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  1. Wow. Ex-employee needs a swift kick in the nuts.
  2. I'm struggling to understand the logistics on this. If all of these folks were on the plane, that means they've already shown ID to a TSA agent. No? The airline has the passenger manifest that (presumably) has the seat each person is sitting in. So if this was so important that ICE come get this guy right then and there, why can't they just go to seat 18A and grab the guy?
  3. Good lord. What's Bob doing these days?
  4. Yeah I know - it's a big reason I got into this cycle of denial and laziness.
  5. I've been a stubborn idiot long enough. Finally forcing myself to go see an Orthopedic specialist for my ankle (Monday AM). Every time I do any sort of activity on my feet that requires more than walking, it flares up immediately. Even just running soccer practices is enough to make it burn in the hours afterwards. Ashamed I've let it go this long without seeing someone, but all I can do now is move forward and stop sticking my head in the sand.
  6. Yeah that's pretty darn cool.
  7. Because campuses have police. Cops are asking for ID at the door before conferences?
  8. Why would they be afraid to go to a parent-teacher conference?
  9. Word of caution... dude has serious ninja skillz.
  10. Or a less messy option... Save up your empty yogurt cups for a while. Fill all of his desk drawers with the empty cups.