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  1. Cash LUs are Conley,Collison Batum,Curry Hark,HBarnes AD, JJohn CZeller And Walker,CoJo Beal,Fournor MBarnes,LaBron AGordon, WCS Nurkic
  2. Yea, the SA/GS game makes it tough Cash wise I went with 2 LUs each with 2 $2 DBLEUps and 2 $2 50/50 and 3 $3 GPP LUs and 1 $2 100 player league
  3. I have say a big thanks to Mike for forcing me to re-evaluated how I was spending/playing which also forced me to take a look at how I was creating my LUs. My early slate LU is doing well and in addition to what I posted play wise earlier I also added a $5 100 player league, right now Its $22 in and $72 out
  4. Going with $10 worth of $2 50/50 $2 100 player league and a$3 GPP with this LU in the early slate West, Hill Oladipo, KCP Mello, Joe Johnson Porz,Tobias DJordan
  5. So I tried attacking my cash LUs a bit differently last night. Made LUs as if I was going to make GPP LUs and then tried to get that LU constructed with no more than 2 high risk players. Played 2cash LUs and a few GPPs with those Cash LUs replacing a safe player or 2 with a more risk/reward player and went 70% 30% cash to GPP, results $18.00 in $34.00 out Will go this route again today/tonight Went with 1 $2 DBLUP and 2 $2 50/50 for each cash LU and all cashed
  6. Glad to hear someone is having some success
  7. Here are the trainwreck cash LUs I have for tonight Walker/Yogi Rubio/Collin Kilpatrick/Beal Batum/Temple Chandler/Ross Wiggins/Butler Dirk/MarvWill Millsap/Dirk Plumlee CZeller LU #1 still has 5400 to play with so I know I will move some there, just not sure where, LU #2 is at 60K
  8. Every attempt I make at cash LUs is a disaster, I simply have had little too no success at it.
  9. Good news is my after hours LU scores 346.70 Bad news is the cash line was at 348.50, even when my LUs do well I still suck, time to take a break till MLB
  10. With the nights large slate I'm dipping my toes back into the cash LU pool, thoughts on this cash LU Brog/DAng Beal/Booker Middleton/LaBron Ibaka/Dirk Horford
  11. Murray starting
  12. One positive night in the last 10
  13. Of course I pay up and get KD in 50% of my LUs tonight
  14. Blah, Frank the tank fouls out mid 4th, Bellinari never sees the floor again in the second half and the game went into OT, ended up 40 points out of first cashing $10 on a $3 entry, such is the way of a 2 game slate. Had 4 GPP LUs and all cashed so overall good night, $12 in $34 out, maybe the warm as finally turned