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  1. SRS reporting WWE in talks with ESPN+ regarding PPV rights.
  2. WOW I don't get the chance to follow the Illini much outside of box scores but thought they were dead with Dosunmu out. Looks like he returned tonight. HUGE win to stop their 4 game losing streak.
  3. Sounds like Beilein is walking way from the remainder of the contract.
  4. Ryan Satin and SRS reporting JBL to be inducted into the WWE HOF.
  5. As toxic as it is, I love Twitter sometimes.....
  6. The irony. Everybody's got a price. And everybody's gonna pay. Face turn for Irwin R Schyster.
  7. Agree the Colts look to be a nice fit. I question whether they'll actually go after (and pay) Rivers given they're already paying Brissett quite a bit. I may be wrong as I haven't looked in depth at his deal, but I don't think they can just get out of his deal w/o a financial hit. Don't see anyone that's going to beat down their down for him as he was exposed badly in 2019. My opinion of Rivers fit in Tampa will be depend on Ken Whisenhunt presence on Tampa's staff in 2020. He's the link between Arians & Rivers and would ease the transition for Rivers with a completely new set of players.
  8. Patience. It'll probably take some another 4 years to understand what the problem is.
  9. Do what makes you happy. If that's sales, go for it. Maybe find a way to dip your toes into the water w/o giving up what you currently have if possible. Good luck.
  10. Only the Cavs. They were down 36 at home vs. the Kawhi-less Clippers at the time of the tweet.
  11. I have zero interest in watching indy wrestling or WWE. Watching flip flops and no selling isn't why I became a wrestling fan. Certainly wouldn't be a wrestling fan today if this was the product presented when I was younger. Choreographed gymnastics isn't my thing. Outside of Rumble/Mania/NWA, I only watch clips and reading news/results of wrestling today. Riddle stands no shot of surviving in WWE. Not because he's not good enough but because he's shown no indication he'll be a corporate shill and toe the company line. It doesn't take much to stick in WWE.....just keep your mouth shut about how terrible the product, don't embarrass the company, etc.....