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  1. It's a terrible number for something like impeachment. It's simply a losing proposition if it's partisan. And that's exactly what the numbers show right now without an apparent "home run gotcha moment" on the horizon. 40% support from independents offered up as a positive, really? Really?
  2. Do you think that's a good number? (It's not) And what do you anticipate coming out that will drive that number higher?
  3. You're grossly overestimating the general public. Not only in their ability to make sense of what comes out of these hearings on their own, but more importantly that the average, everyday American will take the time to tune in. It's why I've been saying from the start of this mess that a slam dunk was needed. A "hit you over the head" statement that couldn't be parsed or left open for interpretation. Something SPECIFICALLY along the lines of "If you don't conduct an investigation into Biden, your aid is being cut off". And I'm not even sure that would be enough. It might have had to been followed by Trump actually withholding the aid and declaring that the failure to uncover dirt on Biden was the reason why. Dems and dem voters wanted Trump impeached for 10 different things before this Ukraine incident even took place. Which as a sidenote, lessens the impact of the current attempt. Crying wolf from day one of his Presidency was the first huge mistake. You'd have liberals in favor of his impeachment if the charge was jaywalking. To actually get conservatives and independents on board you need something that knocks people over. This isn't that no matter how much Dems want it to be.
  4. I didn't say anyone won bigly, I said the initial news coming out indicates both sides "THINK" they hit home runs today. I don't think anything field-tilting happened for either side today.
  5. Not left out, I made it very clear it was an "accusation". Schiff simply keeps using his time to remind everyone of it. Making himself a bigger part of the story is a losing idea no matter how he says it.
  6. As expected initial reaction on both sides is that they think they won bigly.
  7. No it's absolutely not a direct quote but he used his very brief closing statement to bring that up and remind everyone that it's getting thrown around out there. It would be best not to give the notion the time of day.
  8. "Hey everybody, the accusation that I coordinated with and assisted the whistleblower, is false but I'm going to take this moment to remind everyone that the accusation is out there."
  9. Schiff continues to unnecessarily insert himself into the story and he continues to be blind to the fact that it hurts his side.
  10. Yeah that would have made this a slam dunk too. Alas, here we are.
  11. This all would have been a whole lot easier if Trump had withheld the aid until Ukraine brought forth a complete investigation into corruption specifically with regard to Biden.
  12. This couldn't be more false and it's disheartening to hear. If the number of people who vote 3rd party continues to build, it will one day make a 3rd party a viable competitor to the current two major parties. The more that people are told that its a wasted vote, in a contested state or otherwise, the steeper the hill to climb in creating a much needed, viable 3rd party. There is no such thing as a wasted vote. Even a vote for Mickey Mouse, says there are people so dissatisfied with the given choices that they went out of their way to cast a vote for someone who could not win. But with regard to a true 3rd party candidate, there are no wasted votes, no matter what the rationalization for calling it "wasted".
  13. Thus proving my point about how devastating it would be if the Republicans can prove Schiff was lying. It would become the story. And yes it would be very unfortunate if it overrode facts but that's the sad way the world works.
  14. Yeah that would be an odd argument. It also would be an argument I'm not making. But in your usual fashion, rather than recognizing the ways it would undermine the investigation, you choose to mischaracterize what I said. We already know that if Schiff was proven to be lying it wouldn't distract you from the testimony that comes out of these hearings. Your mind is clearly made up. My point is that it would be an easy distraction for many. It would be seized upon by the right and for those more casually following, which are many, it's a simple narrative to sway opinion. It was an unnecessary risk by Schiff if it wasn't the truth.