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  1. Cordarrelle Patterson is in the league's concussion protocol. He missed Thursday's practice, and is suddenly questionable for Monday's game against the Bears. Patterson has been a much bigger part of the offense in recent weeks, catching 16 passes over his past three games.
  2. Getting 2nd opinion on knee injury.
  3. Not much out there. Grabbed Patterson to give possible flex option next couple weeks with loads of byes. One thing to keep in mind about his Week 7 stats if didn't watch the game. 5 of his 7 catches came on the final inconsequential garbage time drive. Great if you think you can rely on that happening every week. The positive is they are involving him on offense and designing plays for him again.
  4. Yep. Quit playing there about 3 years ago. Just hate their interface. Yahoo is clean, simple and can check emails at same time. If both were free, I'd go with Yahoo. They aren't AntSports yet......but w/o improvements I see them going that way down the road.
  5. Cruz Garbrandt 207
  6. Tied for team lead in catches and 1 yard behind Hopkins in yards tonight! With massive bye weeks, gonna hope horrible Osweiler can do something against a horrible Lions D at home in Week 8.
  7. Faber retiring after his next fight in December. It's time. Only fight I'd even have remotely liked to see with him left was vs. Dillashaw.
  8. What I did yesterday. Definitely with that Detroit game in mind. Not starting this week in Denver but wouldn't be surprising if targets filtered his & Griffin's way against them with DB's locking on outside. Biggest concern is obviously Osweiler flopping hard during any game.
  9. Holy ####. What a bizarre bizarre game.
  10. TD Zenner Usage hasnt been promising at all but lucked into a short yardage TD.
  11. Really depends on league type. 10 team 2 QB PPR empire league (2 titles = end of league). I'm not actively looking to deal him but i've gotten couple offers within the past 2 weeks. Was offered Latavius Murray straight up Another offer was Jamison Crowder I believe. Declined both w/o hesitation. Those offers might not be too bad in 1 QB leagues so maybe something like that is reasonable to expect. Draft Pick value: 2 QB format = I personally won't take less than Round 1 pick. 1 QB format (14-16 teams) = Round 2-3.
  12. Craigslist is the last place I'd buy a car. Such a ####### waste of time. Was shocked to find out several years ago while looking for a cheap 2nd vehicle how many people selling cars on Craigslist are youth ministers, involved with the church, etc....
  13. Mousasi - Uriah Hall 2 now scheduled to scheduled to main event Fight Night Belfast as Gunnar Nelson pulled out. I get Mousasi wanting revenge, but he should be fighting the elite in that division. Really makes no sense for him to fight washed up Belfort (who was ranked #5 then I believe) to fighting Uriah Hall. Too bad Mousasi is as reserved as he is. I find him to be one of the funniest guys in MMA when he does talk. He sells himself short on a ton on the business end. Makes no business sense to fight Hall. Nothing to gain. Everything to lose.