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  1. My teams are 🔥.... getting AJB back on both only going to further the domination.
  2. It’s not how I want to play. It would dilute the fun I have with it. It would feel a bit like playing a slot machine to me and that’s just not my game. I don’t understand how you watch weekly and get excited when people score as you are likely playing that player in some leagues and against that same player as well. Not saying your way of playing isn’t fun, just know it’s not for me. And spending a few thousand on leagues isn’t something brag worthy fwiw.
  3. The teams you posted here are a dumpster fire. Again, having 100 teams and claiming the top 5% of them is not skill. You just drafted a ton of teams and by luck a few are bound to be ok. I’m 100% dominance with just two teams.
  4. As I said.... my teams dominate. Put up 191 and 181 this week and had saquan and ABJ out in one and ABJ and Godwin out on the other. championship.
  5. Stop your arguing. My teams are better than any Coots or #wontime teams.
  6. Last draft of the year from the 3rd slot. QB: Big Ben, Rivers RB: Zeke, Aaron Jones, Mack, Kerryon, Coleman, Sony WR: Godwin, AJ Brown, DK Metcalf, Landry, Watkins, Harry TE: Hurst, Fant, Ebron K: Butker DF: NE, Tenn
  7. Another Championship Squad drafted today..... QB: Cam Newton, Baker Mayfield RB: Saquan Barkley, Aaron Jones, Melvin Gordon, Chase Edmonds, AJ Dillon, Damien Harris, Rashaad Penny WR: AJ Brown, DK Metcalf, Marquis Brown, Mecole Hardman, Mike Williams, Brandon Aiyuk TE: Hayden Hurst, Mike Gesicki, Noah Fant K: Zane Gonzalez D/ST: Colts D Excited to collect $500k. daGildz will be jealous of this one.
  8. Not a fan of the team but applaud the against the grain effort. I like your previous one better.
  9. Now that’s a strong squad. With the exception of this one looking like if you didn’t have a top 3 pick things were very much against you.
  10. Gildz.... stop crying on twitter about your 161pt/week team not making the playoffs.
  11. They healthy so I’ll take it. DAk,Cooper,Kelce,Diggs werkin fools over every week. I also have a great fantasy D holding my opponents to low scores. Play me and you’ll see. It would be lose time for u.