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  1. Thought that article was a lil-dated. It is from last year right after the draft. --------------------------------------------------------
  2. Broncos Position Preview: Committee approach appears to be plan at running back
  3. Wow. Have you ever had a reasonable discussion on these boards or ... Wow. Whatever you say. Just done............. Whew
  4. Ideal would mean if they fell behind that logic would show up statistically that the Browns would be passing more but the play calling was right at the NFL average, not above or below. No one really knows why Duke wasn't used last year. It really did not make sense. He played very-well whenever he got a chance and was solid in the passing game especially pass-pro.
  5. Browns actually ranked dead-center in terms of pass average per quarter last year. Pic - Bar Chart - NFL play-calling by quarter during the 2018 regular season Mike Clay‏Verified account @MikeClayNFL May 31 NFL play-calling by quarter during the 2018 regular season. "Expected P%" is based on the score/time remaining. Eg. The Chiefs were "expected" to run a lot in 4th quarter because they were ahead often (opposite for Cardinals). This better indicates pass/run heavy offenses.
  6. The thread is about K-Murray but if an O-Line has played well for years and is composed of top players it is not lazy to rank them high. Even factoring in injuries and a new coaching staff it is logical that a mirror image of an O-Line that has not: played well lacks cohesion of playing together over a period of time and is not composed of top players Logic would show that O-Line rank lower. Top O-Lines have played well together for long periods of time. That is one of best indicators of predicting good performance in the future. Bringing it back to Murray. He is going to help a lot to improve the sack and pressure stats and we hope the coaching will improve the poor play calling but the Cards O-Line deserves a low ranking because they lack the cohesion that top NFL O-Lines have established.
  7. You can make a judgement based strictly on talent and many have ranked the Cards O-Line low. Arizona Cardinals not the worst, but right around it in Pro Football Focus’ 2019 offensive line rankings  Jul 10, 2019, 8:00am MDT I think the mobility of Murray will help but the O-Line is not good.
  8. Evan Silva‏Verified account @evansilva #Panthers 2nd-yr TE Ian Thomas is screaming Dynasty buy with underrated 2019 potential in TE premium leagues: * No. 6 among NFL TEs in yards last Weeks 13-17 * 91st-percentile SPARQ athlete * Greg Olsen likely in last season; 3 foot fractures + torn plantar fascia last 2 yrs 6:28 PM - 14 Jul 2019
  9. The tweet was listed in reverse order without numbers. Just think of it as backward countdown from least to most but Hunt still ranks near the top of missed tackles in the league which is the point.
  10. One of his biggest weakness' was lack of strength getting of the LOS. DGB has lots of 'other' issues that derailed his career. Dorial Green-Beckham highlights: Watch the newest Eagles wide receiver Every report showed Metcalf has crushed press-man coverage that he's faced with the Hawks. Just one of many reports of him being able to get release with ease. Wrapping up Seahawks rookie mini-camp: DK Metcalf shows off Size coupled with rare strength is what separates him from the pack and laps DGB who, for some reason, had issues freeing himself from press man coverage. Strength was an issue with DGB but is a real strength with DK. Ole Miss WR D.K. Metcalf is lifting as much as D-linemen 6 This dude is gonna be a monster.
  11. Hunt is scheduled to come back later in the season right about FF playoff time. Kareem will have fresh legs, has receiving and top-end running back skills. -------------------------------------------- Ian Hartitz‏ @Ihartitz RBs with at least 125 forced missed tackles over the last three seasons: Ezekiel Elliott (125) Kareem Hunt (130) LeSean McCoy (132) Todd Gurley (140) Melvin Gordon (163) 7:28 AM - 14 Jul 2019 ------------------------------------------- No knock on Chubb to see that Kareem Hunt is going to get fed when he comes back from suspension.
  12. yes absolutely, if not adequately strong And here we are Hey Doc, 'Apparently' soft tissue issues are the norm coming back from injuries of this type. ------------------------------------------------ Donmegah‏ @donmegah 13h13 hours ago Compensatory hamstring injuries quite often a part of ACL recovery. Believe Dalvin Cook had the same thing last year? ----------------------------------------------- Happened weeks ago and he 'appears' to be mending well from the most-recent reports. ----------------------------------------------- Travis Robinson‏ @skinzfantrav 13h13 hours ago Sounds like it was weeks ago. I’m reading people saying he was squating over 500 pounds yesterday. This might be a ideal and very small but low window!!! ------------------------------------------------ You called the compensatory injury so how do you see this playing out now that he's had a hiccup?
  13. Myles Garrett is doing box jumps with 50-pound dumbbells in his hands Insanity multiplier. 🦄 🦄🦄
  14. OBJ just threw it the whole length of the field The Checkdown‏Verified account @thecheckdown OBJ just threw it the whole length of the field (via jpqz/IG) 5:14 PM - 10 Jul 2019 ---------------------------------- Joe Haden is impressed.
  15. Devin White Draws Rookie of the Year Hype