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  1. Your RBs suxors.... rookie TEs will kill you too (look at historical rookie TE numbers even for studs like Winslow Vernon Davis OJ Howard etc) .... why go Ridley in the 5th? I would much rather spend that on a RB (James White?).... you should have also balanced your TEs by getting someone like Reed/Delanie Walker/Greg Olsen/Eifert late to go with Hockensen..... you have no stud QB either .... Cooper at WR in the 3rd is a huge risk too given his injury.... I think this is a terrible team to be honest but hey, every one has their own style
  2. You guys are overvaluing Robert Woods....he had 80+ catches last year because Cooper Kupp got injured.... he is going to go back to his 40-50 catches a year norm if Kupp plays all year
  3. From the 7th spot: QB: Brees (9); Ben (12); Brady (14) RB: Zeke (1); Gurley (2); Damien Williams (3); Jordan Howard (10) WR: Edelman (4); Cooper Kupp (5); AJ Green (6); Will Fuller (7); DeVante Parker (19) TE: Delanie Walker (8); Olsen (11); Ian Thomas (16); Gronk (17) D/ST: LAC (13); LAR (15); Bills (18) K: Crosby (20)
  4. Did one from the 4th hole.... need some luck at RB QB: Garopollo (12); Matt Ryan (13) RB: Royce Freeman (3); Lynch (7); James White (9); Chubb (10); CJ Anderson (11); Jav Allen (16); Blount (18) WR: Antonio Brown (1); Keenan Allen (2); Josh Gordon (4); Mike Crabtree (6); Keelan Cole (14); Brandon Marshall (20) TE: Jordan Reed (5); OJ Howard (8) PK: Matt Bryant (19) Def : Hou (15); Bal (17)
  5. Too weak at QB and WR to win....first 4 weeks you will be starting Garcon as the time Edelman comes back you may be in a 0-4 or 1-3 hole better hope Burkhead goes off big time from the start ....the hoodie better help u
  6. Yes a bad D helps a QB throw more....but he will also have a lot more turnovers which will result in stalled drives....not to mention he is going to get mauled again which means getting injured is just a matter of time given he is not that big to begin with
  7. So u are relying on Dion Lewis who is always injured or at best in a time share with Henry; Keenan Allen who is a stud but again major injury history; Baldwin is already injured; Gordon I love but again will he actually play an entire year; Edelman is already out 4 games; Burkhead is on a team with 4 RB monster which means he will be a dud when you start him and be a stud when you bench him; no real top 10 TE; a QB1 that has again injury concerns and even if healthy has one weapon in Hilton and a QB2 who is again out for 4 games..... so much risk all over the roster....I like high risk/high reward but this is an overkill and I will be shocked if this team does anything unless u get super lucky
  8. So an entire offense or team can never regress/tank? Seattle's OL still stinks; they have no RB yet that has done squat; they lost their best red zone TD machine; their D is in rebuild mode..... Russell is not going to run fro 150 yards every week.... they play really good defenses in the AFC West (Chargers; Broncos; Chiefs) and NFC North (Chi; Minn; GB; Det)..... basically expect the entire team to stink and the entire O to be in trouble all year .... good luck
  9. Brees is going to disappoint....last year was not a fluke....
  10. Russell Wilson just lost his favorite redzone target in Graham.....take away those TDs (and they did not do anything to upgrade at TE), and I don't see him being a #1 QB....I rather have Watson all day....
  11. From the 3rd hole: QB: Watson (7); Carr (17) RB: Bell (1); Hyde (6); Crowell (8); Doug Martin (13) WR: AJ Green (2); Doug Baldwin (3); K Benjamin (10); DVante Parker (11); Dede Westbrook (14); John Brown (15); Kevin White (18); Brandon Marshall (20) TE: Jimmy Graham (4); Jordan Reed (5); OJ Howard (9) DF: Hou (12); Chargers (16) PK: Bryant (19) I wanted to get Freeman or Jordan Howard in the 3rd but smtg got screwed up in the draft and I got Edelman in the 3rd which is the time the commish paused draft both howard and Freeman were I was forced to pick Baldwin there
  12. You do have the rookie WR market covered except the best pick .... Ridley who is going to transition to the NFL the fastest....the problem with FFPC is you only have 11 weeks so you cannot wait for rookie WRs to get going....that's why I prefer not to touch them
  13. From the 11th hole: QB: Rivers (12); Luck (13) RB: Cook (2); Freeman (4); Hyde (6); Chubb (11); Doug Martin (14); Blount (18) WR: Josh Gordon (3); Crabtree (5); Cobb (7); DVante Parker (10); Brandon Marshall (16); Kevin White (17) TE: Gronk (1); Doyle (8); Eifert (9) DF: Denver (15); Zona (20) PK: Boswell (19) Fire away.... I wanted to get Jordan Reed TE with my 4th 5th pick but he went one pick before me .... maybe its a blessing in disguise if he is injured again.... Crabtree is not bad to help with the WR core
  14. Trust in your evaluations? How is the Demaryus Thomas as your WR1 pick looking now with Siemen and Paxton Lynch throwing to him all year?