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  1. We have a thread for this, but no U20 Wolrd Cup thread?
  2. Not where I thought this post was going.
  3. The one and only time I've beaten Cecile.
  4. Pretty amazing to think about this considering he was a last minute add to the squad.
  5. A couple of days ago you were feeling run down - I say go enjoy the long weekend and forget the race. There will be plenty of time later in phase 3 of training where you can run some tune-up races and PR.
  6. Totally agree. I thought this was an excellent way to go about it. I'm surprised they didn't try this sooner (did they?).
  7. Senegal was faster than the US at every spot, but the US seemed to beat them by playing smart. It was pretty cool to watch the back line always in the right spot to snuff out their speed. Acosta jumped out to me too.
  8. Any motocross fans in the house? Sargent looks just like the MX GOAT, Ricky Carmichael.