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  1. I was wondering about that when I read your other posts about the group. Makes sense to me.
  2. This. A person's political beliefs do not exist in a vacuum. Those beliefs are generally forged from their core beliefs - and if our core beliefs were "totally opposite" I can't envision any type of meaningful relationship. Now, are you asking if I could marry a republican - sure. But, not one where we held totally opposite beliefs. I'm glad you're back, GB.
  3. The fact this is even being talked about is exciting.
  4. 5 pools have been won on the Wednesday night draw; 7 on Saturday. Will Wed close the gap??
  5. Seeing this thread bumped compelled me to post an update. We are incredibly proud of Walter and the dog he's become. He has been damn near perfect. I could write pages about his progress, so I'll just put it in bullets: He's so eager to please you which makes him very trainable. He's mastered leave it, wait, come, and 'this way' (we use that to redirect him when we're off leash and change routes) Almost seems like he came pre-programmed with recall skills. He's amazing off leash - he's earned our 100% trust. He didn't know how to retrieve, but now can retrieve anything I throw - including actual ducks. Has the perfect soft hold already, which is a huge step if we teach him to be our duck dog. Never an accident in the house. Incredibly loyal, loves to snuggle with the kids Just yesterday discovered how to swim; after the 3rd try he was retrieving tennis balls and a duck trainer from the pond for an hour straight. We are still working on his excitement when seeing other dogs. Its the only time he loses his mind; always desperate to go play with them immediately.
  6. This felt back and forth to me until I made that mistake with my Rook. Think I made the same blunder against @Juxtatarot
  7. The reverse psychology is working!
  8. right there with ya. My sister's boyfriend has 1 hit in the last 3 pools combined.
  9. Uni and I are underway. @UniAlias apologies in advanced for my scattered play. I'm insanely busy - trying to get moves in while I can.
  10. Our 14yr old yellow lab (RIP) used to eat bark straight off the tree. Every tree in our back yard had a ring around it at his head height where he just would pick the bark clean off the tree. He was a stick eater in his younger years and transitioned to fresh bark as he got older.
  11. Heads up for the new guys we have in this. If the PC wins, the pot rolls over to the next pool. Think of it like Skins in golf. PC has to win out-right for it to count. Any ties with the PC go to the player. This is only the second time the PC has ever hit 4 numbers in one pool, so I doubt she wins (jinx).