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  1. x 3 How do you blow a 20 pt 2h lead? DUMB. Sparty sucks so hard.
  2. True story, I went to bet 5k at +3 and it moved to pk on me. A few minutes later ticked up to +1 where it still sits.
  3. Etienne u 4 rec Etienne u 48.5 rec yds Burrow no rush td -145 Lyn Dixon u 43.5 total Moss u 52.5 rec yds Rodgers u 46.5 rec yds Under lean on Burrow 365ish, Jefferson 8.5 recepts and 102 yds Good luck guys!
  4. Really tough to crunch numbers in this one when both teams played half of there games with 4+ score leads and these guys playing 3 quarters in many games.
  5. Conflicted by that one. I want to like that under but he ran pretty well against LSU's 4 best D comps (Bama, Auburn, Georgia, Fla). Probably going to be a pass for me.
  6. Put a few of the under plays in early (Burrow u 4.5 tds -115, Marshall u 5.5 rec -115, and Helaire u 96.5 rush yds -115). Did well the last few years waiting until about 30 minutes before tip to bet unders with the bloated lines. I'll post some around 7:45 if I can get all this stuff submitted.
  7. My local listed S. Griffin, I think Shaquem gives me a shot at no action if Shaquill goes over 😁
  8. 😀 I saw that one on the 4:00 slate, felt guilty and passed. Absolute classic lining Leveon Bell as Bilal Powell.
  9. You need to get you one of these books. Was starting to sweat Ronald Jones Jr receptions.