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  1. Just to put a bow on the Alshon thing, here's the most direct evidence we will probably ever get to confirm it: 1/21/19 - Philly Voice article is published where players bash Wentz. Joe Santoliquito is the writer, but mentions beat writer Jimmy Kempski as one of many Philly Voice peers that helped "contribute." 1/24/19 - Jimmy Kempski clarifies his involvement: 2/19/20 - Jimmy Kempski publishes an article detailing the options for moving on from Alshon, as that seems to be the direction things are heading. In it, he mentions Alshon being an anonymous source that bashes Wentz matches his own, verifiable knowledge. "This matches with what I know" means Kempski is either corroborating the outing of the Alshon/Josina connection by "the Eagles' radio network reporter" (Howard Eskin), or he is saying Eskin's report aligns with a similar anonymous bad-mouthing of Wentz by Alshon that he has first-hand knowledge of (read: the Santoliquito source.) My bet is it's the latter, but in either case it's still confirmation from a trustworthy beat reporter that Alshon was a main source of sowing discourse in the locker room.
  2. I don't think they go there. With TO, everything was public and out in the open as far as his antics/conduct. Even if Josina Anderson or Joseph Santoliquito outed Alshon as their source, I still think it's an uphill battle to get "bad mouthing a QB behind his back" to fly as a reason to void $26 million in guaranteed money.
  3. They have to release him because they would have to GIVE a draft pick in any trade (ala the Brock Oswiller deal.) A 30yo, injured WR with locker room issues and a huge contract? No one is looking to give even a 7th rounder to take that on. The only hope they have at salvaging anything in this situation is that the new CBA gets done soon, so they can get the "Post June 1st" designation back (that can't be used int he last year of a labor deal.) That will allow them to spread the cap hit over two seasons instead of take it all on this year's cap.
  4. Some of the interesting things in the proposed CBA, beyond the 17 game season and 7th playoff teams: Rosters would increase to 48 players from 46 on gameday, with overall rosters going to 55 from 53 (including 1 designated "emergency" OL spot on gameday) Practice squads would increase to 14 players in 2022, and 12 this year, up from 10 (and include up to 2 players with unlimited accrued seasons) Practice squad players promoted to the active roster would not be required to be cut and go though waivers before going back to the same team's practice squad Teams would be allowed to bring back 3 players from IR (instead of 2) $1.25M in salary excluded from the cap for up to 2 players that have 4+ years of service Independent handling of disciplinary reviews instead of Commish (with Commish having review of all appeals) THC drug testing decreased from 4-month window to 2-week window, at start of camp; no game suspensions for positive tests; THC allowable limit increased from 35 nanograms to 150; reduced number of players tested
  5. This part I don't understand. Where was his pay cut? I don't see how no raise = pay cut. Is OP still making $X? Also - How can someone coming into the job for 1 month be rated as Highly Effective (new gig in Oct; annual review in Nov)? I agree it looks like he's being strung along on the actual promotion and pay raise piece of this, but the 2 points above seem off to me. Yeah, I'm wondering this, too. Is it just that "effectively" you're getting paid less, because you're doing more work (or working more hours?) for the same pay?
  6. Good overview on the current Alshon situation. It was puzzling back when they fully guaranteed him before the season last year, because it was already out there that he was the source in the Philly Voice hit-piece on Wentz and Kempski confirms it in his article: At the time of the Santoliquito article, Kempski said he was aware of the source and that the quotes were legit, but wouldn't reveal who it was. Maybe the team thought that gesture would keep him quiet/content, but we saw how that wasn't case. Then his play, and injuries, compounded everything. We're going to see/read a lot over the next few months about how the Eagles are doing the right thing by not being sentimental to SB52 players like the Phillies were to their 2008 guys, but I think this counts as a case where they did get burned by that.
  7. Maybe not all "big" names, but there will be many exits from the SB 52 roster this off-season: Highly probable: Bradham, Alshon, Agholor, Jason Peters, Big V, Jernigan, Clement, Curry 50/50: McCloud, Douglas, Sudfeld Not out of the realm of possibility: Jenkins, Mills
  8. Probably the first of more than a few times we cut ties this off-season with SB52 vets.
  9. Lions seem to have held onto Slay too long. Should have flipped him at the deadline last season. IMO, Eagles should pass on trading for Slay and target CB in FA, as well as the draft.
  10. Yeah, the series was just basically a super-long version of the old, yearly season-in-review VHS/DVDs.
  11. They show actual footage of Cataldi talking more than any other WIP or Fanatic personality, but as far as the amount of "air time" he gets in the series it's not more than some others get. They just use those other guys (like the "Go Birds" hosts) more often as voice-overs to footage of the team, games, city, etc. instead of showing them live saying what they are saying. Overall, though, the producers do lean on sports talk radio clips to carry the series over the John Hamm narration or game broadcast clips.
  12. "I'm not giving you my weight. Or my height. That's a MFing description, Larry."
  13. We're staying at the 1790, as it's another of the supposed "haunted" places to stay and is right near the Foley House, so seems like a good location. We had a great time in Charleston with no rental car, just walking or taking the free bus. Looking to do the same here: just chill and spend time walking, exploring old/historic type things, and living the Savannah life for 5 days.
  14. Re-upping this because I'm doing the same. VDay gift is a trip here in April for the week (Mon-Fri). How did your trip go? Any more recent tips/advice, than what's already been offered? We did Charleston two years ago and will eventually do Asheville.
  15. Front office (Football ops) changes announced. Expected that Barwin and Celek would be joining officially in some capacity based on their presence at the Senior Bowl, etc., but the Sproles one was a surprise. That means he'll be close by the minute Boston Scott goes down