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  1. Seems like that could have gone either way. I mean, the only foolproof way to make sure the lawyer can't sue you is for the lawyer not to make it... Glad you're not dead yet HF
  2. EJ Manuel isn't a good player, but the most the Bills would get for him would be a 6th round pick IMO. I think he's still more valuable as a backup QB to Buffalo than a 6th round pick would be.
  3. What I don't get on this is that I thought it was almost always the case that there is too much swelling right away to get an accurate MRI.
  4. So let's get to the important stuff: are your rankings in the Draft Dominator being kept up to date? Because I'm not sure how much weight to give your rankings before I do my next draft. Also, are you experiencing any "chemo fog"? Because that could affect how much I trust your rankings as well. TIA
  5. That argument doesn't work as well when you're 30.
  6. Either way, it just comes across as an owner who is being really cheap either because he is extremely greedy or he's in financial trouble.
  7. Stupid board. That's where I came out logically too. But it just seems even more dumb for the team to insist on that. The cash flow thing is peanuts to them but obviously a slightly larger deal for the player. The utility that they were willing to lose by losing the player, or at minimum losing the player's peak playing ability for several weeks, would seem to be much larger than the utility of the interest they'd earn on the money held back in signing bonus money. And with the bad reputation that it is surely helping insure with future free agents, it certainly seems like a case of being shortsighted and winning the battle only to lose the war.
  8. Can someone explain why a team would spread out the signing bonus payout? Is part of it not guaranteed until 2017? Is it a salary cap thing? Is it just a cash flow thing? I guess I don't understand why teams would pay that in installments.
  9. I believe there is a waiting period if he switched agencies, so that would have been a problem. Or maybe I'm wrong and it's if you switch agents and there WAS a waiting period.
  10. I think you're probably over rating what a non-QB rookie makes in endorsements by quite a bit. It wouldn't surprise me if it was typically under $100k for the vast number of 1st round rookies.
  11. Yeah, but Vick served time in prison, apologized, and admitted that what he did was wrong. That lessened the PR hit. Greg Hardy got signed despite being a PR nightmare, but he seemed like he still had All Pro talent, something Kaepernick doesn't have
  12. Yeah, the more I thought about it, the more I'm ok with Rex's decisions to bubble wrap the key guys. They already have a ton of injuries and managed to pile up more of them in that game. When you look around the league at all of the injuries that crop up in meaningless games, it seems silly to risk your best players much. I'll take a little rust over missing a huge chunk of the season.
  13. Seems like quite a departure from the claims that he wasn't hurt at all after the game. I can't believe Jerry Jones flat out lied!
  14. I don't have a problem with athletes bringing attention to a cause or advocating for certain things. However, I do think this is a pretty dumb, ineffective, and "look at me" way to do so. It's not like this is bringing attention to an issue that people aren't aware of. It didn't bring any new information or reasoning into the discussion, it likely will have zero impact on how anyone feels about the issue, and it doesn't benefit anyone that has been wronged in any way. And while I think there is a huge overreaction by people slamming Kaepernick, I do think it's somewhat insulting. I certainly understand being upset with issues within our country and wanting them to change. But I think it's an entirely different story, and generally extremely misguided, when people go from being upset about particular situations/policies to showing dislike and disdain to the country as a whole. And that's essentially the statement that Kaepernick's actions are making.
  15. Well, yeah, against Buffalo's 3rd string defense.