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  1. I just shake my head when hearing Jarrett's name anymore. He really STILL thinks Global Force Wrestling has a future. He founded it 3 years ago. They've ran a dozen or so shows at minor league parks in front of 100 people. He has "TV Tapings" in the can from over a year and a half ago (!!!) that haven't aired because he's not been able to find a TV deal. Even when he rejoined TNA he stated "I look forward to future with GFW and TNA". GFW is full of TNA rejects or guys that had contract disputes with them. The best move TNA's made in a long time is bringing Don West back (who never ever should have been let go. He's the only reason they ever sold they brought him back to sell a warehouse full of old TNA merch for pennies ). Most of the items involve wrestlers long gone from the company (AJ/Roode/Joe). The guy is more valuable than any performer in the company IMO. Guy can sell anything. GEM MINT 10 Shark Boy wrestling card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now they have their hack announcer Josh Mathews telling people to shoot themselves on Twitter. I have no idea how this company stays afloat with 200+K people watching it weekly. Or why anyone sinks money into it. Hardy stuff last year was terrific (prob some of the best stuff in wrestling) but at the end of the day they wrestle weekly in front of 90% non-wrestling fans who get in for free at Disney that are just looking for a place to rest and get out of the sun. That crowd is completely dead and it shows on TV. I'm convinced they could have Steve Austin or the Rock run in there and they'd get little to no reaction.
  2. Derrick Rose is not looking to get a buyout from the Knicks, as he still hopes to sign with New York long-term. Rose was purportedly almost swapped for Ricky Rubio at the deadline, but the Knicks were asking for an extra piece and the Wolves declined. Rose now says he wants to re-sign with the Knicks this summer. "I hope so. They didn’t trade me,’’ Rose said. "That’s a good sign." From a fantasy perspective, Rose has exceeded modest expectations this season, due in large part because he has been able to stay healthy for the most of the year. Source: New York Post
  3. Single game tickets on sale
  4. Watching hou-no replay and hou shot them off the court. What an improvement going from watching Josh smith/brewer clanking 3 after 3 to Gordon/anderson (2 former pelicans) along with Lou Williams and piecing together center is working great. Harden took all of 9 shots with 13-14 assists I believe.
  5. Cavs get their backup PG. Deron Williams plans to join the Cavs, according to the Associated Press. He still has to clear waivers, but there are a ton of reports saying the Cavs will be signing the former All-Star. Williams played on Team USA with LeBron James, so those two are familiar playing next to each other despite not playing on the same NBA team. He will back up Kyrie Irving and could also see some minutes in two-PG lineups. Obviously his fantasy value takes a major hit. Source: AP
  6. Lonzo Ball is better than either IMO. He's better than Simmons too for that matter. (And it's not to disparage any of them. Lonzo Ball will be that good) Praying he winds up in Phoenix.
  7. I may have missed it but don't believe anyone's said that. In the last 6+ months, they've added Rondo, MCW, Grant, and now a small PG in Payne who is completely unproven in the NBA. Most Bulls fans realize they don't know WTF they're doing at PG and just a joke at this point. McBuckets (who has I believe 2 more years on his deal) has the #1 most in demand skill -- shooting. On a team (Bulls) that desperately desperately desperately desperately need that. They better hope Cam Payne's as good as they think he is. It's gonna be damn interesting to see how he fares alongside Butler & Wade. I'll presume Wade opts out.....but who really knows until it's done.
  8. Opposing GM's that've spoken to Woj in the last 30 minutes "The Bulls must really love Cam Payne". This poor Bobby Marks #### (former Nets asst GM -- now with Yahoo Sports -- largely responsible for Boston picks deal) has been getting lambasted all week on air. Poor guy is gonna explode sooner or later. Something he's gonna have to live rest of his life with.
  9. Vertical Sources: Deron Williams, Dallas have started discussions toward contract buyout. Cleveland, Utah, Atlanta expressed trade interest.
  10. Didn't mind dealing Taj, but shooters like Buckets a lot harder to find than what Cameron Payne brings to the table. He's going to be playing off the ball a lot.. Chicago is absolutely clueless when it comes to PGs.
  11. @JustinVerrier 3m3 minutes ago More The Pelicans are now expected to waive Terrence Jones, according to sources, so that he can pursue other options. @espn_macmahon 9m9 minutes ago More Source: Deron Williams "possibly" receiving a buyout from the Mavs. Dallas is preparing to hand point guard reins to rookie Yogi Ferrell.
  12. Here's to out of shape 24 year olds. @WojVerticalNBA 38s38 seconds ago More Suns GM Ryan McDonough was part of Celtics front office that drafted Sullinger. Sullinger arrives in Tucker deal.
  13. Here's to out of shape 24 year olds. @WojVerticalNBA 38s38 seconds ago More Suns GM Ryan McDonough was part of Celtics front office that drafted Sullinger. Sullinger arrives in Tucker deal.
  14. @ESPNSteinLine 2m2 minutes ago More On Deadline Day, Minnesota ultimately decided to walk away from the Ricky Rubio-for-Derrick Rose trade, league sources say