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  1. Cole is an absolute stud. Nice return there. Maybe if they kept the team together last year and made a move or two, they could have contended. Instead they are sellers pre-season and then trade their best prospects for a pitcher on the downswing. Brilliant. Meadows at .290 with 32 hr and 88rbi. Glasnow 6-1 in 10 starts with 65 strikeouts and a 2.03 era. Baz 3-2 in 17 starts with a 2.99 era and 87 strikeouts at A level WHAT A JOKE
  2. Sean Davis to IR (not sure if can return) and Paxton Lynch to practice squad.
  3. If our pass rushers were getting tired, it sure sucks to have Chickillo out there instead of Skipper.
  4. So where do we play him? He isn’t a run stopper. Slot corner?
  5. Curious how they will use him and how fast he gets integrated. Communication has been the biggest problem on D.
  6. Eli Rogers tweeted he was not there to sign. Rather he was there to thank Rooney for the opportunity before moving home. Says would welcome another chance.
  7. Wow. Assume bring back jones who knows the system. Would not shock me if ben retires. What is the cap hit then?
  8. I don’t get why they like Switzer other than his personality. Eli Rogers was better. If they were keeping Holton he can be a returner ad can Diontae Johnson
  9. It appears neither the NFL nor the Pats were aware of these allegations prior to the reports last night. AB’s lawyer sure had that letter ready to go though ....