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  1. We’re enjoying the builds and the concepts, but so much of it feels forced to me. Almost all of the interactions between teammates, teams, Arnett, and the experts seem awkward and forced. I’m not sure if it is, or if it’s just because so much gets clipped into tiny sound bites and we lose context. Either way, every single contestant and the experts all seem like caricatures and totally fake to me.
  2. Go read this article by Jayson Stark and Zeno Starris from The Athletic if you have a subscription. The stats are absolutely unprecedented. There’s no way their cheating didn’t have tangible significant benefits.
  3. Stealing signs the way they did it clearly gave them an enormous advantage over stealing signs the legal way. The stats clearly back that up and they clearly wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of doing it the way they did it if it didn’t benefit them tremendously. Stealing signs the way they did it was illegal and it gave them an historic statistical advantage. I’m not sure how anyone can say that it didn’t materially impact the game and give them a huge advantage that was gained by breaking the rules. That’s kind of a big deal.
  4. I used to help with our church’s youth group and was driving a car full of mostly girls to an event one time. The entire drive they were discussing Instagram. How many followers each of them had, how many likes their most liked photo had, which poses and types of posts get the most likes, etc. It was fascinating yet made me sick to my stomach because it was clear that social media likes were 100% a social currency. They fawned over the ones that had the most followers and likes and pitied themselves I’d they didn’t. The whole popularity thing was already bad enough growing up, social media has taken it and made it way more public and way more intense. It’s heartbreaking. Oh, and most of them had an account that their parents knew about where they would post benign stuff, and another account where one can only imagine what’s going on there.
  5. Wow, I can’t even imagine what you must be feeling right now. Have to imagine you’re excited to have him back, broken because of whatever he had to deal with that got him removed from where he was again, and wary of what comes next. Good luck Woz. You and your wife are amazing people with amazing capacity for love. Praying for healing and a quick and desired outcome moving forward for you guys.
  6. I still like it. The biggest problem the series has, IMO, is that when the kids were younger they actually seemed more natural on-screen than they do now. Now many of them seem like they’re trying to act. Maybe that’s because I’m just more likely to look passed kid awkwardness than teen awkwardness. And I’ll disagree that S1 was horror. S1 was a coming of age mystery more than horror or even sci-fi. In fact, the whole show is more coming of age/relationship than it is anything else. At least, that’s what it is when it’s at its best IMO. The other stuff is window dressing that makes it fun and helps move the plot along, but what made season 1 the best (again IMO), is that it was the season where all of the relationships seemed real. You could easily believe that they were really just a group of friends that stumbled into a crazy adventure and were muddling their way through while trying to figure out the regular world too. Seasons 2 and 3 have suffered when they have tried to force relationship plot devices too much or been too heavy handed.
  7. It’s an awesome thing that he’s doing and highly commendable. I’m not sure that it excuses/justifies what he did on the field. After all, Harvey Weinstein donated $5M to USC to provide money for female directors.
  8. On the other hand, I could see exactly why Garrett is doing this. 10-15 years from now when he retires, nobody will remember who Mason Rudolph was. Everyone will talk about what a great career Garrett had and how it was marred just a bit by that time he beat a scrub backup QB with his own helmet, but that ultimately it was excusable because that guy called him the N-word after all.... By the time Garrett retires, nobody will remember the exact details and he’ll get the benefit of the doubt because he’ll matter and Rudolph won’t and that’s how things work. So ultimately the hit now to his reputation bringing it up again will likely pay dividends in the long run.
  9. No, for Rudolph to win he’d have to prove that Garrett is lying. All Garrett would have to do to win is continue to claim that he thought Rudolph said it. Whether Rudolph did or not is irrelevant because Garrett only has to BELIEVE that he said it. So unless there are texts from Garrett saying that he’s lying about it or he told someone else and that person comes forward, there is no way for Rudolph to win a lawsuit. Rudolph’s attorney did apparently just release a statement threatening a lawsuit, but there is really just zero chance of that happening. It really is mind boggling that Garrett would open this back up though. If anyone advised him that this would be a good idea, that person should stop giving him advice.
  10. So your dad is basically to blame/credit for the current state of basketball.
  11. Analytics has definitely changed baseball and I think most people think of baseball first when they think about analytics impacting the sport, but it’s had just a big, or maybe even bigger, impact in basketball.
  12. Update to this story: Lawrence Ray charged with 9 counts Could spend the rest of his life in prison. What’s incredible is the school claims that they looked into the situation and found nothing credible to substantiate the allegations.
  13. Of course you’re in favor. Allowing the Astros to pick their playoff team helps insure they play a team whose signs they already know.
  14. I’d be perfectly fine with that. I think he’s good enough to draft there. The only argument against it IMO, is that the draft is so deep at WR that they could take a player at a shallower position and still get a pretty good WR option in the 2nd round.