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  1. I saw a few potential sign and trades on: Here are the ones I like: Sixers get: Eric Gordon, Spencer Dinwiddie, Taurean Prince, Rockets’ 2021 first-round pick, Rockets’ 2023 first-round pick Rockets get: Jimmy Butler Nets get: Clint Capela ------------ Sixers get: Aaron Gordon, Eric Gordon Rockets get: Jimmy Butler, Wesley Iwundu Magic get: Clint Capela, P.J Tucker, Rockets 2021 first-round pick ---------------- Sixers get: Eric Gordon, Harry Giles, Bogdan Bogdanovic, P.J. Tucker Rockets get: Jimmy Butler Kings get: Clint Capela
  2. If Jimmy is intent on leaving, that would suck. Seemed like he and Embiid had a nice rapport. They need Butler. If they made this move, who do they try to sign at the 3, not named Leonard?
  3. So the Lakers never met with Talon Horton-Tucker before drafting him, but Lebron and AD did. But did Lebron know about this tweet?
  4. They already traded all of their assets. If they lose harris or Butler, they will be playing from behind. Sign and trade Harris to the Nets for Russell, then move Simmons.
  5. What do you think the market is for Ben simmons? If he was traded for a stretch 4 and picks, could the sixers field a team of DeAngelo Russell, JJ, Butler, Horford (or simmons piece?) and Embiid?
  6. The ringer just did an article about Space Jam 2 being a way to circumvent the cap and referred to the Knicks signing JR Smith’s brother as something similar. 😂
  7. Beat It Smooth Criminal Billie Jean they dont care about us man in the mirror
  8. I turned it off after the sixers’ pick at 34 thinking that dude was good energy off the bench to back up Embiid. Ugh. I hope Brand has a plan. I liked that he was aggressive last season, but if they don’t keep Harris (or replace him with a similar talent or better) and Scott, then they gave up way too much (which was already my opinion). If they let Butler walk without offering the full max then the last two years were true wastes of time and a disaster.