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  1. Saw the same thing regarding Harris and that Buffalo will look to bring him in. Thus ending the Brandon Spikes era...sigh. Bowles to Jets seems to indicate the defense will not alter too much but let's see who Bowles tags as DC.
  2. Woodley is really the only name that stands out as having any real big play (sacks) upside and he's got plenty of miles on him at 28. Has missed nine regular season games in the last two years,so injuries may be a concern moving forward. Was also alleged to have come into last season in less than optimum shape. Anderson was a tackle producing machine for Carolina in 2010/11 with 101 solos and 98 solos respectively but not a big play guy by any means. He did put up four sacks in 2010 but has only 8 1/2 in his seven year career and only three INT and four FF over that time. His tackle numbers in Chicago at SLB will most likely dip as Briggs and Williams will get the majority. He's also going to be 30 in Sept so not a real dynasty value. Henderson had a career high three sacks last season but is another tackle heavy performer as opposed to the big plays that your scoring favors. He has zero INT and only three FF in his five seasons. He was coming off the field in passing situations last season and that danger remains there for 2013 as well. Barnett produced nice numbers in his two years in Buffalo with over 280 total tackles(150 solo), three INT and four FF. He's going to be 32 years old though and as of now has no team. He will get signed but again at 32 and more of a big tackle number producer rather than big play threat isn't exactly a good dynasty option for your league format. Sheppard and Riley are your best bets IMHO in a dynasty league. Sheppard had 80 total tackles with two sacks last season while playing only 521 snaps which will increase expenentially next season and he's only 25. Riley is your best option as he racked up 128 total tackles last season(78 solo) with 3 1/2 sacks and a forced fumble. He's entering his fourth season and played 1170 snaps last year. Long story short (too late, I know I ramble) is that in your scoring format I'd rank them as follows: 1, Riley 2, Sheppard 3, Woodley(only becuase he has most potential for sacks of all these LBs) 4, Henderson 5, Barnett 6, Anderson
  3. I think I'd have N Fairley (DT) in with the Tier Jumpers as long as he keeps his head on straight ( he seemed to be a re-focused player last season) and can shake the nagging injuries that have nicked him up in his first two seasons.
  4. Sell your buddies lap top.....there is some loot right there.
  5. Also Dr Skoda from Law and Order is Schillinger(JK Simmons) Det Brian Cassidy from SVU season one was Ryan O'Reilly(Dean Winters)and of course Edie Falco was on OZ early on as well as Law and Order as a recurring character named Sally Bell before The Sopranos.
  6. OK, it's time to step it up a notch. Tell your wife that since she doesn't seem inclined to discuss the event to your level of satisfaction that you turned to your pals at FBGs forums........bring this thread up,sit back and watch her read!!
  7. Tell her point blank. "OK, honey we are moving on and these are the new rules. No more camping trip. No more hanging out with your 'college buddies' at all. I know now that I can't trust you so I won't trust you and don't ever ask me about anything I do outside of your sight." If that don't bring her around to talking about it then you get a free trip to the john with a friends wife of your choosing.
  8. If you've ever seen the movie "Cousins".......William Peterson and Sean Young kept disappearing for 15 minutes......oh wait,bad example.
  9. Is it too late in the game to just make some new friends? This current group stinks on many levels.
  10. First off....your wife stays home next year with the kids when this trip rolls around. Second, call Steve and ask him exactly what happened in said stall and if he's as vague as your wife then tell him that you'll just ask his wife since you're sure he's a fine husband and 'shares everything' with her. Third, go ahead and tell your wife that you have one 'do whatever the heck I want with whoever I want when drunk' card in the bank to use at your convenience.
  11. Tony and his family were having dinner ends. They are all still alive and thier lives go on, we just don't get to watch them anymore, what's the problem?
  12. Was very sorry to hear about Diego. He was a warrior in the ring and his first fight with Castillo is in my top 5 of all time. RIP
  13. Granted, Jones wasn't fighting Holmes or Spinks ... but he was undefeated in six bouts, five by KO. The reason 'Too Tall' retired after that last fight with Gonzales(W-10)was that he was floored in the fight by a guy at least a foot and a half shorter than him and he should have lost the decision.
  14. It'll be back next season. Trust me on this.