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  1. If you look at his tape, his footwork is all over the place. His accuracy really becomes an issue when he has to re-set his feet. He average less than 3 yards per carry so he's not a threat to run with the ball, he is big-lanky and looks a tad awkward on the move. EXCEPTIONAL arm. TRULY amazing arm not just in terms of strength but in terms of arm-talent. His misses are just plain ole baaaaaaad. I mean his guys get off the LOS and have wide open space in front of them and Josh Allen throws it three yards over their heads on some of those misses and you can hear the crowd going WTfreak. The windows will get tighter in the NFL and he'll face better pass rushers so its tough to project him to improve his accuracy IMHO. The arm is legit, Elway's completion percentage was bad his first couple of years but he could roll out away from the pass rush to one-side of the field and make an astounding throw to the other side past the hash to a wide-open WR and kill teams. Josh Allen has that sort of arm and maybe someone can tease the potential out of him. ------------------ Mike Kaye‏Verified account @mike_e_kaye 19h19 hours ago Overheard at Outback: "Josh Allen throws so hard it's like he wants to punish the air for existing." ----------------- Heath Nix‏ @heath_nix 13h13 hours ago Replying to @mike_e_kaye @AllbrightNFL At 56% completion percent he must not like the ground either
  2. Couple more mocks.
  3. Accuracy issues were clearly on him not his receivers. ----------------------------------------- J.R.@JReidDraftScout Target drop passes percentages: Lamar Jackson - 8.5% Baker Mayfield - 8.0% Josh Rosen - 7.5% Mason Rudolph - 6.6% Josh Allen - 4.8% Sam Darnold - 4.3%#SupportingCast 1:26 PM - Dec 22, 2017 ------------------------------------------- The accuracy is a legitimate concern. One other stat I found a bit troubling was that in two years as a starter he only had two games where he threw for over 300 yards but last year he had three games where he didn't even throw for 100 yards.
  4. Allen's arm isn't hyperbole. Here is the video of his workout. ---------------------------------= LIVE FULL: Josh Allen Participating In Wyoming Pro Day | NFL Live Today 3/23/2018
  5. Interesting tweet. Guice saved some woman's life. --------------------------------------------------- 5⃣‏Verified account @DhaSickest FollowFollow @DhaSickest God keeps blessing me.. I just saved a woman’s life. 11:56 AM - 23 Mar 2018 -------------------------------------------------- 5⃣‏Verified account @DhaSickest 57m57 minutes ago Pulled up to a light in south Baton Rouge where a wrecked occurred right as I pulled up.. ------------------------------------------------ @DhaSickest 48m48 minutes ago She’s okay and she’s not hurt! Thank the lord
  6. Their has to be an option to trade-down with this pick since the Browns will get their QB with the top pick and their will be a fourth QB available here with many teams, especially Buffalo aggressively making moves to trade-up. Browns signed RB Carlos Hyde and are paying him $6 million this year. They have Duke as the pass receiving RB. This draft is loaded at RB. Barkley is not the pick. Chubb would be the 3rd DE after Garrett and Ogbah. Garrett didn't even play 50% of the snaps last year and neither did Ogbah. Chubb would slated for less than 40% of the defensive snaps if he got that many. Bottom line he would be a situational pass rusher with the Browns and you don't take player like that one year after taking Garrett and two years after taking Ogbah. Minka blew it with his Combine. Denzel Ward is only 183 lbs which is too light to take that high. Browns have Bitonio and signed Zeitler as the higest paid guard last year. They are not taking a guard with the 4th pick. They are not taking a guard and moving him to RT since they just signed a RT to a high contract and are moving their own RT to LT to take over for Joe Thomas and they certainly are not taking a guard and moving him to LT. They aren't taking a guard. As much as I like Tremaine Edwards the Browns have a Pro Bowl MLB in Joe Schobert and have Jamie Collins and Christian Kirksey. They are fine at LB.. Derwin's posittion is S and the Browns drafted Peppers in the 1st last year and just signed Damarious Randall and moved him to FS and they still have Derrick Kindred. The only way they'd take him is if they project him to CB and that would mean drafting a project at #4 and that is highly doubtful because he could fail as a CB. You don't draft projects in the top-four if you have the option to trade-down for multiple 1st round picks.
  7. Yep. Here is the clip in its entirety. Their is a lot more here than the soundbite. All four of the people, Schefter, Louis Riddick, the other guy and host Suzie Kolber all said things to the effect that the Giants are not done moving around. That Sam Darnold mentioned he had dinner with the Browns AND THE GIANTS and he did emphasize his dinner with the Giants. You really have to watch this entire clip. Adam Schefter vs Louis Riddick On Sam Darnold Participating At USC Pro Day | NFL Live Today
  8. Not so fast my friend...[/corso] Wow Schefty saying on NFL Live that Giants love Darnold and that the Browns and Giants could flop picks for a 2nd rounder. That Browns have Darnold, Allen and Rosen all fairly close Schefty said he think Darnold is going #1 either to Browns or Giants Can anyone confirm either of the statements above? I'm not allowed to watch NFL Network while in the office. Edited Wednesday at 03:17 PM by Peak The above is from a day ago. I caught the clip of Schefter and I can't remember exactly what he said but he mentioned that the Giants could offer their 2nd or 1st next year to the Browns for Darnold and that the Browns could take it if they had Rosen or any of the other QBs ranked close together. Their were two other guys on the panel and one of them busted out laughing and said something like 'You wouldn't say that unless you hear something.' and Schefter just smiled and bit his tongue. Giants boards also picked this up and speculate it is to smoke Buffalo out to trade up to the 2nd pick.
  9. Who started that season when they made a huge trade to take Eli? Warner or Manning? Rinse and repeat this year but Manning will start and act as the bridge for the rookie.
  10. Matt Waldman makes a really-interesting case for Lamar Jackson as the best QB from this draft in this podcast. Ryan Burns‏ @FtblSickness The @TheBrownsNote QB series. More to come. Baker Mayfield with @_PeteSmith_: … Sam Darnold with @BrendanLeister: … Lamar Jackson with @MattWaldman: 1:34 PM - 21 Mar 2018
  11. Yep. In 2004 they had Kurt Warner and not only took Rivers they traded their 2nd, 5th, and 1st the next year PLUS Rivers to get Eli so this talk that they have Eli so they wouldn't take a QB doesn't hold water.
  12. Good point. They aren't keeping the band together and making one last big push for the SB if they trade their best pass rusher. A base defense does not mean the Giants wouldn't have 4-3 and rush packages where they could have utilized JPP. The Giants haven't drafting this high since they took LT in 1981 and Chubb isn't LT, he's not even Myles Garrett. --------------------------------------------------- The only Combine scores that Chubb came close to being equal to Myles Garrett was in size and forty times but even then Myles was better. 40 Yard Dash Myles :4.64 seconds Chubb 4.65, size Myles at 272 lbs to Chubbs 269 but Myles clearly was the better prospect. Side-by-side comparison Myles Garrett vs Bradley Chubb NFL Combine Scores Arm Length : Myles 35.25 inches Chubb 34” Hand Size: Myles 10.25 inches Chubb 9 7/8” Vertical Leap: Myles 41.0 inches Chubb 36 Broad Jump: Myles 128 inches Chubb 121 Bench Press: Myles 33 reps (225 lb) Chubb 24 ------------------------------------------------ The highest the Giants have drafted this century is #4 in 2004 when they took QB Phillp Rivers. They just traded their best pass rusher, that isn't setting the table to take a DE and make a Super Bowl run. That would be trading away a veteran Pro Bowl DE in order to select a rookie DE rated lower than the top rookie DE taken last year.
  13. CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The Browns are in the hunt for former Jaguars receiver Allen Hurns, a league source confirmed for ...The Jaguars released Hurns this week, after they signed receiver Donte Montcrief to a one-year free agent deal worth about $9.6 million. Hurns (6-3, 201), had a breakout season in 2015 with 1,031 yards and 10 TDs, but missed 11 games over the past two seasons and was limited to 961 yards and five TDs combined.
  14. Are the Giants going to a 3-4 base? If they are then I wouldn't rule out a trade-down with Buffalo who could take a QB with the #2 and the Giants could take the best stand up edge rusher in the draft, Harold Landry at #12 plus they could get an extra 1st round pick next year when Eli would be 38 if they don't just take the QB with the #2 in this draft.
  15. Hmnnn. Can anyone confirm this one? ---------- Pete Smith‏ @_PeteSmith_ 2h2 hours ago Source: Sam Darnold's parents, having met Browns owner Jimmy Haslam at USC's Pro Day are now telling their son to refuse to go to Cleveland.