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  1. He has probably been one of the highlights for me — just the way they interact even.
  2. The MAGA stuff in the first episode was great, but the whole season has really been all yelling and a kind of mean caricature of itself. Not that funny.
  3. The other thing about that article was that every single team was worth more than $1B.
  4. Horford off the bench allows Harris to play the 4 is great for spacing and allows much better lineups....
  5. Something just isn’t right. Simmons clearly worked on his shooting this summer. He hits in the regular season, Brett Brown complements him and says he needs to do that more often, and Simmons proceeds to take 0 since then and won’t even take short range shots in the lane that are clearly there. Brown is connected with Simmons. They probably both should go. I like them both and hope they figure out Simmons mentals and can get him to fit with Embiid (a jump shot goes a long way towards that) though.
  6. Mine has been bringing this up recently too ....
  7. Embiid posted to instagram a photo of him hushing the crowd and he wrote “you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain” to which Jimmy Butler replied “i know a place where villains are welcome” to which Embiid said “damn right my brother.” Tells me the sixers chose Simmons over a Butler/Embiid combo which was a big mistake imo. Embiid-Harris-Butler is a nice big 3 that fit together.
  8. I just don’t know. I like them both and hope they figure it out. They seem to not fit well together and that seems more on Ben not being able to shoot than anything. Simmons not taking mid-range jump shots leads to a lot of turnovers and bad shots late in the shot clock by others — it also frustrates Embiid because Simmons drives and clogs the lane and he gets stuck down there without a touch. Shoot the ball and let embiid get the board if you miss and create space later by actually being a threat!
  9. Embiid didn’t come back out after halftime due to nexk stiffness ... then the sixers went up 20+.
  10. Agree. And they need to move Simmons. They just look miserable out there. Simmons passes up so many jump shots in the lane and forces passes for worse shots. Embiid looks like he is scared about hurting his hand more and he still looks out of shape. Harris is a bright spot — glad they got him, but too bad they included Shamet in that deal.