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  1. Doing God's work, thumbs up. Thanks for the invite but I have a pretty good selection this year, good to see some others enjoying your generosity
  2. Looks like Wentz is lost for the season
  3. How does one "contribute" to this here fundraiser
  4. Who do you rust more in cash Rivers/Smith/Kizer Gio/Drake/Freeman Goodwin/Stills/MBryant Andreson/Doyle/Henry
  5. Cash LU goes for 342 and earns me ZERO, cash game cash lines were significantly higher than GPP cash lines last night
  6. Had the exact same LU sans Chriss, went with Aminu and score 330 despite TJ's 8.2
  7. If you are looking for salary relief at the TE position keep a close eye on Jags LB TSmith, he is in the concussion protocol right now and if he can't go Sunday Doyle becomes a very good play
  8. I was surprised Howard was not mentioned more as well and am taking a harder look at Henry, with Murray being limited and with the recent move of touches going more in Henry's direction. Also, pretty sure the chalk D of the week will be LAC but I agree that Chic is a good cheap option. What is the weather in Balt looking like? Novak and Lambo are 2 K I'm considering for salary relief
  9. Cant stand the guy so my opinion is a bit tilted, also I may use SRob at WR so I can get 2 mid range WRs for my cash LU. Will probably use Walker at TE as well, especially if RMath is ruled out again, so looking like could go as a core, Wentz/Kama/Gurley/SRob/Walker/LAC. Could go Adams/Crowder/Novak for my Thur-Mon cash and then maybe Kupp/Novak for main cash
  10. For cash I'm pretty settled on Kamara/Gurly/Howard/Drake and maybe DLewis, just have to see what 2 I want to use. May bite the bullet and go Kamara/Gurley paired along with either Rivers/Wentz/ and LAC def
  11. He's not 100%, the ankle is still an issue. Decent read if you are interested
  12. It would not surprise me in the least to see us limit or even sit Fournette this week. If Parnell and Omameh are a full return the Jags will be able to run with Yeldon/Grant and give Fournette another week to get back to 100%