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  1. There are definitely some upgrades compared to the IVC that I see. -More options on how projections are used (i.e., median projection for each player, etc.) -Ability to distinguish between cash and GPP lineups is another added flexibility -Ability to enter in your own projections for a player is also a great addition I'd echo both comments above, as well as the need for it to be usable on mobile, at minimum on a phone's browser, if not an app.
  2. I would assume that the NFLPA would have a problem with shrinking the pool of compensation to their membership.
  3. I saw the header that the IVC is being phased out next year for the Lineup Optimizer. Which makes all the sense in the world with the upgrade to be geared towards building single lineups. My question is whether there is any plan to make the Lineup Optimizer accessible on mobile devices.
  4. Furthest run ever is in major jeopardy being 15.4 below the cutline with Cooks and Andrews left to upgrade flex scores of 3.5 and 4.8. Stranger things have happened, but assuming it's over, it's been a ton of fun as always. Looking forward to the playoff contest.
  5. Is there a way you can put an estimate for when each of the articles that aren’t yet available for the current week?
  6. Has anyone tried to use the Mobile Draft Dominator with these? I've been trying to toy around with the settings, but I'm not sure that I'm savvy enough to really make sure that it's really focused on the best ball format.
  7. Billie Jean PYT The Way You Make Me Feel Don't Stop Til You Get Enough I Want You Back (If we're allowing Jackson 5) Smooth Criminal if we're not
  8. How do you have Aaron Sorkin as a guest and then bury him behind an hour of talking to your college buddy?
  9. No doubt that the draft is the ideal way to build a team, but they are in a position where they will be building through both the draft AND free agency. They have enough needs that they won't be able to fill them solely through the draft. I would assume that it is at least a significant part of trying to create all this cap space for next year in the first place. Showing the league that this is a team on the upswing might make the difference in either convincing a player to sign who may not otherwise have signed. It may even mean signing at or near market value, as opposed to having to overpay (i.e., Clay)
  10. With the amount of cap space that they have, they're going to want to show down the stretch that this is a team on the upswing to help attract free agents. Which should be more valuable than picking earlier in the first round.
  11. First world problem 0.5 PPR: Would you sit any of these guys to get Spencer Ware into your lineup? David Johnson, Aaron Jones, TY Hilton, Diggs, Sanders or Golladay Thanks
  12. I met Carmen Basilio years ago when he was in his mid 70's. He threw a couple shadow punches and my mid-20s self was absolutely terrified. 50 years on me, but one landed punch and I'd be down for the count.
  13. We have another waiver run tomorrow. With the Hyde trade, how much would you bid on Nick Chubb?
  14. Worst that I can remember was being up in the first week of the playoffs going into MNF by 40.9 points and my opponent having just Drew Bennett. 41.3 points later (standard scoring), I'm bounced.
  15. I bought a Kobalt electric mower this year and have been pleased with it. Right at your $500 budget. Getting two batteries has made it so you don't really have to worry about running out of power while you're mowing. With the size of your yard, it shouldn't go through both batteries in a single mow. I've had the first battery be fully charged again before I even finished mowing with the second battery, so the charger works very quickly.