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  1. I rate it a B. The RB, RB depth, and upside at the position is the issue for me. If you play the waiver wire and find a RB there that would help a ton. Curious who you passed on at TE/WR with your second pick and what RB was left at that 3rd round pick.
  2. If you don't show up on time thats your problem. Why should others wait for someone who is late. Its telling the rest of the league their time isn't important. No excuse for being late. The FFPC can't teach people what buttons to click. Its also not their job to babysit. Sorry to sound harsh but its a business on their end...they have to go by a specific set of rules everyone agree's upon. If someone clicks the wrong button....thats on them. Draft shouldn't be reset. The commish did 100% the right thing, unfortunately the OP was effected and upset. The ability to stick to the rules is one thing that attracts me to this sort of format. I look forward to playing many more in the future.
  3. Show up to your draft on time.
  4. Your derail question has nothing to do with my response. To answer it: you can create any league scoring format you want.
  5. Fantasy Football is fine.... message boards are a thing of the past. So to many of you it seems interest in fantasy is down when in reality it’s just the slow death of message boards you are seeing.
  6. Should be way better from the 1 spot. This team only sniffs the playoffs if you pull a few waiver wire miracles.
  7. I know deep down you wish it was yours.
  8. Out of the 12 slot.... championship QB: Staford (11), Mariota (15) RB: Hunt (1), Fornete (2), Chubb (8), Martin (12), Blount (13), Ballage (14) WR: JuJu (4), Watkins (6), Jordy Nelson (7), Hurns (9), Dez (10), Washington (17), DeDe (18) TE: Engram (3), Reed (5) D: Bal (16), Pit (19) K: Sucupp (20)
  9. Probably.....I have been the injury curse the last 2 years.
  10. For 6 years in a row I haven't had a Top 7 pick despite doing 2+ teams a year. Im due a top 5 pick. Give it to me fantasy gods!
  11. I was coming here to troll/argue with you as I do every year...... but .....I hate to say it...... I like this team.
  12. Currently top 200 in the toilet
  13. Im crushing it in the toilet bowl. #1 is within reach two weeks in.