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  1. Seems that Trump also had trouble naming a law enforcement group that supports him. Turns out that Trump lied and the β€œPortland” sheriff doesn’t actually support him.
  2. And this debate may have actually helped him. Some early things I read on Twitter (so maybe true?) said that groups of undecideds basically just came away disgusted with the entire process and mostly just less likely to vote in general. That’s probably a win for Trump.
  3. Nah, calling him a bully would just make Biden look weak. He would be better off calling him undignified or impertinent. It’s a lot harder to spin dignity or respectfulness into negatives.
  4. Just a reminder that the next debate is scheduled for October 15th. Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs play against Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills on Thursday Night Football starting at 8:20 EST that night. Not sure why anyone in their right mind would watch the debate over those two exciting QBs/teams.
  5. I mean, he straight up accused Cruz’s dad of being involved in JFK’s assassination in 2016’s primaries. Absolutely nothing is beneath him.
  6. Interestingly enough, was registered through a Russian registrar up until September 1st. Draw your own conclusions on what is going on there.
  7. Here’s the thing: none of Trump’s antics can possibly be a surprise. We’ve seen the playbook. Everyone knew exactly what he would do. Biden and the Democrats had 4 years to prepare for it, and it’s clear that they did no such thing. There were definite strategies that could be used against Trump that would absolutely roll him but it’s clear that there is no plan and Biden is totally ill-prepared.
  8. If anyone on the Democratic side had any brains they would only agree to more debates if each candidate was kept in a soundproof box and the moderator given control of their mics.
  9. Can a billionaire please die and pull a Brewsters Millions so that we can get a good β€œNone Of The Above” campaign going?
  10. Nancy Pelosi was right, Joe Biden should have just not debated him at all because there is no such thing as debating President Trump. There is only standing on stage with him while he speaks over you and insults you.
  11. Welp, looks like a bunch of Raiders did a really great thing in a really careless way. Supporting your teammate’s charity is great. Having a big group of people indoors all close together and the vast majority not wearing masks? Not so great. Raiders play the Bills in 5 days. Can’t say I’m too happy reading about this as a Bills fan.
  12. Man, great on the Raiders for supporting a teammate’s charity, but this just seems like really poor judgement. Hopefully nobody turns out to be positive afterwards. As a Bills fan, this Sunday’s game just got a whole lot more concerning and it has nothing to do with on field stuff.
  13. Wonder what the league could possibly do to incentivize the Vikings to play this week if they are forced to miss 2 days of practice? Or maybe that was all already planned for and agreed to by the league in whatever contingency plan they created? They do have a contingency plan, right? RIGHT!?