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  1. Damn. The funniest guy and greatest manager IMO in wrestling history. Thoroughly enjoyed watching Prime Time Wrestling with him and Gorilla.
  2. LOL hard fought victory for the Cards over the Colts......who are starting a QB that's been on their roster a couple weeks. Going to be a long year for the Cards. JJ Nelson really stepped up. As did Chris Johnson off the street.
  3. Dawson will have to walk home if he misses this.
  4. Wow. Just saw Gilbert Burns' KO
  5. And it's over. Branch tapped.
  6. Branch in big trouble
  7. Jesus. Scary Usman can make 170
  8. @arielhelwani A week after missing UFC 215, Dana White is choosing to attending GGG-Canelo over UFC Pitt, per @ArashMarkazi. Imagine that, say, 2 yrs ago. Dana's checked out on everything but Conor with the UFC. I once thought UFC couldn't survive w/o Dana.......anymore he's not even around and promotes nothing.
  9. Chris Johnson. (Even if a week or two early). Cost nothing and IMO the only one with upside there.
  10. NFL wants ratings with Gordon (guy that's had zero impact in NFL since 2014 (?)...........but wanting Elliott (one of their league's best RBs) -- that hasn't been charged by law enforcement -- suspended for 6 games. Ok.
  11. Hill has zero value with Mixon/Bernard healthy. Any snap he takes outside a goalline/short yardage situation is a wasted snap. They clearly kept the wrong RB last offseason IMO (Hill over Burkhead) Cincy OL is bad. Hill can't make something out of nothing. Go watch the clip of Tyler Eifert completely whiffing to block JJ Watt. Then tell me Jeremy Hill is able to do what Mixon did. I don't see Hill in the picture much longer. Does that make Mixon worth of fantasy start? Who knows. I don't see Gio leaving the picture.
  12. Cormier reinstated as champ.
  13. Don't know if this was posted elsewhere, but......
  14. Even Dana White had better things to do than attend his PPV....
  15. Man Cejudo looked really good. Just not good enough to beat DJ.