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  1. I think it's a good insight into her state of mind. She's primed to take offense not just for herself, but for others as well. I don't know her life story, so she may have very good reasons for doing so. It doesn't necessarily make her right, but she may have good reasons for doing so.
  2. Not an issue unique to America. There is currently a British journalist being investigated because they mis-identified the gender of someone they spoke to because the reporter didn't realize the individual was trans. So the reporter is potentially facing up to 2 years in prison for a hate crime under what they're being investigated for.
  3. Nothing makes good employees want to go work for a company like the knowledge that they won't be able to work for any other decent company in the industry for 5 years after leaving.
  4. So you didn't post this in the FFA to create general discussion, you posted it with the specific intent of generating political discussion and are now upset that people aren't talking politics? Seems like you posted it in the wrong forum then. Maybe delete and try again in the politics forum.
  5. I'm not very cool, but I actually like quite a few groups on this lineup. The Raconteurs, Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats, Black Keys, Greta Van Fleet, Portugal. The Man, Rival Sons, Cage The Elephant, Judah and the Lion, Santana, The Killers. Bunch of groups I don't recognize which could be good or bad. But, no way I'd be anywhere near what could very well turn into a giant mess.
  6. Hopefully she was smart enough to make sure that he didn't get in the same way her daughters did.
  7. I think that uniformity eliminates a lot of stresses and fighting. That doesn't mean that diversity isn't better for a lot of other reasons, but I think it's at least fair to ask whether diversity decreases happiness. We have a long history of humans that indicates that diversity creates friction. We can argue that we should overcome that and that it shouldn't, but I think that would ignore reality at this point as well. I don't think that uniformity is the sole reason for these results at all, but I don't think it can be discounted either. Frankly, I think our consumerism and lack of true community in general are bigger issues.
  8. Good take. Personally, the only time I would use "girls" in a professional setting would be with co-workers that I get along with and said in a joking/tongue in cheek manner. Anything else is inappropriate IMO. (I'm a known troublemaker and probably going to get myself in trouble sometime though. Like today when my boss was talking with myself and two female co-workers and was discussing some personality clashes between the women in our group, and I smirked and looked at my boss and said "aren't you sorry you didn't just hire a group of all men?") I usually default to "ladies" outside that context, but may go with "girls" if it's a group of women I know who seem to be having fun. Total conjecture here, but I bet that a group of women friends out to have a good time would generally be more prone to being okay with being referred to as girls than a group of professional women out to be noticed/network. Context is key. But honestly, a lot of times it's probably going to come down to the person. Some women will likely happily accept "girls" because it makes them feel more youthful, just as I think a lot of guys are just fine with being referred to as "boys" because it confers youth and energy. Other women will resent it because they feel as if their entire life they've spent fighting uphill for respect and feel like this is one more small out down. Overall, it's probably something worth thinking about and being aware of, but I do think that this particular author probably goes too far in presuming that she speaks for all women in all circumstances...which I may be in danger of having just done myself.
  9. Yup, Snapchat and Instagram are what is in with the younger generation. FB is for old people and Twitter is just hostile people yelling at each other.
  10. Yeah, we made it. It was a bit of a fiasco getting there thanks to the weather delaying our flight about 5 hours (including spending 1.5 hours on the plane before deboarding, and hour in the airport, and then another hour on the plane waiting to take off). But we got back to see her and say our goodbyes. She's really weak and fairly miserable, but still mentally there. Weird thing to say goodbye and walk out of a room knowing that you'll never see a person you love again. Glad we made it and I know it meant a lot to her. Was good for my 9 year old to experience as well. She did much better with it than I thought she might. Was super proud of how well she did on the weekend in general. Thanks for asking.
  11. This is horrific. With already poor infrastructure and services, this type of disaster is amplified.
  12. That's fair. Especially since a whole lot of today's "conservatives" who claim to be pro-capitalist definitely aren't. I definitely think it's interesting how polarizing the Kardashians are. For all the hate they get, there are clearly a LOT of people that like them a whole lot.