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  2. He has something like 10+ drops already. And most of them are bad drops. Yesterday the ball was right in his hands a couple of times and he just flat dropped it. At this point, I don't see how the Bills can even keep putting him on the field. Very disappointing.
  3. That's some serious balls to go to the police and complain after assaulting a younger kid and trying to steal his bike and helmet.
  4. Do all agree that Zay Jones should probably just be benched this point? He's gotta be in the neighborhood of 10 drops already this season. We've gone past the time it makes sense to give him a chance to get things worked out and are entering a point where McDermott should start taking blame for even having him out there. Given Thompson's history, yesterday is likely not going to happen again, but I'd rather give him more opportunity than Butter Fingers Jones.
  5. What I love is that it was an ugly game and they won. The Bills have not won ugly games very much. Those have almost always been guy punch games. It feels like McDermott has these guys grinding, playing together and doing what it takes to win close games. What sucks though, is Jordan Poyer sprained his MCL on that last play of the game.
  6. The boxscore of that game for the Bears looks like it should only be the first quarter. Those numbers don't even look real.
  7. Fournette reported to not be playing by Rapoport. If you grabbed Ivory for that possibility, get him in your lineup.
  8. I'm picking between the same two and going with Ivory. Gore has the higher floor IMO, but Jacksonville's offense revolves around the RB position. Indy's offense is just terrible all around.
  9. The lady who came to check out our house when we adopted a dog was more thorough than the one that came for our home study when we adopted our daughter.
  10. Charge her 1/3 based on this logic: It's a set fee for up to 10 people. If your wife was bringing 3 co-workers, would you and your wife still pay half and have the other 3 split the other 50%? Of course not.
  11. How often does a rookie RB not practice at all during the week and then play on game day?
  12. Fournette a DNP again today. Hard to see him carrying a full load this week. Seems like a decent chance he doesn't play at all.
  13. Little concerning that McDermott just said that Clay "should be able to make it back this season".
  14. Yeah, kind of makes you think that passing up on the 2017 class may have been a mistake, huh? I love Tre White, but would trade him in an instant for Watson and probably Mahomes.