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  1. Yeah, it's pretty obvious from the fumbling and bad analogies when Doug is talking about something he didn't do, didn't agree with or was told to do something (in this case either by Jeff, Howie, or even JP.)
  2. Please, sir, allow me to admit that my team sucketh. Oh no, my good man, I insist that my team is the more horrendous one. Pish posh! It will be a bludgeoning at your hands. Nay, we shall be the ones who will bring embarrassment and shame to our name. 🤣
  3. Teams are 7-9 against the Eagles when they have a QB making the first start of his career. Last time Dallas played the Eagles with a QB making his first start was 2011. Dallas won 14-13 with Stephen McGee (vs Kevin Kolb; Vick and most of the other starters sat out with their home playoff game vs. GB already set.)
  4. that's always the comp I fear whenever I heard about rando's starting against us... It's a more realistic comparison than we think: RBs against Eagles defense this year: 3.3 YPC WRs/TEs: 10.3 YPC QBs: 7.6 YPC Mike McCarthy mentioned today that Ben DiNucci's speed tops out around 21-22 mph in their running drills. Daniel Jones hit 21.23 mph on his 80 yard run (and fall) against us last week.
  5. Doug's presser today where he wouldn't say whether Peters would be at tackle or guard when he comes back (which could be as early as this week), followed by Wentz's presser where he effusively praised Peters for his skills as a Left Tackle, seem to indicate we're going down a frustrating road...
  6. It's not convenience, it's natural and logical. If you went to Central High School, it's unnatural and illogical to say, "Even though I go to Central, I support Poly Tech. I don't owe Central my allegiance." Or: "Yeah she's my mom, and is decent at it, but I'm not going to root for her just because it's convenient. My favorite mom is the lady down the street. I have a strong interest in seeing her succeed and like to celebrate her life wins the most." Not saying anyone HAS to root for the teams from their life-long hometown. Just pointing out that NOT rooting for them is by far the outlier.
  7. Seems like relevant content (especially #10): 10 reasons why Cowboys fans from Philly are the worst
  8. 100% true story: I've known TWO different Philly-area "die-hard" Cowboys fans that have referred to the Patriots as their "AFC team" during the Patriots last 20 years of success.
  9. Yeah, local Philly thing where most Cowboys fans around here are fair-weather front-runners that cling to mid-90's Cowboys glory but flit around the other sports to whoever is winning. See here and here.
  10. Fun fact: if Wentz makes it through the rest of the season unscathed (*Hulk fist knocking on the trunk of General Sherman*), Dak will have missed more games due to injury in his career than Carson.
  11. I wish I could bet on things like "Dallas fires their DC this week and they somehow play like the '85 Bears for one game under the interim coach." Would be such a fitting 2020 thing to happen.
  12. Stat: Wentz's last 8 TD passes overall, and all of his TDs to WRs this season, have been to players that were on the practice squad.
  13. Kudos to the guy that made this! Best part of pulling off the win last night is that we forever get to make fun of that Daniel Jones run and stumble. Yeah, they still scored a TD anyway, but since the Giants lost we won't have to hear all the "scoreboard" replies every time we bring it up.