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  1. Gerrymandering has made competitive elections a thing of the past in many, many districts. I'm with Schwarzenegger on this one. Kasich often seemed like the only grown up in the room during the election, so of course there was no way he'd get elected. I disagree with a lot of his policy positions, but I bet he wouldn't be engaging in this dick measuring brinksmanship with North Korea...
  2. If that's all you know about beer in Boston, then you don't know anything.
  3. I would say tacky but acceptable if you have kids under 10. It's all about the kiddos.
  4. I think the Broncos defense > Pats banged up offense. I'll be happy if I'm wrong, but the accumulation of injuries finally catches up to them versus the Bronco's D. Osweiler looks competent and the Pats' D just isn't amazing, especially without Collins.
  5. Conspiracy theory I heard tonight is that they're giving Manning a bye week to rest before the Pats game. Ridiculous, but the way the NFL runs nowadays who knows? It will be interesting to see if this really is a torn plantar fascia or not. Either way, it's a shame to see someone like him not make the choice to go out on top. At least he got that record yesterday.
  6. Many physicians will tell you that using supplements is a huge waste of money. They're really only good for people who's diet is such crap that they're not getting it in their food. There is risk of toxicity with taking too many supplements as well. If you're going to take them educate yourself, as you could end up doing far more harm than good.
  7. The Pats' O line is pretty pathetic so far. At this rate, if Garrapolo has to play early in the season, his tendency to have trouble getting the ball out quickly is going to result in LOTS of sacks.
  8. The Pats O line really sucks this year. I know Mankins is long in the tooth, but it was a mistake to get rid of him. Plus, they lost their O line coach after a gazillion years this year. Brady's not fast enough to make plays on the run and he's getting lots of pressure. It's going to be ugly all year, I think.
  9. I still can't believe the Pats let egos get in the way of keeping Welker. Why would you want the durable version of the perfect slot receiver when you can pay as much for one made of glass?
  10. Socrates, the process of going through medication trials for ADD can be very challenging. It will be most helpful if your docs start with the smallest dose of something short-acting like plain old ritalin, to see how he reacts to it. It's out of your system in 4 hours. A trial should last for a number of weeks unless the reaction is strongly adverse. Once you've settled on an appropriate dosage, then you can address longer-acting alternatives. ADD is a lifelong condition. It doesn't just "go away". People learn to cope with it in better and different ways as they mature, but it's always going to be there. Whether your son continues to need medication throughout his life is impossible to know right now, but don't let others tell you that it's wrong if he continues to need it. The notion that kids grow out of ADD as teenagers is a very outdated one -- any doctor who subscribes to this needs to do some more reading, in my opinion. Keep in mind that children with ADD are known to mature socially quite a bit more slowly than their peers. It will be especially noticeable in high school. (I have a 16 year old with ADD who is learning to drive right now) Dr. Ed Hallowell's book Driven to Distraction is excellent. He's a Harvard trained doctor who also has ADD himself and has written eloquently on the subject of ADD throughout the lifespan, and the 'gift'of ADD. There are aspects that are a gift and it's important for you as parents to embrace those things about your son.
  11. You just compared Paterno, who did nothing legally wrong to "Nazi Soldiers"? Obviously the media has convinced you with out all the facts.Sandusky is the criminal, i love all the self righteous people making remarks as if everything was so simple.Everyone on this board has not reported something of great importance, if you say no you lose all credibility.As a lwayer and district attorney for 20 years, studies show 100% of people have not reported an illegal act that needs action to the police.its obvious people do not read total posts or respect anyones opinion, even if its and educated one from one with legal experience.maybe i'm naive to think on a message forum people would be reasonable instead everyone sayd "Joe must be fired because the media says so, even after his name is only in the report as the person who reported the incident.If just finding out everyone here on footballguys is an expert on all things I guess.So you're saying you think it's perfectly fine that Paterno said he told his superiors and washed his hands of the situation? It's a similar situation to "just following orders". I have never witnessed or been told that children were being raped at my place of business where I have been in charge for decades. I've read grand jury report and I have 20 years experience working as a professional social worker. You're not the only one with real world experience.Of course Sandusky is a criminal. But I think it's fair to consider Penn State's coverup of his criminal activity and all those involved in doing so. Including Paterno. You're going to look foolish as this continues to unfold.
  12. So for the people who are defending Paterno for passing this up the chain of command -- should the Nazi soldiers who were "just following orders" have gotten off, too? Can you even hear yourself here? "He didn't know if it was true or not" is the best you've got? How can an honorable man sleep at night knowing his failure to act has put so many children in harm's way?
  13. My office streams some internet radio station all day. I kid you not, we were subjected to it 10 times yesterday, sprinkled throughout the usual top 40 dreck. I wanted to jump out the window -- and most of my coworkers had no idea what it was.