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  1. He's an OK cheap option at RB but don't expect the same # of touches, if Fournette sits it would mean a uptick in touches for both Ivory and Grant
  2. This has taken a 180, looks like you are going to have to wait until just before game time for a decision. He has not practiced this week at all.
  3. Only did one super stack of the KC/Oak game but guessed the wrong Oak WR, sitting at 77.18 with JJones/Decker and the NO def left so that's going to be a min cash at best. As for Thur-Mon stacks involving the THF game I have 1 $4 GPP with ASmith/THill sitting a 47.88 Have Coop in 2 $4 GPPs sitting at 38.50 and have ASmith as my cash LU QB sitting at 25.68 Outside of the superstack I'm getting 3X or better on most of my TNF players so I'm pretty happy.
  4. Nice call
  5. No, its a top 5 point total game this week and it's primtime, I have every expectation of cashing with it.
  6. Yuck again, pairing down what a put in play this week. Only doing 1 cash LU with 10 $2 DBL Ups in the Thur-Mon ASmith/Bell/McCoy/JJ/RMath/Decker/Walker/Lutz/Minn Pairing back on GPPs as well Gonna super stack the KC/Oak game just for fun
  7. Crappy night despite having 2 LUs go 340+ $26 in $6 out
  8. Going with 4 $4 GPP LUs and 1 $10 100 player league wall/lillard/olap/jbrown/tatem/lamb/ant/simmons/gobrt League LU Bayless/wall/Stephen/harden/tatem/lamb/chriss/ant/boogie Bayless/lin/jbrown/booker/lamb/cov/ant/ad/boogie lillard/bledo/booker/beal/otto/ariza/chriss/simmons/nurkic good luck
  9. Yuck, I don't see anything about this week that looks appealing, may limit entries this week in both cash and GPP. Just seems like everything is middle of the road. Just looked at Thur-Mon slate for both Cash and GPP, keep coming back to Wentz/Palmer/Brady for cash and I don't really like any. At RB there are a ton of options I like but some MT and DD are high on I don't like at all, Hyde/McCoy/Ingram Gonna take a break from looking/reading for the rest of the day, just get the feeling this week is going to be dangerous to my bankroll. May just turn the slates into 2 or 3 game slates and play the top 3 or 4 total game players and just drop the % of my bankroll exposed. Having both NBA and MLB to look at is not helping either
  10. Blah, 4 LUs over 300(300.9 didn't cash), $22 in and $14 out
  11. He is a full go, will get 25+ touches
  12. and I killed that LU
  13. 2 game slate, gotta be different
  14. I'm throwing a little on some GPPs as well Have 3 $4 GPP LUs and 4 $3 GPP late swap LUs Irving/Rose/JBrown/Harden/LB/KD/Corwder/DWest/Pachulia Paul/Irving/Wade/Harden/JTatum/Osman/Love/RAnderson/Horford- Assuming LB doesn't play, if he does I will make changes here Irving/Smart/Klay/Wade/Gordy/KD/Love/West/TT Late Swap Irving/Smart/Klay/EGrod/KD/Gordy/Love/Moute/Capela Irving/Rose/Harden/JBrown/LB/Tatum/Love/West/Horford- Assuming Draymont doesn't play Irving/Rose/Harden/Rozier/KD/Tatum/Crowder/DGreen/Capela- If Green sites some changes here Good luck guys