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  1. They clearly airbrushed the hell out of her stomachto make it look bigger.
  2. I have a scenario I'd like clarified: floppo's sister picks Roma and Real Madrid both teams lose that week (sorry @Kafka) Does floppo's sister take 1 or 2 Dic...... or I mean 1 or 2 Losses?
  3. I would have liked instead of nothing you get punished at least. They can't give away a chance at an idol every episode so I get that only a third get to play. Since they're obviously supposed to break those clays in order, I'm wondering if they purposely stacked the games for the end to make the final 6-8 more exciting.
  4. Will the field be wet and bumpy?
  5. I'm sure he was sniffin' around before she even got to weigh in with the doc.
  6. 3D season is starting this weekend for us. I tend to shift towards working more for the club than shooting for myself this time of year... I'm running our first shoot of the season on Sunday and then next weekend I'll be running the IBO world championship qualifier at our club. It's an assload of work, but I enjoy it. I have a lot of fun coming up with creative new shots - I love the aspect of unknown yardage. I just picked up $3k worth of targets and inserts from Lancaster last night in prep for the new season. That puts us at 42 targets in our inventory plus I don't even know how many extra inserts. Easily over $20k worth of targets.
  7. People love to be product whores in the hopes of getting picked up by sponsors. Nice work with the coach!
  8. oooooooooouch
  9. I don't know how you do it, but my wife enjoys getting smashed. YMMV
  10. The Nature Raised grilled chicken breast strips at Costco are perfect for the quick meals. I'll make a chicken and spinach wrap when I need something in 5mins.
  11. They were just talking about adoption, guys. Take a chill pill.
  12. After I wiped the tears from my eyes (from laughing so hard at this), I realized how incredibly absurd the though of that is. And then I realized how many truly absurd things have happened here already and .....