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  1. I'm keeping my posts 49er related. The posts are based on stats that are the official record. It's pure football related. My posts have the links to the references and articles here.
  2. That's a football related post. It's the official win loss record according to Pro Football Reference. ETA: better reference
  3. When the 49ers were a winning franchise, they battled for the best FA possible. Then the salary cap happened, but they still attracted top tier talent, and the real estate prices were just as exhorbiant then compared to the rest of the markets. The 49ers haven't had a GM worth squat for ages, even when Policy was there with Vinnie Cerrato and Dwight Clark with him, but then the 49er brand had some cache. Now with Jed, it doesn't. It's that simple. When most of his talent bailed after he fired Harbaugh, that kind of said something throughout the league. They have an incompetent owner whose franchise has become a mess. Until they start winning instead of double digit loss seasons like the current one, it's gonna be a struggle to gain FA
  4. This guy see the W/L record of the past 4 seasons? Losing doesn't seem to help this franchise. Losing is what this franchise does.
  5. I guess there is a little bit of rivalry there left. Check out my updated profile!
  6. 49er Win/Loss records post Harbaugh up until now: 5-11 2-14 6-10 2-10 That totals up to: 15 wins 45 losses - and counting KEEP THE FAITH ETA: 4 more losses and they can be a perfect 49 LOSSES! YAY 49ERS! Reference purposes:
  7. Shanny Jr record so far: 8-20 He has a good shot at beating the Rams again, being that they will probably pull the starters again like last season. So that could make him 9-23. PROGRESS
  8. Under Shanny Jr, the 49ers so far have won one division game against division opponents, and that game was against the Rams scrubs in a game where the Rams pulled their starters. Hard for anyone to ignore that. ETA: I like when someone has to pull out the imgur to try to pwn, then pull that post because it's against board rules. I'm cracking nuts here I guess.
  9. Rolling Mullens out there at starting quarterback means at least they are seriously tanking the season. Which with Beatenhard would mean the same thing. But Mullens gives them a better chance to get blown out. Pick sixes! JUST LOSE BABY!
  10. It’s even worse when your team is at the bottom of the division UNDER THE ARIZONA CARDINALS. Keep the faith faithful!
  11. Things aren’t good when your team is worse than the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS
  12. Wow, Packers fire Mike McCarthy. He got fired for losing to the Cardinals. Which Shanny Jr. did TWICE. Meanwhile, the 49ers are on their way to a FOURTH CONSECUTIVE DOUBLE DIGIT LOSS SEASON. This Seahawks/49er rivalry - which there never really was - just isn’t much after Jed ran off Harbaugh. It was more Harbaugh vs. Carroll, but now Carroll vs. Whoever at 49er HC just doesn’t carry a marquee. Russell Wilson had a day today too as far as efficiency. It’s just too easy to beat the 49ers. Arizona did it twice.
  13. I like reading Niners Nation tweets during a blowout loss. They are so homerific that it seens they don’t look at the scoreboard when they tap those fingers on the keyboard. It’s Trump-like really.