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  1. They give you a vallium?
  2. These issues common now or was it probably my connection?
  3. I could not get wonder woman to get past the introduction last night. Elysiam, covenant, and Poseidon. They all seemed to be pulling from the samr streams and it would stop or buffer during the opening. Wasnt even 1080p.
  4. God I hope OKC takes out the Warriors and Durant.
  5. What does that even mean?
  6. So if I am not moving, buying a car, or opening a new credit card, I should freeze? What if I want to open a new checking/savings account at my bank, an ira, a 529 plan etc?
  7. So we really all need to freeze on all 3 bureaus?
  8. Trump cares about his image first. He cares what cnn says about him. The dems can play him to their advantage.
  9. There is plenty of material to lampoon the president and blind followers over and lots to get upset about; but let's pick our battles. We all want the country to succeed, so when he compromises and does something smart or presidential, let's encourage the behavior instead of making fun or saying he is a walking contradiction etc. That will just cause him to lash out negatively. Like chuck and nancy should have let trump announce-- them taking credit caused the tweet storm today.
  10. A daca staute and beefed up border security (some wall some other tech etc) is a good thing. Why lampoon him?
  11. She is terrible anyway.
  12. Those notches around the camera/speaker is annoying. Why not just make it either bezel or keep the space always reserved for battery indicator etc as opposed to wrapping video/pictures around the speaker/camera?
  13. Think about it. Nobody played even in the game 3. We brought on Bell, Haden, Wilcox and Vance at the end of camp. I think they saw who game 1 was and executed their preseason agenda accordingly.
  14. The steelers basically viewed week 1 vs the browns as the "dress rehearsal" pre-season game.