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  1. It's definitely much quicker than Safari. Cant seem to find how to import bookmarks from Safari on iPhone though.
  2. Honey crisp dipped in natural PB is my go to snack.
  3. We could make a Do Not Party With list from this thread.
  4. Yup that first touch was what impressed me most. That pass could've easily gotten stuck under him since it was behind him.
  5. I don't know for sure, but I think it's just his dangerous ones.
  6. His speed is startling. I swear he's still getting faster.
  7. Curious on this.. I missed this It's in here ->
  8. Do you eat a Gala before or after your bowl of Grapenuts?
  9. He was a beast for me in FIFA 17.
  10. We really do have just about everything here in the FFA.
  11. I get what he's saying, but I had to laugh at #7. 7.) greed
  12. They made a big mistake trying to quiet the Chad Johnson, Terrell Owens, etc.