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  1. I think I'll go through the entire list and make one post of 80s tunes... Whoa, whoa, whoa. I found it. Dude. I have been looking for this tune since last August after hearing it on a road trip out west. We were passing through SW Wyoming and were barely picking up a Utah station that was doing an 80s weekend. I was driving and my nephew wouldn't write down the name of the tune. Worth the effort of going through this entire post tune-by-tune just to find this song.
  2. Got the derivative post the first time you said what is important is what you say is important and what you say is important was the only thing that matters. He was asked about something on public record and answered truthfully. Malice The intentional commission of a wrongful act, absent justification, with the intent to cause harm to others;... ...In its legal application, the term malice is comprehensive and applies to any legal act that is committed intentionally without Just Cause or excuse... A statement given and taken in confidence is not an intentional act. A confidential statement made public under false pretense is public record. Being asked about a statement in public record shows no intent to commit harm especially a confidential statement that you made and are on record as being truthful. Garrett is one of two people who heard what was said and made a confidential statement and a public confirmation. No intent unless you want to go on record that Garrett intentionally leaking the confidential statement just so he could maliciously attack Rudolph. The burden of proof is on Rudolph to prove intent of harm. When someone claims malice they have to prove intention to harm. They have to actually prove it. Their was no intent and considering he was confirming what was said on public record. If he had gone public with intention to harm then you could pat yourself on the butt or whatever. But their is a distinction that you can't or won't get and that is a confidential statement was made public. Nothing further from intent could be proven under those circumstances no matter how often or public Myles Garrett confirms those statements because they were gotten under false pretext. Double down on what you think you said and thank God for people who disagree with your dismissal of free speech.
  3. More off the top of my head. Obscure >> Robbie Robertson - Somewhere Down The Crazy River (Official Music Video) Forgotten (Fun trivia tidbit Robert Cray was the guitar player in Otis Day and the Nights' band in the movie Animal House and can be seen on camera) >> Robert Cray - Smoking Gun >> Robert Cray - Right Next Door (Because Of Me) Obscure/Forgotten >> Don Dixon "Praying Mantis" 1985 Obscure/Neglected/and Forgotten (LOVE this song) >> Garland Jeffreys - El Salvador (Official Music Video) El Salvador Music & Lyrics by Garland Jeffreys From the album Guts for Love (1982) Lay me down Fast asleep at night Take me ’round Hold me tight Most of all Please protect my child Watch on her until the morning light Danger lurks from behind the bush Nerves will fray Blood will rush Victims of another terror style Homeless angels on the run El Salvador, El Salvador El Salvador, El Salvador Walking proud On my wedding day Memories I recall Bride and groom go marching Down the aisle Celebrate with trumpet calls Heartless crimes Lately fill my dreams Headlines scream ‘cross the world Lifelines end but fill an endless file Widows writhe under the sun El Salvador, El Salvador El Salvador, El Salvador
  4. What you say is important is all that matters. Really? I disagree.
  5. - the forgotten, obscure, neglected Sorry if any of these are Hondas butI used to be a 'jock' (disc jockey) at the World's Only Wind Powered Radio Station KFMU. A P3 AOR station up in the Yampa Valley of Colorado but in the day. Just a small sample of the obscure/forgotten/neglected. If you like 80s you'll enjoy these and may have even heard of one or two. Forgotten >> Joan Armatrading-Drop The Pilot Obscure >> Julian Cope - Trampolene Obscure (the entire Jumpin Jive album is pure gold) >> Is you is or is you ain't my baby- Joe Jackson version >> Forgotten/Neglected >> Joe Jackson - Another World (+LYRICS) Neglected/Forgotten >> Ry Cooder - "Why Don't You Try Me Tonight" Obscure >> DOUG & THE SLUGS - Makin' It Work Obscure >> I wanna be like you - LOS LOBOS Neglected/Forgotten >> Love And Rockets - "No New Tale To Tell" >> Love And Rockets - Welcome Tomorrow So many lost/forgotten/obscure/neglected songs of the 80s.
  6. Doc, Mason's lawyers are threatening malice meaning they claim Garrett KNOWINGLY made a false accusation which caused him harm. Myles did not make a public accusation, the media got a confidential leaked statement and made a confidential statement public record. Garrett did not go public but confirmed a leaked statement attributed to him. Myles was assured his statement was private and would not be shared. Private conversations are protected free speech. Their can be no MALICE for private conversations especially when assumed they are told they are confidential. If you disagree do you think you should be held liable for private conversations especially if you are told your words would be held in strict confidence but find yourself threatened being sued with MALICE for when an investigator of your employer told you that your statements were confidential but they went public?
  7. He can say whatever he wants but it doesn't matter without proof and their is no proof. He can waste his money but here is the crux of this thing. People have used and still use the N-word. Mason Rudolph has shown who he is by his actions on the field and in post game PCs. Fun fact, off the field Mason likes posts of people who favor using the confederate flag. If someone makes up ridiculous claim that four squirrels opened up a barbershop in their backyard and someone doubted the person telling the story and that person asked them to prove it didn't happen then we can make an educated guess on who is telling the truth. In the heat of NFL battle where a player tries to rip off another player's helmet and then kicks them in the crotch and we can clearly see that words are shared but have no audio of what was or wasn't said then we can make an educated guess on what may or may not have been said especially if one is white the other is black and the one who made the claim was told it would be held in confidence but was shared with the media forcing him to repeat what the other had said. Myles did not want to come forward because he knew what Rudolph said was inflammatory but for anyone to think the N-word hasn't been or will never be said in the heat of battle on an NFL field is living in a fairy tail world of faeries, daisy's and lollipops.
  8. It doesn't. It 'Proving Non-Existence' is one of the 7 fallacy's of logic (ad ignorantiam). If Rudolph's lawyer attempts to make a case based on a fallacy of logic he's grandstanding and milking Rudolph. No one can win a case based on a fallacy of logic. A 'Burden of proof' fallacy defamatory case is totally groundless because the NFL 'CLAIMS' their is no evidence. NFL reiterates it has no evidence of Mason Rudolph racial slur The NFL 'investigation' consisted of interviewing players asking what they saw and heard. The moron Florio at PFT says that Garrett 'should' have made the claim in the locker room directly after the game about use of the N-word. Um no. Garrett said nothing about Rudolph grabbing his face mask or attempting to rip off his helmet and he didn't and still hasn't said a word about Rudolph kicking him in the crotch. He was contrite and made many apologies. To claim Garrett said nothing about Rudolph use of the N-word in the locker room right after the game constitutes proof that Garrett made it up? No. We saw what Rudolph did yet Garrett said nothing about what Rudolph did to him. We saw how he conducted himself and heard what Rudolph said directly after that game calling Garrett a total coward and Garrett has said nothing. For PFT to make up a strawman argument stating Myles said nothing about use of the N-word as proof of nonexistence is a cry for help just as a 'threatened' legal case built on a fallacy of logic.
  9. Verrrrry long. -------------------- Steve Martin - And Mary Scorcese is here somewhere, genius-wow. Chris Rock - Yes, Marty Scorcese. Um Marty, I, I, I just gotta tell ya I loved the first season of the Irishman.
  10. Are people getting boards mixed up. Omnipotent claims saying they know what was or wasn't said. Political rants. Arrogance of some so up on holier than thou high horses they can't get down without a parachute. Law school takes? I thought this was the Shark Pool.
  11. Matt Waldman comes out of the closet as a Browns fan and discusses the overall state of the team and touches on the subject of Baker Mayfield that I think needs discussing. Podcast LINK >> 🎧 >> Episode 18: Matt Waldman Joins the Show From: Nothin' but the Dawgs The founder of Matt Waldman Rookie Scouting Portfolio as well as Senior Staff writer at Football Guys, Matt Waldman joins the guys in the studio. We learn how Matt got roped into his Browns fandom, we talk organizational alignment and how important it is, we dissect Nick Chubb in the wide zone, we talk Baker Mayfield and then dive full into the NFL draft - namely OT, WR, and TE. Be sure to stay for the "Mahalo!"
  12. Super creepy. A few details. When I stopped I had a choice between the 'seemingly' empty diner in the blazing sun or a super busy fast food joint acrsoss the street in the shade that was jam packed with parents and kids screaming and running around. I just couldn't handle a crowd in my weakened condition. Also the car I had at the time had no AC and it must have been 115 to 120 inside my car. I was in bad shape when I finally pulled over. When I entered the diner and saw ONE GUY with his back turned to the counter it was crystal clear he did NOT want anyone sitting by or near him. I had worked a job up in Alaska with violent and 'differently' socialed people so I had experience having to barge into deeply defended personal space but was worn down by the road and heat stroke. Basically he was saying 'stay away' but I had no idea who it was until he whipped his head around and I would normally never get near that sort of vibe but had to sit in that booth that faced him. I think he must have thought I recognized him and was some sort of fan boy but when he saw I wasn't going to bother him he felt bad and was reaching out in a friendly and cool way but his initial reaction freaked me out. I was looking to only spend a half hour eating and resting/getting a second wind for a long drive up to Glacier National Park but wound up spending two hours trying to recuperate but I don't blame Spielberg. Just caught him at a bad time.
  13. Ziffel? 🐷🐖 Love me some Green Acres. >>> Dramatic court room scene that had  Arnold up for an  Emmy