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  1. Had a 2021 experience today as well. I haven’t watched Disney w my two boys yet until today. They think Everyone is mean.
  2. I still never bought a watch. I was going to just get something at Torneau because that seemed easiest etc. but they totally screwed me on just replacing a leather baum et mercier strap. I dropped it off in January and they kept my watch until July where they gave me a temp strap and then the real one came in September. They promised to comp the strap and when I went to finally pick it up, they reneged and tried to charge me $300. So I just took my watch and told them they lost a sale and that I didn’t care about money, it was about their word. so anyway, where should I buy a watch from?
  3. They just signed practice squad guys instead of Eli Rogers or CJ. They trying to get Mason killed??
  4. Fett was not a Mandalorian. i would think Favreau would maybe use the same technique from Iron Man to connect with the character behind the mask, but I guess he wanted something different.
  5. I agree with all of that, but I liked the feel of the show and thought it was overall good. It is like a Clint Eastwood western but in Star Wars. I think it lacks some emotional connection with not ever seeing Pascal’s facial expression, but that seems like part of the story. I am told he literally wore the suit once during the entire shoot.
  6. With all the injuries, Steelers need to: 1. Attend Kaepernick workout 2. Sign Eli Rogers who knows the offense and can work underneath. 3. Sign CJ Anderson or Jay Adjai (sp?) 4 sign Skipper
  7. They miss Munchak. They played below average before he was here, then were the best in the league, and now struggling again.
  8. What a terrible game to watch. And the Browns were dirty and head hunting all night. They should investigate that coach ....
  9. What are we missing that they like Elliot now instead of Skipper who made the initial 53 man? He is there for the taking off Giants practice squad. And why not promote Sutton Smith who can play fullback? No Nix hurts. and what about Eli Rogers? I shouldn’t question though. The moves made so far all have paid off.
  10. I forgot about the Marvel shows. I liked them all other than Jessica Jones really. Everyone has their owns tastes, but I think the point is that they have produced good content. More than probably any other network or platform other than HBO in recent years.
  11. Stranger Things, House of Cards, Black Mirror, and even Orange is the New Black have been culturally relevant and great (never saw oistb though). Narcos was also fantastic and I know people who swear by Ozark. That is a pretty great track record for shows. There are others as well. They have not done as well with movies, but it sounds like The Irishman will change that.
  12. They do have some great content though, as well as a TROVE of data on people. Maybe they do get purchased, but there is value there.