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  1. Having a good day, my cash LU only scored 109 in the main slate but was good enoght to cash 10 out of 10 $2 double UPS and a $3 GPP scored 163+ to cash and my PGA GPP cashed. Now I have a MLB $3 GPP LU in the 40K contest sitting at 185.3, currently 193 out of 15868 with Harper left in the last game of the slate. here's to hoping he stays hot
  2. No issues for me
  3. Spaun even after 9 Kutcher +1 after 8
  4. Damn, Kuchar is at +1 as well thru 6
  5. Really like IanK tonight, it seems he's left that slump behind him and is hitting with some power over the last few nights
  6. He's 1 over after 7, what's the project cut?
  7. Sitting at 153 in my PGA GPP with Hun-An left to play round 2 Laird and Schniederjans both scored 50+ have Hadwin, Spaun, Chappell and Kuchar in rounds 3-4
  8. Good luck, I just play a $1 GPP at FD for fun as I know nada about PGA players
  9. I used both in separate GPPs, one worked out, the other no so much. Pretty much a break even day for me even with playing a $7 MLB GPP and a $7 NBA GPP. Both Cash LUs score 150+, $16 in $32 out, 2 MLB $3 GPPs cashed, $6 in $18 out and had a $3 express MLB and NBA GPP not cash and a $3 late night MLB GPP not cash $45 in $50 out
  10. No worries
  11. Yes in one GPP and a small stack in one of my cash LUs, both sucked bad
  12. So I should sit these guys right? J/K