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  1. Browns DC Williams: We're turning Myles Garrett loose ...we still haven't gotten the full-blown Myles Garrett Experience in the NFL. That changes Sunday, according to Gregg Williams. "He played well (versus Houston) and he played dominant in a lot of phases, and you're going to see him play more this week," the Browns defensive coordinator said Friday. "It was the next step and I was holding my breath it wasn't going to set him back, and it hasn't set him back. He's had a very good week of practice, so we're turning him loose."
  2. Hijack! QB Kevin Hogan
  3. I just wanted to pump the brakes a 'tad' with Louis. He hasn't done much in the red zone and his hands are inconsistent. I just think people might be getting ahead of themselves with Ricardo Louis but am sure he will see targets and make 'decent' production but wanted to add a bit of clarity to lower expectations a 'tad'.
  4. Dufus is trolling. Talking Heads 'same as it ever was'.
  5. I think a lot of the blowback from the Cleveland media is based on nothing other than a script they keep reading from because I recall many in the media were clambering to give up the top three picks in this draft for Jimmy Garapolo and that others were saying we had to take the QB with the top pick over Garrett based on need over available talent so when I refer to Grossi I am painting with a broad brush to cover all of the local beat writers because they go back to this script but conveniently forget what their plan was only a few months prior.
  6. My point is specifically to showing he deserves a chance to start based on the glaring stat comparison to Kizer. I don't think throwing Kizer out there would be good or that benching him is some sort of terrible decision by the FO that Grossi and others seem to think. It is a no-brainer AFIC. Give Hogan a shot, he has earned it and wasn't gifted it based on his draft status or some plan. He just looks better and the stats prove that out.
  7. He only has 38 passing attempts. Four guys on the list that I cut out had six or less attempts so he is the only one that ranks that high with a large enough number of attempts to see a comparable number of attempts to the point that he deserves a shot at starting. For comparison's sake here is Kizer's ranking. DeShone Kizer Browns Att - 159 Comp Pct - 50.9 Yds - 851 Rush Yds - 126 QB PASSER RATING 49.5 I'm not dogging Kizer but we've seen enough of him and of Hogan for a comparison and one is not like the other.
  8. Heading into this week the top QBs with over 35 passing attempts: ---------------------------------- Alex Smith Chiefs - QB PASSER RATING 158.3 Sam Bradford Vikings - QB PASSER RATING 125.8 Tom Brady Patriots - QB PASSER RATING 124.4 Drew Brees Saints - QB PASSER RATING 108.3 Kirk Cousins Redskins - QB PASSER RATING 107.6 Kevin Hogan Browns - Att - 38 Comp Pct - 68.4 Yds - 377 Rush Yds - 35 QB PASSER RATING 104.8 ---------------------------------- He ranks near the top without any established WRs, no running game, and a defense and special teams that has put the team in a hole where he has poor game scripts. I think he has earned his chance to start.
  9. Please, you aren't a genius and don't have all of the answers to fix the Browns. No one does. And the NFL isn't loaded with geniuses but their are a ton of geniuses with 20-20 hindsight who claim to be. I'd love to hear the specific genius plan to turn the Browns around because gathering as many draft picks as possible is how I'd go about it. If you think you really know who 'specifically' to draft then say so BEFORE the draft specifically who we should take and we'll see how those players turn out. I would have taken the Wentz deal to accumulate multiple draft picks as the time because I wasn't sold on Wentz. I would have traded down with Tennessee to gain extra picks. I would have taken the Houston trade-down deal because I wasn't sold on Watson. I would take the Houston deal every time to gain an extra 2nd round pick from Houston for cap space. I would have taken Myles Garrett every time and I am on record as not likely the Corey Coleman pick but have no issues with it since I would have taken Treadwell. Per making perfect draft picks, that doesn't happen, it doesn't no matter how much crying Tony Grossi or other do, No one makes perfect draft picks but we sure got a lot of young talented guys like, Ogbah, Kirksey, Shoebert, DeValve, Njoku, Garrett, even the RT Coleman is coming along and I love some of FAs we picked up for nothing including Kevin Hogan and I love the trades for Jamar Taylor and Jamie Collins. Things won't turn around on a dime. Enough talent has to make it on the field 'HEALTHY' before we stand a chance to win and we haven't had enough healthy talent on the field together yet to have a chance to win. Also, I like Hue's decision to sit Kizer because I think we've seen enough. He had first team reps and overtook Oz and was a surprise starter at the opener over Kessler who we've seen enough of. He had five NFL starts and wasn't showing improvement on getting rid of the ball and continuously was slopping in the red zone. The only guy who didn't get a shot was Hogan and he actually has shown something. I don't care if Hue liked Wentz and Watson or didn't like getting strapped with Oz and Kizer because I like what the FO did and I also think we've seen enough of Kizer that I have no issue going ahead and giving Kevin Hogan a s chance.
  10. Coleman always seemed like a poor fit as a #1 WR. He is built and has the natural physical skills of a flanker (#2 WR). Corey Coleman WR 5' 11", 185 lbs Ricardo Louis is built like a prototypical #1 WR so he has the size, he has shown strength to matchup with DBs and ran a 4.43 forty at the Combine so he has the speed. Ricardo Louis WR 6' 2", 215 lbs Louis' biggest weakness listed was loss of concentration and drops which he still deals with so you can question his hands but he is an improvement over Britt in that department and he is beginning to showcase his strengths so we really don't know where he will eventually plateau at.
  11. Tony Romo, Kurt Warner, Rich Gannon. Not good enough, career backups and we had Warner in the expansion drat but didn't bother to take him because, ya know, career backup and not worth giving a chance. Hogan has shown more than they did collectively, give him a chance, Kizer isn't showing improvement. He isn't. I know you want to tank but that ain't happening. Sit Kizer and go back to him later in the year unless Hogan firmly takes hold of the starting job.
  12. Unless Hogan is a starting caliber NFL QB. We gave Kizer and Manziel a shot, why not Hogan? He actually looks the part, wasn't gifted anything and earned his shot. He's got the size, the arm, throws open receivers instead of staring them down, he can run as evidenced by a 100 yard rushing game and the longest scoring run by a QB in Browns history. Why not give him a shot instead assuming we have to start at ground zero next year?
  13. Yup, and Njoku.
  15. Browns DC Greg Williams is on record as saying Collins 'might' be the best LB he's ever coached. I am not sure of his health status so based on that I don't know what to expect but if he's completely healthy then I think he's going to be 'thee key player' that the defense revolves around. Greg Williams already has the Browns blitzing like crazy and that was without Myles Garrett to take attention away and to apply pressure so the blitz hadn't been effective. With Garrett back and gaining health every week, I think Collins will be very effective as a blitzer and will be creating big plays but both Collins and Garrett have to get healthy. Garrett still isn't 100% and I don't know if Jamie will be on a limited snap count or if he's 100% or if he will be more susceptible to further concussions so you will have to monitor the situation.