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  1. The purpose of analytics is to gain an advantage by using past data to predict future outcomes based on 'best' data so I understand timelines of relevancy would be considered of 'best' use to those who consider timelines 'best' data but that isn't the case when the data is based on unique individuals. Arbitrary timelines are easier. This narrative of throwing out old data is bubbling up around many sites and is gaining momentum for some reason. It seems like a popularity contest or to make someones model work. You have to ask what you really seeking with an analytic model. I would not throw away a timeline model but I would use it as a tool and cross tabulate data outside of the timeline to do further digging to really gain an advantage.
  2. Um, young kids have zero reference points of players outside of their life-line so they think anything they don't know about is irrelevant which is nonsense. Relevant data is relevant no matter how dated. Basically the counter argument is 'I don't know what I don't know' which is true for any argument but it isn't valid for not allowing dated information into contextual arguments that the young person isn't aware of. You don't know what you don't know but that doesn't mean I can't know what you don't know kid.
  3. Evan Silva‏Verified account @evansilva FollowFollow @evansilva #Bears have 2nd-round pick Anthony Miller "earmarked" to play slot receiver. Allen Robinson will play X and Taylor Gabriel will be the deep-threat Z receiver: 5:27 AM - 23 May 2018 ------------------------------------------------------ Can rookie Anthony Miller be next Alshon Jeffery for Bears?
  4. Not a rookie draft with IDPs but an overall ranking of all rookies including IDPs. You have to go to the tweet and 'probably' zoom in settings to 250% to read the list but 30 of the 75 players are IDPs which even includes CB and DT. ========================= Tom Kislingbury‏ @TomDegenerate FollowFollow @TomDegenerate Some aggregated Rookie ADP featuring #IDP. Obviously league setting and scoring massively matters but this is interesting for those of you who haven't seen much... 5:35 AM - 24 May 2018
  5. A couple of OTA notes. ------------------- Cleveland Browns OTA Scribbles: Tyrod, Baker, Landry -- Pluto 10. Rookie Antonio Callaway made some superb catches. His speed and athleticism were obvious. If Josh Gordon and Callaway can stay away from suspensions, the Browns will have two extremely fast wide receivers -- with Landry as a possession receiver. CLEVELAND BROWNS  A very different-looking Browns team takes the field: What we saw during OTAs on Wednesday BEREA, Ohio -- Beware of the declarations you make after watching football practice in the spring. That’s why, if you came here for some real Browns hot takes, I don’t have them for you. I’ve fallen in love with or written off enough players to know that what we watch in May and June doesn’t always translate to the beginning of September and beyond. The wide receivers look different The receiver I did notice: Antonio Callaway. (Go ahead and stick that disclaimer here.) Callaway, I thought, was inconsistent in rookie minicamp. His route running was up-and-down and he put some footballs on the ground. I think that’s going to come with the territory with Callaway, but he looked sharp in the moments that I saw him. Battle on the left side If you're scoring at home, Shon Coleman was first up at left tackle, as expected. Austin Corbett went with the No. 2 group. Spencer Drango worked at left guard in that scenario. Corbett worked at left guard when Desmond Harrison played at left tackle. I wouldn’t expect to see much change between now and the end of July, but I still find it hard to believe that the Browns spent the No. 33 pick on a player they don’t believe can move into the left tackle spot and do it quickly -- or, at the very least, fill a void left by a certain left guard kicking over a spot. Brent Sobleski‏ @brentsobleski FollowFollow @brentsobleski Brent Sobleski Retweeted PFF CLE Browns IMO, Corbett is the favorite to replace Joe Thomas on the blind side. Brent Sobleski added, PFF CLE Browns @PFF_Browns New @Browns OL Austin Corbett showed versatility at the Senior Bowl, taking reps at T, G, and C. But @NevadaFootball he was at home at LT, allowing just 7 sacks over 3 years and 1250 passing snaps. Snaps by position:… 7:50 AM - 23 May 2018 ---------------------------------------------------- My takes on Callaway and Corbett. Callaway's tape looked very good IMHO. I think he is a legit sleeper to keep an eye on. Not as sure about Corbett's tape. He's got short arms, opened his hips, over extended, and had heavy hands. We are going to have a drop off from Joe Thomas no matter who replaces him but I hope Shon Coleman beats him for the starting job.
  6. Jets' Teddy Bridgewater looks spry, outplays Sam Darnold in practice
  7. Mike Florio is what Silver called him in his reply (go to the link to see because I'm sure it will be blocked by the software on this page) and Florio isn't a journalist. Silver shouldn't be tweeting like this reply but what he says is correct about Florio. If he had three sources and one wasn't Hue then it would seem at least one came from inside the organization so Dorsey probably won't be sharing information about draft picks to anyone inside the organization which is fine by me. We know that Dorsey will not be leaking who he will take in future drafts.. (here is the mini twitter flame war between Florio and Silver. Michael Silver‏Verified account @MikeSilver FollowFollow @MikeSilver Michael Silver Retweeted ProFootballTalk Hey Mike: 1) Don't be a ####; 2) I had three sources, as cited in the story. Hue was not one of them. 3) Attempted source-outing is stupid. 4) If you have something to say to me, text me. Wow. Michael Silver added, ProFootballTalkVerified account @ProFootballTalk I'm sure that Hue Jackson leaking that the Browns tried to trade for Nick Foles will go over well with his boss. 5:30 PM - 22 May 2018 --------------------------------------------------------------------- Michael Silver‏Verified account @MikeSilver FollowFollow @MikeSilver Michael Silver Retweeted ProFootballTalk I’m basically your daddy. You can kiss the ring the next time you see me, and I’ll put you on my knee and teach you about journalism. Night, son Michael Silver added, ProFootballTalkVerified account @ProFootballTalk Hey Mike: 1) You're basically Hue's agent; 2) Everyone knows it. … 8:54 PM - 22 May 2018
  8. Someone was going to start a thread eventually. May as well kick things off. -------------------------------------------------- Buffalo Bills LB Tremaine Edmunds –
  9. I was curious to see if anyone actually made any money on a prop bet.
  10. Wow, from throwing rocks to being high on cocaine? How'd that that happen? Real evidence or speculation? Bleacher Report might want to lay off the TMZ click-bait headlines. Police Officer Suggests Christian Kirk Was on Cocaine-Like Drug in Arrest Report OK, test him. A hair test would show coke for up to three months if it is in his system they would know by now. Cocaine Drug Test | How Long Does Cocaine Last in your System? I am sure the Combine has not changed testing for 'other' substances than just pot. Apparently the Combine has been testing for cocaine at least back to 1995 since Warren Sapp fell due to coke rumors. ARCHIVES | 1995 N.F.L.: Sapp Did Not Test Positive for Cocaine They test for coke at the Combine, this arrest was in March after the Combine but if the Cards knew about the arrest they saw the police report and they would have definitely done a hair test which would have absolutely proven whether or not he had coke in his system. The Cards used their 2nd round pick on him so call me nutty but I don't think they would touch him with a 12 foot pole if they had a positive coke test on the kid. He's guilty of being stupid and an idiot and that explains, to me, why he fell in the draft.
  11. Possibility their could be something here. First look: Rookies get to work across the NFL at minicamps
  12. Didn't catch the Cards off-guard, they knew before the draft. ---------------------------------------------------- Cardinals rookie Christian Kirk was arrested, charged with criminal damage prior to NFL draft Could be a big reason why he fell in the draft. NFL Network has high expectations for Christian Kirk as a rookie Prior to the season, Texas A&M's Christian Kirk was expected to be a first-round pick with some very early mock drafts having him go in the top 10. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. This is not speculative but just accurate reporting of Baker Mayfield's first look at rookie mini camp. First look: Rookies get to work across the NFL at minicamps
  14. Odd, random take by SI. Wha??? The kid never took a snap behind center and needs to master that skill before he can do anything. The kid has the smarts and moxy/leadership abilities but he's not going to lead anyone until he can demonstrate basic NFL Pro set skills of lining up behind center and making NFL QB drops .Browns' Plan to Build Offense Around Baker Mayfield, Tyrod Taylor Um, Baker never took snaps under center unless he was kneeling down to kill the clock. He only took snaps from the gun so this is a skill he will have to master. He's got a quick release and that should help him once he masters taking snaps under center and learning his footwork/timing/etc on his drops. Tyrod already knows this, he's more athletic, he's made adjustments, he is the veteran starter. Mayfield will get his time but not at the start of the season.
  15. It sounds like people got away with something in the past and expect to in the future. Simple solution. Increase bench size instead of violating IR rule. I would also increase size of IR and strictly enforce the IR rule so that teams who suffer undue amount of legitimate injuries are not unjustly penalized. That 'should' make everyone happy.