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  1. The same Rams team that folded like a wet napkin after one bad call on MNF?
  2. To be honest that works for me.I'd pay to watch that on PPV
  3. use it or lose it...Make me proud.can't today...too much work to do so I can support my family and the 47%ers
  4. based on your "logic," Obama must be in trouble with the African-American vote
  5. I think she was playing it straight; Linden has some serious issues, and she was trying to get to them. Linden was two seconds from all out when she got a reprieve.Yep.Looked like she was on the brink of a breakdown/breakthrough.perefect timing by the star of the show - Deus ex Machina, as always. This episode had some good moments, but the writers, once again, opted for cheap parlor tricks in an attempt maintain suspenses and/or mystery.
  6. new shorunners..!/guarascioport some good #### there
  7. "I was trading the only thing I have""But you already gave it away" :SLAP:
  8. It's the story;ine they've telegraphed from the beginning from day 1.
  9. my guess is that NBC likes the cast and the setting, but they probably want to go in a direction that Harmon does not.