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  1. Now that’s a strong squad. With the exception of this one looking like if you didn’t have a top 3 pick things were very much against you.
  2. Gildz.... stop crying on twitter about your 161pt/week team not making the playoffs.
  3. They healthy so I’ll take it. DAk,Cooper,Kelce,Diggs werkin fools over every week. I also have a great fantasy D holding my opponents to low scores. Play me and you’ll see. It would be lose time for u.
  4. Hello fellow 6-2 or better bro’s. Looking like 50% of my entries are making the playoffs. SMH at DaGildz
  5. Overall super happy when looking back at how I evaluated things pre draft season. Few misses but mostly hit on things I believed. Sometimes draft position dictates your first round (would have been nice to pick 1st). With that said I nailed Lamar Jackson, Mark Andrews, Hollywood, Phillip Lindsay, Amari Cooper, Russell Wilson, Dak, Breida, DK Metcalf, Will Dissly (RIP). The list goes on but tired of typing.
  6. Sitting right around that 150/ 4-2 with one and it’s underperformed. Some due to coaching error. Cooper/Gurley need to get over their quads and play. That team is actually super deep due to excellent drafting. Picking up Scary Terry for $500 FAB has helped. I remember people laughing at that. Jokes on them.
  7. I wish... have both but Miles is what I want. Scary Terry back.... 100% shares.
  8. Im excited to see who people drop tonight. Some of those RB hoarders are about to have to cut loose a few guys to deal with bye weeks.
  9. He is averaging 2.9ypc. I think he is likely close to that RB 19 after this week. It would be brutal to have to run him out every week.
  10. At 171 in one league. Had Dak/Cooper/Gurley/Lindsay/Kelce/Tucker/Hollywood put up a decent week....if you care. Little disappointing I didn't get a 20 or 30 spot from Kelce. Thought I had a shot at 200. Shouldn't have played MVS. I love leaving points on the bench. This is the first week I haven't had a 30 point guy on my bench. YAY!!!