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  1. I understand and that is too bad for Floridian bourbon drinkers
  2. That's the timeline most often listed but they are suggesting cooking to an internal of 160-165. I'd pull at around 150-155 and let sit for at least 30 minutes before slicing and that will be around 3.5-4.0 hours at 250
  3. Publix is pricey as far as retail is concerned but they do carry BT products outside of Weller to include ER 10 and Blantans. Unfortunately this is turning out not to be true "where you have to be part of their highest rewards tier to get access to it." I've been a Gold Key member since Aug and have not received a single email from ABC rewards. I have had several conversations with my local store manager and she has contacted them personally on my behalf and still nothing. I told her, since she has been very customer friendly, that I would continue to use the store up to Thanksgiving and if at that time I had not been contacted I would never step foot inside an ABC again. I have a store in Mid GA that I know has a good supply of BT products and its on the way to my fathers, a trip I make several times a year and its only a 4 hour round trip from my house so that is what I will use moving forward. Must say, I am really disappointed in ABC.
  4. Trust me, you're not alone, it's become very hard to find as BT didn't anticipate it's popularity growth 12 years ago when they barreled it.
  5. Same vain as MM, not for MM46 or WR for my palate
  6. Not at all, it's just not in the same vain as many mentioned in this thread. I actually always have a 1.75 on hand for folks who want drink with a splash of coke.
  7. Also the Blantons, the McKeena 10 year and the four roses single barrel
  8. Buy the ER 10 and buy as much of it as you can
  9. J Henry and Sons is the most popular WI bourbon Haven't seen Henry McKeena mentioned here but is a very good mid priced pour
  10. My bad, I thought you just wanted to hold the temp for a 7 hour drive, didn't realize you were traveling Wed. I don't think it matters how you rest the meat if you are going to be forced to re-heat Thur. Might as well play it safe and pull at 145 and cool/refrigerate, then re-heat once you get ready to eat.
  11. Styrofoam cooler, wrap meat in foil, place in cooler and then cover foil with a bathroom towel, put cooler cover on, should hold for the time you need to travel. I would not cook the turkey to 160 if you plan to do this, I'd pull at 145-150(breast).
  12. I decided to avoid posting any thoughts and/or comments last week to try and break the FBG curse, just seems when I post here I have bad luck, lost 4 out of 5 weeks prior with 2 of those weeks being bad losses, but hey, I'm not superstitious, LOL Turns out I had a very good week, Cash LU goes for 165.02, cashed all Had GPP LUs of 150.98, 162.72, 165.96, 152.22, 172.52 cash and a LU that went for 197.02 that got a nice return. Overall $225 in $484 out
  13. $245.00 in $55.00 out Cash lines were very high this week in the $2 Double up(155.02), the $2 50/50s and my $5 H2Hs Cash LUs went for 139.54 and 142.74 and got shut out GPP wise had only 2 cash, 178.62 and 178.32 Add to that my Jags looked like poop Sunday morning and it was a crappy Sunday
  14. AJ Bouye to cover Hopkins one on one