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  1. If you are interested in a sweat we me 75K late NBA GPP Currently at 262.90 at half time with Paul, Reddick, Bellineli and Kaminski left First place is at 275.20 with ARivers and Reddick left
  2. For those that enjoy Eagle Rare Sam's Club now carries it and is selling it for $24.95 a bottle.
  3. He is owned by 11% of owners in the early slate, guess I'm not the only idiot ?
  4. LOL,BLEEP ME Trying to do do too much and play DSF, not good, starting MBarnes in your early GPP LU, even worse ?? Yea, I knows how to play NBA DSF, I is sooooooo good at it ?
  5. Another terrible night, $39 in, zero out, can't keep this pace up much longer, one more week tops and I'll just shut it down till MBL Right now I have the anti-Midas touch, my players either under preforms, get hurt mid game or get scratched 5 minutes after lock. Scaling down to $20 worth of GPPs only moving forward till this streak ends or I shut it down
  6. Wonder how many of ATO's LUs will have S Adams in them Cash LU JNel/Lowry Wade/Olap WChand/Wiggs Sacir/BPortis SAdams 3 GPP LUs Westy/JNel Drag/DAng TJMcCOn/JNel Wade/Kilp Booker/Barton Olap/THJ Butler/Otto RobCov/HBarnes TJW/Crowder BPortis/Favors Markif/Ibaka Jokic/BPortis Oakafor BLopez KAT
  7. You and I both, this alone lets you know how my night was.
  8. Liking a Holiday combo tonight I think. Looks like Lord Payton will be starting Can you start both WCS and Koufos in the same LU
  9. Back on the horse for tonight 1. Who plays C for Sac? 2. Jokic cost more than AD, is that the Boogi effect? 3. Mello at Clev, a must start? 4. GS- they are a 12.5 point fav over LAC, will we get 4 quarters out of their starters?
  10. Anyone had the opportunity to try Henry McKenna SB?
  11. Bookers is a much better sip IMHO, not a fan of Blantons at all
  12. You know what goes great with a nice fire in the pit and an Ashton VSG in the ash tray, yea it's going to be a nice long 3 day weekend
  13. Figures this is on a night I decided to take off, oh well
  14. Got meeting till 730pm so I hope this doesn't get torpedoed Cash LU Collison/Teague Booker/Barton Wiggs/Beasly Frye/DGreen Gobert