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  1. I think it has been a disservice to the electorate. My hope is that all of the news sources start to do their jobs and more true investigative reporting instead of dumbing things totally down or just look for ratings or being about entertainment pitting us vs them.
  2. CNN is not fake news, and I primarily watch CNN, but their reporting style has been part of the problem over the last few years imo. Not that they have an agenda necessarily, but just the quality and depth of reporting has diminished imo.
  3. How do you even know such a condition exists? What are the warning signs? so tragic.
  4. I also seem to always be randomly selected at airports despite being a tsa pre-check guy and frequent traveler. Indian guys have approached me more than once asking if I was Indian as well a few times. I just have one of those faces I guess.
  5. Whoever heads the dnc is going to really matter this time.
  6. As an italian-american who has been mistaken for middle-eastern (after 9/11 a guy asked me if i was going to bomb the bar we were at), this scares me. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2017/02/24/get-out-of-my-country-kansan-reportedly-yelled-before-shooting-2-men-from-india-killing-one/?tid=sm_fb&utm_term=.d5e55f4bbf3c Certain people think this is OK now (and other repugnant but lesser things).
  7. There wont be any right now. Republicans will try to leverage this useful idiot to get their stuff passed and Dems are trying to keep #### together. There will be certain GOP resistance at times depending on the issue. But until Trump is gone, I dont think there will be cooperation unless there is at some point cooperation to remove him. Then hopefully they all realize they created the monster together and need to work together going forward to prevent something worse.
  8. Maybe having somebody so terrible and disastrous like Trump will lead to more cooperation once we get a normal person in; even if that person is Pence so long as Bannon and some of these crazy appointees are replaced as well.
  9. Didnt Bannon literally say that the cabinet appointees are desiged to deconstruct the agencies? Just like most of us said -- that it was as if the heads of the agencies were there to undermine the very agencies they were to run.
  10. I watched the first episode and havent gone back. I should?
  11. Is it going to still include muslims born in the United Kingdom?