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  1. It was one of the free PS+ games a while ago. I agree, it's a great game. The gameplay itself is nothing outstanding, but the story is fantastic and done in a really really good way. The ending is....Wow. One of the few games that leaves you sitting there thinking about it when it's over.
  2. CPAC still has him as their keynote speaker and is trying to justify it as free speech or something asinine.
  3. So the keynote speaker for CPAC is that Milo turd. And now a clip has come out of him gushing about and glorifying the Catholic priests who raped all those kids and saying that it was actually a good thing that happened to those kids. And the alt-right/right's response is to cheer because this is somehow "sticking it to the SJWs". Sickening.
  4. Not sure of all the tests that they do now, but I know a fairly common early sign is loss of sense of smell.
  5. Thanks guys. After some internet searching and talking with my dad, we're pretty sure the divorce was final. A call to the court next week should be able to confirm that. I still expect some nastiness somehow from his ex, but if the divorce was final, that limits the potential damage and headache.
  6. Ugh. Just found out my uncle passed away. I'm sure there's going to be a huge mess. His horrible wife took off with his young adult son (it would take me 5,000 words to describe how sad/bizarre/creepy that relationship is) a year or two ago and served him with divorce papers. She obviously had been reading up here because she cleaned him out and disappeared. He had no idea where they even went. But I don't think the divorce was finalized and now he's dead. In the meantime, my grandmother had given him a bunch of money for a down payment on a new place to live since he was wiped out. Pretty sure she was paying for his divorce lawyer too. I think my dad is the executor of my uncle's estate, but if the divorce wasn't finalized, I have no idea how that will play out. Meanwhile, it may do my grandmother in. She's 93 years old. She's pretty good for 93, still lives on her own, but her health has been declining. It was already hard for her that he lived across the country and was all alone. For him to die suddenly and not even be found right away is going to be really tough on her and my dad. I was really hoping that there would be a redemption story for my uncle after some really bad decisions that created a lot of heartache for himself and people that actually cared about him. Unfortunately, not every story has a happy ending.
  7. He's being charged with 4 felonies. Wow.
  8. A little unclear exactly what happened right now, but there are conflicting reports that Revis was either attacked by a group of guys, or was the one that attacked someone else in Pittsburgh.
  9. Well, no. Getting that information and taking it to the President and/or Congress to look into it is what their job is. Their job isn't to leak it annonymously to the media.
  10. You mean nationalist. Patriots actually respect the bedrock principles of our country.
  11. The problem is that Trump is such an f-up that it constantly distracts from legitimate problems. There's no question that our intelligence community has had many high profile failures, has overreached in its data collection on US citizens, and has become very politically powerful. Those are major problems and difficult to deal with, especially when they have shown a willingness to play dirty. There DOES need to be a house cleaning, but thanks to Trump's actions, he isn't the one to do it.
  12. That's what I thought of.
  13. I don't think there's a whole lot to it. Oakley and Dolan don't like each other. Oakley bought a ticket to the game with a seat somewhat near Dolan. Dolan had a bunch of security guys keeping tabs on Oakley and Oakley didn't care for it. Oakley was talking with some nearby fans and started to drop a ton of f-bombs in complaining about the security guys keeping tabs. Some people with kids nearby weren't real happy with the f-bombs and Dolan took advantage of the situation by having security ask Oakley to leave. At that point, Oakley freaked out and went ballistic, went at Dolan and that's when security swarmed and all the ugliness commenced. Between what came from the Knicks, Oakley, and reports from fans nearby, I think that's pretty much the whole thing. I don't think Oakley or Dolan are blameless and both seem like old bitter men desperate to be liked but ultimately rather loathable individuals.
  14. Pretty sure that there are only 2 spillways. The auxillary and emergency are the same spillway. The state just stopped calling it the emergency spillway to try to downplay what is going on.
  15. You know you've got a new low as an owner when you are paying people to protest in your favor outside the stadium and bringing in a guy like Latrell Sprewell to...Actually, I'm not even sure what he was trying to do with that one.