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  1. Maybe she took it and thats what made Tyrion a dwarf.
  2. So why didnt Varys and Illario engage Arianne to Aegon once Viserys died?
  3. I actually voted for Bush in 2000. Nader had 97,000 votes.
  4. He said if Russia invaded the Baltics he wasnt so sure if the US would help.
  5. Seriously? i really like Donna Brazile. Shame this is enough to keep her down.
  6. I blame Ralph Nader. Bernie Sanders has the country in mind. Not ego. And has done the right thing. Nader was never going to be president. Say what you want, but the numbers dont lie. Bush won Florida by 500 votes essentially. Nader had 97,000. What percentage of those votes for the green party candidate (taking into account people who stay home) vote for Gore vs Bush? I think Gore makes up that gap significantly.
  7. I like Bernie Sanders. Generally, i like the rationale behind his positions. I do not agree with the extreme nature of his socialist ideas and their policy executions. I do not think any extreme element of either party has any place in the oval office. I think we need him to keep certain elements in check, but I do not think he should lead the free world, as everything cannot just be free.
  8. The things he says directly impact foreign relations. And he is the commander in chief. He is a narcissistic ego maniac who is ultra sensitive. Now he wants to start super pacs to fight cruz and kasich. We want this guy in charge of the military?!?!
  9. I really hate that ive had to become a Hillary apologist.
  10. I see. I wont be engaging you any further. Carry on.
  11. Good. More people who hate Clinton need to vote for her anyway.
  12. Did you author Trump's tweets?
  13. Never said Bernie was not a good guy. His love of country and fear of a Trump presidency rightfully takes precedence over politics. Everybody should get in line behind him. Trump is the biggest internal threat to this nation since the 1800s.
  14. So mad that business takes me out of philly all week but for tomorrow. Curious what the protests outside of my office will look like.