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  1. ApeMan
  2. First round pick from 2015 Danny Shelton and third round pick from this year Larry Ogunjobi are solid run stuffers but don't get much penetration. Coley stood out in preseason. Coley has a low center of gravity and gets gap penetration. High motor. Glad he is getting PT he has earned it. I also like Ogunjobi, he is very-strong and more athletic than Shelton. If Danny ever gets to the QB he punishes tham but I don't think Shelton will ever be more than a strong anchor against the run.
  3. Rashard 'Hollywood' Higgins Corey Coleman 'reportedly' has a broken hand He was promoted from the practice squad and produced 7 receptions 95 yards
  4. He is going to go off soon with a huge game just when everyone is down on him just as he always has.
  5. I think he's a unique talent that rarely comes off the field. He may not fit the traditional RB bell-cow fantasy stud stereotype he gets the job done. They can line him up at any WR position and he has a nose for the end zone. The Pack tends to wear out their WRs so he will get a full workload at RB and or RB/WR so long as he's healthy. Right now he is healthy so I'm starting him with confidence.
  6. Migraine.
  7. I never implied that you said he had All Pro coverage skills. I was at the game and noted he made some plays early and then gave up the TD so I focused in on his coverage skills. After seeing the game I am not sure how to grade his coverage skills.
  8. Mitchell may have had a one-week matchup issue but Joe Haden has been on a two year downward spiral. ---------------------------------------------------------- Scott Barrett‏ @ScottBarrettDFB Among all 78 CBs >999 snaps (2014-2016) Joe Haden ranks: PFF Grade: 8th-worst Passer Rating: 3rd-worst PPR/Tgt: 2nd-worst PPR/Route: worst
  9. I dunno about that. He gave up both TDs and got burned by AB a ton. The coverage on the TE was 'ok' but obviously in-effective and the zone coverage on Antonio Brown was soft. I'm not sure how to grade his coverage skills at this point.
  10. Scott Barrett‏ @ScottBarrettDFB Most Yards Allowed Among Cornerbacks in Week 1 1. Joe Haden (109) 2. Jalen Mills (108) 3. Eli Apple (99) 4. Terrance Mitchell (96)
  11. Nathan Jahnke‏Verified account @PFF_NateJahnke 3m3 minutes ago More Eli Manning without pressure has completed 20 of 24 passes. With 6 plays under pressure, he has been sacked 3 times and has 3 incompletions
  12. Patrik Walker‏Verified account @VoiceOfTheStar 2m2 minutes ago More WHAT THE FU————?!!!!!!! BEASLEY AND THAT CATCH!!! Patrik Walker‏Verified account @VoiceOfTheStar 2m2 minutes ago More JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY WHAT IN THE AOJLDNIFOAHWEIODFJASDOILFW AIOESLJFDASDFJ SAJ
  13. We saw rookie RB Kareem Hunt unexpectedly blow up on Thursday Night but the real season begins today. Don't go for the obvious layups. Who is going to come out of nowhere to blow up or play better than projected today? QUARTERBACKS - Veteran > Eli Manning Rookie/unproven young vet QB > DeShone Kizer RUNNING BACKS - Veteran > Adrian Peterson Rookie > James Conner WIDE RECEIVERS - Veteran > Sammy Watkins Rookie/under radar vet > Cooper Kupp TIGHT ENDS - Veteran > Coby Fleener Rookie/under radar vet > Evan Engram (also think Njuko could connect on a deep ball)
  14. Unexpected turn of events will have me at the game tomorrow and I'm looking forward to seeing the kid live. FWIW an unexpected turn of events had me attend a game in 1976 when a young QB came off the bench for the Browns and he played well. His name was Brian Sipe. (guppies can look him up) I took Kizer late in the first round of a rookie draft based on long-term upside. I'm not expecting much, around 200 yards in the air and another 20 on the ground with a legit shot at a score either via pass or on the ground. Anything more would be a bonus and a victory would be gravy.
  15. The Stranger: I like your style, Dude. The Dude: Well, I dig your style too, man. Got the whole cowboy thing goin'. The Stranger: Thankee.