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  1. I've heard the SC had already figured out there was no collusion something like 2 months before mid terms yet withheld its findings until last week. Election interference anyone ?
  2. Barring major voter fraud, which the dems are pros at.....he wins in a landslide.
  3. You tell us.. I think their crimes were reported. I don't recall collusion or conspiracy in there. Maybe you could link those conspiracy charges?
  4. They should remain but should continually mocked, ridiculed and laughed at for the political hack fake news ### clowns they truly are.
  5. Which lie? The one where that Russian lady from the trump tower meetings met with democratic operatives before and after the meeting ? That wasn't a lie...that happened and America needs to know was discussed in those meetings and who was present. All Good Americans should want and deserve to know.
  6. Speaking of election interference....what effect did the fake news hoax false narrative of collusion between trump and Russia have on the 2018 election. How many sheeple actually believed trump colluded and was treasonous due to the garbage they are fed daily by the liberal media hacks they blindly follow ? Sad how so many are easily duped by the enemy of the people media. You see a ton of these meek mindless sheep here.
  7. Why ? Potential crimes have been committed? A coup may have been attempted. That's pretty big, no ?
  8. Trump JR all over his sh!t on Twitter Great stuff and well earned
  9. So you're cool with an investigation too. I think that's 4 now.
  10. So how many common sense "yes ofcourse there should be" did we get ?
  11. For ? 😆 Holy cow, this place is the loony bin they said it was.
  12. What's wrong with that ? He's 100% right.
  13. You guys just don't know how ####ed the conspirators are. You best be preparing yourselves for some more big let downs.
  14. Do you think Mueller just woke up one day and said #### it..I'm gonna investigate trump for colluding with the Russians? What led up to did it happen when there was never anything there. Dont you as a good American want to know how it went down...what crimes were committed in the creation of the hoax ....look what the hoax did to many of you clowns for almost 3 years.. Set up for the biggest letdown since the election. You should be pissed and want answers.
  15. Wrong was part of the insurance policy. They never thought she'd lose... But why did it go to such drastic measures? Why couldn't she lose, what were they afraid of sunlight being exposed on? I think we'll find out soon....