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  1. Got my email yesterday letting me know that my dining reservations and dining plan for my November trip have been canceled. The email also said that character dining is all canceled. With that and them getting rid of the fast pass system, seems like the only reason to stay on resort really would be the fact that it may be the only way you get actually get tickets/park reservations. That’s an awfully poor value proposition. It hadn’t even occurred to me until this morning just how much Disney has to be freaking out about next year. If things aren’t back to fairly normal by the park’s 50th anniversary, that is going to tremendously suck for them.
  2. Guess we should prevent the military from voting via mail in ballot since we know mass mail in ballots lead to fraud. I’m sure Trump would support that.
  3. That makes a ton of sense. I imagine they also have substantial union protections that may follow them even after being fired. Which is of course why the DA should have come out and made it clear that doing things the right way would simply take a bit of time but didn’t mean that nothing was happening. If nothing else, finding a sympathetic reporter that would carry that water and point out the laws and red tape preventing faster action would have been a smart move.
  4. Seems like a great question that the DA needs to answer.
  5. Funny you seem to be giving a pass to the officers and the union who championed this. Why go after the police chief and mayor who were trying to make a difference and not a single word of criticism for the guys who actually broke the law to continue training to be militant thugs? Frey has been mayor for 2 years. Arredondo has been chief for 3 years. The officer that murdered a citizen has been an officer for 17 years. Union head Bob Kroll has been head of the union for 5 years. To expect the chief and mayor to totally turn around the culture in 2-3 years when the union and officers are fighting them tooth and nail seems like misplaced blame to me.
  6. I’m feeling conflicted about this. On one hand what he hold to be truth or what we hold to be most important are going to absolutely inform our politics, especially when it comes to how much weight we put on one thing over another. On the other hand I think that when you really get to the root of things most people across the political spectrum value the same things, they just see different ways of achieving those things. For instance, I don’t think that most free market supporters hate poor people and support the free market just to enrich themselves. I think most believe that the free market ultimately gives the biggest benefit to society as a whole. And I don’t think most supporters of socialism are totalitarians or actively hate the wealthy, they just see the plight of the poor and believe that this is the best way to provide for them. Both sides ultimately want the best for as many people as possible, it’s just two completely different visions of how to get there. Unfortunately we tend to place the worst possible motives on those we disagree with.
  7. This is just being disingenuous and not at all contributing anything positive to discussion IMO. You know darn well that this is just as much politics or opinion rather than dealing with facts. If you’re upset that they’d take that stance, let’s discuss that rather than setting up a straw man and making it about something it’s not.
  8. Saw a good argument made: if you have 100 good cops and 10 bad cops, and the 100 good cops know about the 10 bad cops but don’t do anything to stop them, then you have 110 bad cops.
  9. Seems like they’ve actually been trying to change the police culture that lead to officers straight up murdering someone and the police have fought that culture change tooth and nail. That culture that has created bad will and sparked this powder keg. So how about we give credit to the guys who have tried to make the right changes and blame the guys who are going around with a badge and gun and murdering citizens or promising to send in more guys with guns to shoot our own citizens?
  10. About a year ago the city not only prohibited this style of training in house, they banned officers from receiving this “warrior training” style training off the job too. According to that article, the department wasn’t using those training methods at the time either (if or when they used them previously isn’t clear from this article). What did happen is the police union defied that order and paid for private “warrior training” for any officer that wanted it. I know the mayor is taking heat for allowing a police precinct to be torched, but his decision and reason for it I have a lot of empathy for. He made the call to abandon it at 1am (after they had removed weapons, files, etc earlier in the day) basically saying that the likely risk of loss of life to defend a building wasn’t worth it and that people’s lives were more important than the building. Offering the building as a sacrifice essentially versus potentially hurting/killing protestors and escalating things even more isn’t a decision I think should be so easily criticized. Sometimes you have to be smart enough to take the L in order to avoid an even bigger loss.
  11. Sale prices may have stayed a bit flat, but number of sales have risen and risen. I had trouble finding worldwide numbers for a lot of individual years, but it looks like worldwide video game sales totaled about $25B in 2004. Last year it was about $250B. So about 10 times more total money in sales over the last 15 years. Last year EA pulled in $1.49B just in money from the Ultimate Team Moses across all their games. So a full 1% of ALL video game revenue last year was just from microtransactions within EA sport games.
  12. I really don’t understand people. I absolutely loathe the fast food places that have the double drive thru ordering system. It does absolutely nothing to reduce the total order delivery time and just introduces confusion. I went through McDonalds last week (mistake 1) and hopped into the 2nd line as there was someone ordering from the one line. Not a big deal, there was enough room for him to complete his order and get in and for me to pull forward a bit when my order was complete. The line stalled for a bit because the holdup in orders is having the food ready, not in ordering of course. In the meantime another woman pulled up in line 1 and ordered. And as soon as the line started moving up, she floored it and cut in front of me forcing me to slam on my brakes to not get hit. I just stared at her holding my hands out like “wtf” as she refused to look at me. And then of course when she got up to the window to pay she didn’t have the money ready and not only argued with the cashier about what the total should be but then seemed to have to scavenge around her car to try to find enough money to pay. Meanwhile I had prepaid using the app and could have easily been right through the line and gone. Pretty clear that a non-insignificant percentage of people are just plain selfish.
  13. I think it’s highly unlikely that they can spread out people on rides for social distancing and wipe down rides between passengers and run people through as fast or faster than they run normally. Maybe they figure it out, but the logistics seem pretty difficult for that.
  14. See my edit above. I thought only NY was sending back positive patients but at least NJ, California, and Michigan did as well. So it probably is much closer to that 20+% number which is definitely a big deal.