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  1. For some perspective of how expensive of a price that is, a quick check of the draft value chart, assuming they are both picks #26, means we give up 1,400 in draft capital. In the trade for the Wentz pick, we only gave up about 500 (a bit more if you factor in the move from 13 to 8 with Miami, but even less if you lump in the Bradford trade.) So we would be paying almost 2-3x what we paid to get Wentz, plus the pleasure of paying him $15-$20 million/year.
  2. I think it's important to expose my kids to "31 year old" movies and the like because nowadays a 12 year-old only has a frame of reference that goes back maybe 20 years. But when I was 12 in the mid-80's, mine went back 60+ years because my "bubble" wasn't limited to YouTube and current-ish kids shows on Nick and Disney. Our daytime/weekend entertainment options on TV were filled with re-runs from the 60's and 70's, Three Stooges shorts from the 50's, Abbot & Costello movies from the 40's, Marx Brother's movies from the 30's and even Laurel and Hardy from the 20's. Even the "kids" shows we watched were 30+ years old, like Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry. So we were exposed to all the pop culture references they contained from those eras and were able to then have an awareness of the world that existed before our time. My son is obsessed with John Wick so I used that to expose him to some Keanu action "classics" like Speed, Point Break and The Matrix. To totally blow his mind, also had him watch Bill & Ted's. He enjoyed it.
  3. Yes, but Long would come in on passing downs and BG would slide inside. With Malik Jackson a good pass rusher, they weren't going to take him off the field on those downs. With those snaps gone, Long didn't feel like he had a role. But now...
  4. Good comparison of Doug's mindset vs. what most of the NFL is still doing, using just yesterday's games.
  5. This has been a debate for the last few years, as analytics have become more accepted. The chance to go up by 2 scores later in the game, on almost a 50/50 play, is usually the right call.
  6. When Mack Hollins is out-snapping you, I think it's safe to say he's not going to be anything for fantasy this year, unless there's a major injury. From Philly Voice: Wide receiver • 60 snaps each: Alshon Jeffery and Nelson Agholor • 52 snaps: DeSean Jackson • 10 snaps: Mack Hollins • 5 snaps: J.J. Arcega-Whiteside Analysis: Jackson was in on 69 percent of the snaps, which is both #nice, and right around an ideal amount of snaps for him. As expected, Agholor didn't see a precipitous drop in snaps. What wasn't expected was that Hollins is ahead of Arcega-Whiteside on the depth chart.
  7. I think we should pump the brakes on Sanders being the bell cow right away. Saw great things from him, running the ball and his blitz pick-ups, but we also saw rookie/inexperienced things from him that shows he still needs to get better. The juggled hand-off from Wentz could have been a disaster (and he had fumbling issues in college) and he not only had a pass that went right through his hands, but it was also almost intercepted. He led the RBs in snaps yesterday, which shows what the coaches think of him, but I also think they are going to continue to have a role for Howard, Sproles, and Clement that will help compliment his skills, and inexperience.
  8. Not often, but he did commit the holding call that wiped off the Miles Sanders TD run.
  9. They went Safety heavy, and LB light, inmost D packages. That's a trend I think we'll see continue in the league. I just don't think he's really the kind of player that you want doing that.
  10. yes i agree easier said than done It's more about taking the approach of finding RB value to limit the amount of cap you dedicate to the position, and less about using cheap rookies or young guys. Blount, Ajayi, Howard (and even Ryan Matthews) were all examples of doing that for established players. Clement, Adams (and, to a degree, Smallwood) were rookie examples. If Sanders turns into Saquon 2.0, I think the Eagles would be happy getting 4 years of production on his rookie salary and then letting him walk, because they have a dedicated strategy when it comes to RBs and roster building.
  11. Or, was he? Maybe they told him to go out there, play his worst, and then they can get him on the PS 😉
  12. IMO, the most common 3 WR sets will be Jeffery, Jackson, Agholor with Ertz at TE. I think JJAW will rotate in for Agholor - maybe particularly in the red zone. 12 personnel will be Jeffery & Jackson on the outside with Ertz & Goedert. I think they are going to be smart with Jackson's snap counts, to keep him healthy and fresh. I could see Agholor frequently moving from the slot to the outside, opposite Jeffery, in 12.