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  1. If they don’t bring back Victoria Jackson this weekend to play this woman, I’d be shocked.
  2. Wow - that Powell/Lin thing is basically a QAnon rally.
  3. You are absolutely right. Her legal strategy of the Cuban with the felt tip marker in Edison County is so much better.
  4. He also just tweeted that he might have evidence that China bought Dominion.
  5. It has nothing to do with Dominion. Nothing at all. If it did and they truly believed there was fraud there (which they already admitted in court that there was no fraud) they would be asking that each and every state that utilized the Dominion system be verified and reviewed (including states they won). They aren’t doing that. They are only focusing on the states where the vote differential was close and this is being used as a ‘reason’ they didn’t win (among other nonsensical reasons as well).
  6. It’s entirely possible I’m missing something with this but in their effort to be able to appoint their own electors (which at this point they legally can’t) they are looking to have the results of this election declared in dispute and to have the governor withdraw the certification (the certification which has already occurred). In doing so, that would also withdraw the certification of the legislatures election results as well meaning they technically wouldn’t have the power to put forth the resolution to begin with since they themselves then wouldn’t have been certified. The other important thing about this is it isn’t the state legislature leadership trying to put forth this resolution (or agreed to it) so not sure how much support for this there really is (Mastriano being a junior state senator).
  7. But please make your checks out to Sidney Powell.
  8. As requested
  9. For those interested in an analysis on the filings from above here is a long twitter posting where someone goes through each section. It’s a long read but a very interesting read.
  10. So far this town hall in PA is a whole lot of talk with no real specifics. The witnesses they are calling forward have yet to offer that they saw anything illegal or fraud worthy. Guiliani’s opening statement was more if the sane from his other press conference. Lots of accusations but no real evidence whatsoever. Sorry but it’s kinda embarrassing.
  11. So that’s where the Dominion server was stored...
  12. Wait - you mean they really fact check these things? - Sidney Powell