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  1. And this is why there is a huge push all of a sudden by banks and the Fed to move to a cashless system. In a cashless system, a lot of people would be forced into keeping their money in the bank even with negative interest rates.
  2. Wow, good luck Parm. That's a crazy amount of fluid to have drained out, especially when they think there's even more. I mean, weight-wise, that's like 20-30 pounds of fluid you had/have built up. Insane.
  3. The Dolphins paid a bunch of guys a whole lot of money who are players that have a lot of talent but don't play hard all the time. Those guys were being counted on quite a bit for the defense. But Suh, Mario Williams and Maxwell just aren't consistent enough to make a defense better. And on the offense, Tannehill isn't good, their RBs are a mess and the WRs are mediocre to terrible.
  4. Everything at my daughter's school is called an equation. 2+2=4 is an equation. And they're expected to use terms like "addend". She's in 2nd grade. I get why they want to do it, but come on...
  5. This is a good post. My initial reaction was to take the opposite stance, but what you guys are saying makes a lot of sense to me. It's pretty amazing that the one time our Congress all comes together in solidarity, to the point of vetoing Obama for the first time, that they manage to all be so epically wrong.
  6. I'm buying what your selling. So who in our government would typically negotiate these settlements? Is that a Legislative branch function or an Executive branch function? I know the Treaty power is a legislative function, but this wouldn't be a treaty.
  7. Didn't we just pay Iran billions of dollars because of a similar lawsuit? I'm unsure why we would pay that on the one hand and then argue that our own victims don't have the same right. Who cares if it hurts our relationship with Saudi Arabia? If they helped fund the 9-11 terrorists then they absolutely should pay for that and only have themselves to blame.
  9. I don't think it's his people that are the problem. You can't polish a turd.
  10. Hard to believe that this is the best we managed to do for our Presidential candidates.
  11. I think he was insinuating that the idea that Rawls was being held out for a leg bruise sounded like and that it was likely that Seattle was lying and that the injury was worse that than. And it looks like he was correct.
  12. Not sure. But Kouandjio hasn't been much of the problem. He's actually been pretty good filling in for Glenn. The pressure comes off the right side or center most often it seems to me.
  13. Fitzpatrick is the most maddening QB in the NFL. He has some of the highest highs where he is absolutely unbeatable like last week against Buffalo where he was making unreal throws all game, and then follow it up with a performance that makes you wonder how he's even in the NFL. It's hard to believe it's the same guy.
  14. The run blocking was fantastic, but Taylor was still under pressure a bunch in the passing game. And he still isn't mature enough to settle down when the pressure isn't there. So after the early pressure on him, he was rushing throws and feeling pressure that wasn't there. That caused some major accuracy issues. The passing game was working the best when they went into the hurry up and went to quick timing routes.