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  1. I've never enjoyed the whole comp thing regardless of the sport. It's too easy to fall down the rabbit hole trying to force the new players into a box. I'd rather look at them for their unique skillsets and leave it at that.
  2. the loan has not gone well. There is talk that Cincy might let him go this summer. He had such a good start there too.
  3. ####, just realized Saief isn't on the 40 either.
  4. I'm very much like you. I've found that a lot of this is just pent up energy. The more I work out, the easier it is for me to relax. I've also enjoyed the 10% happier meditation app - I've slacked on it recently, but it's helped.
  5. Awesome! I'm back on the horse also with the cleaner diet and feel so much better. I'm getting really strong on the mtn bike - highlighted with a 30mi ride on Saturday. The sprinting on the bike seems to have my metabolism on overdrive - losing weight in places I thought would never happen. I've never been more in love with an activity than I am with the bikes - I'm almost euphoric every time we finish a ride. It's such a great blend of adventure/fun and putting in hard work. I can't explain it.
  6. Sick of DTVN's slow guide and channels hanging (it's getting worse). I bought an internal antenna and fire tv recast to get all the OTA channels. Took about 45mins of moving the antenna around, but finally got it to pull down 34 channels in crystal clear HD. Of all places, it's mounted on drywall, not a window. Seems like direction is more of a factor than anything else. Moving from NNE to NE cleaned it all up. Going to try Sling Orange/Blue and see how it goes.
  7. Bill Hamid and Kellyn Acosta are clearly not any where near Berhalter's plans for this cycle. To not even make a 40 man roster is pretty telling. You guys see any other names that are surprising to be left off a 40 man roster? Julian Green Bobby Wood Shaq Moore Jesse Gonzalez (I'm a fan) ---- Brooks (injured) Yedlin (injured) ---- Really surprised to see Garza.
  8. I napped daily during marathon training for an hour or so. Huge boost, IMO.
  9. That's what I was coming here to post when I saw he had a list of his paycheck dates.
  10. It’s ok since that’s not your thing.
  11. There are a lot of really good 10-15min yoga stretch routines on YouTube.