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  1. I actually have an employee who just confirmed positive with the exposure traced to a wedding. I don't know the details of the wedding though.
  2. I am thinking of doing a cash-out refi or credit facility in order to potentially renovate 1-2 bathrooms and the backyard. I am only 5 years into a 30yr mortgage with 3.65% rate, but there is some equity here to pull-out for sure. Credit score is over 800. Thoughts on how to best proceed?
  3. Probably, but no masks for some group photos. We have not been doing any in-person shopping. 100% delivery or curbside since March. Wife has an auto-immune thing.
  4. My wife's cousin is going through with a wedding. They did cancel the reception, but they intend to have an indoor wedding at a church (catholic long ceremony) with at least 50-75 people. They say each person/family will have their own pew with a pew in-between, as it is a big church. I am telling my wife she should not even consider going. Am I unreasonable?
  5. I think I am ready to get the Series 6, now that they have the oxygen thing and sleep tracking. Anyone have the 6 yet? Are all of the bands waterproof and OK for swimming, or are you guys getting multiple bands and changing them for regular use, exercise, and swimming?
  6. And Tyrion wanted it to be Bran. So it does kind of make sense. They just botched the delivery in its entirety from Season 5 on (other than Season 6).
  7. I wish it was Covington. But the rumor I saw had Gordon, Chris Clemons, Ben McLemore (non-guaranteed) and David Nwaba
  8. I was checking for scores this morning thinking that I forgot to watch the Heat last night.
  9. I made back-tap three times my new screen shot short cut. Love that. Any other suggestions or security updates that we need to do manually to take advantage of them?
  10. Maybe once more apps have home screen compatible widgets it will be better, especially with the stacking option, so you don't lose too much real estate. I moved all apps/folders that I use to just two pages, then hid all other pages of crap apps. They are all available in the app library in a nicely organized and searchable manner.
  11. Horford to the Rockets for Gordon and change rumor floating around out there.
  12. They are about to adapt some expansive Chinese sci-fi novel series for Netflix.
  13. She 100% never had it in her to just kill random people, especially kids and women, who were not players in the game. She can go mad, but torching the city after surrendering? No way.