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  1. Broncos’ Williams: Kubiak has indicated Sanchez will start at quarterback
  2. Harmon has gained some fantasy cred with his WR reception perception but he isn't known for his rankings so this is more of a curiosity to see how this turns out. Too much to cut-and-paste so just posting the top tiers from each position. Go to the link for the full list. Matt Harmon's 2016 tiered redraft fantasy rankings Quarterbacks Tier 1 1. Aaron Rodgers, Packers 2. Cam Newton, Panthers 3. Russell Wilson, Seahawks Running backs Tier 1 1. David Johnson, Cardinals 2. Le'Veon Bell, Steelers Wide Receivers Tier 1 1. Antonio Brown, Steelers 2. Odell Beckham, Giants 3. Julio Jones, Falcons 4. A.J. Green, Bengals Tight end Tier 1 1. Rob Gronkowski, Patriots
  3. Doc posted before I had a chance. Baltimore Ravens [Back to top] RB: Justin Forsett, Javorius Allen, Kenneth Dixon, Lorenzo Taliaferro, Trent Richardson, Terrance West
  4. SUMMER. "..this has to qualify as the biggest fantasy FA signing with another team for the summer. " No one else of any major significance has signed this summer with another team so I thought this would have gotten more responses since nothing else is happening right now.
  5. Last year at this time BA had harsh words for his rookie RB. Arians did not plan on starting his rookie and he didn't even though DJ was flashing. DJ got his shot once the inevitable injuries happened and he stepped up. BA used him exclusively in the post-season after Ellington and CJ were ready to return. CJ is older and it is unlikely he re-takes the starting job. Ellington is the third wheel and reports say he 'could' be used at WR. BA said that he believes DJ could turn into a special RB. I see what BA said last year about DJ and how he was used. He was used exactly how you would project off of Bruce Arian's words. This offseason? BA isn't shy about how he feels about David Johnson. If you go to the newswire and click on the link you'll find a video where three different Cardinal analysts go into detail about how opposing DCs tried using a LB to cover DJ early last year. That didn't work so they used a cover-LB but that didn't work so they tried moving a safety up to cover him but that didn't work. They said by the end of the year they were forced to use a cover CB on him but they still couldn't stop him as a receiver. I feel my projection is conservative on all but TD numbers but I see what he did last year with far fewer attempts and feel he can covert on some long TDs as a receiver out of the backfield so I think he can attain those numbers even though I confess the TD projection isn't conservative.
  6. I know it is lazy but double those stats and he comes away with more combined rushing and receiving yards and more TDs than my projections. Latest news from the newswire: Cardinals | Andre Ellington could play receiver Mon Jul 18, 05:55 PM Cardinals | David Johnson will be featured Mon Jul 18, 05:45 PM
  7. I can definitely see the argument against any RB having back-to-back 12 TD seasons coming into the league but we don't have to go all the way back to 1960 since Emmitt and Edge came much later. The other RBs, Portis, Faulk, CJ, and Lacy all were drafted to be feature backs. DJ didn't get those early-season carries. Only MJD wasn't truly seen as a feature RB when he came in due to his small stature and I don't think he got nearly as many carries as the others but he proved himself with his tough goal line rushes and pass blocking ability. DJ proved himself as a goal line back IMHO and his pass reception ability along with more chances to score as a receiver will keep him on the field proving more opportunities to score. I think he has the ability to score more than 12 combined TDs. Last year, David Johnson had 13 TDs last year with minimal total combined attempts. I think he has the ability to come away with a dozen scores or one less than what he had last year on far fewer attempts than what I think he will have this year.
  8. Last year's RZ rushing stats: 2015 RedZone Rushing Report (Cumulative thru Week 16) Sorted By Season Rushing Attempts -Data Thru December 28, 2015 ======= Go to the link for all of the data. They break it down in two parts: all red zone rushing attempts from the 20 all red zone rushing attempts from inside the 5 DJ didn't get many RZ rushing attempts from inside the 20 or the 5 compared to other backs last year but he converted 7 of his RZ attempts. He is the only RB who scored a TD in the RZ for every rushing attempt inside the 5. Interesting, if you keep digging on the numbers you find that only 5 RBs scored more TDs than he did last year but he had 61 less rushing attempts than any of those backs. My 2016 David Johnson projections: - 225 rushing attempts - 4.7 yards per attempt - 1,057 rushing yards - 55 receptions - 8.0 yards per reception - 440 receiving yards - 12 combined TDs Totals 1,497 yards and 12 TDs combined
  9. PFT with the contract details. Clearly a minimum one-year deal with minimum bonus/guaranteed money but I thought there would be more hullabaloo because this has to qualify as the biggest fantasy FA signing with another team for the summer. Arian Foster signs for $1.5 million, including $400K signing bonus Posted by Josh Alper on July 18, 2016, 5:21 PM EDT ...According to multiple reports, Foster signed a deal worth $1.5 million that has incentives that could push the total value of the deal to $3.5 million. Alex Marvez of FOX Sports was among those reporting the financial details and Marvez adds that Dolphins coach Adam Gase’s “clear vision” of how he’ll use Foster played a big role in Foster’s decision to sign. PFT has confirmed those details and learned, via a league source, that Foster got a $400,000 signing bonus as part of the $1.5 million. That’s the only guaranteed money in the deal, which means the Dolphins could release him before the start of the regular season and save $1.1 million. That could factor into their ultimate decision in the event that Foster’s play on the field doesn’t fit what Gase has envisioned for the veteran. Thanks to Foster’s extended absence while rehabbing his torn Achilles, it’s hard to know how he’ll look once the Dolphins start camp so that answer will have to wait for a while.
  10. Compared to the rest of the FF community I am not as high on LeVeon Bell as most rankings have him. I have him in the top-10 but not in the top-5 so I'm not 'down' on him, just not as high on him as most rankings. Recent reports have stated there could be a split in carries with DeAngelo Williams and that makes sense considering how well Williams performed last year behind that line and the injuries and off-field issues that have impacted LeVeon the past year. I think we will see 'some' correction with rankings leading up to the season and that LeVeon will drop slightly from his current top-5 status.
  11. There is something odd about how the entire Philly QB situation has been handled this off season. Starting with the money they threw at Bradford and then at Chase Daniel leading up to the big trade-up for Wentz. The shock took the fans by surprise so we heard early reports from the QB coach stating that he was 'pleasantly surprised' by Wentz only a month ago but at the same time we heard that Wentz 'could be' a healthy scratch from beat reporters and those rumors have recently been confirmed by the new HC Penderson where he has stated that Carson would likely be a healthy scratch if the season began today. Most here have been around the block a few times so we know this could be coach speak to motivate the rookie or it could be semantics telling the truth of where Wentz is at right now. If he is a healthy scratch at the start of the season then heads should roll because if, after literally spending all of that loot on Bradford and Chase Daniel and all of those draft picks to acquire their prized rookie and if they can't get him ready and if he isn't capable of being active at the start of the year then they'd better win every game at the start of the year or Howie Roseman is a dead man walking because the Philly fanbase isn't the most patient and kind from what we've seen over the years.
  12. Buffalo Bills make offer to free-agent RB Reggie Bush By Kevin Patra Around the NFL writer Published: July 18, 2016 ... Bush, 31, would add insurance behind starter LeSean McCoywhile the team waits out Williams' suspension.
  13. TJ Hernandez ‏@TJHernandez Jul 14 Since 2010, JStew has scored on 1 of his 82 red zone rushes from outside the 5-yard line (1.2%). Worst among active backs
  14. Karlos shows up fat, and now rookie Jonathan Williams gets busted for DWI. Bump Gilleslie? Bills’ Jonathan Williams arrested for DWI Posted by Michael David Smith on July 14, 2016, 9:31 AM EDT Bills running back Jonathan Williams was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated early this morning in Arkansas. According to Little Rock television station KATV, Williams was taken into custody and booked around 3:20 a.m. by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. Williams played his college football at Arkansas and was drafted by the Bills in the fifth round this year. The 5-foot-11, 220-pound Williams had a very good junior season in 2014, carrying 211 times for 1,190 yards and 12 touchdowns. In the summer of 2015 he suffered a foot injury and missed his entire senior season. Williams is joining a crowded backfield in Buffalo, with LeSean McCoy as the incumbent starter and youngsters Karlos Williams and Mike Gillislee sure to get plenty of time. This arrest won’t do Williams any favors in his quest to earn playing time with the Bills.
  15. Jim Rome interviewed Terrell Watson before the Isaiah Crowell story broke where he told his story. Terrell Watson info & Stats: Cleveland Browns Running Back All Topics: Left on a couples front door as a baby | The couple raising him | Learning disability | Showing believers in him, right | Attending with Azusa Pacific | The beauty of Azusa Pacific | Playing both ways at Azusa Pacific early on | Breaking Christian Okoye’s records was a team effort | Team | Always wanting to be a cop | Wanting to be a SWAT officer after his NFL career is over | Jackie Slater being the offensive line coach at Azusa Pacific | Being a member of the Cincinnati Bengals practice squad last year | Hue Jackson bringing him to Cleveland | July 11th 2016 Terrell shares his incredible story with Jim.