buffalo twice, as DE and DT...Kyle Williams isn't listed at all. Meanwhile MFL has both guys listed as DE, so you're screwed it you are relying on Kyle in tackle required leagues.
  4. Bradham was scheduled to replace Alonso at WLB, got suspended for 1 game and replaced by Brown. My best guess is that Bradham returns to WLB and Preston Brown returns to his backup position at MLB behind Spikes. Problem is that the coach makes that decision, not me or any other fantasy player.
  5. Looking strictly at Dynasty RBs for the long run I've been quite surprised at how low Gartrell Johnson has been taken in the majority of drafts. The guy could be a beast given the opportunity, I realise he has limitations when considering speed and "moves", but as a straight line runner he is outstanding, a lot like Davis was with Carolina and Washington. I believe the opportunity will be there before not too long, and as good as Sproles has been I just can not see the coaching staff giving the reins to him exclusively, as a matter of opinion I don't think his role will change dramatically at all due to his size, durability and his own injury issues, yes he filled in admirably last year and IMHO really excelled, but I don't see that happening over the course of a full season year after year, he has so much more value to them besides packing the rock that I just can't envision them taking the risk. Obviously, there are no gaurantees that he will succeed, but that applies to all rookies. Maybe I'm missing something but when I see the likes of Bernard Scott, Ringer and Coffee being taken ahead of him I have to wonder if my eyes were decieving me when I watched him last year. Your thoughts? Also, this is a great thread and I admire how you have manned it, kudos!