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  1. Just wanted to stop in and say Have a great day!
  2. You're in the Trump 2020 HQ thread, if anything is derailing it it would be posts like
  3. Your take is dead on with me and most of the conservatives I know
  4. Seems you left out a particular group of people when assigning blame
  5. Seems we could all use a little good will TGIF posters
  6. I applaud the attempt at sensibility, I fear it wont sit well with most
  7. I have no problem sitting out 2020 under the situation you pose
  8. First, as I already stated I dont like the tweet but no where and I mean no where in that tweet does he state he wants to move the election back. He asks a question
  9. I'd be hard pressed to vote for either party at that point. Probably sit out 2020 and see what happens 2024
  10. Sounds like a you problem if you get upset when people correct you.
  11. Be better than this " I openly admit I partake in a fair amount of trolling here at times, I mean it is REALLY easy to do so. However not in this thread. My thoughts are genuine.
  12. Stupid to suggest it Election happens has it always has