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  1. Nice and it's usually around 60 to 65 bucks which is nice as well
  2. Looks similar to Italian Pulled Beef which is very good using Chuck as well. Also, take a look for Bourbon soaked Chuck Roast recipes.
  3. ignore me, cant read and don't know how to delete a post
  4. Those are just Butts sliced, not really ribs at all
  5. Don't know much about the I-Grill, I'm a thermapen guy and yes I feel they are worth the money
  6. It's not a top door, I take it, most brinkman offsets have the door on the top
  7. not sure why you need to latch it down once you have the gasket is place, specially if it's bending your door
  8. Try oven door gaskets
  9. If you can find it Eagle Rare 17 is in that range Also if you can find it Weller 12 year, it's way below your price point but as a bourbon lover he will be as happy if not more with it than a 400 dollar bottle.
  10. +1 for the CAO Gold, either the Churchill or Belicoso I you are looking to spend a bit more then I would recommend the Ashton VSG or ESG
  11. went Rose/JThomas/Vegas/Watson/Schauffele/poulter
  12. Is it a USSSA Tourney? They don't have a host hotel? try the Tournament Director