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  1. Rey Cut. Adam Caplan‏Verified account @caplannfl Follow More With #Bengals release of Rey Maualuga, saves $3.975m in cap space. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kevin Minter signed but does that mean that they aren't interested in Reuben Foster with their first pick?
  2. The NFL will have jumped the shark if they put this rule in place. Its bad enough that we have seen diluted value of wins and losses and QB talent due to ever increasing greed based expansion and relocation of teams away from loyal fan bases but every year they are like children who have a churn with the rule book to the point it doesn't matter. A fan base wants to cheer for their team with the hope of winning but when a fan base has no hope to ever win a Super Bowl and see this sort of crap they tune out. No wonder ratings suck. The league is losing relevance. They should stop expansion, stop relocating teams, and stop with the silly rule changes and stick to the core of what made the NFL great.
  3. The Comeback‏ @thecomeback Follow More Jaguars reportedly considering permanent training facility in London ------------ The new facility would make training easier for the franchise's annual trip to London, and would fuel rumors of the Jags making the move full-time. The Jacksonville Jaguars have embraced the NFL’s London experiment more than any other team in the league. The Jaguars are the only team to play one game a year in London, and now they’re on their way to becoming an even more permanent fixture. According to City A.M., the Jaguars are exploring creating a permanent facility in London to make preparation easier for their yearly game. It’s unclear when the league will make a decision on whether to commit to London with a full-time franchise. New England Patriots owner Robert Krafthas said that the NFL could decide by 2020. When that happens, expect the Jaguars to be the hot name to make the hop across the pond.
  4. I don't know if you can say they are intentionally tanking the season but they have stated that they are open to trading down in every round of the draft and they have cut a ton of large salaries off their cap. Jets open to trading down in every round of NFL Draft INDIANAPOLIS - General manager Mike Maccagnan ... ... "We're open for business every round," Maccagnan said Friday. "If somebody wants to move up and we have a pick in that round, call us up. Any pick." The Jets are in full-fledged rebuilding mode coming off a five-win season. Maccagnan has slashed his payroll by $46 million in the past couple weeks with the idea of setting a proper foundation that could help this star-crossed franchise finally achieve sustainable success.
  5. Add, he is a local product so the visit does not count against the Browns visitations.
  6. Mary Kay Cabot‏Verified account @MaryKayCabot 2h2 hours ago More #Browns Hue Jackson isn't the only one. I just heard ESPN say that no #NFL head coaches are at Mitch Trubisky's Pro Day at NC today
  7. Urlacher was a top ten pick. Not sure about Rube at three but he was in for a visit. 2017 NFL Draft: Alabama LB Reuben Foster visiting Bears One of the NFL draft's elite linebackers is in the Windy City on Monday as a guest of the Chicago Bears. Alabama LB Reuben Foster dined with members of the Bears staff on Sunday night and is visiting the club on Monday, per NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport. The Bears hold the No. 3 overall selection in the draft.
  8. Mayock updated his positional rankings. Surprising that he hasn't budged on his QB rankings where he still has Kizer ranked #1. Mike Mayock's 2017 NFL Draft position rankings 2.0 By Mike Mayock NFL Media draft analyst Published: March 21, 2017 at 08:56 a.m. Mike Mayock unveils the second of his position-by-position rankings for the 2017 NFL Draft.
  9. Josh McCowan is a very good signing. His primary concern is durability but he is an excellent influence and locker room presence. He can start in a pinch but his primary role should be to nurture a young QB. Hue Jackson liked him so much that he wanted him on his coaching staff but Josh still wanted to play so good luck to him. Wishing him nothing but the best.
  10. Well, I'll take a stab at the top four rookie RBs from this draft and where they might fit on this list. I love Leonard Fournette. The way I look at his value is who would I trade for Fournette and before last year I wouldn't consider trading Gurley but now I would so I would place Leonard Fournette above Gurley but I think Gurley is too high. Bloom loves the Hurley Gurley Man but I'm not as high on him after last year so I would place Fournette in the 6 to 9 range on a dynasty RB list. Dalvin Cook? After Fournette so someplace in the 10-15 spot. Christian McCaffrey? I am intrigued but like guys who can and should carry the load over a jack-of-all-trades guy who might see a lot of special team duty so I'd have him below Cook in the 16-20 range? Joe Mixon? Loads of potential but I doubt any team would take him and plug him into a starting role and take the sort of PR hit that they could expect. It would take him time before he saw a large chunk of PT so I'd put him after 20. Where would you rank the rookie RBs from this draft class on Bloom's RB dynasty list?
  11. Free off-season content available. Would love to see a discussion on the RBs and how the rookies might fit in. This is from March 2nd so it is prior to free agency and only posting the top 20, go to the link for the full list. Again, this is from March 2nd and prior to free agency so don't freak about Lat Murray being listed in Oakland. Add, sorry if this is a Honda but I did a search and got zero results. Would like to see where the rookies would go in the above dynasty list.
  12. Wow. Sad news but very odd timing. I just picked up Pride of the Yankees starring Gary Cooper two days ago and watched it for the first time in decades. It is about Lou Gehrig. ALS is also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. Sad to hear about Dwight or anyone with this terrible disease.
  13. If I'm drafting he wouldn't fall past Cleveland's #12 pick.
  14. He is bad. From this time last year. 10 Mar 2016 Film Room: Brock Osweiler by Cian Fahey And he had that weird off-field incident where he pushed a woman outside of a pizza place that took place before the incident in the locker room with O'Brien. He sulked when benched for Peyton Manning. Dude, if you get benched for Peyton Manning it is understandable. I mean come on Brock. He held a grudge and left an ideal situation in Denver and went to Houston. Only recently he has admitted it was a mistake so you have to question his off-field decision making as well. Of the bad options, the only 'risk' involved with Brock is a roster spot so I think you have to bring him into camp and kick the tires. Hue made RG III look good in training camp and preseason so if he can do the same with BO it is possible that some team would come calling.
  15. Yeah, I was going to fact check that statement but was weary and didn't, my bad. The point is that Lattimore rarely played full games due to an injury 'condition'. The Bucks used multiple DBs just to keep him healthy/fresh and I'm sure durability will be an issue with whoever takes him in the NFL so I think he will fall a bit further than many expect. He had a hip flexor injury during the Combine where it originally had falsely been reported that he had pulled a hammy and that sent off alarm bells through the NFL scouting community because he has had serious hamstring injuries in his past to the point he had surgery and missed a lot of time. Dane Brugler ✔@dpbrugler Lattimore started all 13 games in 2016. But the word "chronic" has been attached to his hamstring issue. Wildcard. 11:12 AM - 6 Mar 2017 I think that there is a health concern with Lattimore and that anyone who takes him will need to have a rotation in the defensive backfield ALA the Cardinals who have lots of bodies. I'm not saying that he will fall that far but it is an ideal situation IMHO.