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  1. Interesting how they draft based on value of position. In reverse order from pick #32 down to #1, only listing the top/bottom dozen picks. Go to link for full list. >>> One Year Later: Re-Drafting the 2018 NFL Draft
  2. Bracie Smathers

    Infinite New York football Giants thread

    Giants, Jags, Broncos, Dolphins, Washington, all need QBs. Only one QB has been taken in the first round in recent drafts where the team drafting them did not move up and that was last year with the Browns taking Baker Mayfield with the 1st pick so no one could jump ahead of them. I think that some other team will trade ahead of the Giants unless they move up to make sure they can get Haskins.More talk of Giants trading Odell Beckham >>> SF picks 2nd. Boza universally is predicted to go first and rumors of Arizona taking Kyler Murray persist so Haskins 'apparently' will be available with San Francisco's pick at #2. OBJ to 49ers trade remains a possibility >>> ODB is worth more than just moving up four spots in the draft IMHO so I think SF would also give up their 2nd round pick to even out thee deal. The Giants could take Haskins and draft a WR in the 2nd round or maybe take the extra 2nd round pick and turn around and trade it for Antonio Brown. The interest of SF for ODB and how the Giants have a need at QB and how other teams have a need .... The contract for ODB makes it easy to move. SF is loaded on the D-Line and the 'best' player available at the #2 pick would be a D-Lineman making it easier for them to move out of that spot... Lots of time before the draft but this NY Giant ODB trade talk to SF by Jay Glazer who is the only guy I trust...
  3. Bracie Smathers

    Dynasty: TE T.J. Hockenson, Iowa

    Been trying to figure out where this guy will go in the draft and the one team that no one has bothered with is Jacksonville who use TEs like extra OTs due to blocking. The Jags #1 TE James Oshaughnessy only had 24 receptions for 214 yards with zero TDs. Hockenson has been described as a 'tour-de-force' blocking TE and he can catch to make him a legitimate three-down threat. The Jags entire receiving corps could use an upgrade but with Hockenson in the lineup they wouldn't lose blocking for Fournette and with a legit receiving threat it would loosen things up for their WRs and the passing game. He may not go to Jacksonville bu it 'seems' like it would be a good fit IMHO.
  4. Bracie Smathers

    [Dynasty] 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    2019 NFL Mock Draft: Arizona Cardinals, Kyler Murray Are a Perfect Match
  5. Bracie Smathers

    QB Kyler Murray Oklahoma

    From last year, before the draft. Peyton Manning helped shape John Elway's view of quarterbacks Murray has a strong arm, can move with speed to get around the corner, he doesn't operate from under center but he has proven that he can win from the pocket.
  6. Bracie Smathers

    [Dynasty] 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    LINK to chart of list of the first WR picked in every draft since 2000... >>> list of the first WR picked in every draft since 2000.   The hit rate by the league is... not very good Marcus Mosher‏Verified account @Marcus_Mosher Here is a list of the first WR picked in every draft since 2000. The hit rate by the league is... not very good. 12:57 PM - 14 Feb 2019
  7. Bracie Smathers

    QB Kyler Murray Oklahoma

    Runs a sub 4.4 forty (Tyreek hill speed) and threw 89% of his passes from the pocket.One Coach’s Argument For Why The Small QB Will Have a Massive Impact in the NFL Baker Mayfield tore up the board in his private meetings with Dorsey. How Murray performs on the chalkboard will determine how high he will go in the draft IMHO.
  8. Bracie Smathers

    QB Kyler Murray Oklahoma

    Heisman winner and a two-sport athlete who is under contract with the Oakland As and his agent says he's done with football but Kyler didn't close the door. I haven't seen any threads on the kid and was hoping to get an insight into his NFL football potential since no mocks have him at the top of the board that I've seen. My feeling is that no one will touch him at the top of the draft but someone might take a flyer late even if they know he will play baseball for a season or two. As Kyler Murray's NFL Stock Rises, Questions About His Future Persist The biggest/littlest thing working against him as an NFL QB prospect is his height, listed at 5'11 but 'probably' shorter. Russell Wilson is 5'11, Brees is 6'0, and Baker Mayfield is just under 6'1.He signed with the Oakland A's, but Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray faces NFL decision Just think what happens if Sooners head coach Lincoln Riley takes an NFL HC job?