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  1. I wouldn't say masterpiece. Im not sure who was left at your second/third picks but you would have been better off going with a WR at one of those. Too RB heavy for my liking. Same goes for your TE slot. You would have probably been better off going with a WR/RB with one of those. Overall I would say this is a middle of the road team with the inability to put up high scoring weeks due to poor WR depth. You better hope Hill isn't banned. You're welcome. You missed me over the offseason.
  2. You lose all your leagues. Look at David Johnson his rookie year for example. Look at his first 10 weeks versus last 6. That won leagues. Ya, it might not happen with Penny....but with a first round talent on a run heavy team you are silly to drop.
  3. Penny said today in an interview he never weighed 236.... was always at 226.
  4. Its a bit of bad timing for Penny. Missed time during training camp....and Fluker/Sweezy weren't playing the first two weeks when he was getting chances and they have made a huge difference for the run game. Its the reason the hawks ran so well the last two weeks. It really depends on your league size, bench size, skill level but in 12 team league, 20 spots, you hold. Its only a matter of time before Carson gets injured again or Davis sucks/gets injured. Penny will get his chance this year. I wouldn't drop any of the rookie running backs as those are the types that win leagues.
  5. Why are you in this thread? No need to roster him in your 8 team yahoo free league.
  6. You must have not got him with your FAB $$....Im sorry.
  7. Been sorely missing style points, haven't you?

    1. ImTheScientist


      Yes sir! Trolling non GLB forums is tough due to bans. LOL 

    2. Junior McSpiffy

      Junior McSpiffy

      Remain vigilant.  Fight the obnoxious fight.  When there's a troll, there's a way.

  8. So many disappointed people watching Falcons vs Eagles. All realizing the teams they drafted are trash. Work the waiver wire scrubs.... you are going to need it.
  9. From 3 hole QB: Rodgers, Smith RB:Johnson,Lynch,Penny,Chubb,Montgomery WR: Evans,DJ Moore, Jordy, Mike WIlliams, Hurns,R. Mathews,Martavis Bryant,C. Patterson, TE: Kelce,Engram K: Zuerline D:Chargers, Patriots
  10. You are way to caught up on what you pay for players versus getting your guys. Anyone can follow ADP.
  11. Just an FYI.... if your league drafts punters you should reach and select him early. Beast!!