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  1. Riveron has already made it clear by the way that he’s refusing to enforce the new coach’s challenge to PI rule that the refs would wholesale refuse to properly enforce the rules if they went to any type of non-traditional officiating. They don’t actually care about getting it right, they care about protecting the jobs of the guys on the field.
  2. Good catch. Definitely time to log off and go to bed when you find yourself accidentally arguing that a team winning the turnover battle by a large margin (which Detroit did) is why they lost
  3. What’s kind of funny (well, not if you’re a fan of either team) is that they’re failing for opposite reasons. Winston is overly aggressive and turns the ball over way too much because he makes poor decisions, Mariota is overly conservative and doesn’t do enough to help his team or make the defense defend the deep parts of the field.
  4. The 2015 first round really was not very good: Link
  5. That seems like a great deal if you don’t need the live games. Being in the US and not in the Buffalo market, it’s infuriating to me that the only way I can watch the Bills live is to switch to DirecTv and get their NFL package and yet international customers can pay $100 for GamePass and watch all the games live. Hopefully Directv continues nosediving and doesn’t renew with the NFL.
  6. I bet there is a significant percentage of head coaches in the NFL that don’t even know it’s a thing.
  7. And Mosley is still out, right? He was their best defensive player by far in Week 1.
  8. Of course my freaking kicker would lose points for me throwing an INT, because why the heck not?
  9. .5 PPR league and the other guy already had the Pats defense go: Conner or David Johnson?
  10. I think they may just be terrible in general. Here they are completely missing Brian Kelly being like 5 yards onto the field during the onside kick attempt.
  11. It’s amazing how one or two people can blow a thread up. Gotta be a spectrum thing or something. Or maybe just schtick.
  12. The “guy in league offices” is head of officiating Al Riveron. He’s part of the referee’s union.