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  1. Harmon doesn't think the targets will last much longer and with Josh Gordon AND Corey Coleman coming back that is a logical take. Also, note that this week he is on the road to face Josh Norman so he has his toughest matchup of the year, no Byron Maxwell or Xavien Howard this week to feast upon. NFL Fantasy Football ‏@NFLfantasy 1h1 hour ago 14 targets for Terrelle Pryor? @MattHarmon_BYB makes sense of it in the Week 3 targets report.
  2. The big caveat in all of this was Cody Kessler was inactive for the first game, let me emphasize that INACTIVE. He got zero reps with the ones in camp and preseason and was inactive the first game meaning he was nowhere near ready to play and the club had no intention of playing the kid but broken shoulders by both the starting and backup QBs in the first two games changed that so Hue had to get him ready to start in only four days. Hue had been putting in packages for TP at QB but it certainly wasn't a base set, they are only packages. Kessler crapped the bed in the first couple of series and Hue shoved TP in at QB because the alternative was watching an implosion but Kessler settled down by halftime and, I don't think that TP didn't attempt any more passes after that. I wouldn't get 'overly excited' about TPs deep-ball as a passing threat, he was tried at QB by a couple of teams and failed and Hue had him twice at QB in Oakland and then in Cincinnati and well, he failed as a pure QB. Hue is the one who originally had him switch to WR where TP didn't stick the first time at WR so he knows his limitations as a QB and how to use him at WR. I wouldn't overly complicate things. Gordon will be the X when he comes back. Coleman has slot and Z abilities but what do they do with TP? I think they will use him like I suggested because we all saw what he did when he lined up on the LOS as an X. He overpowers the DB at the LOS and gets into his route. He has limitations trying to work in space, I've gone into that above in a previous post. Hue has been creative so he will keep the QB/Slash packages and with Kessler at QB this will continue but he isn't an NFL QB. That has been tried a few times. He is what he is and we are all learning what he can do and its exciting.
  3. We haven't seen anything like this before. A 6'4 uber athletic and speedy QB with the ability to run and take it to the house who has deep-ball boxing out WR ability who has made the transition to WR. In the offseason, the Browns had him lined up as the X-WR due to the impending suspension of Josh Gordon and the fact that Coleman just seems like a natural Z-WR. However, the team moved Coleman to the X and switched Pryor to the Z, a move I wasn't in favor of because it just doesn't seem to fit with natural abilities. In the preseason, JG came back and blew up and looks like he will be back as the undisputed X-WR when he is done serving his suspension. However, Coleman blew up with Josh McCown at QB in the second game after looking a bit shaky in the first game. Coleman breaks his hand and Pryor moves back to X AND he gets to dabble with some creative QB plays that fit his skill set. POINT? A 6'4 235 lb WR and former QB who is more of a natural fit at X and who brings extra skills being put in the 'perfect' position to utilize everything he brings to the table? Hand meet glove. The perfect storm. JG and Coleman OUT, he gets moved back to X and Hue Jackson utilizes his QB skills. The obvious questions are, what happens when JG gets back and Coleman's hand heals and the QB situations settles? Josh Gordon is the X when he comes back. Coleman is a natural Z or slot IMHO. Hue Jackson can create an X-men scheme with JG and TP where one will line up on the LOS on one play and the other will be two yards off the LOS as the Z and they would switch depending on where they can best attack the coverage. Coleman would line up in the slot. TP motion to the backfield, at times, running some Wildcat or 'option' plays as a change of place but he had a legitimate breakout game albeit as and X-WR who also played QB. Bottom line, TP will get his one way or another. I doubt JG is in the 'long-term' plans of the club in the way they made Coleman as an X-WR, almost like they were counting on Josh to fail. They also originally had TP at X before they felt comfortable enough with Coleman to switch him to Z. Hue had TP as his QB in Oakland and knows what he can do there. He has been putting in these QB packages for Pryor all offseason. No one saw that game coming but don't dismiss what he brings to the table or what Hue can get out of him.
  4. Wow, did not know this. ==================================== Daryl Ruiter ‏@RuiterWrongFAN 3h3 hours ago Daryl Ruiter Retweeted john telich The Mike Pettine - Ray Farmer feud in microcosm. Farmer wanted Pryor, Pettine cut him as soon as Ray started his suspension
  5. Cris Carter ‏@criscarter80 20h20 hours ago Terrell Pryor transition to Wr is amazing. Many have tried but only a few have become legitimate NFL WR's #Respect Pryor started the game at receiver and caught eight passes for 144 yards. He lined up 14 times at quarterback in the shotgun, ran four times for 21 yards and a touchdown and threw five passes, completing three. He also spent a play in the secondary, playing deep safety in case the Miami Dolphins tried a Hail Mary at the end of the first half. Pryor finished the Browns' 30-24 overtime loss to the Dolphins with 200 total yards and the rushing touchdown. Coach Hue Jackson said he had never seen a player do as much in one game as Pryor did. ... "I can't say enough about the job Terrelle Pryor did," wide receiver Andrew Hawkins said. "He really put the offense on his back when he got the opportunity." ... Pryor even moved spots at receiver after first-round pick Corey Coleman broke his hand in practice Wednesday. Pryor had been playing at "Z" but moved to "X" after Coleman's injury. "They got to pull me off this damn field," Pryor said. "I love the game, man. There's nothing else I'd rather do."
  6. Cleveland RB Duke Johnson down on the field, Trainers coming out heading into a commercial break.
  7. ...Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is listed as questionable for Sunday’s game against the Chargers. And that’s apparently triggering some unusual dynamics regarding the betting line for the game. The contest has gone from Indianapolis being a three-point favorite to a pick-’em proposition. In some locations, the three-point swing was preceded by the game being taken off the board. So maybe Vegas knows something about Luck that the rest of us don’t, yet.
  8. He looked good in the preseason and now he's got an opportunity with Coleman out for a few weeks and before Josh Gordon comes back from suspension. He might split some PT with Ricardo Lewis but it sounds like he 'should' get the bulk of the snaps. Also in preseason he caught the first pass from Browns rookie QB Cody Kessler who will start Sunday that went for a TD. He could shock everyone. Scott Petrak ct ‏@ScottPetrak 24h24 hours ago #Browns Rashard Higgins on opportunity w/Coleman out: I've been waiting for a long time. Unfortunately my boy got hurt. Have to step in His nickname is 'Hollywood' as in Rashard 'Hollywood' Higgins. He got the nickname because he is flashy and, um, you could say he is confident. Scott Petrak ct ‏@ScottPetrak 1d1 day ago #Browns rookie WR Rashard Higgins said in camp goal was to get 7 TDs this year. "I might get 4 Sunday. Stay tuned."
  9. Nate Ulrich ‏@NateUlrichABJ 2h2 hours ago #Browns HC Hue Jackson said rookie safety Derrick Kindred on Sunday will start with Ibraheim Campbell ruled out Scott Petrak ct ‏@ScottPetrak 4h4 hours ago #Browns DC Ray Horton hopes rookie S Derrick Kindred will take "quantum leap" in 1st start vs. Miami. "No reason he can't have great game."
  10. Why do you think this is? I thought they had the makings of a pretty strong run blocking offensive line especially with the addition of the first round lineman. I haven't been watching nor do I won any of the Titan RBs but traded away Murray because I felt that Henry would eventually supplant him at some point this year. I am not sure when it happens but was only sharing Franciscovich 's story because he is someone who I recently have begun to notice as having 'decent' takes.
  11. The majority of Murray's rushing yardage came on a 67-yard run, as he managed just 2.0 yards per carry outside of that play
  12. Matt Franciscovich says that Derrick Henry will break out Sunday. He makes the point that DeMarco Murray hasn't been effective and then shows the Raider defense is suspect against the run and feels Henry will make his move this week and take control of the backfield this week.
  13. They are both young guys and it appears that Abe will take over at SS and Kindred will man FS once they settle out the secondary. Uh, I personally would have switched that and put Abe at FS and Kindred at SS since it 'appeared' to me that Cambell was more of a ball hawk in college and Kindred is a hitter and very tough. He played his entire senior year with a broken collarbone. He leaps out at you when you watch games. Interesting tidbit to me. The first assignment of the Browns top scout was Ibrahiem Cambell. He mentioned that when the team drafted him and for some reason that story always stood out to me. I think they like the kid and he will start so long as he's healthy so in the short-term I think Cambell is the guy to own but they both 'probably' will be starting and should produce high tackle numbers. considering the overall circumstances surrounding the team.
  14. Nate Ulrich ‏@NateUlrichABJ 24m24 minutes ago #Browns HC Hue Jackson said Ibraheim Campbell (hamstring) is progressing every day, if he can't play Sunday, Derrick Kindred to replace him
  15. In case anyone was wondering who will take over in Cleveland for WR Corey Coleman it is Andrew Hawkins who will slide over to the X-WR. One, or more, of the rookies will man the slot. Probably Rasard 'Hollywood' Higgins. Scott Petrak ct ‏@ScottPetrak 8m8 minutes ago #Browns Hue Jackson said WR Andrew Hawkins will move into starting spot. Third WR could be Rasard Higgins, Ricardo Louis or an extra TE