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  1. We have Duke Johnson and the Crow. We've finished in the top three/four in terms of average per carry and Duke is second in the entire NFL in terms of missed tackles as a receiver and fourth overall in terms of missed tackles. That does not garner a 5 on a scale of 10. Duke is one of the best receivers from the RB position in the league. The numbers indicates they were not used properly by the coaching staff. The tight ends are far better than a score that dismisses them as less than average. Seth DeValve and rookie David Njoku have been very productive and Njoku finished with the top score of all rookie TEs last year, even surpassing Evan Engram due to the fact that Njoku can block. We could use a better in-line pure blocking TE but most NFL teams would clamber to have two young tight ends like DeValve and an improving Njoku in the passing game. No one can put a grade on the WR position with a wildcard like Gordon. If he's got his head screwed on then he lead the entire NFL and set all-time NFL records in only 14 games. He has 'that' sort of potential but with a big caveat. The O-line is far better than average if Joe Thomas comes back. The D-Line is an 8 as it stands. If Jamie Collins comes back the LBs are most definitely better than a 5. We have a big hole at the FS position in the secondary. The other guys are 'ok' but that hole makes the entire group appear inefficient. Peppers improved dramatically at SS by the end of the year and Greg Williams allowed him to come down into the box and creep up closer to the LOS after he proved himself. The secondary looks bad but the parts are not as bad as the finished product. It is one piece away from being 'decent' and a two pieces (FS and shutdown CB) away from being very-good. I don't agree with the numbers but we do have a lot of work to do. My take is that their is better talent than what some believe and that we are close to being very-good in some spots. We will draft a QB and 'solid' QB play corrects many issues and makes a strength from what appeared to be a weakness. We need to draft correctly and develop the talent correctly but their is talent on this team.
  2. Many former players in this video stepping forward to ask Goddell to allow medicinal marijuana use. Disjointed‏Verified account @Disjointed FollowFollow @Disjointed former football players PREACH...Disjointed is now streaming.
  3. Great resource for the draft.
  4. Pettine needs a big shutdown corner to make his defense work. One of the reasons it went South in Cleveland was because the top pick of the Browns when Johnny Manziel was selected was CB Gilbert who was a colossal bust on top of the enormous bust of Johnny but note that the top pick was Gilbert. He was a big, tall, fast, athletic CB but he lacked the will/desire to play. For Pettine's D to work, he needs a big/tall/fast shutdown CB. Not sure if the Pack has that player but if they don't then I would imagine a corner in that mold will be a high priority in FA and/or the draft.
  5. I've been a fan of EB since his days back at CU. Looking forward to what he does with Hunt and Mahomes. =========================================== Kansas City Chiefs‏Verified account @Chiefs FollowFollow @Chiefs We have named Eric Bieniemy Offensive Coordinator.
  6. Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet 3h3 hours ago The #Browns are hiring #Packers executive Eliot Wolf, source said. Big hire for GM John Dorsey. =========================================== Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet 2h2 hours ago #Browns are hoping for stability on the personnel. GM John Dorsey has a 4-year deal. Assistant GM Eliot Wolf has a 4-year deal. Things should be much calmer this time around.
  7. Every league is different. My league, QBs are top point producers. We have deep benches so if you can get a top dynasty QB you get the top points and an advantage plus it frees up a bench spot to take flyers on RBs/WRs/TEs/and IDPs. QBs and WR have the longest dynasty FF lifespans so that advantage carries forward longer as well. I like to have one top QB, one 'solid' veteran QB and I like to have one developmental young QB. I'm picking near the bottom of the round so Mayfield is my target unless I have a shot at landing a solid RB and I have to do a lot of homework on the RBs. The top RBs go very early in our rookie draft so I'm being realistic about who might fall to my pick.
  8. Until I get a better read on what RBs might fall, Baker Mayfield = Picking late In the first of a dynasty rookie draft.
  9. Link to a lengthy thread discussion of the article: ESPN Article on Brady & Kraft Sabotaging the Future for Brady's Ego Started by Dinsy Ejotuz, Friday at 08:34 AM ========================================================================================= Terrelle Pryor wants back? We need an upgrade and insurance for JG. TP and Landry would definitely fill the bill. Not sure that happens but it is a good idea to kick around.
  10. No one knows why Belichick 'seemed' to take a lower offer. Patriot beat writer Mike Reiss put forth a number of reasons and one the reasons is Bill wanted to move Jimmy to the NFC so that he would not have to face him which makes sense. So I think it was a number of things added together. I've heard lots of things including a local Cleveland radio report stating that Belichick felt like he got the short end of the negotiations with the Browns FO during the Jamie Collins trade and did not want to deal with them again. I don't think anyone knows what happened but I doubt Bill Belichick would turn down the Houston pick if he felt it would climb to #4. I'm sure their is more behind the scenes that we may never hear to get the full picture.
  11. Not quite accurate. The Patriots traded Jimmy-G on October 31st and their record was 4-7. At that time the pick Clevaland owned by Houston was not the #4 pick. It was in the 9 to 12 range. Being even more accurate the Pats weren't even taking calls from the Browns the last week before the deal took place so Houston's record the week before Halloween at that time was 4-6 when the Browns would have even had an opportunity to make an offer. They lost to Baltimore the week of the deal to lower their record to 4-7. Five continuous losses pushed the final record to the 4th pick but at the time the Browns made their last offer the Houston pick was around the 12 to 15 selection not the 4th pick.
  12. Ogbah was not a rookie this year. He was a rookie in 2016 and finished third in total QB pressures only to Joey Bosa and Yannick Ngakoue. He was recognized as one of the best up-and-coming second year players this year before his injury. Go to the link for the full read. Emmanuel Ogbah working hard to build on solid rookie season
  13. Belichick was not shown the door in Cleveland. The team formerly known as the Cleveland Browns had moved to Baltimore and had been operating for three months in Baltimore when Art Model fired Belichick. The team in Baltimore fired Belichick. Belichick was not fired in Cleveland, he was fired in Baltimore by that owner for that team.
  14. Njoku, Ogunjobi and Myles ranked at top of the entire NFL rookie class. PFF post season numbers underscores what we saw. Myles best defender on the team. Ogunjobi ranked fourth best in limited play. Top-5 @PFF graded #Browns on defense in 2017: Myles Garrett - 88.4 Briean Boddy-Calhoun - 84.5 Jason McCourty - 83.9 Larry Ogunjobi - 82. 0errick Kindred - 82.0 ---------------------------------- Breaking down how our top rookies ranked with the entire NFL rookie class. -------------------------------- Eric Brown‏ @FauxIDs 17h17 hours ago Replying to @BrianSpoon @PFF Myles = #1 rookie edge defender Njoku = #1 rookie tight end Ogunjobi = #2 rookie interior defender -------------------------------- Myles is a rare building block. I loved Njoku heading into the draft and think he will make a significant leap next year. Ogunjobi stood out in camp and the preseason. I think he should be starting over Coley and I think that happens next year. I'll add that Peppers was night and day from what I saw at the beginning of the year to what I saw at the end of the year. I really like him as well and see him making a huge leap next year along with Njuko.
  15. THAT is your take? How weak and sad. You are trolling Browns fans. We walk over steaming piles like you every day. Your not worth scorn. You are a perfect inept anachronistic %^&*@!.