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  1. LBH

    Ridley trade

    Ridley. I thought it was pretty close at first but I prefer Ridley by quite a bit
  2. I’d keep Kittle pretty easily over Diggs.
  3. I like them. The green really pops. Could’ve been much worse
  4. What about Mike Davis? I thought he looked good in limited action with the Seahawks
  5. 3. And why has Rudy readied a rebuttal report in advance?
  6. DOJ guidelines don’t allow to indict a sitting president. We have no idea what Muellers report has to say so I guess I don’t understand the declaration of victory by Trump allies and supporters. He also still has a lot on his plate in terms of legal jeopardy in NY regardless of how the Russia investigation plays out. No matter what happens with Trump , I think Mueller did an amazing job containing leaks and laying out exactly how Russia interfered in American politics.
  7. He looked good out there. I like his chances of seeing a more consistent target share the rest of the way
  8. Beyond impressed with how Darnold responded to that awful first throw. I never had the feeling with Sanchez that I have with Darnold. I hate to get ahead of myself here since I’ve been a big fan of this team since the early 80s. All of you understand I’m sure but it really feels like Darnold is the real deal here. We could have a very good franchise QB for the next 15 years. Go Jets!
  9. I have a hard time taking anything Ryan Leaf says about a prospect seriously. He closed his eyes when listening to Mayfield speak and heard the 98 version of himself? Okay Ryan
  10. A 24 year old WR with 4.33 speed and 3 consecutive 1000 yd seasons doesn’t come cheap. I think he slots in perfectly to what the Rams want for that offense. I think both teams got what they wanted