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  1. Working through how to manage training for Rehoboth and mountain biking. I'm the type to need it all laid out in front of me so I can just follow the daily calendar, but juggling everything plus kids' soccer just isn't going to allow me to do that. My youngest is going to be playing soccer for our club and also an MLS academy league, so I'm going to be spending a lot of time running laps around soccer facilities. I've sketched out all 16 weeks of it, but I'm going to have to audible the #### out of it. Today was the 3rd time I've run back to back days all year I'm racing a mountain bike enduro (its like a time trials sorta race) on 10/13; short intense bursts followed by long recoveries. That'll be my speed work for that week, I think. Looking at racing a local 10 miler on 10/27 if I feel fit enough. Rehoboth HM on 12/7 I'm being very conservative with my training plan, running up to 5x a week and peaking at 36mi/week. The old me is still wanting to crank it up to 55mpw, but that's just dumb to expect right now.
  2. Glad you got in that mind clearing run. Hang in there grue. I’ve had my dad in for the same thing...twice. The positive is that he got into the hospital. Modern medicine on this front is amazing. It’ll all work out. T&P heading your way. Ive been through the heart stuff far too many times. Here for you @gruecd if you need an ear, GB. ♥️
  3. At Brandywine Creek? I'm still scared of that course
  4. Can't speak for PA, but in OH if your 5th best was 17 flat then you qualified for states. Our best team was when I was a freshman and I was the 5th wheel - ball park 15:45/16:30/16:45/17:30/me. I think my PR that year was 17:42. We had an outside shot of making states with that team but our #4 bombed that day and we didn't have a quality #6 to pick up the slack. So I finished 4th in something under 18 and #5 was well into the 18's instead of his customary mid 17's. Even in little old DE, you had to be sub 18 to be one of the scoring runners on our XC teams. My HS PR was 21:19 and I spent most of my time on JV. Man I miss those days. #UncleRico
  5. Do they even have 8 FF worthy players?
  6. It doesn't matter; you're going to draft all GBP's anyway.
  7. Thought about you while we were hiking Mount Misery in CT the other day. We hit some elevation and I pictured doing what you do. Doing that for 100mi is bat#### crazy. And I bet it was probably pretty tame in comparison. 😂
  8. Yup - my brother’s Fenix was acting up on the HRM. Ended up sending him a new watch after a hard reset didn’t fix it. My Fenix has the same problem @Juxtatarot is having. I will eventually contact Garmin about it - just haven’t felt like dealing yet.
  9. Herein lies the problem. They are the absolute worst.
  10. CP assist Goal called back, barely offside
  11. I’d strongly consider taking some real honest rest. If your body is screaming for a break, give it a break. I get the thinking on switching things up, but I don’t know that still working out every day is the answer.
  12. I really hope he makes headway here.