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  1. Soo many variables with the cap and draft and I've never felt that free agency has been logical when it comes to quarterbacks so I'll do something different. I've been hearing that SF isn't in love with any of the QBs from this draft class and will wait on Kirk Cousins to become a free agent next year so I think they will go with a short-term veteran quarterback. 1. SF - Jay Cutler/Kaepernick Kyle Shanahan loves Kirk but will have to wait a year so he goes with the guy who his pop had playing his best football and who fits the Shanahan offensive system. 2. Chicago - Jimmy Garoppolo Jimmy is a from the Chicago area. The Bears probably aren't in love with any of the QBS from this draft class either and wouldn't want to blow the third pick in the draft but 'probably' would part with their 2nd round pick. 3. NY Jets - Mitch Trubisky Jets 'reportedly' love Trubisky and he falls into their lap. 4. Buffalo Bills - DeSaun Watson/Tyrod Tailor They don't want to pay Tyrod top QB money. Watson 'probably' has a higher upside and comes much cheaper. They might have to tag Ty for a year and if a Sam Bradford-type of situation arises later in training camp with another team they 'might' be able to trade him to a desperate team ALA Philly/Minny type deal. 5. Cleveland - Mike Glennon I think the Browns will look to next year for their QB and will stockpile extra picks for that time as they 'settle' for an inexpensive bridge QB. 6. Arizona - ??? I don't think they will make any major moves 7. Washington - Kirk Cousins He will force them to tag him for a year and next year they won't be able to afford it and will let him walk. 8. Houston - DeShone Kizer Either Kizer or Mahomes but I think DeShone has a higher upside. 9. KC - Mahomes Not sure about this at all but had to plug in Mahomes somewhere. 10. Denver - Romo It would seem logical that this happens but FA never seems to be logical so more than likely I've botched every possible destination. Johnny is done.
  2. I don't want Garoppolo because he's not a franchise QB IMHO. The cost isn't a throw away in this draft that is supposed to be deep so we'd be tossing a high pick that would and should be a starter for a guy who isn't a franchise QB and if we had Jimmy what happens next year? Do we pass on landing a top QB because we have a guy who isn't a franchise QB? Not if we are sitting at the top of the board but more than likely we'd have to give up extra picks but by trading away picks we wouldn't have them and by trading away a 2nd this year we would have more holes so trading for Jimmy-G really hurts our chances to FINALLY get a franchise QB. That is why I really hate the Jimmy Garoppolo B.S. that he is the only hope, he isn't. I see him as a quick-fix for the ADD crowd who is nothing but a short term gain but would kill our chances to land a long term franchise QB. Why take a guy who isn't ever going to be a top NFL QB? Why? It makes no sense and I don't care if Mary Kay Cabot has a lady-boner for him, he isn't a franchise QB.
  3. If there isn't a franchise quarterback, don't force it so forget aout this year to address the long-term QB situation. Is anyone in love any of the options? I hate the B.S. that Jimmy-G is the only option that we have to land a franchise because he isn't a franchise QB. Daniel Jeremiah has it right. Take Garrett with the top pick and then trade down at least once or twice with the 12th pick to acquire more resources for the 2018 draft where three quarterbacks are rated higher than this year's class. LINK to podcast with a quick synopsis below. I am in favor of Jeremiah's plan. I would address the QB position by picking up a guy like Glennon to act as a bridge for a year but I wouldn't pay anything for Jimmy Garoppolo. JG has 'some' nice abilities, he can make pre-snap reads, he gets the ball out quickly on his first read, he can slide up in the pocket and keep his eyes trained downfield, he has 'some;' escapability, all good but he has flaws. If he has to get to his second read he won't pull the trigger unless his WR gets clear separation IOW's he doesn't throw open WRs, he has terrible deep ball accuracy, his pocket awareness can be questioned, he is accurate up to the point he takes a hard hit and then even his short game suffers, if he takes a really hard hit he looks brittle. He isn't a franchise quarterback in my humble opinion. If the QB isn't there this year, don't force it. SF isn't going to force it.
  4. A player's value doesn't revolve around the draft capital it cost to acquire them or what a team has to do to replace them. If you think it does then look at all of the failed first round picks that have been traded away or let go for nothing then note the 1st round cost and how many draft picks it cost until a team eventually replaced the player. Original draft cost and the cost of draft picks to replace a player makes no difference has no bearing on their actual value.
  5. The presumption that Garopplo would get paid is relevant but the assumption that he will go for a bounty of draft picks asinine. Patriot homers are trying to build up Garoppolo to reap some sort of 'fantasy' draft windfall like a gaggle of 12 year olds. Boil this down to how often this sort of thing has happened in the NFL. Not signing a free agent quarterback but paying a premium of draft picks for a guy who wasn't a top pick and who has less then two full NFL games on his resume. It should be simple to make a list of QBs who weren't a 1st round picks and who had not been starters. Who only had one year left on their rookie contracts where a team would HAVE to negotiate an extension and pay a salary cap premium just to keep them. I'm sure injury plays no part so make sure to list guys who had gotten injured in their second NFL start and complile that list so we can see in the long history of the NFL all of the quarterbacks that were traded for a windfall of draft picks. Lets take a look at that long list of quarterbacks who fit into JG's profile and you will find. Bottom line. The contract is one thing but assuming this guy is worth multiple high draft picks is insanity. The only argument that anyone arguing for JG is not that he is a franchise QB but that teams are so DESPERATE for a QB that they will pay anything. OK, then name the long list of QBs who fit Garoppolo's profile that were traded for a bounty of draft picks. If you make that argument then show how often it has happened and if it hasn't then forget about the 12 year old boy 'fantasy' of reaping a windfall of draft picks because it ain't happening..
  6. It looks like we are going to re-sign WR Terrelle Pryor, take Garrett with the top pick, and take a cornerback with the 12th pick.
  7. Please tell me about this thing called the salary cap. You mean the Patriots want a bounty of draft picks to get rid of a guy they can't afford? They aren't overpaying any skill positions on offense outside of Gronk and Tom and they just got rid of two big contract extensions, Chandler Jones and Jamie Collins that were due on defense. If they thought he was a franchise QB they would make room. Name a young, healthy franchise QB that has been traded that had no off field issues just because a team didn't want to pay them?
  8. I thought those would be useful. Just wanted to point out that these are the first of five versions that Mayock puts out. I made sure to post the first versions from the previous three seasons from roughly, the same time period. The fifth and final versions didn't have much variation but there is variation by the time the final version is released.
  9. For comparison's sake. Here are Mayock's first positional draft rankings from the previous three NFL drafts to compare/contrast. Mike Mayock's 2016 NFL Draft position rankings Mike Mayock's 2015 NFL Draft position rankings 1.0 Mike Mayock's position rankings for 2014 NFL Draft
  10. Forever? Obviously, Brissett would turn into the heir apparent over Jimmy G if they trade him away. Old man time has never been beaten. Brady will be replaced and the Pats would never trade away a guy they felt was a younger franchise QB and go with Brissett behind Brady, i.e., as the heir apparent. I didn't think I had to spell it out but I guess I have to. Do you get it now or do you REALLY NOT UNDERSTAND?
  11. I was talking overall talent especially on defense but without that trade the Browns would be without WR Corey Coleman and he can make a huge leap forward this season if he comes in knowing his routes/depths/timing etc.) The team is going to get a player with the 12th pick and have a shot to get a 'decent' player with the 52 pick this year and with whoever they get in the 2nd round next year. The defense was horrible last year, ranked 31st in the league and 31st in rushing the passer. Garrett could really help with a dire need of rushing the passer and he's solid against the run. Add, he would fit in well with the young guys they have recently drafted (1st round 2015 Danny Shelton as a run-stuffing anchor interior, 2nd round 2016 DE Emmanuel Ogbah at one DE position but he has the ability to move to an OLB position and be a pass rushing force, 3rd round 2016 DE Carl Nassib who flashed pass rush ability but got injured early and struggled) to help cement the D-Line under the guidance of new DC Greg Williams who is a VAST improvement over the past two DCs. The loss of the draft picks we wouldn't have isn't debatable but having extra high picks this and next year gives an advantage in acquiring young talent.
  12. That makes the case for Jimmy G as a franchise QB? They have two franchise QBs but he can't start so they are going to trade away a much younger guy and go with Jacoby Brissett because, um they must have THREE franchise QBs and can afford to trade away the guy they will have to pay if they decide to keep him.
  13. Certainty? Why pay a premium for an uncertain outcome? Demand isn't created in a vacuum. SUPPLY creates demand. Supply is supply. There is a limited supply of NFL franchise quarterbacks. The Patriots have one proven 40-year-old franchise QB. They would not trade away a much younger franchise QB or trade a guy if they suspected he would turn into a franchise quarterback. I have every right to question that Jimmy G is a 'franchise QB' because I don't see it and doubt he is due to the astronomical odds the Patriots have two franchise QBs and if they do, why on earth would they even consider trading him?.
  14. Go to the link. Mike Mayock's 2017 NFL Draft position rankings With the NFL Scouting Combine beginning in two weeks, Mike Mayock unveils the first of his position-by-position rankings for the 2017 NFL Draft.
  15. I read the article and it came to the same faulty conclusion that you have, that teams are so desperate for a QB, ANY QB that they will pay a premium for a guy who isn't a franchise QB. I still haven't heard a case that Jimmy Garappolo is a franchise QB but I've heard enough of the drivel that teams are so desperate they will pay a premium for him based on their desperation. The Browns could have taken a QB last year but decided to trade down, twice! They didn't pay a premium but reaped a premium. They have never traded a first round pick for a veteran QB in the history of the Cleveland Browns but every year we hear how terribly desperate the Browns are and how they are interested in every QB and will pay a premium for them based on their desperation. I posted what I saw of Jimmy G, you didn't bother to make a case for him but attacked me as a Patriot basher and tried to make fun of my assessment, OK. Where is your case that Jimmy Garoppolo is a franchise QB? Honestly, sell me on the questions I raised about his ability to get past the first read, his deep ball accuracy issues, how he is affected after taking a hard shot because making pre-snap reads and hitting slants is great as is having nice footwork and the ability to slide up in the pocket and keep his eyes trained downfield but if he can't pull the trigger on his second read unless his WR is wide open and can't throw open WRs or has deep-ball accuracy issues and folds after taking a sold shot then he isn't a 'franchise' NFL QB. Sorry, but I don't see it.