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  1. I've lived in Henderson and I currently live in Summerlin. Summerlin is the place to be. The Green Valley portion of Henderson is nice but severely overbuilt with eternally long traffic lights every half block. A quick run to the store was a 15 minute drive to go 2 miles in that area for me. On the flip side, master planned Summerlin is chock full of parks, winding roads, green spaces, roundabouts, intra-subdivision grocery, convenience stores, restaurants, etc. Someone said it earlier - Californians come through and stay in Henderson, they don't hit Summerlin. I'm in real estate and have sold many Henderson homes to people who have turned them into an AirBnB. Every Summerlin home I've sold has been to people who bought to live there. Also with all the freeway expansion / reconstruction, I can exit my garage, pass through one roundabout and one traffic signal to the freeway and be on the Strip in 20 minutes from my home in far west Summerlin with Red Rock as my view from the backyard. They're also in the process of building a 5.5 mile trail from the back of my subdivision that will go directly to the Red Rock Canyon visitor center. It's the perfect mix of feeling like you live on a different planet than the Strip while still being a quick drive from it whenever you want to enjoy it. No scorpions seen by me either in my 5 years here. If you ever have any real estate questions about the area, feel free to send me a DM.
  2. They certainly are. I'll never understand bailing on a state because of what politicians have done to it, then voting for the same politicians in the new state which you chose because it doesn't have the bad things the state you're fleeing has.
  3. Hmm, please explain why so many people are fleeing "paradise" for Nevada.
  4. Well then you should be happy that multiple well respected institutions are coming up with the same repeated numbers. Hooray us!
  5. So, some good news... Antibody Tests Point To Lower Death Rate For The Coronavirus Than First Thought The source is NPR and the data comes from Johns Hopkins but I'll post this and watch as people do what they will with it. Lots more info and data contained within so worth a read in it's entirety. Note: this is not the Stanford Study even though it's coming back with the same range of numbers. Maybe good ol' Johnny Hopkins will be accepted by the timid.
  6. Lol at the hand wringing over a hypothetical on a message board. The inability to provide the only logical answer to something that can't even happen is just too telling. I thought Dems were truly most concerned first and foremost about saving lives? A hypothetical that saves many lives instantly on the health side and saves many more lives going forward on the socioeconomic side is a no-brainer if saving lives is the priority. Apparently though, that isn't the top priority going by the replies. You know, you all could've just lied to keep up that illusion. No one is watching this thread with the power to turn this hypothetical into reality. I missed this yesterday but it was a good exercise Joe, so thank you.
  7. Regardless of the poll results, the reflexive-defensive responses illuminate the fact that YES democrats are dreading this scenario.
  8. Narratives are a real "B". The latest one "we never really shut down" is something else. Tell that to all the businesses shuttered and not allowed to reopen. I suppose all those major retailers closing for good and the jobs that went with them were by choice. They could have been open but chose not to be. Suckers for talking points.
  9. It's what they do. Amazing how the people who deny watching CNN always parrot them. We're well past the point where number of positive tests should even be brought up. We're testing exponentially more and growing each day.
  10. If they keep pushing the arrival of the "crippling second wave" down the road, they'll likely be able to ride this out until it's a non story and people have moved on. If CNN can break news about 1 new case, then the ability to fear monger indefinitely should be pretty easy to pull off.
  11. First it was "we'll see in two weeks". Then it became "we'll probably need another week or two to see the big spikes because everyone doesn't catch it the first day they venture out". Now it''s "it will take a few more weeks beyond these first 4 weeks because people are still scared to come out". If that doesn't match the definition of moving goalposts, I don't know what does. Now weigh that against the same people saying things like of course we have to be mindful of the economy - complete and total lip service. You can't on one hand act like you care about people's livelihoods and then keep coming up with some new future measuring point to push back against ending shutdowns.
  12. Correct, the black vote for Democrats is assumed and taken for granted by the party. Today though, the assumption was verbalized and flaunted. We'll see if flat out being told their vote is assumed will turn off black voters. It probably won't, but that doesn't mean it's a good idea for Joe Biden to recklessly boast about it.
  13. It doesn't even matter the cause. The point is that it's a mistake that doesn't need to be repeated. It's also a mistake that not every state made. Some states like Florida directed resources to their nursing homes. Others like New York directed sick Covid patients to theirs.
  14. Here's another chance for you to read about it... Health-Care Industry Loses 1.4 Million Jobs in Pandemic A health crisis is probably not the best time to be shedding workers from the health care industry, but alas that's what these shutdowns have caused. And it turns out that we really shouldn't be cutting staff in the Covid-19 death factories that are nursing homes. Silly me, I fell for the notion that this was about saving lives.