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  1. How can you trade a guy who has 10 games remaining on his contract? No team is giving up a high draft pick for a guy who can walk at the end of the season and go to the highest bidder. This isn't the NBA, there is no sign and trade deals.
  2. How about Mayfield for those of us with Jimmy G as our qb2 ?
  3. Have Connor in all three leagues I'm in and not a Bell owner. Got him in the 11th or later in all three. I was actually targeting Connor as a late round flyer even before Bell's hold out. I think Bell has a decent chance of missing significant time after sitting out as how many times have we seen that scenario unfold? JC has as much upside as anyone you are reaching for at the end of most drafts.
  4. Ok, thanks for all the input. I am not leasing the car. I am buying it. The car is a 2018 M4. It lists for 74K and I am buying it for 65 which includes a 3K rebate from BMW. I am trading in a 2015 Tahoe (paid for) with 36K miles on it and they are giving me 35K for my trade in so I'm financing 30K for the car. For the record I don't trust anyone when it comes to money especially car dealers. The dealer told me he was getting the car from another dealer but now he is claiming they need to list the car as a demo to get me the 0.9% BMW financing which saves me $1600 over getting 2.9%. I'm thinking this is bs, just wanted some opinions especially those who know more about the car seliing/financing business than myself.
  5. I agreed to a deal on a new car, dealer seemed fair on the price/trade in and terms. My credit isn't a problem. So he calls me today and tells me to get 0.9% financing from BMW he has to list the car as a demo with 300 miles on it on the sales agreement to enable me to be eligible for the 0.9% financing as opposed to the 2.9 % rate????? He tells me the care has 20 miles on it, has a clear car fax and is only listing it on the sales agreement as a demo to get me the 0.9% financing. The car is being shipped from another dealer and obviously I would check the car fax and mileage before I sign on the dotted line. Does this sound like bs to anyone else? Would they actually need to list it on a sales agreement as a demo to get the lower financing from BMW in essence lying to them? Assume the car has 20 miles on the odometer, has a clean car fax and is pristine is their any downfall to signing the agreement where it's stating it's a demo? I'm thinking of telling them I think it's bs and saying I'm not signing anything referring to demo regardless of mileage. My credit should be good enough to get the better financing without the "demo " wording. Thoughts and concerns over this?
  6. All I know is when the Pats finally do take a step back or God forbid be a bottom dweller there is going to be a circus of " I told you so's" here. The run is unprecedented, eventually like all things it will end.
  7. My son was pretty stoked after UNC won. I was very happy for him, told him to enjoy it as it's not easy to win these pools and to go 2-2 is pretty damn good. Thanks to all for the feedback. Go Jordan Spieth @ 7-1 this weekend. Any Masters plays out there?
  8. I gave my son the option to hedge and he was offered to split one of the pools (would have guaranteed him $120 as opposed to $240 if UNC wins) and he decided to go all in on UNC. So he's at $900 with UNC or $15 with Gonzaga. This is the most anticipated college bb game for him of his life. FWIW he's very confident that UNC will pull it off.
  9. Thanks for the offer, if it were up to me I'd take you up on the offer and hedge a couple hundred for him.. After running all the options by my son he's going for broke with UNC and actually feels real good about their chances. I told him I was proud of him for his bracketology (had Oregon and UNC in final 4) and wished him luck. I just wish he was guaranteed more than a lousy 15 bucks if UNC loses.
  10. Schefter reporting Peterson trying out with the Pats tomorrow. Please don't sign this guy. HTF can you consider signing this pos after taking Mixon off your draft board?