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  1. Bracie Smathers

    Dynasty and Redraft Duke Johnson Cleveland Browns

    109 total yards on 2 rushes and 4 receptions to lead the team in both rushing and receiving. The injuries that have devastated the WR corps and his ability to thrive out of the slot won't dictate him getting more reps at WR. ------------------------------------------- Scott Petrak ct‏ @ScottPetrak FollowFollow @ScottPetrak #Browns Duke Johnson shook his head back and forth repeatedly when asked if he sees role changing with all the injuries at WR. Later was asked how he'd fare if playing as WR: I think I'd have some success. I have the skill set to do it. 10:07 AM - 17 Oct 2018
  2. Bracie Smathers

    Damion Ratley WR Browns

    Ratley was the only game in town last week but the Browns picked up Perriman and their is some chatter about him picking up some PT. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mary Kay Cabot‏Verified account @MaryKayCabot 2h2 hours ago #Browns Hue Jackson said there's a chance new WR Breshad Perriman can contribute significantly vs. #Bucs. Said he looked 'big, fast' and caught the ball well today in 1st practice ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sunday's matchup is against the Bucs and it suits both Ratley and Perriman since the Tampa Bay defense ranks dead last defending the pass. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Worst rated teams verses the pass NFL Matchup on ESPN‏Verified account @NFLMatchup FollowFollow @NFLMatchup Defending the pass is more important than it's ever been in the #NFL- here are the top defenses this year at doing that.
  3. Bracie Smathers

    Damion Ratley WR Browns

    Size and speed.⛷️ -------------------------------------------------------------------------- YouTube highlights. The thing to note is how WIDE OPEN he is. If the QB could lead or hit tighter windows he really could clean up. Take a look and note the QB doesn't throw unless he's wide open and also note the deep throws where Ratley has to slow down every time. II Damion Ratley 2017 Highlights II Cleveland Browns 6th Round Selection
  4. Bracie Smathers

    Sleepers who ya got?

    Christian Kirskey is taking over for Schobert and Genard Avery is taking over for Kirskey on the outside. So Avery will be seeing more snaps till Schobert is back. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Andrew Gribble‏Verified account @Andrew_Gribble 56m56 minutes ago Schobert says Genard Avery is ready to take next step beyond situational pass rushing. Fifth-round rookie is set to have an expanded role as result of trickle down effect from Schobert’s injury. EDIT: Update >>> Andrew Gribble‏Verified account @Andrew_Gribble 2m2 minutes ago Jackson says Christian Kirksey will take over at MLB for Joe Schobert. Kirksey's previous responsibilities will be handled by a committee
  5. Bracie Smathers

    Rashard Higgins

    PatMcManamon‏Verified account @PatMcManamon FollowFollow @PatMcManamon Seems like WR Rashard Higgins again will be out. QB Baker Mayfield’s ankle is fine, Hue Jackson said. Damion Ratley should be OK. JC Tretter has an ankle that will be monitored. #Browns 11:53 AM - 15 Oct 2018 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PFF CLE Browns‏ @PFF_Browns FollowFollow @PFF_Browns When Rashard Higgins left the lineup following WK5, the #Browns lost their most consistent deep threat. Higgins leads all qualifying WRs in deep-ball catch rate (83.3%), catching 5 of 6 deep targets (20+ yds) for 125 yards 7:27 AM - 17 Oct 2018
  6. Bracie Smathers

    Joe Schobert NFL leader in tackles. Kendricks released.

    Andrew Gribble‏Verified account @Andrew_Gribble FollowFollow @Andrew_Gribble Browns LB Joe Schobert said his hamstring injury is “not as bad as it could be.” He’s week to week. 9:25 AM - 17 Oct 2018 from Ohio, USA
  7. Bracie Smathers

    London calling: NFL wants UK team, and soon

    Brooke Pryor‏Verified account @bepryor 2h2 hours ago Brooke Pryor Retweeted Ian Rapoport Wow, seems like that makes an NFL team in London less likely Brooke Pryor added, Ian RapoportVerified account @RapSheet "Shahid Khan has informed us today that he will be withdrawing his offer to buy the stadium – and we fully respect his decision.” Stunner from the #Jaguars owner. …
  8. Bracie Smathers

    Joe Schobert NFL leader in tackles. Kendricks released.

    Joe Schobert's hamstring could sideline him 'for a little while
  9. Bracie Smathers


    They need to use Duke more, he PASS PROTECTS and can catch. Hyde is not great at either and Chubb is poor at both. Per addressing the WR position. ----------------------------------------- FOX Sports: NFL‏Verified account @NFLonFOX FollowFollow @NFLonFOX After already trading Khalil Mack, @JayGlazer reports that the Raiders have been in discussions to trade former first round picks Amari Cooper and Karl Joseph. ------------------------------------------- Gruden is untouchable with that contract and they traded Mack. This come from Jay Glazer who is the only reporter left who I trust so I think we 'could' get Amari if we want him. Amari is inconsistent and I'm sure he'll want to get paid when his contract is up but he's a heck of a lot better than anything we have outside of a healthy Landry and I think Landry is not healthy so right now we have nothing at WR.
  10. Bracie Smathers

    Dynasty and Redraft Duke Johnson Cleveland Browns

    Box score from yesterday's game. Double receptions and triple yardage on half the targets. Who would you use more? Antonio Callaway targets 11 receptions 2 yards 10 Jarvis Landry targets 9 receptions 2 yards 11 Duke Johnson targets 5 receptions 4 yards 73
  11. Bracie Smathers

    Damion Ratley WR Browns

    Sigmund Bloom‏ @SigmundBloom 18h18 hours ago Sigmund Bloom Retweeted Eliot Crist Has cost Mayfield two touchdowns today Sigmund Bloom added, Eliot Crist @EliotCrist Calloway has 8 targets and 1 catch. As someone who has all the Callaway this is painful to tweet. -------------------------------------------------------------- Callaway ended up with 10 targets, 2 receptions for 9 yards. Ratley ended up with 8 targets, 6 receptions for 82 yards. On the year Callaway has 40 targets, 15 receptions for 186 yards and 1 TD. Take away his two long receptions, 47 yarder from Tyrod Taylor for his only score and the 59 yarder against Oakland where he came up gimpy and failed to score even though he could have and he's got 13 receptions for 80 yards. Ratley had more in his first game. Last week Willies had 61 yards on 3 receptions where he was targeted 5 times. Callaway has great sped but he doesn't come back strong for the ball, doesn't run clean routes, and he drops the ball. If guys like Willies and Ratley can look so-much better than Callaway in their first NFL game then it is pretty obvious that he needs to be replaced and Ratley is the only healthy WR left so he's a good flyer.
  12. Bracie Smathers


    Chubb can't pass protect. Last week he had 11 snaps with only had 3 carries for 2 yards, why? Baltimore knew he can't pass protect and he can't catch the ball so they keyed on him and shut him down. On his 8 other snaps where he was used on passing downs he NEVER was used in pass protection Haley tried all sorts of gimmicks even split him wide but Baker never even looked in his direction, why? He SUCKS in pass-pro and can't catch. On his one attempt at making a reception he easily beat the LB in coverage, Baker hit him in stride but Chubb failed to get his hands up, failed to extend his hands, failed to get his hands in proper 'catch' position. Result? Ball bounced off his hands. We are struggling enough with our offensive line and Baker can't find anyone to catch the ball so Chubb won't be used until he isn't a liability in pass-pro and/or can be used as a receiver. Duke can run, can pass protect, and obviously he can catch the ball and they extended his contract so he's getting paid. Callaway can't catch, Njuko struggles to catch the ball, Landry is playing hurt and is being double/triple teamed, hell if guys like Willies and Ratley are getting and beating single coverage then you know that they are concentrating on stopping Landry and that means we can get easy yards if we just have one decent receiver so play Duke because he had 74 receptions last year and he is great catching the ball and getting YAC once he gets the ball in his hands. Doesn't matter if fans are excited about Chubb's running ability this season is all about developing Mayfield and he has to be protected and our offense won't go anywhere unless we have guys who can catch so it is pretty simple, USE DUKE!
  13. Bracie Smathers


    Give credit where credit is due, the Chargers are good. Only losses had been to 5-0 Chiefs and 5-0 Rams. They could have rung up scores but eased up and ran the clock out on their wins just like they did today. They good. We were down to our 5th/6th WR in Damien Radley who performed pretty well. Duke Johnson had over 100 yards on 2 runs and 4 receptions (on 5 passing targets). Antonio Callaway 8 yards on 11 targets. He is weak coming back to the ball just not aggressive enough. Duke has more than earned more touches.
  14. Bracie Smathers

    Chargers vs Browns - Week 6

    Duke Johnson 3 targets 3 receptions 57 yards Jarvis Landry 7 targets 2 receptions 11 yards Antonio Callaway 8 targets 1 reception 9 yards You are the offensive coordinator of the 30th ranked offense in the NFL. Who would you decide to use more in the passing game?