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  1. repetition is why, as I said earlier, telling someone their opinion is wrong over and over and over again why. We don't agree, move on
  2. Is forcing your opinion on others really where you want to make a stand?
  3. What most fail to see is that arguments about competence, about character, about national security, about foreign policy and ethics don't exists, it's one side telling those in the middle that those things are in fact racist/bigoted and what ever else adjective you want to use. Just using this site as a sample, on multiple occasions I've stated my opinion on something Trump related here only to be called racist or bigoted, it gets old, but I can only speak for those that are like minded like myself. I try to keep an open mind and see things from both POVs but when you keep getting hit in the head with outlandish slurs you just get numb to it and shut it down.
  4. Generally speaking what you said is true but if the Anti Trump people don't stop alienating those voters that aren't staunch party line followers with all the Racist/Bigot themes and allow the results to speak for themselves it won't have near the effect it should.