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  1. IF true, he might have crossed paths with Dwayne Haskins the former Buckeyes QB. Should Haskins ever unseat Keenum, and IF Haskins and McLaurin had overlapping time at OSU, the potential exists for instant chemistry between the two. I know its a BIG IF but worth exploring just in case. I mean, you just never know.
  2. Super. Also has nothing to do with the agreement in question.
  3. No, I'm right today as the discussion wasn't about what the Supreme Court would rule, it was whether or not there was teeth to the agreement with Mexico or not. I said there was, you said there wasn't. Here we are today and we know know that Mexico did what Trump wanted them to do. They became a safe third country and it allows the U.S. to turn away asylum seekers passing through Mexico. The tariff threat got the result Trump sought.
  4. I didn't spend that afternoon debating if it was the humane thing to do. I was being told that it was another phony agreement Trump made that would produce nothing and fizzle away. My argument was that some real steps were being taken by Mexico at gunpoint by Trump. And today it would be hard to argue that a dramatic difference hasn't been made at the border. The most vocal person declaring that the agreement wasn't worth the folded paper it was scribbled on was @Henry Ford our resident legal eagle. Curious what he thinks now that Mexico held up their end of the deal. And as an offshoot, that the US policy behind it was held up by the SC.
  5. So, not only did those tariff threats spur real action from Mexico which has definitively slowed crossings at the border, Mexico has cooperated with the U.S. demand to act as a safe third country, and today the rule allowing the US to turn non-Mexican asylum seekers back to Mexico was affirmed by the Supreme Court... I remember debating this 3 months ago and all the naysayers like yourself saying there was no teeth to the agreement. My words then, "we shall see". Now we see.
  6. There are people here defending Antifa? Who the heck feels the need to take sides between White Supremacists and Antifa? WTF is wrong with you people?
  7. Watching this now and who pops up in a clip from 2009? None other than Jared Kushner. It's at the 34:55 mark of episode 2 during the resignation of SC Governor Mark Sanford. During the resignation Sanford commits a big no-no alluding the a group called the "C Street" which is known to be part of the "Family". Anyway good old Jared is standing off to the side of reporters during the resignation press conference. One. why the eff is Jared Kushner even there? You can tell by the credentials on media gathered that it's in South Carolina, likely the Capitol building. And two, why the eff does Jared Kushner look exactly the same in this 2009 clip as he does today?
  8. Someday people will know how books set their odds. Maybe not.
  9. I get them daily and laugh 'em off. There are no rules against it.
  10. This really isn't difficult, please tell me you're not having trouble with this. The loud ones are trying to pull the party hard left and most of the candidates are like moths to a flame. But the masses prefer the middle, and that's why walking gaffe Joe Biden has a stranglehold on the lead.