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  1. Had a lot of bologna as a kid. Also, my mom gave us liver and told us it was steak. Took me a long time to realize that I actually like steak.
  2. I feel like this song is the theme song for the GMTAN. Or maybe just Tanner's.
  3. Kim Dotcom specifically said that he has the Hillary emails and was going to release them. That still hasn't happened and he hasn't mentioned it since. I'm not sure how anyone could give him an ounce of credibility until he provides those emails.
  4. I'm still waiting for the rest of Hillary's emails that Kim Dotcom promised he had and said he was releasing months and months ago. :crickets:
  5. Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, what's the difference really?
  6. Also amazing to me is that more construction contractors aren't fined out of business for OSHA violations. So many of them don't even have the slightest grasp of what their regulatory obligations are.
  7. Man, if those are your biggest complaints...
  8. Pretty amazing that he can say that he's just doing this with Rich's family in mind. They all have specifically said that he wasn't the leaker and that it was just a murder. Rich's brother specifically reached out to Hannity's producer and begged him to stop. Most people are able to recognize at some point just how far down the rabbit hole they are, reassess and apologize. Others, like Hannity and yourself, have zero shame and are embarrassing yourselves. Please, take a minute, step back and reassess. You are trashing a dead man's reputation over the cries of his family in order to try to protect Trump. Is protecting the man you voted for really worth lowering yourself to that?
  9. The league finally listened and is loosening up the restrictions on penalties:
  10. Probably tired from walking too many rounds of golf.
  11. Gauges in the ears don't bother me. The big ones in the bottom lip skeeve me out though.
  12. It's almost incredibly at how Golden State almost never plays teams in the playoffs who are at full strength. And how many players go down with injury while playing them.
  13. Come on man. The Davis boys? Mark Jackson? Derrick McKey? Byron Scott? That was a very very good team that played well on both ends, played well as a team, and could beat you in several different ways.
  14. You're delusional. There pockets of these terrorist unpatriotic traitors that you describe, but they will be the lone wolf morons that will kill some innocent people before likely killing themselves rather than truly stand and fight. But the evidence is so incredibly overwhelming, and will continue to add up so fast, that only the dangerously delusional few will believe that Trump shouldn't be removed from office.