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  1. The other takeaway is that while the DNC was able to get their candidate nominated, the RNC is so bad at playing the political game that freaking Donald Trump won the nomination.
  2. After all my complaining about how awful our Presidential choices are this year in the FFA, it probably doesn't take a genius to figure out the hidden meaning in my dream last night of me punching a bald eagle in the face.
  3. Well, yeah, I guess if you're a little girl and don't eat the whole thing right away.
  4. Pretty good indication that the GOP is no longer about conservatism but is straight up nationalist/populist.
  5. Bad news for the GMTAN: You're all going to die from cancer:
  6. Clearly rice in the curry container. Way too messy the other way around.
  7. Other than saying that he's the only one that can fix America's problems of course. Sort of the opposite of the entire idea the nation was founded on.
  8. I hate those vans with a passion. We have a distribution center in my town and my local Wawa is slammed with these guys during morning rush hour. It's absolutely impossible to get gas there in the mornings or even get in to grab a sandwich or coffee some days. So annoying.
  9. That's not true at all. Hannity and Rush were full-fledged Trumpites fairly early in the process. Hannity has been slobbering all over Trump from almost the beginning.
  10. Trump/Supporters on Cruz: Waaaaaaaa, he won't live up to his pledge to endorse me after I viciously attacked and slandered his family and told vicious lies about them without ever apologizing. Trump on NATO Allies: Screw those guys. Who cares about our pledge to protect them from a tyrant like Putin. I mean, that Putin guy is kind of Great anyway!
  11. Exactly. As Saints said above, what does it say when Trump and his zombies try to steamroll Cruz instead of agreeing with him and making the case that Trump is that guy? The obvious answer is that you can't make that case.
  12. It's crazily ironic that the people who branded the party leadership "cucks" and all sorts of even nastier things and who supported Trump because he was against the Establishment, are now crying and complaining that Cruz bucked the Establishment and didn't stand in line and play nice. It's total Bizarro World.
  13. He also floated rumors that he would run as a third party candidate if he lost the nomination while he was screaming that the elections were rigged.
  14. Exactly. In 2012 Chris Christie delivered the keynote speech at the convention and never even mentioned Romney. Cruz does the same thing and suddenly he's evil incarnate.
  15. This post by Jonah Goldberg pretty much nails my sentiment on the Cruz thing: