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  1. Woodshop Basically does this from time to time.
  2. I don't know which leg it was. I only saw the Lille tweet that said he tore his muscle and would have to start rehabbing again. We need to all keep in mind that the term "tear" is a little different. A simple muscle strain is technically a tear. :wishfulthinking:
  3. Looks like a tear and not a pull. That may mean another long time off. what a terrible year this has been for injuries. Pulisic, Steffen, Adams, Miazga, Holmes, Weah and Nips are all currently on the shelf. Hopefully Pulisic and Adams can be back soon. I thought he said on instagram that it was not the same leg?
  4. Bad news. Weah didn’t play today.
  5. I've avoided paying attention to the JK crap in here, but seeing this? Even if its partially true, I say good riddance.
  6. Adams has a calf injury; won't play in CL.
  7. Have you tried using the Web Query function (Data Ribbon)? It's going to depend on how the website is laid out. You could probably find an API to reference in the Web Query which I'm guessing would be a lot cleaner than trying to parse CBS.
  8. #### man, we're so alike I am wondering if I have ADHD now. I've always kinda wondered, but never did anything about it.
  9. 1-1-1 I’m assuming the visualization aspect relates to the Apple question. If it’s the “wife says she wants to rearrange the living room” then my answer would be 4-1-1.
  10. Same here. Totally a 1. In fact, that 1 in the picture is not as detailed as the one I see in my head. 1 also. For whatever reason, the immediate image was a bunch of detailed apples in the drawer we use in our fridge for the apples.
  11. Wife: I think the sofa would look great over there. Me: Yep!
  12. Sure, but it's tough to not start thinking about what I was going to do today and this upcoming weekend. I guess it would be good practice to try to meditate. Something I've always wanted to do. I've tried in the past but the thoughts don't let me totally zone out. It's something I'm going to try and work on The trick to meditating, and I'm far from an expert, is you're focusing those conscious thoughts to specific parts of your body. The biggest/best I've found was focusing on my diaphragm. This is a great video I use for competitive archery
  13. You guys are just talking right past each other on this. @belljr says he can force himself to have the inner dialogue. That's all we're describing, except it happens more frequently. For me personally, I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum. That dialogue never shuts off. I can force myself to shut it off, but I have to try pretty damn hard to sit there and have nothing in my head.