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  1. my 5 year old uses the right words from metaphors/similies etc but tends to mix them up. Charlie: DAD, CAN YOU COME HERE!!! Me: What do you need? Charlie: I AH, I....I NEED A LOT OF HANDS DOWN HERE!!
  2. I'm 42... J Dude, I'm totally on your side. I'm not saying you should be dead at 40 if you eat crappy. I'm just saying that eating sprouts for a meal at age 95 is not my goal in life. My goal is not to see how long I can stay here, but instead enjoy everything this place has to offer. If I die along the way, so be it. At least I had a good time while I was here. Oh, and 42? I would have pegged you either just short of 50 or low 50's. Man its going to be hard to look up to you as a father figure anymore knowing that you're not as old as I had pictured. You do realize there is a middle ground between living like John Belushi and eating bean sprouts for every meal, right? Sure. But if I don't like sprouts, why eat them just to hit a middle ground. You never see a tiger mix in a salad once a week for a meal. That's because a tiger has sharp fangs, claws and a short intestinal tract. You don't. Those 3 things foreordain whether I should mix in a salad or not? Hi Sheik,Yeah. Pretty much. J My point was: you don't see tigers eating salads because they are genetically carnivores. The Bible says God made these animals for us to eat.
  3. These fat people just need to see a chiropractor.Problem solved.
  4. too many people playing video games and fantasy football instead of the real sports and or outside events.
  5. Overweight people are a "waste of space"? Wow you're pompous piece of ####. Certainly wasting more space than skinny people. And clogging up more toilets too. ...but sitting on more short people, who, as we know, have no reason to live. and poor people, don't forget poor people.