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  1. Gerrymandering has made competitive elections a thing of the past in many, many districts. I'm with Schwarzenegger on this one. Kasich often seemed like the only grown up in the room during the election, so of course there was no way he'd get elected. I disagree with a lot of his policy positions, but I bet he wouldn't be engaging in this dick measuring brinksmanship with North Korea...
  2. How can Joe Buck call this game with his head so far up Aaron Rodger's ###?
  3. Riddick. Even 1pt is better than 0. Hoping for a bit more..
  4. If that's all you know about beer in Boston, then you don't know anything.
  5. I would say tacky but acceptable if you have kids under 10. It's all about the kiddos.
  6. This first quarter seemed to take 2 hours to play. They didn't get the obvious PI call that looked like a catchable ball for Gronkowski.
  7. Completely unlike The Onion, which is a well known satire site and has been for many years, but I think you know that. These sites flood social media with purportedly true stories that support all kinds of crap designed to rile up True Believers, of any particular political stripe.
  8. It used to be an event, having football mainly on Sunday only. Monday night football was also an event. The creep of it into Thursdays and Saturdays late season...they're just watering their brand down. It's nit special anymore. And the Thursday night games on NFL network are just awful. Awfulgames, awful production. Just bad. Viewership is way down this year. The league is a joke. They give lip service to issues they think people care about, like drug abuse, concussion, and domestic violence. But they screw up their response to each issue, showing us over and over how hypocritical they are. They're against it when it's convenient for them. There are fewer "must see" stars in the game. They've tried to make the Patriots into the evil empire like its professional wrestling. This crap with the league once again denying they knew anything about the domestic violence problem with Josh Brown shows they didn't learn the lesson from Ray Rice. Dumbasses. If they don't care about the issue, they have to say so and stick to it. But this? Just shows their arrogance and can you trust anything they say anymore?
  9. I think the Broncos defense > Pats banged up offense. I'll be happy if I'm wrong, but the accumulation of injuries finally catches up to them versus the Bronco's D. Osweiler looks competent and the Pats' D just isn't amazing, especially without Collins.
  10. Conspiracy theory I heard tonight is that they're giving Manning a bye week to rest before the Pats game. Ridiculous, but the way the NFL runs nowadays who knows? It will be interesting to see if this really is a torn plantar fascia or not. Either way, it's a shame to see someone like him not make the choice to go out on top. At least he got that record yesterday.
  11. Many physicians will tell you that using supplements is a huge waste of money. They're really only good for people who's diet is such crap that they're not getting it in their food. There is risk of toxicity with taking too many supplements as well. If you're going to take them educate yourself, as you could end up doing far more harm than good.
  12. The Pats' O line is pretty pathetic so far. At this rate, if Garrapolo has to play early in the season, his tendency to have trouble getting the ball out quickly is going to result in LOTS of sacks.
  13. The Pats O line really sucks this year. I know Mankins is long in the tooth, but it was a mistake to get rid of him. Plus, they lost their O line coach after a gazillion years this year. Brady's not fast enough to make plays on the run and he's getting lots of pressure. It's going to be ugly all year, I think.
  14. I still can't believe the Pats let egos get in the way of keeping Welker. Why would you want the durable version of the perfect slot receiver when you can pay as much for one made of glass?