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  1. I've got the OG Pixelbook and love it, came from a Macbook Air. Got my kids a Pixelbook Go and they are equally great. $584 for the base model or $764 with i5, 8gb mem and 128 ssd with a Best Buy account, highly recommended.
  2. Donald is the only person that I've heard say Brady was better than Manning. Seen several say Manning is better. I'm playing the props with Brady to have the longer drives on 1 and 3, hopefully he can hit it straight.
  3. Here's a good one. Was submitting bets at exactly 6:00, had a full cart, 14 bets, timed out by literally 10 seconds. Went on live chat, then messaged multiple betonline twitter accounts asking them to re-open betting since the race was in a rain delay and not supposed to go green until 8:00. No response. Ended up crushing the matchups, hit the "Perfect Trifecta" in the contest, but didn't meet the $10 bet requirement (or get the $5k free play), got exactly $0 to show for it at sbet. 😷
  4. Really shouldn't make a big difference, should be able to make it back into the top 10 by the end of stage 1
  5. Ahhhh yes, the Waterson/Esparza fight. I've never seen scoring like that either. I had it 29-28 Waterson, the only score that none of the judges had lol. Any score that wasn't 29-28 either way was garbage.
  6. I've taken 3-4 bad beats via judges this week, this being the worst. Garbage.
  7. @mquinnjr Chatting it up with Barstool Presidente Portnoy!
  8. That's the reason to warm up to Okudah. If something really seems to make sense, it's very likely not happening, similar to what Lump is saying about NYG. Simmons feels like a Gettleman pick, Brown seems like a Quinn pick.
  9. Yep, I'm hesitant there. You have to buy into the Joe Judge/Saban theory and if that has any merit, you have to have Gettleman to buy-in, relatively big if. Tough to deny NYG really needs an OL, AZ is an OL fit as well, so I don't really have a problem with Wills u 8.5.
  10. Not a ton of value out there now, so much of the good stuff is long gone. I've been bullish on Jeudy overs since 8.5 and am still good with 11.5 juiced. Some recent sentiment that Wills is 1st OL taken (+175) to NYG (+150) u 8.5 (-150). Warming up to Okudah o 4.5. i like Seattle "no" pick #27 -110. Found a Jefferson o 20.5 -120 that I thought was good. I think o 21.5 is ok at +150 or better but really like that 20.5. Popular mock landing spot is 21 but I'm not so sure and will roll the dice at a strong + number. Still CJ Henderson u 16.5 out there, I have plays through -280 there. Have Becton o from 7.5 through 9. Also looking very hard at Chaisson o 16.5.