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  1. Exactly. Let’s remember that when a second wave hits so we don’t turn into Italy this fall/winter.
  2. My point was that we are lucky to live in America. And that it isn’t a huge sacrifice to have to stay at home so people need to stop crying about haircuts and stop protesting that states need opened up RIGHT NOW. We aren’t having to go hunt food. We have power and water and food delivery. It sucks, but what is being asked of us as a society isn’t overbearing. Oh no we cannot got to bars or go to games — OH THE HUMANITY!! The government money and implementation has not been perfect but what is? It still helps. When we get to July/August things could be different though. Death rate in my county is 7%. Curve seems to be flattening. Stay home. Stop whining
  3. I was just commenting something like that to my wife. So far, this is just an inconvenience to 329,000,000 people who have to stay home and Order, deliver, takeout, or cook. Now, if we start truly having supply chain issues and government money runs out, that will be a problem. longterm economy is an issue as well with Gdp down 5% Q1 and likely 20% Q2. We will see who has businesses and jobs this summer. People are not all going to be rushing to shops. I have a beach house in NJ for July. I am hoping they keep the ban on short term rentals because I am nervous taking my family and parents there for a week.
  4. I don’t want this rushed either. But it does seem like the vaccine isn’t something that was started from scratch. Rather they are jumping off from where they were with I think SARS. You cannot rush the time it takes to examine impact in human trials though.
  5. Personal anecdote: I was sick the week before Trump gave his Oval speech, so right when things were on the rise. I started to feel a little drained for a couple of days, but assumed it was due to lack of sleep, as I was sharing a bed with my 5yr old who had a lingering cough that got so bad one night it made him vomit. He never had a fever or anything and tends to always get a cough so we didn’t think much of it. Fast forward 2 days after that (Friday night) and I wake up at 2am with shivering chills. I have a 101 fever and basically don’t get out of bed all day and pretty much sleep the whole time. My fever lasted until Wednesday but never went over 101 and typically was negligible during the day and would hit 100 in the evening. I never had a cough or stuffy nose. Had some aches, headache, diarrhea, and sometimes a sore throat. My doctor didn’t call me back until Monday and because I was starting to feel a bit better and it was more than 48hrs since symptoms they said I would not be eligible for tamaflu so I opted not to go into the office for a flu test. While my fever subsided that Wednesday I didn’t leave the bedroom until Friday and felt very weak that day. The rest of the weekend I was fine though. I lost 10-12 pounds. That following monday I had bloodwork done for a new life insurance policy. I got those results this week. My Triglycerides are up 50+ points from my November physical as well as my ALT liver enzymes up 54 putting both into high levels, rather than normal. Maybe I ate and drank my body into hell over the holidays, or maybe I had mild COVID and these blood levels are what is causing young people to have strokes and other complications. I called my doctor to go over these new results and request an antibody test, but haven’t spoken to anyone yet.
  6. Though mine didn’t have a password, just said I was hacked. I changed my email password anyway.
  7. I got something like this recently as well. Someone also used my email to open an account with some baby crib provider in Bermuda and an online casino. I got emails asking me to confirm my email which I of course did not. Should I contact those sites?
  8. So, what are you guys going to do once work is functioning again and requires travel? I am nervous but will need to visit assets to purchase if we want to salvage the year.
  9. How the hell is this thing still alive and spreading if everyone is home and wearing masks when grocery shopping?
  10. Will the Steelers have any room to sign another safety or ilb? Or is Sutton going to head back there when Edmonds is playing the Barron Lb role? Cam-Tuitt Watt-Bush-Dupree Edmonds Haden-Nelson-Hilton Fitz-Sutton
  11. Seems like a reach at every pick. Claypool has potential and is the big target ben always loves, but man there were some good rbs there. Doesn’t help that Dobbins ends up in Baltimore (who somehow have 100 picks?). Read McFarland is a headcase. Not sure that a small rb works in Pittsburgh either. And the olineman wasn’t even invited to the combine ....
  12. Why are states reopening when they are not hitting the benchmarks trump put out?