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  1. Don't understand how it's possible to come to terms on a contract within 9 minutes of the tampering period being opened.
  2. You think it looks bad for the Bills? They were willing to address one of the biggest deficiencies on their roster with one of the most talented WRs in the league. That speaks volumes to the fan base that they're going to seriously address these issues. I'd much rather the team try to get AB than to go into the season with Foster, Zay Jones and God knows who else as their only options. People were flipping out about the idea of Buffalo going after Devin Funchess, but nothing seems to be good enough anymore. As far as how it looks to everybody else. Who looks worse, the team that tried to acquire a star talent, or the player who posted on Social Media "if your team got guaranteed money... call me", then refused to go to the one team who was willing to give up the value Pittsburgh wants AND pay you... seems pretty clear to me. AB wanted guaranteed money. A team was willing to give it to him, but he thinks he's going to land on a playoff team who is going to pay top dollar to acquire him and pony up guaranteed cash. News flash, they're playoff teams for a reason, they generally don't have dire needs. As for your last point. Who is going to want to come here unless we overpay? When is the last time we had to overpay to get a guy? McCoy? I remember when we landed Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde, they weren't Earth shattering moves, but they sure as well paid dividends. If a player is too ignorant to learn about the city/team trying to pursue him, then they really ought to stay the hell away.
  3. Teams don't let you negotiate with the agent of the player until they are close to a deal. Otherwise 10 teams expressing interest would be trying to negotiate contracts. Doesn't make much sense...
  4. There's been a lot of chatter about the Bills going after Dwayne Allen as a blocking TE. The big thing here is that we don't necessarily want to load up on rookies. We need some veterans to help out as we have a young QB. Rookie TEs generally don't make immediate impacts in their rookie seasons. There are always exceptions obviously, but for the most part they have a steep learning curve.
  5. Agree on that wholeheartedly. I didn't think Adams would ever be good tbh. I remember he couldn't hang onto a ball to save his life early on in his career. I don't think I've drafted him ever since
  6. I've heard this religious angle with Peterman but haven't seen anything definitive on it. And what other players were brought in (and confirmed to be) because of their religious faith?
  7. Does McDermott really love him? He's not going to throw his guys under the bus, so I expect him to only say positive or neutral things about a player. Obviously he can't say that a guy isn't NFL-caliber, otherwise why are we rostering him? From everything I understand, the Bills gave Josh Allen the opportunity to win the starting job in the preseason. When they played the Bengals the offense was annihilated, and so they rolled out with Peterman who had slightly more experience and is not supposed to be the QB of the future. Not to say that he was better, but they just (unwisely) invested the 7th overall pick in Allen so if he is not ready, there's no reason to rush him out there on an untalented offense behind a poor OL. Peterman absolutely should be released after this season. Josh Allen will get his shot in 2019, and I hope the team has a legitimate OL and some weapons on offense with the picks and cap space that they will have, but even then I'm pessimistic. We've seen some bad rookie performances followed up by breakthrough seasons (Jared Goff, Mitch Trubisky), but in those situations the team hired an innovative offensive mind for the QB's 2nd season. Do you see them getting rid of Daboll? It's hard to say he did a poor job when he was given no talent to work with. EJ Manuel recently made waves when he commented on how Peterman has a job in the NFL after his awful performances meanwhile Manuel is a free agent and has never played as poorly as Peterman has.
  8. I was shopping him around as well. A lot of people are weary of that QB situation and aren't biting. It's also difficult to trade a player heading into their bye week. But now that he's off the bye, someone may be interested. I have concerns about Eli finishing out the year. I had the feeling they were going to bench him, but then Lauletta got popped on that traffic infraction which may put him in the doghouse so I think that bought some time (if there was any risk at all, of course). I was looking for a Joe Mixon, Christian McCaffrey, James White (PPR) type player in return for him. There are not many RBs I would be comfortable moving for OBJ, and the ones I would be comfortable moving him for are valued higher (Gurley, Kamara, Barkley, Hunt, Gordon). Even if you don't need the RB help. RB talent is scarce, swapping OBJ for a top RB and then flipping him for a different top WR isn't the craziest thing you could do. After all, why would someone swap a top WR for OBJ? It's a lateral move for them, and one with some risk considering the QB situation.
  9. This. BB is always looking to take away a team's top weapon. When they moved their top CB on to this kid that should be a huge sign.
  10. Perhaps he doesn't care if he accrues the season or not. Do you think the Steelers are going to want this circus next year? They can franchise him and have to account for the cap space IF he did sign and report to the team. That's a lot of money left unused for a player that may not show up. If he doesn't report, sits out the year, the team can choose not to franchise tag him and get the comp pick. OR they could tag him to trade him (hoping for similar return that they would get from a comp pick), allowing Le'Veon to negotiate a contract with a new team. However, if they don't work something out, they would have to rescind the tag if they wanted him gone, which means no comp pick.
  11. Sounds like the 8-0 record had a lot to do with it. Otherwise, if others don't pay, why is it a problem for this guy? How would it be awkward if he got fired? They don't have to see the guy in person anymore, since when did Social media/text/chat get "awkward" just because people don't work together? Does your league consistently talk about work-related things (if so, why tf?)? Were there any warnings about this (ala "if you don't pay this week I'm locking you out")? Just seems a bit harsh for a league lenient on payment to stick it to a guy who happens to be undefeated. When does the Commish play this guy?
  12. They have no dead money beyond this year. Really, I'm surprised they didn't move him. He's not going to be productive with this OL. They could've gotten something for him. Let Ivory take the beating between the tackles. I mean, we have to be addressing RB in the off-season due to McCoy's age.
  13. Really silly. That's what sold the previous regime on EJ Manuel. Scouts and evaluators have become so obsessed with measurables and numbers that they don't even focus on what really matters: can he play? Watson was a gamer, but there were questions about his size by those in the NFL. Silly really. He was the guy I wanted last year until we traded down. Mahomes is awesome and easy to say we should have taken him, but he was a project because of the gunslinger Ryan Fitzpatrick mentality, learning behind Alex Smith helped him, but he wouldn't have had that development here. It stinks to throw away a good season. It's even worse when you piss away a very good defense, especially with guys like Kyle Williams and Lorenzo Alexander getting close to the end. To think we have at LEAST 2019 with Josh Allen as our QB makes me very pessimistic already. I liked what I saw vs. the Vikings, but it's been downhill ever since. He pulls the ball down, tries to take off too soon, takes too long to go through his progressions, etc. It's really ugly right now. Considering his collegiate career, there's no reason to think that he's ever going to be a good NFL QB. At this point I wish we would just tank it and grab some talent in the draft. I love that McDermott and Beane are great at drafting players in the secondary. If they can continuously make low round picks and turn them into studs that would be a great advantage. But we HAVE to address the offense in the 2019 Draft. We can't be going after any defensive players within the first 2 rounds. With the cap space and draft picks, there's no reason we can't have a decent OL and some legitimate weapons on offense. That will at least allow this regime to evaluate Josh Allen for 2020 & beyond.
  14. Apparently the Bills met with Terrelle Pryor today. Hopefully it's to be a QB.