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  3. He has only participated in a rookie mini camp and OTAs. No pads, no pass rush, no game planning. Kizer has looked improved but he came in with lots of mechanical issues. Add, his positional coach has stated that DeShone isn't ready to start so don't assume Kizer has done anything to get excited about at this time. If you want to take a 'long-shot' gamble on upside then fine but don't raise expectations at this time other than 'long-shot' gamble.
  4. CB Josh Norman went from Carolina who previously had been in the Super Bowl. He left and they really missed him as their record dropped. C Alex Mack went from a poor Cleveland team to Atlanta. Cleveland struggled even-more without him as Atlanta went to to the Super Bowl. Corner and center isn't on anyone's team bulding blueprint but based on last year those two guys certainlly seemed to have had an impact.
  5. Cleveland Browns' Jabrill Peppers signs participation agreement for rookie minicamp By The Sports Xchange | May 13, 2017 at 1:27 PM
  6. Not many WR rated low by the FF community get a spurt of stories on them even in the slow time leading up to camp as Louis is receiving. Another one from a different source just came out that was linked from the Football Guys new page: Go to the link for the full story. I don't recall this many stories on a guy from the beat writers that didn't at least lead up to a lot of opportunities for a WR in camp.
  7. Per Peter King MMQB. THU JUN. 22, 2017 1. I would not ignore DeShone Kizer’s strong spring in Cleveland. My sense is he’s proven to be the most talented quarterback on the roster and is right in the thick of the competition to be the team’s Week 1 starter.
  8. Yeah, Pete Smith has been on top of the situation from the start. He is the one who noticed DeValve had bulked up but recently he noted that Seth was down to 248, his playing weight from last year which hinted he would be the move-TE and he is the guy who wrote the FanSide article that was picked up by USA Today so this is all correct info. I look for Njoku to be on the field the majority of the time just as Barnidge was last year and for DeValve to get 'more' looks than he did as a rook but he won't be on the field to the extent that Njuko is slated.
  9. I noticed he got 'some' ink in mini-camp hinted (to me) that the beat writers were picking up on something. Since that time Lewis has gotten more ink from beat writers so I think they are getting a good vibe about Louis making an improvement this year. I don't think Ricardo is going to be a fantasy stud but think he qualifies in the top 120 NFL WRs.
  10. Five minutes ago.. Kizer taking 1st reps over Kessler. ------------------------------------------ Nate Ulrich‏ @NateUlrichABJ 5m5 minutes ago More #Browns open team drills with QB DeShone Kizer going first. Had been Cody Kessler throughout spring
  11. Kizer getting 1st team reps. --------------------------------- Mary Kay Cabot‏Verified account @MaryKayCabot 1h1 hour ago More #Browns Kizer has consistently worked with 1st team offense today despite 3rd in order. Significant. You don't waste those 1st team reps --------------------------------- Tony Grossi‏Verified account @TonyGrossi 1h1 hour ago More The best throws I saw at Browns minicamp today were thrown by DeShone Kizer. ----------------------------------
  12. I take from the OPs comments that he liked Kizer prior to the draft or think he 'might' develop into a decent starter and isn't high on Watson or isn't pleased about giving up a first round pick for him. I'm not sure if Watson or Kizer will turn into solid starters or that one will perform exceptionally than the other. What Houston did at quarterback this offseason was unusual and you are missing the Brock Osweiler component. We know what happened so a third poll would simply ask the following question seeing exactly what assets were given up and acquired since both trades were between Houston and Cleveland we can see what both teams got and gave up. Which would you prefer? ------------------------------------------ Brock Osweiler + an extra 2nd round pick + an extra 1st round pick + DeShone Kizer - $16 million in cap space yet still own the 3rd most cap space in the NFL. OR DeSean Watson + $16 million in cap space - 2nd round pick - 1st round pick --------------------------------------------
  13. That blurb is from June 7 and is a passing comment, not an in-depth story breaking down the QBs. For more insight on what Grossi is hinting, here is another blurb from June 1st. Grossi mentions that Hue Jackson noted Ossweiler was a 'pleasant surprise' but that Kizer took some first team reps and no one mentioned that, choosing to focus on the Osweiler comments. Grossi has zeroed in on the comments when Osweiler was attained in a trade when the Browns said that he was not taken to become the starter and could be traded or released. He 'obviously' does not think the Browns feel Osweiler is starting material. The last part of this blurb mentions that if the Browns decided Osweiler isn't 'heads and-shoulders better than Kizer' that valuable reps will be taken by Oz that could be used to develop and evaluate Kizer. I'm not sure that 'anyone' can form a coherent narrative on three 'sketchy' QBs in various levels of develop based on OTAs but I know where Grossi is coming from. He doesn't feel Osweiler is the long term answer and he 'probably' isn't sure about Kizer but feels the team needs to develop him to the point that they can make a solid evaluation heading into next year's draft where the Browns hold 2-1st round and 2-2nd round draft picks in what is 'supposed' to be a good QB crop.
  14. I never indicated that Louis would develop into one of the top 50 NFL WRs. I noticed that you dropped him from your list after consistently rating him in the 120 range of NFL WRs. I see no reason to drop him from one of the top 130 NFL WRs and feel he will perform 'at-minimum' in the same range that he did last year and 'could' perform far better due to opportunity and increased targets.
  15. Last year Ricardo Lewis was the fourth WR behind: Terrelle Pryor Corey Coleman Andrew Hawkins And he moved in front of fellow rookies, Jordan Payton and Rashad Higgins. Neither Higgins nor Payton supplanted Coleman when he went down with injury, the coaches liked Louis better. Hawkins is gone but the coaches kept him over fantasy darling Taylor Gabriel who they let go in favor of Hawkins so they liked him but he didn't deliver. Corey Coleman's major problem last year was staying healthy enough to take the field and this year he has already been injured after falling on a ball and is out until training camp. Terrelle Pryor is gone. The only addition has been Kenny Britt. He is the only veteran WR and is slated to start. Higgins is more suited for the slot, Even if he bulks up and earns a starting job, he won't be a threat to Louis. Pryor was the #1 WR last year but the coaches were grooming Coleman for that role. Corey is already injured in non-contact OTAs with no pads so someone is going to take those reps and it appears Ricado Lewis is that player. If/when Coleman goes down again who will be suited for PT? It certainly 'seems' like Ricardo Louis from the little we've heard from OTAs on the WR situation and from what we saw last year.