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  1. At least we know it on Friday and it’s not a GTD
  2. Especially the door through which Juju will leave the Steelers after this season.
  3. Also keep in mind that Ben locks on to receivers. He force fed AB and Juju before, so if he now is in love with Claypool...
  4. That call was so horrible. Would have probably been the lone successful OPI challenge in the league‘s history.
  5. I absolutely get that. My response was to the poster expecting Snell to win the PIT job no matter how injured Connor is. And the PIT starter would be worth a lot more than 25%...
  6. As I was saying... Always go for the „sure thing“ week 1.
  7. Ravens over Browns. Looks like the „surest“ thing for week 1.
  8. Diontae and Washington outside, Juju and Claypool in the slot?
  9. That relief package will never be put into action.
  10. I added PLZL to my gold miners. Watch gold crumble back to 1,500 now. Lol Also sold a bit of PSH to log in some gains.
  11. If JuJu leaves next season Claypool will be more expensive than now even if he does close to nothing this year. The latter being rather unlikely as well.
  12. Not only inflation makes me expect $2,000+...