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  1. "In Week 1, Hardman played 53 of a possible 59 snaps after Hill exited" How much PT did Robinson get? Not being a smart ###. I just dont know. And who was playing Tyreek's position after he went down?
  2. The Athletic's Nate Taylor is under the impression from Chiefs coach Andy Reid that Mecole Hardman and De'Anthony Thomas will vill the void left by Tyreek Hill (collarbone). Reid said, "Thomas has done it before and Mecole has kind of been in that position. We feel good working both of them." Both receivers offer a ton of speed and big-play potential, but the Chiefs will also be asking more from Sammy Watkins and Travis Kelce, too. Hardman was inconsistent at Georgia on deep balls, though he didn't have Patrick Mahomes throwing them either. Hardman is a high-ceiling, zero-floor WR4 in Oakland.
  3. "In Week 1, Hardman played 53 of a possible 59 snaps after Hill exited, and ran a route on 79% of Patrick Mahomes' dropbacks. That's incredible usage, especially considering the offense didn't appear to miss a beat without Hill. After torching the Jaguars for 491 total yards in Jacksonville, they look primed to be just as explosive in 2019 as they were in 2018." -Ben Gretch Granted he was blanked on the stat sheet. Had only 1 target.
  4. Standard Damien Williams or Derrick Henry
  5. I thought the OC who is in Cleveland now was the reason behind the air raid in TB last year. Name is escaping me ATM.
  6. coming off 76 rec for 1,028 yards and 7 TDs in year 2 in 14 games played. I think the Bengals will be behind a lot and throwing. With pretty modest improvement he jumps into a top 12 overall type WR. He may have even finished last year inside the top 12 if he plays a full 16 game season. enjoyed the article by @Hot Sauce Guy above. Im late to the party on this guy but hoping for big things this year. Trying to figure out if the AJG injury helps or hurts. Havent really come to any conclusions. Interested in some other opinions.
  7. Some people are desperate to discount Dwill it seems. That is non news to people like me.
  8. Got gurt again? I havent seen that. Link?
  9. The worries about Hyde did not age well here as expected. I think there is room for sharing in this offense. I dont see Darwin being a fulltime GL rb. As an owner of both id love to see one guy get the majority of work. But even if its close to a 50/50 split I think it will be rb2 type numbers. Which is all I was after. RB2 plus potential big upside. So right on track.
  10. DW avgd 19.2 touches a game (115 touches) with 10 TDs over his final 6 gms including playoffs. I agree there are big concerns as he has never been a lead back in the NFL for a season. but if he keeps that up he wont be losing his job to a rookie anytime soon. He will need to fail or get injured. I think Thompson is a great handcuff though. I read about the Westbrook comp as well.