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  1. He was drafted as a move-TE but he is bulking up to be more of an in-line TE. Seth DeValve bulking up to change roles with David Njoku now in Cleveland Njoku showed his natural athletic skills in the rookie mini-camp but he also proved that his skills are raw and need development. I think he will flash 'some' this year but make a big leap forward next year.
  2. Sad news to report. Former Browns WR Michael 'the Thriller' Jackson and the former mayor of Tangipahoa Louisianna died in a motorcycle accident this morning. Former NFL WR Michael Jackson Dies in Motorcycle Crash at Age 48 ADAM WELLSMAY 12, 2017 Former NFL wide receiver Michael Jackson died at the age of 48 in a motorcycle accident on Friday. Louisiana State Police confirmed to TMZ Sports Jackson was killed in an accident while riding his motorcycle in Tangipahoa, Louisiana. Jackson played eight NFL seasons with the Cleveland Browns andBaltimore Ravens from 1991-98. He was a sixth-round draft pick by the Browns out of Southern Mississippi, where he played two seasons with quarterback Brett Favre. He averaged 15.3 yards per reception in 114 games, and his 14 receiving touchdowns in 1996 were tied with Tony Martin of the San Diego Chargers for most in the NFL. After retiring from the NFL, Jackson served as mayor of Tangipahoa from 2009-12.
  3. The good news for Njoku is that they released TE Gary Barnidge and have second-year TE Seth DeValve bulking up to play more of an in-line blocking TE which frees up Njoku as the move-receiver TE so he 'should' see the bulk of targets for the tight end.
  4. Just to address a fallacy. Some are timid about Njoku's potential with the reasoning that Cleveland doesn't have a QB. Remember that Josh Gordon and Gary Barnidge and Terrelle Pryor and Jordan Cameron did not have great QB play with the Browns so ask this telling question w/Njoku. How did the lack of great QB play effect recent receiver production in Cleveland? If you are high on WR Corey Coleman and think that their isn't enough to go around remember that Gordon and Jordan Cameron both produced solid numbers in the same year with poor QB play. If you think that Cameron was the only TE to produce solid numbers, recall that Barnidge produced solid numbers with poor QB play. If Njoku steps up into his talent then poor QB play should not prevent him from producing solid numbers. Njoku is only 20 and his body is still growing. He is dripping with natural talent. Whatever he does this year 'should' only be a stepping stone to larger numbers down the line if you believe in his talent.
  5. Baltimore Colts played in and won the title in what was considered the 'greatest NFL game in history'. The Cleveland Browns dominated post WWII era and had who was considered the 'greatest NFL player of all-time'. Don't kid yourself. No NFL team is untouchable.
  6. This is a really good draft breakdown to show where players were taken and expectations. What Every NFL Team's Rookie Class Must Accomplish in 2017
  7. Kizer wasn't taken in the top-five picks but recent NFL drafts have had successful QBs taken after the first round when 3 or more QBs were selected in the 1st round so there is 'some' hope. FWIW I saw mechanical flaws with Kizer that seem daunting. I was not surprised that he fell. Hue Jackson 'might' be able to correct his flaws but we let Pep Hamilton go so I don't know what the plan is in developing Kizer.
  8. I've never heard of anyone ever connecting on an 81 yard field goal let alone in full pads. A name to file away for the future if your fantasy league provides bonus points for distance. WATCH: Florida kicker Eddy Pineiro drills 81-yard field goal at practice Looks like this Gators special teamer is ready for the season to start. An 81-yard field goal is impressive by itself but Eddy Pineiro went even further, wearing full pads. Posted > The Watercooler 81 YARD FG (PRACTICE, FULL PADS)Brrexkl7:37 AM Holy jeebus, that ain't even right. There will be a day, maybe not in our lifetime but certainly a day, when a Human Being without any Cyborg enhancements will put the Ball on one Goal Line and put...
  9. No one knows if Kiser or Trubisky or Watson or Mahomes or one of the other QBs will pan out but historically most will not play for fifteen years. The best thing about taking Kiser in the 2nd round is that not only did we not over pay to take a QB in the first round but that we gained a future 1st round pick and cashed in on the QB premium.
  10. Last year our last pick was Scooby Wright and everyone felt that was a great flyer but Scooby wasn't nearly as talented as Brantley and was placed on the practice squad and someone took him so we got nothing. A late pick is a flyer but rarely do flyers have Brantley's upside so if he's guilty you cut him but if he is innocent then you gain the upside. A late pick has odds stacked against them making the team but with so many picks the odds are even greater so it makes sense to roll the dice on upside rather than take a stab at a kid with little upside and the same long odds of making the team.
  11. Bloom's take on first round fantasy value, fantasy winners/losers. FIRST ROUND FANTASY WINNERS AND LOSERS A look at the winners and losers in fantasy football after the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft is in the books. by Sigmund Bloom, April 28
  12. I am neutral with expectations. I like Garrett, I really don't know about Peppers, but love the upside with Ndjuko. Many have questioned the Peppers pick and how he might be used. Here is a schematic with a brief explanation of how the Browns 'might' use Jabrill Peppers. How can the Browns and Gregg Williams utilize Jabrill Peppers? Here's an interior zone blitz scheme from Williams' playbook out of sub-package personnel. Peppers has the ability to drop as an underneath zone defender (N), blitz from a second-level alignment (D) or add to the front as the extra rusher (FS). Williams will put Peppers in a position to produce based on game plan and opponent personnel. Find the matchups. Matt Bowen, ESPN Staff Writer
  13. Young with high SPARQ scores. Arif Hasan‏Verified account @ArifHasanNFL 1h1 hour ago More Arif Hasan Retweeted John Browns got three extremely young players who are in the 89th percentile of SPARQ or better (h/t @zjwhitman) computer machine is humming imo Arif Hasan added, John @NFLDraftFan95 Replying to @_PeteSmith_ So all three of the picks last night from the Browns are under 21.5. Damn ========================================================= EDIT to add: Clean meds too! ======================== Pete Smith‏ @_PeteSmith_ 11h11 hours ago More I could be wrong, but I don't think any of the 3 players the Browns picked have ever had surgery.
  14. Zac Jackson‏ @AkronJackson 7m7 minutes ago More At 29, the Browns select TE David Njoku Brent Sobleski‏ @brentsobleski 11m11 minutes ago More Myles Garrett and Jabrill Peppers are both 21 years old and ranked among top six players at their respective positions in SPARQ. Brent Sobleski‏ @brentsobleski 6m6 minutes ago More To build upon previous tweet: David Njoku is 20 years old and SECOND in SPARQ. Browns desperately needed to get more athletic and explosive Pete Smith‏ @_PeteSmith_ 2m2 minutes ago More Njoku's a freak and may not be done growing. In 2014, he won a national high jump championship clearing 6'11"
  15. Doug Kyed‏Verified account @DougKyed 1m1 minute ago More Browns traded up with the Packers to No. 29 overall. Eric Galko‏Verified account @OptimumScouting 1m1 minute ago More #Packers trade 29 to #Browns for #33 and their 4th (108)