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  1. Unreal. The nba thread is one of the best in the ffa every year. A basketball forum is ridiculous if they kill this.
  2. When we see things change in the moment (like girl there and not there; dolores shot and not shot etc) my interpretation is that she has reached this poiny before and dies or gets taken back home into her loop. The loop happens over and over until something changes that progresses her closer to the maze. Like that Tom cruise movie. William being introduced is that catalyst now.
  3. Real clear politics has texas as up for grabs now.
  4. I think Hillary is going to be a better president than most think (depending on how resteictive and combative congress is). She really is closer to a republican but for social stuff.
  5. Wyatt is Ford re-creating Arnold as some experiment? It is like in Lost where black and white sit back and watch the choices. Ford said how all the guests chose black hat against what he thought the world would be like. So now we have Delores and MIB seeking to complete the maze. William will make the choice between black hat and white.
  6. What about this IBD poll that has trump ahead and is supposedly very predictive?
  7. I take back what I said. Biggest non-bowl win in school history right there.
  8. So what timeline is Logan? (I have not seen Apocalypse yet)
  9. I have a new respect for Fox news this election cycle. They really could make a play for being truly fair and balanced if trump starts his own thing and takes Hannity with him.
  10. Hillary, but for gay and abortion issues really, is closer to a Regan Republican than anybody not named Kasich that ran this year. The GOP really should love her. Bill worked very well with them until they went all family-values on him for some reason.
  11. No. It shows that there is a reasonable way to accomplish immigration reform that addresses the major concerns (and that Obama has been doing a good job) without uprooting families and fragmenting the country and a whole demographic.
  12. Those two are terrible. They get ganged up on, but wow. I guess when you do not have facts on your side, this is what you look like.