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  1. What is the definition of anti-gun? And we still hate the epa when companies have proven time and time again that poisoning people and the environment is not their concern?
  2. It hurts him in florida and is just more evidence that the Russia issues are likely true and that his tax returns are hiding much more.
  3. Weld should have been the candidate.
  4. Something cool happening there?
  5. True. Went to Iron Works. Pretty good stuff. On my second plane now waiting for boarding completion. 40 min flight Austin to Dallas had TVs in every seat; 3 hours Dallas to philly, no tvs, outlets, or wifi, even in first. Phone at 30% and no movies downloaded. Im ####ed. First world problems.
  6. Heading to iron works because it is closest.
  7. Coopers and Iron Works are close by. Not sure of the line situations there. I can sneak out at 1030-11.
  8. I assume Franklin's barbeque has a crazy line even on a wednesday. Any other redommended joint for bbq I can go for an early lunch if i need to leave for the airport by 12:30ish that wont be hours of waiting? I passed Iron Works last night that smelled good.
  9. How stupid can you be?!
  10. Austin is pretty awesome. I want to thank Abe, Kev, Bentley, and especially Cos for showing me some true hospitality down here. Much appreciated. I hope I can pay it forward and meet up with everybody again soon. We have a great community here.
  11. They have us at container bar, bungalo, and another one.
  12. Im wearing a cowboy hat to this event. Whats the world coming to?!
  13. I am in town until tomorrow, but I'm not sure if I will be around tonight.
  14. I missed this while in the democrat party party where people were yelling for others to be quiet in a bar.