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  1. Was actually going to cancel Sunday Ticket and they went ahead and gave me the upgraded package for free and is only charging $11 a month for the whole Sunday Ticket. $ I'll guess I'll stay
  2. I wish they would show the actual breakdown of society and not fast foward eight years later.
  3. Here is an idea that I am sure that has been mentioned in this thread, they need to show them selling some items.
  4. I think the real question is.... Will Dawn cry in the next episode?
  5. That was one of the most epic tribals ever!!!! Easily top 5.
  6. Survivor 101, wear cargo shorts with pockets on the sides to wear in case you find an idol.
  7. They were talking about that on 97.1 asking fans not to rush the court. Act like beating Michigan is nothing new
  8. that's the game I thought of when I opened this thread. the underwater level was like the 2nd level too, right?Haha I always switched and used Raphael on that level. I knew there was no way to be it without dying. So I'd always use my worst turtle. Great game I love when you walked into a level and saw one of your turtles tied up.It took me three years to beat that game!!! I didn't think the water part was all that bad.
  9. Agreed 100%The problem here is that keeping Shane would've made it harder for Dan to get into the finals. Keeping Ian was Dan's best bet as both Ian and Danielle would most likely take him to the finals. Shane definitely would've taken Danielle to the finals.I understand the logic for Dan, but someone like him should have been thinking endgame vs 2nd place IMO. We all knew that Shane would take Dani to final 2 over Dan, but just because he seemed to have final 2 with Ian and Dani, that didnt mean it was a smart move to take out Shane. I think had he taken the risk of going up against Shane he would have won if he landed in final 2 for sure. The way he went about it, he got himself a real nice shot at final two, but that is probably the farthest he can go.He increased his final 2 chances with Shane move, but greatly decreased his win probability In the final speech to the jury Dan will have yet another major move to his credit to please his case. Convincing HOH to not only take you off the block to put her man up...and then voting him off is a pretty awesome move that nobody else in the house would've been able to pull off. When the jury finally calms down and votes on gameplay (most usually do) that move favors Dan quite a bit.this is where I disagree. part of Big Brother is the social aspect, if you do turn on someone and stab them hard, there better be a perfect reason for doing it or the person you stabbed will never vote for you. Ian stabbing Frank for example, made sense and the more Frank could dwell on it the more he realizes the game part of it. When Shane thinks it over he will not forgive Dan, since it was a pointless stabbing. Ian was just as dangerous as Shane, if it was Jenn then he possibly could understand this. I am thinking for what Shane is thinking, so this could be all stupid chatter since Shane is a moron, but my point is still that Dan screwed his win chance with Shane move Ian will probably take dan to the finals, no way in hell shane would, it wasn't pointless imo.I already said before i understood that part of this move, but it wasnt worth it since Ian will destroy Dan in final 2. It wont be close IMO. Even assuming Ian is the one who gets to choose final 2 (so Dan wont have to actually cut Dani and still have her vote) here is how i see the votes in Ian v DanFrank- Ian (no chance for a Dan vote) Ashley- Ian Joe- Ian (way too much anger at Dan) Britney- I see her leaning Ian vote Shane- 10000% Ian Jenn- Dan Dani- Dan Which two votes you see flipping for Dan? Brittany, she kept saying how well he's played the game when she was in the jury house.Shane, because.....well he's dumb.