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  1. LOL, one of my mix it ups has Wieters/SLeon/DRobertson as its batters, 3500 or less to go with Sale/Hill My H2H mix it up LU is Wacha/Samarg/DMurphy/Rendon/Wieters Did a $3 allday GPP LU, almost all early games so I should be winning early Grienke/Molina/Votto/Gennett/Lamb/Diaz/Perealta/Pham/Chisenhall Early only GPP($3) Grienke/Molina/Votto/Gennett/Gyruko/Owing/Peralta/Pham/Oherra Good luck
  2. SP are always expensive and with the elimination of away SP this week they are going to be even more so, gotta hope to hit on some cheap bats this week to finish high
  3. Oh make no mistake, I thought moving off Cano was a good move since Ian was a leadoff hitter, just didn't work out that way
  4. Don't feel bad, I had an extra $100 in my late night slate LU so I moved off Cano to Kinsler cause he was a Lead off, cost me 20.2 points and $22
  5. Another terrible night, $26 in 0 out, may be time to take another break.
  6. LOL, Gray is who I used in my placeholder LU, not sure what I will do yet as I have not looked beyond getting into contests that I wanted for the main slate
  7. Agree completely, for GPPs I almost never use top shelf SPs, I do still use them for DBL ups, H2H and 50/50 And yes this is the time of year when hitting starts to catch up with pitching, pitching will always have the advantage early in the year.
  8. Don't get nearsighted by totals, they aren't that important when it comes to SP. Still keep looking for SP with a decent K ratio, at home, preferably playing a team with a high K ratio. That's what I look for If you can get 6+ innings and 7+ SOs, giving up 3 or 4 earned Runs is not so bad, it's still 35 ish points. I do tend to steer away from the top dollar SPs unless they meet all of the above listed criteria.
  9. Horrible night, $17 in $0 out
  10. Getting 3 from your SP is no way to start the day
  11. Bleep you Rich Hill!
  12. Oh I've had days when it got me 75
  13. Just going with 2 $3 GPP for the early slate Berrios/Barnes/Valencia/Cano/Machado/CSeager/Trunbo/Haniger/AJones- This is the Fantasy Nerd Optimizer LU, surprised it had so many batters vs the SP Hill/Castillo/Abreu/Doziier/Sano/Hardy/AJones/Cruz/Gamel- This one is all me, meaning it will score around 80 Looks like Hardy is out so going Schoop at 2b and Escobar at SS
  14. Haven't been playing much lately, life stuff getting in the way, did get in a GPP, a mix it up and 5 $2 entries in the big DBL up. Just used the fantasy nerds optimizer for all but the mix it up and cashed all scoring 170.9 Mix it up scored 105.5, $17 in $36 out Looking at the early slate now
  15. Then any probe will do as long as it can handle the heat. Simply cut a large potato in half, run your probe through it so that the end is exposed and then place it in the area that you want to know the temp of