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  1. Trust in your evaluations? How is the Demaryus Thomas as your WR1 pick looking now with Siemen and Paxton Lynch throwing to him all year?
  2. Just did one from the 5th hole .... Almost picked Josh Gordon in the 7th but went for Crabtree and hoped Gordon came back in the 8th but he was drafted the very next pick in 7th..... Thoughts? I liked a lot of the value I got in this draft (Benjamin in 11; Jordy in 2nd....I might have reached for Foster maybe one round earlier but I really wanted him) QB: Cutler (14); Romo (15); Fitzpatrick (18) RB: Rawls (4); Foster(5); Jeremy Hill (8); Rashad Jennings (9); Shane Vereen (16) WR: Jordy Nelson (2); TY Hilton (3); Crabtree (7); Travis Benjamin (11); Tajae Sharpe (20) TE: Gronk (1); Barnidge (6); Witten (10); Will Tye (12) DEF: Denver (13); LA Rams (17) K: Graham Gano (19)
  3. Well said.....that is an average team.....he better hope Eddie Lacy produces like a top 5 Rb to have any shot....
  4. Nothing personal .... I just do not like DThom this year with their QB situation....
  5. Your TEs stink...D Thom and Lacy are huge risks ....
  6. Drafted from the 2nd spot today.....was amazed to get Dion Lewis in the 4th.....absolutely love my team and the 4 headed RB. I had someone call me during the 16-17 rounds and it went to auto draft and took the 2 defenses....I was supposed to take a defense and James White to back up D Lewis....oh well. If Josh Gordon gets playing time this year especially in the playoffs I can run away with the league for sure QB: Romo (12); Cutler (15); Mariota (18) RB: Leveon Bell (1); J Charles (2); Dion Lewis (4); Rawls (5) WR; Marshall (3); Kevin White (6); Desean Jackson (8); Travis Benjamin (9); Josh Gordon (10); Lafell (20) TE: Julius Thomas (7); Zach Miller (11); W. Tye (13) DEF: Sea (14); Oak (16); Jax (17) K: Crosby (19)
  7. I am not a big fan of the WRs in the 4th and 5th round....unless I take Fitzgerald or Decker or Crabtree....everyone else seems meh....I rather get the upside of Rawls despite the risk involved. As a RB3, I think there is great value in Rawls....the team will run the ball and he has proven he can get it done albeit it is small sample size.
  8. I do have West to take care of any issues with Charles and West has proven to provide solid production if Charles is out.......
  9. From the 3 hole last night.... loved this one as I pretty much got everyone I targeted in every round.... It will be nice if one out of Lafell/Wight/Cruz return back to their normal baseline production....then I have the WR depth to make serious noise into the playoffs. Qb: Rivers (12); Cutler (15) Rb: Leveon Bell (1); Jamaal Charles (2); Rawls (4); Jon Stewart (8); Arian Foster (10); C West (13) WR: TY Hilton (3); Kevin White (7); Travis Benjamin (9); Josh Gordon (11); Victor Cruz (14); Kendall Wright (16); Brandon Lafell (18) TE: Delanie Walker (5); Julius Thomas (6) K: Bailey (19) D: Rams (17)
  10. Not sure if your RBs are enough ...who will you start at RB2? Howard is not gonna be it .... your best hope is Blount getting huge chunk of carries and lots of goal line TDs....also your TEs might be an issue....depends on what Bennett does
  11. Did one last night....from the 1st spot....In the 2nd round, with 2 picks to go before me, both Jordan Reed and Jamaal Charles were on the board....was really hoping I get one...both would have been awesome....unfortunately both went in those 2 picks....not unhappy with my team but I would have loved to start with Bell, Charles and Marshall or Bell, Reed and Marshall.... QB: Brady (9); Rivers (11); Cutler (14) RB: Leveon Bell (1); Rawls (4); Langford (5); Sproles (13); Blount (15); Kadeem Carey (18) WR: Marshall (2); Hilton (3); Kevin White (7); Funchess (10); Mike Wallace (12); Britt (17) TE: Eifert (6); Witten (8); Donnell (20) K: Dan Bailey (19) D: Rams (16)
  12. Drafted from 10th spot last night....fire away. Only regret I have is not getting Charcandrick West to back up Charles QB: Brady (10); Cutler (15); Flacco (17) RB: AP (1); Charles (2); Dion Lewis (4); Jon Stewart (8) WR: Edelman (3); Larry Fitz (5); Kevin White (6); Funchess (11); Josh Gordon (12); Mike Wallace (14); Victor Cruz (16) TE: Witten (7); Zach Miller/Bears (9) K: Dan Bailey (18) D: Den (13); Eagles (19); SF (20) - plan to start SF at home on opening week against the Rams and their rookie QB.
  13. I ended up getting the 87th spot - one more K of prize money....will take it....