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  1. +1 for the CAO Gold, either the Churchill or Belicoso I you are looking to spend a bit more then I would recommend the Ashton VSG or ESG
  2. went Rose/JThomas/Vegas/Watson/Schauffele/poulter
  3. Is it a USSSA Tourney? They don't have a host hotel? try the Tournament Director
  4. Have no desire to read/look at PGA sats/articles about this weekends tourney and have a $9 GPP ticket. Any advise from those here that play would be much appreciated
  5. thx
  6. Went with Nova to get more Wash hitters in against Homer Nova/Zimm/JHarrison/Rendon/Turner/Harper/Dickerson/LMartin/JBell
  7. thx
  8. I did but only small GPPs and didn't cash any. Scored 154.8 in the main but the CWS game skewed the money line
  9. Won a $9 PGA ticket for 4/5 and have no idea how or where to look for info. Any suggestions would be much appreciated
  11. Cant speak for others but my drinking preference for bourbon was a bit of a progression, started with drinking decent bourbon with coke, bout 50/50, I would try different mid level bourbons to see what I liked. From there I slowly reduced the amount o coke I was using over several years till I was at a point where I preferred it on the rocks. I then started exploring more expensive bourbons. As for glassware I almost exclusively drink from rock glasses(also know as low ball), I have many of them to include ones with my favorite NFL team on them for Sunday and a Yetti for when I want to be outside or by the fire Good bottles for under 40 bucks Eagle Rare Knob Creek Makers & Makers 46 Woodford Reserve Four Roses Weller Reserve Buffalo Trace
  12. T & P Enjoy, going to pull out the fire pit Saturday night and have a few myself
  13. Decent read and gives you some idea who here plays MLB
  14. Thoughts and prayers