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  1. Same mistake California has made.
  2. I had the earliest incarnation of the Roland pickup back in college... the GK2A around 1997, maybe? It was tons of fun then so I can only imagine how good the gear is now. I never kept it because the pickup adhesive never really worked and I didn't want to drill into my guitar. I had always wanted one built right into the guitar. How does that Strat play w/out the Rolan pickups?
  3. All glass windows on my door. But then again, I don’t have the “critter” issue in my neck of the woods.
  4. My mother is from Cranberry Lake, so I also spent many summer weekends up there as a kid. I haven’t been back since high school (mid-90s). I do miss it and plan to take my family back at some point. The geography can be amazingly beautiful and unlike anywhere else in the country.
  5. For me, I’ve found that the potency of edibles varies widely not just on the THC/CBD amounts and ratios, but also on the producer and freshness of the edibles. Older gummies past their “Best Buy” date don’t seem to have the same punch as the same brand with a more recent production date. As everyone else has mentioned, better to start low and slow than to bite off more than you can handle. If you’re really impatient, you can always take the edible and smoke/vape immediately after which should get you going long enough until the edible kicks in.
  6. I’m about 5 months late on this, but I’ve been a Mighty owner for the last year and a half. If you want to vape flower and don’t want to sacrifice quality, this is for you. The only downside is the size as mentioned above, but this works well for home or travel use, so long as you don’t need something super discrete for on the go and in public. Just get a disposable pen/cartridge for those instances.
  7. I’ve never been nostalgic for all of those awful jobber squash matches on weekly tv during the territory days.
  8. The New Daniel Bryan, the Planet’s Champion, has been my favorite heel champion run since the Attitude Era. He’s absolutely been killing it on the mic and he still can bring it in the ring. His promos since Elimination Chamber have been so $$$.
  9. California made $345 million, not predicted $1 billion, on legal cannabis in 2018
  10. I've mentioned that I've never been a huge fan of Marshalls, but the newly announced small watt versions of the JCM 800 and JMP 1959SLP sound very intriguing.
  11. I’ve heard nice things, but that’s much too loud and much too far out of my budget.
  12. The other wrinkle to all of this is that I'm having so much fun with my repaired/restored Mesa Boogie Studio 22+, that I might just add some pedals to that, ditch the new amp idea and roll the insurance money into the Strat I want. Then the question becomes, what Strat? Other than wanting a maple fretboard and three single coils, I'm really starting from scratch with Stratocasters. In terms of Strat sounds I like, David Gilmour, 70s Clapton, later Beatles and solo George Harrison, etc. If it's a new one, I might enlarge my budget to about $1500 and go for something in the American Professional series. Any other suggestions?