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  1. Not much left when I loged in so I had to settle for a bottle Weller 12 year
  2. I'm curious, how many votes from the secret FB group did you have to get to be the one nominated to post this
  3. Don't wait on me, I've still got 5 left and had to take a break for a few weeks for medical reasons
  4. If your state is like FL and ABC is your state store then yes, the vault is your best option but in my experience if you dont get to the vault within minutes of it opening then BTACs will be gone
  5. Late summer early fall is peak season for all Buffalo Trace products, October is the best month
  6. They also do a Whiskey Tribe series that is good
  7. No articles or IVC chart this year?
  9. I enjoy the Youtube series Whiskey Vault The guys are pretty funny and do a good job with the reviews
  10. Any opinion of the Old Limestone water? I bought several bottles to fill my 2 L barrel when I put 1.75s in there but I've never cut my bourbon with it, I usually pour on the rock(s)