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  1. Guys, I‘d pull my trade offers for him.
  2. I‘d be shoked if you can get more thatn a random 3rd. IMO there’s a good chance he might retire after this season.
  3. That is another question. You advised them to trade him and I answered that this is not possible and explained. In my opinion he will simply leave as a FA and pick his team.
  4. He is not signed. They cannot trade him.
  5. Did Reid ever draft a RB high? I mean he always seems to find productive ones nonetheless.
  6. LaDainian Tomlinson 2003 Week 14: 25-88-0 / 9-148-2 / 44.6pts Week 15: 20-51-0 / 11-144-2 / 42.5pts Week 16: 22-91-2 / 6-8-0 / 27.9pts
  7. Risk a 15 yard penalty on a late hit to the ribs to get the starting QB out? Yep, definitely.
  8. I‘m still surprised by his speed. He‘s a big and strong dude, but is easily outrunning DBs. It is wonderful to watch!
  9. A poster compared him to Leftwich. This tells you the answer.
  10. The answer was obvious once it was established, that next year would be the 3rd or transitional tag no matter if he reports this year or not.
  11. I‘d be pissed too if they took away my #FitzMagic!
  12. ARob is expected to be out. It‘s go time for Miller
  13. What if Hyde is just next year’s backup (Yeldon will be gone) that they acquired on the cheap now?
  14. He is so going to play. I have Breida and Mostert and both playing is worst case, since Breida can‘t seem to go a whole game.
  15. Ask him why he is interested in your crap players and ignore him.