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  1. HeWhy do people litter? We were in Yellowstone last week and I watched a lady unwrap a piece of candy and just throw the wrapper on the ground next to the trail. Why would you even be going to a beautiful place like a national park if you are just going to trash it? (I immediately reached down and grabbed the wrapper in front of her while glaring at her. She didn't seem to care.) I also don't understand why people intentionally destroy things people value. Like, why did people destroy those trees in Joshua Tree during the government shutdown? And why do people carve into rocks and trees in national parks? Or why do people troll in general?
  2. Wyoming is an interesting state. And by interesting I mean Yellowstone and Grand Teton are awesome and the rest of the state is the most boring thing I've ever driven through.
  3. This may be controversial, but I think the $70 for Photoshop Elements is all most people need. It imports and works with RAW files, it can use all sorts of PS plugins, it can do 70% of what PS and LR can do, and there are 3 different levels of handholding you can choose. I can do a large amount of what Light Room does with PS Elements and some of what PS does. I even have the Nik Collection plugins installed. GIMP is super powerful, but not user friendly in any way IMO. I haven't found a free program that does enough to make me happy or is useable enough to not make me put my head through the table. Unless you want to spend a ton of time and $ learning PS and LR or a TON of time learning GIMP, PS Elements does pretty much everything an amateur photo needs IMO.
  4. Just a random rant: I honestly have no idea what some people are doing in the why they're even here. I've been on a number of scenic drives (drives with limited to no trailheads) over the last few weeks where the speed limits are pretty low both for safety and because there's honestly just no reason to be speeding through. And yet, I'll inevitably end up with someone riding my bumper who either passes me as soon as they have an opportunity or passes me when I find a pulloff and let them by because I'm tired of them riding my bumper. I just don't understand why someone would go to a national park and go to a scenic drive where the sole purpose is to leisurely enjoy the scenery and then go tearing through it like Dale Earnhardt. Talk about missing the entire point. As amazing as the nature we've seen has been, the ignorance and stupidity of people has been almost as amazing.
  5. Didn't die in Yellowstone. Saw loads of bison, a couple of wolves (very far away), a ton of elk at Mammoth and several black bears. Unfortunately, no grizzly bears spotted. Missed 3 of them by about a half hour at one point. Yellowstone really is unreal though. All the different environments in one area, all the beautiful peaceful areas (away from the infuriating people), all the amazing things found nowhere else. I could easily spend months here. The hardest park to leave so far. Just got to Grand Teton today and tomorrow is our only full day. Could easily have spent a lot more time here too. The mountains are mesmerizing, the lakes and river offers a ton to do and the wildlife is awesome. Seeing a momma Moose with her calf in the river was one of the highlights of our entire trip I think. I got so enamored with hiking and with taking shots on my camera that I don't have many from either park on my phone (no worries there as my wife has taken literally something like 16,000 photos on our trip on her phone). Yellowstone and Grand Teton Photos As an aside, man, I got really frustrated with the limitations of my camera/lenses multiple times. Now I know why people start getting into a ton of money with these things...
  6. Huawei was built entirely on stealing IP from US companies and had multiple confirmed cases of Chinese government built in backdoors giving them full access. I don't want the US government doing that either, but given the choice, I REALLY don't want China being given that ability, and they absolutely should be punished for their brazen IP theft. And allowing China to be in control of 5G infrastructure which would give them unlimited abilities to spy on basically the entire world is a total non-starter. If the reason the crackdown happened was to prevent Huawei from beating US firms to 5G tech control...good.
  7. Zion is awesome, but if you want the most out of it, you definitely need to be capable of hiking the more difficult trails. There are a few great easy-ish trail, but most are at least moderate difficulty and the best are hard. With my wife and daughter's limitations, Zion was great, but I left wanting more. We were able to do about a half mile of The Narrows before my wife lost her balance and dinged her knee and we had to turn back. Was also bummed that the first 2 nights had amazing sunsets that I wasn't able/chose not to shoot and our last night ended up being lousy with lots of cloud cover. Got a few cool shots though and a double rainbow I'll post eventually. ETA: The deer and squirrels at Zion are way too used to people. There were 5-8 deer on the front lawn of the lodge every night and they were within feet of people. I walked passed a squirrel that was clearly hoping for some food and was on a wall next to the trail. I am 100% positive I could have reached out and grabbed him (and probably got bit). We did see a red fox run around the front lawn the first night which was pretty cool. Cellphone Photos
  8. Electronics are especially concerning IMO. The Chinese government has their finger in everything and is almost certainly doing their best to insert the ability to spy on everyone through our electronics. That's why the US has effectively banned one of the largest cellphone manufacturers in the world from the US. And I get that most people will just shrug their shoulders and say they have nothing to hide, but think about all of the financial information, usernames and passwords, IP from work, etc. It's a very serious issue.
  9. They just got hit with a record $5B fine for mishandling user data, a fine that many believe was still a slap on the wrist.
  10. Over state lines? Sounds like a case for the FBI.
  11. Really? See, I think Facebook couldn't care less about the users. They repeatedly have lied to users about how data is used, what they share and with who, how much data they collect, etc. They have hired actual psychologists to help figure out how to design their site to keep people addicted and on the site longer. Zuckerberg famously is quoted as laughing about how dumb people are for willingly giving him all the information they give him. Facebook only cares about their bottom line, no matter how hard they try to spin it otherwise. If that means collecting way more data on you than you think you allowed, they'll do it. If it means collecting data on people who don't even have account and have not given them permission, they do it. If it means selling that information to Shady people and companies, including foreign entities looking to lie and disrupt elections, they'll do it. And if it means allowing crappy Chinese companies to constantly lie to US consumers and sell them obviously inferior products to what they're advertising, they'll do it in a blink of an eye.
  12. Years ago someone did some kind of analysis and figured out the top posters who were thread killers (last posts in threads). Would be interesting to get an update.
  13. Unfortunately, no. It was between Capitol Reef and Bryce Canyon and we hiked Sulphur Creek at Capitol Reef in the morning before we drove to Byce and my crew was wiped out. I had wanted to stop, but I'm pushing my wife and daughter pretty far outside their usual limits as it is and am having to make some sacrifices. Unfortunately, Goblin Park was one of them I do have to say that after driving from Denver through Colorado, I think Colorado is my recommendation for my next Guys' Trip. Just absolutely gorgeous and there seems like tons to do and plenty of nice little towns to stay in.
  14. I'm on day 8 of a 19 day vacation. I get back on a Sunday night. Monday morning I have to make a 5 hour drive to spend a week doing an insane amount of work for a client. Fun. On the other hand, hard to complain when I have a 19 day vacation. Almost feels like being a teacher. So far we've seen Canyonlands, Arches, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon and just got to Zion. Have 3 days here at Zion and then have Yellowstone and Grand Tetons. It's been awesome.