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  1. Pumpkin mocha and one of the best beers i have had.
  2. He is going to deport Dream Act kids. . #### this guy.
  3. I do agree with visa enforcement and everify and enforcing laws etc. as clearly there is a problem, but this guy is insane.
  4. He didnt even talk about the executive orders he wants to eliminate or what laws weren't being enforced. This is pretty terrible. He is clueless.
  5. Did he just say there were illegal immigrant violent criminals in the room!?
  6. What are these "executive amnesties" that he is talking about? He said Hillary was going to do a 3rd one that will cause a constitutional crisis but did not even say what it was! He is totally clueless. This is insane.
  7. Under bridges.
  8. They know where they are, even though we have no clue how many illegals there are (3m-30m?). And even though the jails are crowded with illegals, we dont arrest and jail them. Trump makes no sense.
  9. So we can pick and choose immigrants?
  10. Punkachino from Elysian and chocolate punpkin porter from Evil Twin are damn good.
  11. Free rides in the self driving cars in Pittsburgh now.
  12. UberX or Black?
  13. Plus he does not drink.
  14. They were not IN the house. Had they been, my wife likey would hacr forced a sale for $20.