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  1. So many disappointed people watching Falcons vs Eagles. All realizing the teams they drafted are trash. Work the waiver wire scrubs.... you are going to need it.
  2. Bell owners... GL
  3. You dream of a team this good.
  4. From 3 hole QB: Rodgers, Smith RB:Johnson,Lynch,Penny,Chubb,Montgomery WR: Evans,DJ Moore, Jordy, Mike WIlliams, Hurns,R. Mathews,Martavis Bryant,C. Patterson, TE: Kelce,Engram K: Zuerline D:Chargers, Patriots
  5. You are way to caught up on what you pay for players versus getting your guys. Anyone can follow ADP.
  6. Just an FYI.... if your league drafts punters you should reach and select him early. Beast!!
  7. This is your best team....GL
  8. Waiting for Coots to post his so we can compare.
  9. I’ll be posting my next championship roster in 2 weeks.
  10. Stop it with the !!! You are in 30 leagues so it’s possible you are in a league with him. Constructive criticism is ok. Don’t get so upset.
  11. My projections disagree with your opinion.
  12. First team is better but neither are great. Again, waiver wire can be your friend. I think the second team is absolutely awful.... donated $350 to your league mates there.
  13. I agree with this. I don’t think the volume is there and I don’t see him being as efficient as he was last year.
  14. Seahawks. Because they are the best.
  15. This is your best team yet by far. ETA: Maybe not....Guice looks hurt