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  1. It’s one of my millionaire maker entry’s
  2. Watson LBell Drake Hopkins Cooper McLaurin Crowder Dissly Eagles
  3. What a crazy fall from fantasy football grace. This guy needs some psychological help
  4. Yeah I think they’d be worried about losing him if they try and get him on the practice squad. My best guess is he makes it
  5. He looks good to me. I’m on the train
  6. There really isn’t any risk. If you can get him as a throw in on trade in dynasty or draft him at the end of a redraft, I think that could pay off big. I can see Fitzpatrick throwing his way a lot
  7. LBH

    Ridley trade

    Ridley. I thought it was pretty close at first but I prefer Ridley by quite a bit
  8. I’d keep Kittle pretty easily over Diggs.
  9. I like them. The green really pops. Could’ve been much worse
  10. What about Mike Davis? I thought he looked good in limited action with the Seahawks
  11. DOJ guidelines don’t allow to indict a sitting president. We have no idea what Muellers report has to say so I guess I don’t understand the declaration of victory by Trump allies and supporters. He also still has a lot on his plate in terms of legal jeopardy in NY regardless of how the Russia investigation plays out. No matter what happens with Trump , I think Mueller did an amazing job containing leaks and laying out exactly how Russia interfered in American politics.