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  1. I'm not even sure what there is for people to do right now other than calling your Congressmen and complaining, but this is absolutely outrageous IMO:
  2. Crazy day at work. A whole bunch of police ended up at our work site due to a break in and I ended up stumbling upon evidence while working.
  3. Engineering firm. The funny thing is my department is kind of looked down upon for what we do (even though we are by far the most profitable per employee) and nobody in my department fell for the trap while a bunch of the smarty pants engineers did.
  4. My company did this in May. It was funny how angry some people got when they found out it was a test and they failed.
  5. Then you probably don't want to look at FootballOutsiders' front page and see who they say have the 4th best odds of winning the Super Bowl right now...
  6. Mario Williams got benched to start the game yesterday and only played 16 snaps. Good riddance. And how much of an absolute steal does McCoy look like right now? McCoy for Alonso and Hughes for Sheppard may be the two biggest trade swindles in the last 10 years.
  7. I think a whole lot of people in Indy are going to end up fired, starting with the GM. The Colts are absolutely devoid of talent. They stumbled into Luck and even he seems very overrated at this point.
  8. I get the feeling the Bills like Hunter and he will see a decent number of snaps the more he picks up the offense. Goodwin just doesn't cut it as an NFL receiver, so Hunter will be given a chance to be a starter IMO.
  9. Heck of a FG there to win it.
  10. The start to Prescott's career really has been incredible. I'm not sure he's being given the respect it deserves.
  11. Would it kill the announcers to point out the Bills have over 300 yards rushing? I mean, that's pretty freaking impressive.
  12. Bills have 298 yards rushing. That's pretty good.
  13. Lorenzo Alexander has been simply outstanding this year.
  14. Apparently not an obvious enough hold to actually call.