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  1. He looked good out there. I like his chances of seeing a more consistent target share the rest of the way
  2. Beyond impressed with how Darnold responded to that awful first throw. I never had the feeling with Sanchez that I have with Darnold. I hate to get ahead of myself here since I’ve been a big fan of this team since the early 80s. All of you understand I’m sure but it really feels like Darnold is the real deal here. We could have a very good franchise QB for the next 15 years. Go Jets!
  3. I have a hard time taking anything Ryan Leaf says about a prospect seriously. He closed his eyes when listening to Mayfield speak and heard the 98 version of himself? Okay Ryan
  4. A 24 year old WR with 4.33 speed and 3 consecutive 1000 yd seasons doesn’t come cheap. I think he slots in perfectly to what the Rams want for that offense. I think both teams got what they wanted
  5. Rosen, Mayfield, Allen. I like them in that order. No matter who it is I’m glad we will have some fresh optimism at the position for a while. Go Jets
  6. How can you be a Browns fan and not watch them?
  7. While I’d agree that Schiff comes off to the right as partisan house member, I can’t think of anything I would disagree with that he’s had to say about the Trump- Russia investigation(any of them)
  8. Looks like he’s active today over Ellington. Good player to have on your radar
  9. 12 team PPR Team A gives MMack/1st (late) Team B gives JAjayi/3rd
  10. Brady not having Edelman/Amendola in the slot and the defense missing Hightower were the biggest reasons the Pats looked out of sync. It's one game. The Chiefs are a very good team. I think the Pats will bounce back (like they always do)
  11. Yeah I've been taking my flier on Burkhead. Guys like him and Lewis aren't going to hurt you at their ADP
  12. Off to a good start. That was a nasty stiff arm on the way to the end zone
  13. I'm taking Brady this year everywhere I can. The NE offense should be ridiculously good and it's not like they are known for their mercy.