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  2. Cant speak for others but my drinking preference for bourbon was a bit of a progression, started with drinking decent bourbon with coke, bout 50/50, I would try different mid level bourbons to see what I liked. From there I slowly reduced the amount o coke I was using over several years till I was at a point where I preferred it on the rocks. I then started exploring more expensive bourbons. As for glassware I almost exclusively drink from rock glasses(also know as low ball), I have many of them to include ones with my favorite NFL team on them for Sunday and a Yetti for when I want to be outside or by the fire Good bottles for under 40 bucks Eagle Rare Knob Creek Makers & Makers 46 Woodford Reserve Four Roses Weller Reserve Buffalo Trace
  3. T & P Enjoy, going to pull out the fire pit Saturday night and have a few myself
  4. Decent read and gives you some idea who here plays MLB
  5. Thoughts and prayers
  6. I brush my candy bacon with this Then sprinkle with a combo of light brown sugar/fresh ground black pepper/gray sea salt/dried shallots Its a beautiful thing
  7. That's Weller 12 year
  8. If you are a fan of Kings Hawaiian Rolls these are easy and tasty, I also make a batch using the jalapeno Kings
  9. Nice freeby to add some enjoyment to the game, props Fan Duel
  10. Pretty much describes my evolution, started with middle of the road bourbons mixed with coke, not quite 50/50, gradually moved to less and less coke till I was at a splash and then just tried a mired of $50 or less bottles till I found what I liked and from there moved to on the rocks and sampling bottles I'd read about.
  11. I have these as well, works just fine for me
  12. Agreed, how you like it is how you like it, just thought it was a decent read
  13. Seems to be a bit of debate of this point, some state just the opposite From a Buffalo Trace representative "What I’ve discovered is that I thoroughly love Eagle Rare chilled and I pour it over ice. Dependent upon my mood, I’ll drink it just on the rocks. The inside of your mouth is 93 degrees and whenever you put something into your mouth, like a chilled drink, it drops the temperature of the inside of your mouth and the heart immediately starts pumping blood to your tongue. It’s call the lingual artery. And what it’s doing is it’s warming the mouth back up again and at the same time the body reacts by flooding your mouth with enzymes. And you don’t really taste anything until the enzymes start to break it down. But the cool part is if [the drink is] cooler, it gradually warms up the inside of your mouth, so you get a chance to taste more of the subtle nuances in the whiskey. The palette’s just not overwhelmed all at once with it coming in, boom, right in your face. And by doing it this way, you can roll it around on your tongue, you get all kind of caramelized toffee notes. And they don’t flood your mouth, they just gradually reveal themselves to you and it’ll actually make your mouth water.”
  14. Really? I'm surprised to read that, I find on the rocks best and I've read often that on the rocks helps release flavor profiles that may be missed drinking it straight. My wife bought me a 4 pack of those ice ball molds and l love using them with my bourbon.
  15. Thinking more and more going Henry/Lewis/Walker for cash, just gives you so many options at QB and WR