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  1. I think his point was to disprove the poor 3 cone scores which apparently are designed to measure skills like this. Over time he'll hopefully make smarter decisions with his running but the ability is there it would seem.
  2. Talk about a misleading headline. Yahoo currently has a picture of Garrett on their home page with the tag "Garrett is assured Mason Rudolph made racial slur", with the linked article detailing how Garrett was assured his accusation of the slur being said wouldn't be made public. Way to stir the pot, Yahoo.
  3. NFL Memes @NFL_Memes BREAKING: NFL has punished Steelers for their role in TNF brawl by not suspending Mason Rudolph
  4. Wait, did you just call him naive then follow that up by saying as long as nobody was hurt there's no reason to prosecute?
  5. Garret was picking him up by his face mask at that point. I'd kick him in the berries as well.
  6. 100% it's him
  7. I'll give Comcast kudos in this regard - they are far more flexible when it comes to adding/deleting services. As long as you keep one service (and I have no other option for internet) you can cancel with no early term charge (and yes I have that in writing). Paying $140 for 100 mbps Internet + Vue w/Redzone right now, 2 year deal is $105 for year 1, $125 year 2 for twice as many channels but less DVR
  8. Anyone tried the Xfinity Streaming App from Comcast? I'm stuck with them for Internet, and I can add 125 channels for $20 more Only 10 hrs on the DVR which stinks, but maybe I don't need it
  9. My charge always hit on the 29th and was up front for the next month I believe. So the December 29th charge will be the last one and cover you for January, is how I read it.
  10. I'm a huge fan of this, actually. Play the Super Bowl on President's Day weekend, so they don't have to move the game from a Sunday and most of us get Monday off 👍
  11. Practice notes from Thursday: RB Devin Singletary practiced for the first time since injuring his hamstring against the Giants in week 2. It didn't appear to be in limited fashion but either way, it's an important development for one of the Bills' best offensive playmakers ... 😎
  12. Gave Derrick Henry, got DJ Moore Found the reception to Henry on the trade market pretty meh, was happy with the return
  13. I haven't been following him closely but it looks like he's missed 2 games in the last two years. What am I missing? I was looking to buy low off the injury.
  14. In deeper leagues: Auden Tate WR CIN - no word on AJ Green's status, has gone from 0 to 2 to 10 in targets. Moves well from what I saw for a big guy Darious Slayton WR NYG - with the resurgent Giants passing attack he saw 5 targets, may be worth a flyer to see if he develops a rapport with Jones