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  1. LOL, things just went crazy, cash line now at 163, I'm at 188 and am only in 850th place, dropped 700 place in like 3 minutes What a roller coaster ride!
  2. We'll try again Early Slate, $6 GPP sitting at 178.5 with 40 innings left, 30 point out of first Fiers/Avilia/Votto/Happ/Suarez/Lindor/Schwarber/Zobrist/Duval
  3. Are you referring to the Subscribers Contest? If so then yes
  4. It went to sh!t, only cashed for $15 Did have a good night with a $3 MIU LU going for 154 and finishing 4th for $75 with Darvish, if he scores 4 more points, just 23, that's another $100 Also had a $4 GPP go for 223 but it was a really high scoring night so it was only good for 15, over all $35 in $91 out
  5. If you are interested in a little afternoon sweat, currently sitting in 60th place in the 100K WED MLB Squeeze (Early slate) Urena/JTReal/Zimm/Murphy/Valbuena/Difo/Stanton/Trout/Yelich, a 105, first is at 114.5 and as of now I have 0s from Trout/Murphy/Yelich and none are over 50% owned
  6. yes, flat top, yes some will run down the sides but its still foil and if that's an issue then you can remove it and replace it, that's still easier than cleaning the bowl when using water.
  7. Just take it to a power car wash and spend 3 o 4 bucks blasting it.
  8. I hope to one day make it as well
  9. Fill bowl 3/4 with sand, cover entire bowl twice with foil, then cover top with two coats of foil, cook, when needed remove top layer of foil and replace
  10. Using sand really helps with temps and holding temps as the sand really holds heat.
  11. Forget water, use playground sand, cover in foil, never have a temp issue or a clean up issue again.
  12. Early slate, avoiding the CHC/ARIZ game like the plague $6 GPP and $10 H2H LU Wacha/Lucroy/Carpenter/Wong/Cabrera/Story/Granderson/Pham/Gonzalez $3 GPP LU Marques/Rivera/Carpenter/LeMahiue/Arenado/Roario/Parra/Piscotty/Granderson Good Luck Guys
  13. Low scoring night for cash games, my LU had 2 Bost. players in it and only scored 106.6 but the cash line was 99.80 Break even night and a +$75 early slate thanks to the $4 GPP finishing 116th fininsh (160.30)