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  1. Yeah one take away here is that it’s pretty clear Douglas wasn’t a big fan even at what I thought was a reasonable contract
  2. I think this is pretty normal. In all of my dynasty’s this time of year is mostly a dead period especially if it’s a league that doesn’t have a year round waiver system. Things typically pick up around the draft. I don’t mind the down time as much as I can’t stand owners that just refuse to respond to trade offers.
  3. With Tannehill on the roster or with Tannehill starting? 4-7 isn’t too bad considering the dominance of the Pats over the division
  4. I just heard a statistic on NFL network that Tannehill is 4-6 vs Brady in his career. That’s pretty good
  5. Pats 27 Titans 17 i think this is when the Pats are at their best. They will have a big chip on their shoulder. They came out flat and overlooked the Dolphins thinking they could just show up and win against a 4-11 team. They won’t make that mistake here imo. Hope I’m wrong though
  6. It’s finally happening, and it’s long overdue. I’ll enjoy the ensuing melt down of this narcissistic diaper wipe and sorry excuse for a President.
  7. The patient is allowed to return to sports when there is full and painless range of motion, no more tenderness when the AC joint is touched, and manual traction does not cause pain. This usually takes about 2 weeks for a grade I injury, 6 weeks for a grade II injury, and up to 12 weeks for a grade III injury. Guess we will have to wait on the severity
  8. I get the frustration. We’ve both been fans of this team for many years. The long history of this team teasing their fans with some moderate amount of success followed by soul crushing defeats has been brutal. I doubt I’ll ever stop being a fan of them but I’ve definitely grown more apathetic to it over time.
  9. The stats were only part of my expectations. As you say game to game, the Jets were coming off a pretty solid showing against Dallas, and didn’t have Darnold the first time they played NE. Mosley was back and the defense looked outstanding when the Jets had him against the Bills. I think there was reason for optimism with the talent they have. It’s easy to attack this thought process in hindsight but my feeling is that most Jets fans were feeling optimistic that the game would be close
  10. You responded to my post where I said I was expecting a tight game , and you asked what gave me that impression
  11. Going into this game 5 of the last 6 @ the Jets had been decided by 7 or less
  12. I’ve also been a 40 year long fan. The impression I had is that the Jets generally play the Pats tough especially when they have some talent which they do now. They simply got tHeir butts handed to them. Talent is part of it but I just didn’t really see any kind of intensity from them and I think they were unprepared scheme wise on both sides of the ball. I’ve seen less talented teams than this play NE close. It was disgraceful
  13. I always get nervous when the media starts giving the Jets credit. That said I think this game has a lot of potential to be tight. Watch it come down to field goals. Go Jets
  14. It’s one of my millionaire maker entry’s
  15. Watson LBell Drake Hopkins Cooper McLaurin Crowder Dissly Eagles