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  1. All, Sorry for the timeout y/d. Not getting the notifications in timely fashion (delayed email). Will check in couple x day. Grim Btw the AB punishment well desrved (long sigh)
  2. Update: On the 14 teamer $120 entry, we have 11 of 14 paid (Leaguesafe)..... have a couple of maybes?, would like to get this thing filled, paid and ready to roll by mid June. Good league (3rd yr) with quick payouts. 30 rd, MFL10 style bestball w/PK's included. Have a Third Round reversal (3rr). Thanks
  3. The Grim Reaper: TMQB: CAR, GNB RB: Gurley, Kamara, David Johnson, Zeke WR: A. Brown, M. Thomas, K.Allen, ODB, D. Adams TE: Gronk, Kelce Flex: Ertz PK: Zuerlien, Gostkowski DEF: LAR, MIN
  4. Am in as defending champ from league 7. Thank you for running The Anarchy leagues all these yrs. I can imagine how thankless a task this is and completely understand if u decide to end them. ? Grim
  5. Hey Coinflip, Been in some of your leagues in the past. Am interested in this spot if still open. <> Thnx Grim
  6. Still looking to fill 1.....estimated start date late June early July
  7. Bump Really fun league. Good core group of owners. Essentially a 14 tm MFL 10 that goes 30 rds w/ a 3rd rd reversal, and a slightly diff DEF pt structure. Have 4 openings.
  8. 1.14 J. NELSON GBP WR - had choice between Nelson / Shady, went with the playoff gravy. Assuming 300+ w/playoff pts added if he stays helthy 2.19 L. FITZGERALD ARZ WR - undervalued in PPR IMO, and if AZ finds a way to get in playoffs then any addl pts will be a bonus. Am hoping for 250+ 3.14 M. BENNETT GBP TE - Went back n forth about going 3rd WR here as well as REED and INGRAM (who was a huge bargain for A99) but I went for safety and likely deep playoff run. In retrospect I would have gone INGRAM.... w/playoff pts included, I expect 200+ 4.19 J. WHITE NEW RB - Cupboard is thinning at RB by now, he is best of what's left + playoff pts. Regression from 2016 pt total is expected but If I can get 175+ will be ok with. 5.14 PATRIOTS DEFENSE - I know it was probably a reach but is hard to pass up a deep playoff run as well as NYJ x2 and BUF x2. If the O plays to it's potential, there will be more pt's to come as other teams try to keep up and make mistakes. Hoping for 180+ 6.19 MINNESOTA TEAM QB - I waited too long to address the QB, wasn't much left. It came down to LAR or MIN, coin flip in favor of the VIKINGS. Hopefully Bradford can stay healthy, the O-line is improved, and they don't play so much short dink/dunk like LY. Shooting for 290+ 7.14 C. CONLEY KAN WR - the teams #2 WR on a possible playoff team, and IF, Mahomes takes over or Smith stops dinking/dunking so much, there is hidden upside here. Am hoping (fingers crossed) for 120+ here reg season, and if makes playoffs, maybe another 10-20.... 8.19 M. MACK IND RB - I don't envision the COLTS making the playoffs, even if LUCK was healthy t/d. So I'm banking on only getting reg season pts here. I love the kids landing spot but he has too much tendancy to bend things to the outside. Obviously dynamic as a pass catcher, I don't see him taking much work from GORE or TURBIN on the ground unless inj occurs but Im guessing he gets 30+ recpts and a little bit of work on the ground (pseudo C. Thompson or A. Kamara). Am hoping for 90+ pts. 9.14 G. ZUERLIEN LAR PK - Flat out, I waited too long to address the PK, but I was relieved to have him as an option. An improved offense albeit one that should struggle in red zone will provide enough FG opps to give me positive ROI on this pick. Last yr he scored 91.9. I don't see why 110+ isn't realistic. 10.19 T. COHEN CHI RB - Making any reasonable prediction for this kid is difficult. J. Howard is a great back, Langford/Carey are nothing special. Cohen is small so I don't ever see him getting a large amount of carries but he is dynamite with the ball in his hands. IF he can get 40-50 atts and 25+ recpts and 1-2 TD somewhere? I could see him getting in range of 75-90 pts. Adding it up puts me right around 1800. Solid, Not bad, but not enough to win the whole thing. Will need some things to break my way a bit here and there.