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  1. Tesla supercharger station catches fire at Wawa in New Jersey.
  2. I think the prevailing thinking that we just have to beat Dallas to win the division is way too optimistic. I can see us dropping the Seattle game and Dallas pulling out a miracle win in NE. Or, Dallas losing to NE and winning their next 3. Their "tough" remaining schedule isn't as bad as people assumed just a few weeks ago. This Pats/Bills/Bears/Rams stretch for them could very well wind up 3-1. Not to mention this Eagles team is perfectly capable of throwing in a clunker against one of MIA/NYG/WSH. It's becoming a very legit possibility our season is all but over before the DAL game because we're going into it 7-7 (2-2 division) while Dallas is 9-5 (4-0 in division), which means we need to both beat Dallas AND have them lose the following week to WSH (in Dallas.) In the end, this is going to be a season of too many games that were there for the taking (ATL, DET, NE) that we just weren't good enough to take.
  3. The old "I can't be racist, I have Black/Asian/Jewish/Hispanic friends!" defense.
  4. That ball was in the air for a long time. Agholar made it look MUCH harder then it should have been. Most WRs turn the other direction and cath it over their shoulder, or turn around completely and fall backwards. The wind could have moved the ball, but the truth is he didnt track it well. This wasnt a 10 yard pass with no time to was 30+ yards downfield. Agholar is NOT the reason Philly lost, but as a high draft pick he's missed an awful lot of chances to be the reason Philly won. This. The story of the season for him. His skills in the NFL have proven to mostly be limited to a decent slot receiver (when he's not going through extended bouts of the drops) and an occasional jet sweep/speed threat. Asking him to run deep routes, and track long throws, is just beyond his ability.
  5. Offer both of them full immunity to fess up, if they know, in the interest of making sure the house is safe versus there being an unknown fire risk somewhere/somehow. No punishment or repercussions other than they know not to do whatever it was again, where all bets will be off. They are already off scott-free now, and you don't know what happened. Might as well let them off the hook and have the peace of mind of knowing what happened. ETA: throw in the bluff that if you don't figure out what happened, you'll probably have to call tie fire department to do a check and a trained professional might figure it out and have it come back on one of them, which will mean trouble.
  6. The best on-going bit of this season is when someone new goes to Island of the Idols they have such a bewildered and confused look on their faces when they look at those giant heads of a man and woman. They look nothing like Rob and Sandra
  7. 1 less than the longest anyone has missed for domestic violence (not counting Ray Rice, who missed infinity games for his.) Won't be a good look for the NFL if it can be said they find hitting a man more punishable than hitting a woman. So their weak responses to domestic violence against women in the past will wind up benefiting Garrett, unfortunately.
  8. Right, the candle isn't the only source of flame he could have been messing around with to melt the ink cartridge.
  9. Sure. But what happened on the field prior to the helmet thing happens every game and doesn't really qualify as disorderly conduct. If two guys did everything else (without the helmet thing) in a church, yeah, but on a football field during a game, it's pretty normal.
  10. Holding the ink cartridge over the candle in his room, just to see if it would melt, because he's a normal, dumb boy. Threw it away, not realizing it was still smoldering, in his sister's trash can to hide it. Took a few minutes to ignite, and by then the candle was already out in his room and wasn't lit long enough to have been obviously recently lit. This is like an Encyclopedia Brown story! I'm here for it.
  11. What if this were two dudes in a sporting goods store on Black Friday, in a heated argument and pushing and shoving over who gets the last pair of Air Jordans, and one grabs a regulation football helmet off the shelf and smashes the other guy's head? You'd see a charge there 100% of the time, so it makes sense this would/could.
  12. I think the only explanation for someone not doing that (or a previous person that's been there calling someone out on it) is that they are told they can't tell the truth when they go back. And also why these stories are so bad, because they have to come up with something on their own.
  13. We saw at least 2 times this season (and I'm pretty sure there was a 3rd) where Kellee directly told Dan she was uncomfortable and to stop touching her. His "I had no idea!" crying at tribal means he's either an oblivious moron, or a serial creep that uses that as his go-to defense.
  14. 1pm or 8pm, I think we've got a much better chance at winning the SEA game than the NE game, and if we lose both it's going to be a really tough road to the playoffs.