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  1. This is really good. Better than I could have hoped so far.
  2. STEM is a couple miles away from where we live in Highlands Ranch, got a text yesterday from an Aunt upset from the news and asking about my son before I’d even heard anything. Fortunately my son goes to a different school, but for the second time in just a few weeks we had schools locked down and those moments of uncertainty. We’re failing our kids so miserably as a society, it’s just ridiculous.
  3. At the end of Infinity War, right after the first snap, we see Thanos inside the Soul Stone talking to the young Gamora. The Russo brothers confirmed that’s what was happening, and it’s one of the big features of the Soul Stone in the comics (people living inside the stone). I don’t know if Marvel will go this route, but presumably 2023 Black Widow is inside the 2016 Soul Stone.
  4. That was the other armored character I was thinking about earlier. I’d love to see them launch Doom with his own solo movie.
  5. The way they used Hulk was probably the most disappointing aspect of the film for me. Especially since all he did was get trucked by Thanos in the first 5 minutes of Infinity War. The Hulk character they got to in Ragnarok was so good, it sucks they basically wrote that version of him out in the final 2 films in favor of Banner. I assume part of it was that they didn’t have screen time for both Banner and Hulk, but I think they could have figured something out.
  6. The anvil sound could be a callback to Tony building the original armor in the cave. Or, there is another notable armor-wearing character who hasn't been introduced yet.
  7. My favorite mini-callback was “On your left” when Falcon is just about to show up with the rest of the vanished. Just perfect IMO.
  8. Not everything in the movie worked for me, and I liked Infinity War quite a bit more I think. That said, the Battle of Upstate New York or whatever we’re going to call it was phenomenal. I watched Infinity War right before seeing it last night and was wondering how they’d top the twin battles in Wakanda and on Titan, but man they really pulled it off.
  9. I think you are correct to the extent that nothing in the report is likely to force Republicans to stop protecting him politically, which means he’s all but certain to complete his term regardless of what Democrats do. At the same time, nothing in the report is going to win him any new supporters.
  10. I'm sure that's what he'd say, I just don't think it would go over for anyone who wasn't already going to declare he won the debates even if he literally shat himself on stage.
  11. Considering there is virtually no way to spin but Trump being afraid to debate, I can't see how it possibly helps him. Except to the extent that it happens to hurt him less than going through with debates would.
  12. This conversation reminds me so much of the "is America ready for a black President?" threads from back in 2007-8. A common refrain back then was the idea that people would say they were fine with it when asked in polls, but then would do something different in the voting booth. Obviously that's not how it worked out. The flip side is that there is at least anecdotal evidence that some voters didn't vote for Hillary specifically because she's a woman, setting aside from broader commentary about differences in how the media handled her. Of course the national polling ended up being reasonably accurate, but it's possible sexism made a difference in a few key/close states. The last poll I saw was that around 70% of voters don't care, which seems like it's around the threshold of where it needs to be. The candidate also clearly makes a difference. People's prejudices are real but tend to break down at a personal level, so candidates who connect with voters can overcome some of that. In this specific election it also helps that the opposing candidate is likely to have significantly higher negatives. My guess is the number of people who would never vote for Trump is substantially higher than the number who would exclude a candidate just on the basis of being gay. So that's long way of saying yes.
  13. Great announcement speech. I mentioned earlier one of the boxes that Pete still needed to check was his ability to deliver his message in a larger speech setting. Box checked. I don't know if it's intentional (it's probably intentional) but he's mimicking a lot of Obama's cadence and language, and he makes it work.
  14. This has a negative headline but I think the article itself is a balanced look at some of Pete’s signature programs to revitalize South Bend. Overall I get the sense that he was engaged with and responsive to the community, and always looking for ways to improve.