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  1. Hannity translation: He's off the hook, let's move on now to Benghazi.
  2. Mine says I've been surfing too much pr0n, which I guess makes me a moderate.
  3. Having hunters pay to shoot older elephants and using the money to fight poaching is definitely pragmatic. No, it isn't. But keep believing Trump Jr, he has other incorrect opinions also.
  4. What is pragmatic about elephant hunting? In 1970 there were 1.3 million African elephants, I'll let you do the math since everyone else is being "righteous."
  5. I've noticed a lot of Bill Clinton "predator" memes lately to deflect. Do these righties really think that only communicating in memes increases their credibility? Or is it about hoping the low-hanging fruit can understand their point?
  6. If you don't have to talk to the people that live there, California is great!
  7. In before Trump points out there were more people at his inauguration than are at this protest.
  8. Jeez, that is really sad. I was gonna turn on the news to get the info, but I don't have the spirit.