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  1. Was actually going to cancel Sunday Ticket and they went ahead and gave me the upgraded package for free and is only charging $11 a month for the whole Sunday Ticket. $ I'll guess I'll stay
  2. Love the wrinkle from the first to the second, the EXCELLENT condition. Okoye, wow, it's like a cheat code. Thing is though, the Chiefs still arent that good to play with even if you get him in Excellent. Not enough at other positions and bad QB
  3. I heard Pee-Wee Herman is going to play Robin.
  4. I wish they would show the actual breakdown of society and not fast foward eight years later.
  5. Here is an idea that I am sure that has been mentioned in this thread, they need to show them selling some items.
  6. I think the real question is.... Will Dawn cry in the next episode?
  7. That was one of the most epic tribals ever!!!! Easily top 5.
  8. Survivor 101, wear cargo shorts with pockets on the sides to wear in case you find an idol.
  9. They were talking about that on 97.1 asking fans not to rush the court. Act like beating Michigan is nothing new
  10. that's the game I thought of when I opened this thread. the underwater level was like the 2nd level too, right?Haha I always switched and used Raphael on that level. I knew there was no way to be it without dying. So I'd always use my worst turtle. Great game I love when you walked into a level and saw one of your turtles tied up.It took me three years to beat that game!!! I didn't think the water part was all that bad.