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  1. Breaking my own self-imposed silence to add that Bloomberg is truly a gift. He is exposing the people who have true integrity and who out there are nothing but complete hypocrites. Bloomberg is 100% crystal clear, Donald Trump with a "D" in front of his name.
  2. Did we just become best friends? I just can't get into anything with dragons, ewoks, superpowers, etc. I definitely do. Except for Greg, I think everybody is cheering for Greg. I'm also rooting for a Karolina sex scene. I'd settle for at least some more screen time.
  3. I've yet to come up with a scenario in my mind in which the Packers walk away from this one with a win. The Packers weaknesses are the 49ers greatest strengths. On offense Green Bay struggles with defenses that are able to generate pressure with the d-line and play 7 in coverage. I can't think of a team that does that better than the Niners. On defense the Packers have been awful against TEs and are so so on their best day versus the run. San Francisco doesn't have to reinvent itself, they simply need to do what they do. Green Bay needs to unveil an entirely new look or find a way to bring back prime Aaron Rodgers along with prime Jordy, Driver, and Jennings. I just don't see it unfortunately. San Francisco 24 Green Bay 28
  4. I can't see any way that the Packers go to San Francisco and come away with a win. The 49ers have the clearest path to a Super Bowl that I can ever remember going into a conference title game. So, will we have a 49ers vs Chiefs Super Bowl or a 49ers vs Titans Super Bowl?
  5. It feels like James is going to run off 3 straight and take this thing from here. I have to believe he won't have another match where all 6 DJs elude him.
  6. Great question and my easy answer is - No, not at all. I don't see any of this stuff elsewhere on this website. I have zero issue with the moderators here. What's led me to the decision to stick to the SP and FFA is that the nonsense has become so rampant in the Political forum that it has clearly overwhelmed the staff. I guess I'm soft in the sense that others have been called much worse than I was. But it was a wake up moment for me that I really don't enjoy the Political forum. This website is great and I've been reading the SP and FFA all morning. I'm looking forward to nothing but positive interactions talking football with Eagles fans like @GoBirds and Saints fans like @SaintsInDome2006 who I've grown to like and respect. I'd like to have good interaction for once with a fellow Packers fan @sho nuff who I've butted heads with in this forum far more often than I'm comfortable with. I'll especially enjoy not seeing a notification that I've been quoted by @Henry Ford and cringing at the thought that he's gotten the best of me once again.
  7. Just found this forecast for Sunday...
  8. I don't envy your position Joe. It sounds like it took a lot of kicking and screaming to finally take the action that was warranted. I know I'll be better off not visiting this forum anymore. I love the SP and the FFA so I have to be honest and retract my regret for that subscription. I'll think of it as my contribution to the sustenance of those two forums which I frequent more than I probably should.
  9. Umm, yeah. And the person he was calling a drunk was me. Multiple people have now said it was inappropriate. And it was just one in a series of 3 consecutive posts where he said it. What the heck is going on here? Regardless I'm back talking football and general musings in the Shark Pool and the FFA. You can have your Politics Forum however you want. It's just going to be without me. I don't need that crap in my life.
  10. I feel like the Packers should win given the home field, lack of travel relative to what Seattle has had to do, and their overall health. And given the field of initial NFC playoff participants, it doesn't seem like things could have been set up any better for the Pack to pick up a win. They easily could have missed out on a bye. And they also could be playing the Saints this weekend. Maybe a banged up Philly would have been a easier road to hoe, but the Eagles won in Lambeau earlier this season. I won't be surprised if Seattle pulls the upset given Russell Wilson's consistent penchant for heroics, but it just feels like this season set up for at least one playoff home win. I wouldn't be disappointed to lose in SF next weekend, but I'd be let down with a one and done. Things will get real interesting with a win this Sunday coupled with a Vikings upset. I heard whispers that things are shaping up for a big storm to hit Cheeseland this weekend. Did I hear that right? Sounded like potentially a big rain event down in Milwaukee but I figured that might mean heavy flakes in Green Bay. I'd love nothing more than to watch a whiteout game on TV from the comfort of my living room in 60 degree Las Vegas. :fingerscrossed:
  11. Apparently. I'll take the hint and depart this forum. I'm tempted to go out with a bang and draw my first suspension but just can't bring myself to do it. All I can think of is that subscription I don't use that I paid for when Joe was pleading for people to start treat each other better. I wanted to support this forum and it's moderation. I just don't trust the Politics Forum or it's moderation any longer and will choose to no longer participate.
  12. Understood. This one drew neither and I have no earthly idea how.
  13. For one, the post wasn't deleted. And two, the poster in question is still active and liking others posts.
  14. I don't know how we're expected to take the supposed cleanup seriously when nothing has been done about this... You tell us to report it. Fine even though I would have much rather let the mods handle it on their own given they were clearly monitoring the topic having just deleted previous posts of this same individual. A mod had also just deleted an entire days worth of people's posts in the Trump 2020 topic. Yet this stands? The post above was also reported by a 3rd party who witnessed it and felt it was inappropriate... Yet nothing? So am I to take it from the non-action that we're back to the wild west around here? That post passes the muster? Or should I take it that conservative points of view are being "handled" while this stuff flies by. After all, as I said, just prior to this post last night an entire days worth of posts were deleted in the one topic which is primarily driven by conservatives. A topic I rarely partake in yet it's hard not to notice the way opposing sides are being treated in different ways. Any explanation would be appreciated. I wake up this morning having no idea what to expect of the moderation in this forum. I don't know how a moderator looks at that post and says no harm here. And that kind of indifference makes it really hard to envision having much more of a future posting here personally.