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  1. Enjoy the semantics game, but I'll bow out. People reading this know full well what taking action meant. It meant using bombs on the missile site where the one that shot down the drone originated. And yes, CNN pundits and hosts spent yesterday criticizing Trump for not taking that step. Believe it or not. I'm surprised you didn't see it. CNN goes oppo-Trump on everything he does, whether he does right or wrong, for people like you. And you weren't watching? That explains why their ratings are in the gutter. Even their target audience has tuned them out.
  2. Well since you re-worded "take action" into "go to war" it's easy to see why you can't buy that. Keep doing you, though. It's what you do.
  3. Does that surprise you? CNN has resorted to being oppo-Trump on everything at this point. Yes, they indeed were critical of him not taking action against Iran. They opined that it was weak. I have no doubt if he had authorized the strikes, they then would have criticized him for using force in response to an unmanned drone being shot down. That's CNN's shtick now.
  4. I think it would have to come out of their own present day goodwill. In other words, they pay it voluntarily. If the history you spoke of gets mentioned enough and it becomes an idea in the public consciousness, it could grow large enough for these companies to make good. The idea of these companies paying it voluntarily may seem far-fetched but if the calls grow large enough, I could definitely see it happening. I could even see one of these companies getting ahead of things and doing it before being called out for it.
  5. Got it. Not that I'd blame you for disgust at the headline. I can't read the article myself since I'm out of free views for the month. I'm leery of what facts might be left out of the CNN article.
  6. Just last week you responded to a post of mine saying you couldn't read a WaPo article. Is your disgust strictly from the headline or did you pony up and subscribe?
  7. The expected casualties story definitely comes off better than... "Ten minutes before the strike, Trump's outgoing economic advisor, Kevin Hassett, informed the President that the retaliation would assuredly mean the Dow Jones would not set an-all time high and break the 27,000 point barrier on Friday. Hasset, who is the latest in a string of advisers to leave their post as Trump's top economic aide, also added that any escalation could send the market backwards for weeks, months, or even years. As Hassett concluded his remarks, Trump fell back in his chair and exclaimed, "That would be the end of my Presidency, I'd be f***ed in 2020. Call off the strike!"
  8. Watching the Dow Jones push towards a record high and oil prices not shoot up to $120 a barrel, it's quite apparent why Trump called off the strike.
  9. Lol. Since you've become my spokesperson, would you care to elaborate on why I would have been against this thankfully cancelled strike as it has been reported? Because that's on page 1 too. Also, you're fired as my spokesperson.
  10. In the context of everything I said, which you left out. Yes. It would be astonishingly stupid to go the "lie and cover-up route" over this as I said before multiple times. Now if you're asking me if I think the US never lies or if Iran never tells the truth, then you're asking an entirely, and surprisingly dumb question. The answer to that would be a very easy No.
  11. Iran does stupid "shish" all the time. Like putting out media that includes animation showing the drone not crossing into Iranian airspace.
  12. It wouldn't be hard for either side. But it would be really, really dumbfoundingly stupid for the U.S. to do it over this. The level of conspiracy it would take to get all friendly nations to withhold their data and the risk of having an unfriendly nation blowing the cover-up is incomprehensible. Keep in mind the U.S. has been very clear and direct that the drone never at any point entered Iranian airspace. They'd already be in conspiracy / cover-up territory if that wasn't the truth. Does the loss of a drone seem like something worth that level of risk?
  13. I sincerely hope you get your wish. And even more so, it's my wish that this conflict never amounts to anything that would pull your son into combat over it.
  14. The part where you said you believe Iran over the US on this. Assuming you're referring to their claim that the drone crossed into Iranian airspace. I'm not in total disagreement with you about building bases wherever we can or flying drones wherever we wish.