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  1. Maybe in NY it is..... We're less than half that here.
  2. Cornhole time...
  3. The guys filling in today are brutal.
  4. Marathon: Paul Micklos - Finish in 3:08:51. Pace 7:13. Powered by Xact.. I’m wondering if the wind for him. The gusts are insane.
  5. Marathon: Paul Micklos - 30K in 2:08:14. Pace 6:53. Est: 3:00:22. ETA: 10:02 AM. Powered by Xact.
  6. I thought the same thing, but it’s a bug on their website. Just click the ‘sign up’ text in the bin tracking paragraph and it’ll take you to the text or email alerts. Marathon: Paul Micklos - 10k in 42:41. Pace 6:53. Est: 3:00:04. ETA: 10:01 AM. Powered by Xact. The wind is fn HOWLING here. It’s bad enough they cancelled my oldest sons day 2 of his soccer tournament (on top of all the rain we got).
  7. Arsenal gonna pay for these giveaways.
  8. It must be the camera angle, but I can’t fsthom how that ball cut through so much traffic without a single touch.
  9. The mental image of you wiping some of the most recent shot off your mouth with your sleeve as you simultaneously toss her the keys and to get lost made me snort.
  10. You just short circuited my brain.
  11. Hey guys, how do you deal with running in this damn heat/humidity down here? FFA: Move North.