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  1. I rewound it. There was someone on the top of the screen that barely kept Ramos on. Messi
  2. Wasn't that offside?
  3. I'm imagining Spicer with the stack of paper side by side.
  4. She does. It gets really weird to look at her when the hair is growing through the tats.
  5. Hali had more than a glimpse of one when she was voted off last night. Whatever. I can't imagine what I'd look like after 3 weeks out in the jungle Give Sierra another week and her unibrow and stache should be on full display.
  6. Use INDEX/MATCH. You'll need to build a key in a helper column so you can perform the look-ups by combining the data in A/B/C on spreadsheet 1. So say in column G of spreadsheet 1, you put a formula "=A2&B2&C2". Autofill that all the way down. This will be a unique key since you said A, B, and C will never have dups. With that key built in spreadsheet 1, you can now grab the data based on what's in A:C of both sheets. Go to your spreadsheet 2 and in column D, you put "=INDEX(spreadsheet1!D:D,MATCH($A2&$B2&$C2,spreadsheet1!$G:$G,0),0)". Repeat for E and F and then autofill them all the way down. You'll need to obviously enter the correct spreadsheet names for the stuff in red.
  7. You think a leaf is cooler than a predator? Eagle is infinitely cooler that a stupid leaf, but an eagle is more of a scavenger than a predator.
  8. I bought this ages ago and its still rock solid. This thing will probably last 30 years.
  9. How do you resist the rolls???
  10. In before the steak snobs take over.