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  1. He's looked better creating chances, but Fab's 1v1 defending is better. I think Fab is one thing JK got right with shuffling players around. Villafana almost had a disaster after that corner where Dempsey came on. He was thisclose to getting torched on the counter 1v1. He still makes me nervous, but I think he's had a good tournament.
  2. Watching him come on and play like that gave me flashbacks to when he carried the team in the Copa. Everyone wondered what he could bring to the table....
  3. With other believers or with nonbelievers?
  4. Looking at the tickets on Stub Hub for the WCQ against CR and ask the 8yr old where we should sit. He points to the corner next to the AO section and I asked why there... "I want to be as far away from the CR fans as I can get"
  5. JFC the money in this sport is insane.