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  1. In and paid. I like the format, especially the inverse round 3 rule.
  2. Or even 30-50% in the last 2 weeks. I never understood this rally to begin with considering all the uncertainty going forward.
  3. Not sure where all these bargains are? Most of the stocks I follow are nowhere near where they were even 2-3 weeks ago. Add to that they are at or near the price targets of most analysts?
  4. Agreed. I love DK and love their prospects going forward but until I see some revenue and financial #'s there is no way I'm touching this stock. Add to that the fact it seems a lot of IPO's seem to level off after their initial hype.
  5. In tomorrow for 500 shares. I have been on the fence for a few weeks, wish I'd bought back when it was closer to $2.00
  6. Any idea how long it will be til the phase2 and phase 2b/3 trials will be completed and the results made public? Ball park?
  7. Are they reporting that people with severe cases/on ventilators have been cured? Is this the end game for any successful treatment or is that just a pipe dream? Also is there a chance it would be preventative or is it just for treating mild to moderate cases to prevent people from becoming severe?
  8. Dr. Hook Sharing The Night Together Christopher Cross Sailing
  9. We have these things down here in the States called fences.
  10. Other than the standing/smoking how is this any different than a typical office?
  11. I just received my PPP $ in my business account Friday. On 5/4 I plan on hiring all of my employees back that are currently on unemployment. This is the earliest I can hire them as the jobsites we were working on are finalizing protocols to deal with Covid regulations and the work bans are being lifted. So I will have a gap of roughly one week between getting the PPP loan $$ and the date I will put my employees back on the payroll and off unemployment. My PPP loan was based on 12 months of the prior years average payroll which was considerably lower than my present payroll going forward as we signed a 7 figure project back in January and are getting larger (construction). I should have no problem using up the entire PPP loan in roughly 6-7 weeks of payroll. I have a few questions I'm hoping someone can answer: Can I have the entire amount of the loan forgiven if I keep the same amount of employees (or more) on the payroll starting a week after I received the PPP loan $$ and have a payroll that equals/exceeds the amount of the loan? What if an employee refuses to come back to work or can't for whatever reason, can I hire another employee and be forgiven their wages in place of the former employee? Is an employee not returning to work held against me and does the reason for their not returning matter ? As the business owner can I include paying myself a weekly wage as part of the payroll based on my yearly salary and be forgiven that $$ as part of payroll expenses? I probably can hit the loan threshold in the 8 week span with or without doing this. Is rental of a condo which is used strictly for lodging for work an expense that can be forgiven? I have been renting a condo since Jan. in Killington VT where the project is, about 60 miles for me so we stay up there most weeks to work. My lease runs out May 15 and then I have a townhouse that I am renting from May15 til October. Is the rent $$ for both forgiven? Thanks in advance and the help many here have offered in answering questions is much appreciated as I have been lurking and learning a lot over the last few weeks.
  12. I'm into this turd for 400 shares @ $5.00 per. I assume the consensus now is sell off @ $2.50, eat the 1k loss and move on? This isn't retirement $$ for me and I knew there was risk going in.
  13. How can you trade a guy who has 10 games remaining on his contract? No team is giving up a high draft pick for a guy who can walk at the end of the season and go to the highest bidder. This isn't the NBA, there is no sign and trade deals.
  14. How about Mayfield for those of us with Jimmy G as our qb2 ?
  15. Have Connor in all three leagues I'm in and not a Bell owner. Got him in the 11th or later in all three. I was actually targeting Connor as a late round flyer even before Bell's hold out. I think Bell has a decent chance of missing significant time after sitting out as how many times have we seen that scenario unfold? JC has as much upside as anyone you are reaching for at the end of most drafts.