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  1. He's already getting his shot now, but Hunter Henry. Talent + Opportunity + lack of WR weapon talent + System. I think his price is still low because Gates expected return. We've seen the cliff comes quick with these old vets. Gates did not look good Weeks 1-2. I don't think it's a foregone conclusion Gates plays heavy compliment of snaps when he returns. Perhaps use as a short yardage/goalline option. I think Henry's got a shot to put a stamp on a huge role ROS this week. Wouldn't be a surprise to me if Henry outscored Gates this season.
  2. Perhaps but odds are stacked against him right now. Turf toe. Not something you want. Particularly him that relies on getting out of breaks quickly. He's looking at a multi-week absence. He's unquestionably their best slot receiver IMO when healthy but he hasn't stood out enough (nor has enough track record) to be guaranteed the role when he returns. Really just depends on roster size whether to stash or not. I think it'd take an Antonio injury to make him relevant at this point with the injury. He's a guy that needs the reps.
  3. Phins look to be in a hurry here down 2 scores
  4. Bengals front 4 just taking over Front 4 on both sides have been really good tonight so far
  5. Just terrible. 6 blockers vs. 4 pass rushers. Atkins with the sack.
  6. Gordon was allowed at the facility. He was not allowed to practice.
  7. I'm sure Einstein will figure it out just fine. Here's a tip #######: Dribble less. The saddest part of the #### show NY has put together is that Porzingis is the one that'll suffer if they all stay healthy. Derrick Rose said the triangle offense is complicated. While the Knicks aren't expected to primarily run the triangle exclusively, Rose expressed his thoughts after the Knicks worked on it on Thursday. While saying there are "like 40 or 50 options", he added that "it's a little bit complicated right now." Rose may have some growing pains as he adjusts to his new team and system, and isn't worth anything more than a late-round pick in standard fantasy leagues. Source: Stefan Bondy on Twitter
  8. I liked the bulls more with just rondo. Bulls have plenty of shooting. Sadly with that piece of #### now in NY no one got to see it. Unless that piece of #### wasn't playing and you saw ball movement. I don't see rondo/wade working. I'd throw one of them to 6th man if keeping them both rostered. I thought they would be +.500 before signing Wade because Rondo would be great for mirotic portis and McDermott. Not enough basketballs to go around (again) at this point.
  9. Most useful thread in Shark Pool currently IMO. Thanks for work you've done
  10. Company Vince Russo is working with (Rocky Mtn Pro) just got a national TV deal. It's a young promotion but definitely going to give it a shot. More my cup of tea with storylines, guys selling, no circus dives thru/off ropes to the outside and 10 minute time limits. If interested, you can watch on Dish Network (Channel 266) on Hunt channel (Sunday at 630pm EST starting Oct 9). Or download the free Hunt Channel Roku app: also available on Amazon Fire/Chromecast. The wrestling, like Lucha Underground, I much prefer. With MMA taking over, not sure any new wrestling promotions will survive long term. I think an MMA company (w/ storylines) is much more likely to survive.
  11. If that's what he wants to do, I don't see UFC begging for him to stay. As great as he's been in the past, he's not a PPV headliner. People aren't coming out in droves and saying "Hey let's order this PPV for Aldo". That's the reality of it. He can't ##### about being bypassed like he's doing here after how many times he's pulled out .....and also losing in the # seconds he did. I give Dana #### all the time but he/they got this one right in regards to Aldo and Khabib to make this MSG card as high $$ as possible. Great press conference too. Incredible card. Can't remember being as stoked for a card as this one. My personal favorite moment of the conference. I don't remember it exactly but question was asked "Conor who is the biggest threat at 145?" ....Jeremy Stephens chimes in "Me". Conor responds "Who the #### is that?" Had me rolling.
  12. John Brown - Only WR Cards have that can get open at all 3 levels consistently. Arians has to bump his snaps up. I won't bury Floyd like some locally, but he is miscast as a 'deep threat'. Particularly when he's not as good doing that as either of the Browns or JJ Nelson.
  13. Talk about a guy the Cards have gotten absolutely nothing from since making a 2nd round pick 3 years ago.... Cardinals placed TE Troy Niklas on injured reserve with a wrist injury, ending his season. Sep 27 - 5:24 PM
  14. Dwayne Train Firing him up this weekend against Duh Bears
  15. The fight that had to happen for this 205 card McGregor vs. Alvarez is official . Awesome