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  1. It’s gonna be a glorious second half you say?
  2. Was it a newly introduced helmet for this season or an older model?
  3. They might have different character traits and their respective GM picked up on it.
  4. Is there a team that plays both Oakland and Pit this season..?
  5. Tanking would be even better had they not spend a pick on Rosen. And Fitz is gonna win then a couple of games if they let him start.
  6. Loving my boring AerCap stock today. Fantastically run company. FNV and GOLD are also two favorites of mine at the moment.
  7. This. I am 40 and my friends range from 25 to 55.
  8. Yep, I would expect them to take either Devin over Greedy
  9. What’s the plan here? He will hit fitzmagic for a 5 game stretch and will cost the Dolphins‘ draft spots while they are looking for a longterm solution at QB.