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  1. Megla

    Bourbon guys

    I have been quoted the following Pappy 15- $1500.00 ER 17- $450.00 WLW- $699
  2. Salt the bleep out of it, the skin that is and it will get crunchy, worst comes to worst, you can just cut some off after the cook and deep fry it for some chicharrons.
  3. This set up sounds perfect for doing a Holiday Porechette 14 minute mark
  4. True, if you do that team 6, 7 and 2 will only have 2 games played after 3 rounds so you could pair 2 of them up and pick a team to play a 4th against the odd team
  5. Pool A (4 teams) Pool B (3 Teams) Play round robin 1 round Pool B will finish first since there will only be 3 total games First team from Pool A to play 3 games plays team #1 from pool B to give them 3 games Rinse/repeat for teams #2 and #3 from pool B
  6. Or play 2 pools of 4 and 3 and have 3 teams from pool 4 play a 4th game to give each team in pool 3 3 games If you pick the pool of 7 it would need to be 4 rounds(odd number) to get to 3 games each
  7. Are you just looking for a round robin generator?
  8. Megla

    Bourbon guys

    You should feel thankful you have a reputable dealer selling at retail, my honey hole in GA is pretty good as well but since he only got 1 bottle of Larue he didn't sell it at retail and it ended up selling for $699
  9. Megla

    Bourbon guys

    What did the Larue run you?
  10. Megla

    Bourbon guys

    ummmmmmmm, let me think on this one, not sure I want the competition
  11. You do realize we are just trying to help right?
  12. Doing that may cause your skin to be very chewy, if time is an issue just cook at a higher temp, 300-325, this will be fine since you brined and I can't imagine the bird taking longer than 5 hours at that temp. Start fire at 7am Bird on at 730am, pull at 1230pm, rest to 115pm, carve at 130pm
  13. 14+ LB turkeys are best at right around 24 hours
  14. And as mentioned early make sure the Turkey is not already in a brine solution package, many are packaged in a 8% solution so when brining use less salt for those