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  1. I had mono in college. My liver enzymes were through the roof and I had jaundice. I couldn't leave the couch for 2 weeks and drank at least 3 gallons of water each day. Couldn't eat. Couldn't walk up stairs to shower without having to take a break because i was so tired. It's not just about the enlarged spleen, but it will physically be so draining that walking across the room is like running a marathon.
  2. 2 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 2 TE, 1 Flex. TEs are very valuable there
  3. I sold Evans this week with Carson and Waller for Kamara. Overpaid, but Kamara is a safe stud to plug in and never worry about. I would buy him back at a decent price though. I wouldn't sell him at all costs. Playing on a short week after battling the flu, I thought he played well. Jameis has to get him the ball, but Evans doesn't have a history of production against James Bradberry. If you're selling, considering waiting til they play the Giants week 3 and hope for a big game.
  4. 13 targets is huge. I will likely sell Samuel after this week if I can get decent value. The OL protections theoretically can be fixed. The playcalling can improve. But Cam does not look good at all. He shows no pocket presence and used to be elusive and hard to bring down. He goes down as soon as he is touched it seems and his passes are just not accurate. I think best case scenario would be hoping for a sliver of the improvement Andrew Luck showed last year. Luck got off to a slow start, people said he was washed up but finished with a great year. It's still only 2 games, but I am concerned about Cam.
  5. He got targets, but Cam looks awful and I don't know how much better it will be for him. He's never been an overly accurate QB. Samuel was open a lot, but couldn't get the ball. I'm going to field trade offers for him after putting up 14 PPR points this week. Certainly not a drop candidate. They have ARI & HOU on the horizon.
  6. Well, unless you've been in the perp's shoes in this scenario you aren't qualified to make this statement. You look at it in black and white: if he talked openly about it, it was obviously consensual. But you assume rational, logical thought. You aren't accounting for the power and dominance that plays a role in these types of situations. It reminds me of when I was on jury duty on a welfare fraud case. The defendant's lawyer was picking the jury based on his argument of: if my client didn't hide that he received welfare benefits, that proves he didn't intentionally defraud the county. Would you agree? Just because they flaunt it doesn't prove intent.
  7. I didn't feel great about him when I drafted him. I was trying to move him before Week 1 because I anticipated this TB offense wouldn't be what it was cooked up to be. Couldn't get a deal done and he puts up a stinker. Dealing with the flu, now on a short turnaround which isn't ideal for any non-RB. I sold him but wasn't great value by any means. Temper expectations for tonight and look forward to his week 3 vs NYG.
  8. Tre White isn't going to cover a slot WR. He will be on Robby Anderson most likely. And they will check it down to Crowder a lot. Darnold doesn't throw it deep very often.
  9. He played 92.5% of the snaps and plays TB this week. I would hold for another week at minimum. But I agree he is behind CMAC & DJ Moore. Olsen, that's iffy considering his injury history. Who knows how long he will be healthy.
  10. Evaluating Singletary is something they should do, but that shouldn't be at the top of the list. Developing Josh Allen should be. And if that means leaning on Frank Gore for his years of knowledge and trust him as a leader, and someone that can help Josh during the game, I would imagine that would have a lot of weight on who plays. I'm not hell bent on one guy starting over the other and not trying to fit my narrative. I think it's a timeshare, whether that is 50/50 or 60/40
  11. 2 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 2 TE, 1 Flex, 2 K, 2 TD, 12 teams, PPR. Only 5 bench spots. QB: Patrick Mahomes, Carson Wentz RB: Saquon Barkley, Chris Carson WR: Mike Evans, Larry Fitzgerald, Curtis Samuel Flex: Latavius Murray TE: Darren Waller, Dallas Goedert K: Jake Elliott, Josh Lambo TD: Seahawks, Chiefs
  12. I don't see Gore getting 200. I predict Singletary will get the lion's share of carries. It's not unreasonable to expect at least 8 or so carries from Gore per game, which equates to 128. However, the argument that the team shouldn't utilize Gore frequently because it would damper Singletary's learning curve I can't support. They aren't QBs. I don't see how sharing time with someone like Frank Gore could hinder Singletary's growth. And the team is of course interested in the future, but I believe the off-season showed that they also want to see some success now. Sooner or later the future has to be now. We've been saying "next year is our year" for far too long. They aren't going to go off and jeopardize their future to go all "win now" mode, but from my viewpoint I think they're trying to build a franchise that can be successful and sustain that success over time.
  13. The issue is the amount of touches they will get. The offense will be great, but they do throw a lot. Andy Reid always has, and always will. 2018: 282 RB carries, 69 receptions | Total: 351 2017: 290 RB carries, 90 receptions | Total: 380 2016: 327 RB carries, 66 receptions | Total: 393 The offense has been declining in RB touches each year. You have to assume that some other positional player will get a handful of touches (Darwin Thompson for instance). Even if we cap that at 15 touches, that leaves 168 total touches off last year (with a 50/50 split for McCoy & Williams). Even with 120 carries and 40 receptions, that's putting a RB in RB3 territory for a 12 team league. Unless the Chiefs heavily favor one of these guys, it's not very promising that they have standalone value unless one of them is not available or falls out of favor.