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  1. I mentioned them in this thread a couple of weeks ago. Them and FNV and NEM. Has been a really good group of gold investments for me lately.
  2. Yep enjoying it quite a lot. But it has been a good last 12 months for gold anyways.
  3. That would be a heavy price for playing Fitzpatrick over Rosen.
  4. I‘m also going for the mining play over the ETC. FNV, GOLD and NEM in my case.
  5. I agree with this. It brought me Lamar in a 1QB dynasty league.
  6. It seems the Steelers weren’t expecting a run-heavy approach by the Ravens.
  7. Sign Dalton for cheap and let’s see how Ben‘s elbow looks. Draft a rookie and sit him. Ben, Dalton/Fitz/some veteran, Rookie.
  8. At this point I‘d be happy if they sign freaking Andy Dalton and would be ecstatic about Fitzpatrick.
  9. I had an ETC on gold, but the commission for „storage“ annoyed me. If you’re expecting doomsday, then physical gold should be your way to go. But I don’t and I enjoy the added leverage that mining companies bring. Hence my investments in FNV, GOLD, and NEM.
  10. Only sold 30% at 1.00 to get my investment back. Bought in at 0.28 and will keep the remaining 70% for now. Let’s roll.