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  1. I like this option, but only if he's of sound mind. I think he needs to get some psych analysis/help first, and once he gets a better grip on that, maybe he can join the military for discipline and possibly a career. doesn't the military do a psych screening before you can enlist? Pretty sure they're relaxing a lot of standards in our time of need.
  2. Then he shouldn't even be considering suicide. He's young, single, in some sort of environment where he has things like access to the ffa (so I'm assuming access to food, shelter, relative safety, ect.). Not trying to be a #### but that's the facts fishing or not and it's proboably fishing. The stuff w/ the girl (trust me I'm legal, sorry for being a bad kisser, ect.) and the black jack play by play suicide note saved in the computer just push it over the edge. I took it serious in the beginning too and if it is serious he can ignore this as I've already given a serious reply.
  3. It's good shtick. Suicide note was too over the top and not believable that a guy who was actually in this situation would type it out word for word like that. I have a hard time believing somebody goes from suicide to being at a place where they can sit around, access the internet, and #### around in the ffa in the first place but figured . Seriously, you aren't in that bad a spot if you have access and time to be here.
  4. If not first thing I'd tell you is money comes and money goes. It's not something to kill yourself over. Same thing with women. That sounds harsh but it's true. I'm not a professional, but I'd say a problem with your gambling is it sounds like it's centered around the money and that's proboably not good. You aren't a professional black jack player. You aren't beating that game. You're simply gambling and obviously not doing it in a way to enjoy yourself but doing it in a way that puts a lot of money out there. Bad situation. Having a criminal record is tough but you can overcome it. It'll take hard work. Some doors close for you but there are a lot of doors in this life. Keep plugging away and the right ones will eventually open. Also, it sounds like you have atleast a decent family. I'd suggest getting in touch with that and trying to appreciate it. It doesn't sound like you're alone here and plenty of people in worse situations than you are completely alone with no place to turn. Lean on the people that care about you (your family does) and start doing things on a daily basis to be the man you want to be.
  5. Look, I see your point, but at making this guy "some kind of vilain [sic]" and a "terrible human being".He started a thread and is being called on his as many of us feel his arguments were ridiculous and it's way too early to make a definitive statement like that. I don't think any of us, outside of shtick, have condemed him to hell or anything like that. Was talking about the dipwad w/ no ability (inferring he's just a hater) type talk. Oh, I fully expect to rip on this guy just saying not to make it personal. I'd rather rip the basketball opinion than call the guy a loser.
  6. Completely agree. For some reason, this reminds me of Mike Martz and Bill Belichick.During Belichick's first stint as head coach, everyone basically said he should stick to being a coordinator, doesn't have what it takes or the people skills to succeed despite an incredible football mind. Now those same people are saying that Mike Martz will never be a good head coach for the exact same reasons. People learn from mistakes and evolve. LeBron James has become one of the most fearsome late-game players in the NBA and Bill Belichick is one of the best coaches in the league (I hesitate to put him #1 alone since he has IMO the best QB since Montana on his side). Things change, and "calling it early" is ridiculous. It's one wrong opinion. There are plenty of wrong opinions. Let's not make this guy out into some kind of vilain. I think the guy's main points were that Lebron isn't a great 2-way player and that he's more of a pass first guy than a "go get the game winning bucket" guy. He thought those characteristics would make it unlikely for Lebron to win a championship. He may have been wrong but there have been countless wrong predictions on this board. Also, it's not completely wrong yet. Certainly parts of his argument are looking less than valid now, but Lebron still has zero championships. I'm not trying to trump that up. Many great players have zero championships and certainly many great players who won many championships had zero championships after a couple years in the league. Sure, with Cleveland winning and Lebron playing well it's easy to rip this guy but let's not make him out as some terrible human being because he had a negative opinion on a guy who's certainly gotten his fair share of hype/positive attention.
  7. Lebron is okay, but he'll never match the stardom of this guy Mark Price Price had to be a lot of little white guys' hero. Kind of like Stockton minus the cheap shots (and proboably with a little better shot).
  8. I thought it was pretty cool when Cleveland had those really good baseball teams quite a few years in a row about 10 years ago. They were bad for so long and then really great to watch there for a while.
  9. Definitely a good point. I think the 2002 Lakers, since they were more top-heavy by the end of their run (only Shaqobe averaged more than 12/game), may have been able to, but that's just speculation and they're the only recent champ I can think of that applies.I also found excerpts from that article that I was talking about in my previous post. LINK People are always going to hate on Pippen for sitting out the end of that game. Fair or unfair I think that's the reality of where most the Pippen hating comes from.
  10. (Jordan) held his own on defense.. and i recall him locking up the other teams best player when it mattered most on more than one occasion. They were both amazing defenders. Jordan was probably just as good as Pippen at defending players of the same size, but Pippen was more versatile. I think that's all Assani is saying.Pippen was incredibly important to those Bulls, and he came a hell of a lot closer to winning a title without Jordan (game 7 vs. Lakers in 2000) than Jordan did without him (never won a playoff series). He did all the little things and was a player who could dominate a game without scoring a ton -- he's just not a guy you want taking the last shot and he wasn't as mentally tough as Jordan. There was a pretty good Pippen article in Sports Illustrated in 1999 talking about how Pippen was essentially the "mom" leader of the Bulls teams, after the "dad" Jordan screamed at his teammates Pippen would be the one to pick them up and keep their confidence high. As good as Jordan was -- unquestionably one of the greatest players ever -- I don't know that Jordan wins any titles without Pippen. Certainly not 6. I'll go one farther and say that virtually all of those teams wouldn't have won if their 3rd or even 4th best player went down (some may not have won if any player in the rotation went down). It takes a hell of a lot more than a great player to win a title.
  11. and Robert Horry, and Derrick Fisher, ect. Same way Jordan won because of Scottie Pippen, and John Paxson, ect. Same way Magic won because of Kareem and Worthy, ect. Hell, teams with just great starting fives don't win. It almost always takes a solid atleast 7 man rotation. Kobe did not have more help in those title runs than most of the other "great" players who won a title. He happened to get most of that help from one guy but virtually every title team has had a hell of a lot more than one superstar.
  12. Until this year, I never saw anything that would lead me to believe Kobe could lead a team.That changed in the Phoenix series, and I readily admit he played like a champion for at least most of the series. But I think that's the first time he's done so. When has Shaq "lead" a team. They're both great, great weapons. This "leadership" thing gets a little over-hyped imo. These aren't a bunch of 18-19 year olds depending on "senior leadership". Teams win because they have the pieces and lose because they don't for the most part at that level.
  13. It will depend on what they put around him and on "chance". He'll have to be with an organazation that does a lot of right things and the ball will have to bounce his way concerning injuries, ect.
  14. I could live on an 100 dollar a day allowance if I was doing something I loved. most people would like >25k a year salary. and most people don't get to do what they love. Hand me a hundred bucks a day for no boss or all the other bull#### at work and let me do what I enjoy and there will be no complaints at 36.5K a year. Hell, I really love the beach. Some volleyball, a couple beers at sunset, hotties wearing next to nothing....yeah, I love that and would settle for 36.5K a year to do it. Not even a moments hesitation in accepting that prop. If the guy loves playing cards making 100 bucks a day aint the end of the world. do you realize that $100 a day means you have to turn that profit on a daily basis. sure you can win $100 one day, maybe 7 in a row. but then you take a loss. i go to work every day and get paid ... i never have to pay to go to work. i play a lot of poker. too much. i would not want to HAVE to do it to replace my income. for most people to replace their income they'd have to make $1500 a week playing poker. i'm sure there are a lot of people on this board who think they can do it. if you're one of them, take a week off from work and give it a whirl. you'll probably be happy to have a job to go back to. and if you would be happy making $100 a day, you obviously have no reponsibilities. i have a wife, two kids, a mortgage and two college educations to pay for in the next 5-10 years. i don't think $100 a day cuts it. Ridiculous post. My comments were directed at the h8ers ripping on Assani for making 100 bucks a day. Your post makes no sense as it doesn't apply to him. Pretty sure he doesn't have a wife and 2 kids. I'm assuming Assani loves poker. My post that if you're doing something you love and the end result is you got paid 100 bucks a day to do it that's certainly nothing to get ripped on about made sense. This one does not given the context.