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  1. Only play redraft. I'd decline. I think Henderson is more talented Could Akers complicate things for fantasy? Sure. If I'm going down with ship, I'll take the chance on who I believe is more talented
  2. Suns aren't dealing Rubio. Wound up being an excellent fit Unless it's a move to get a superstar, I don't see the suns making any major moves with the way they ended season (sans Oubre)
  3. Redraft: I'd buy all day if he were coming at a WR4 price. I just don't see that happening with his name and past success. The targets are there. As others have mentioned, defenses are treating him as the #1. Cincy's gonna be forced to pass all year. Inevitable IMO at varying points during the year that Green/Boyd/Higgins will eat. They should all see a healthy amount of targets if Burrow stays healthy.
  4. RIP Aleister Black's career They should have worked out something financially to keep that entrance music and entrance. Was/is arguably the best in the company. Guy looked like a Heath Slater jobber rushing to the ring for his entrance tonight. Too bad. At least it looks like we'll get Bo Dallas on NXT again. It's time to Bo-lieve Again.
  5. Interesting. JMO I think the Celtics are arguably the best set franchise long term in the NBA. I think they've got a bunch of young pieces outside Tatum/Brown with potential to be solid contributors. I'm particularly interested to see how Time Lord continues to progress. Bam absolutely destroyed the Celts this series. Unfortunately Stevens didn't feel Time Lord has ready for that challenge.
  6. JIMMY AND THE SCRUBS!!!!!!!!!!!* *excludes present and future all stars in bam and superherro
  7. Henderson is a high end runner. Still stunned they didn't use him more for Gurley last year. Just mind blowing to me. Just in the very few touches he got then......he jumped off the screen. Especially compared to modern day Gurley Granted I don't watch as much football as used to but I haven't seen a more obvious recent disparity in talent on a RB depth chart (where one guy is either splitting or not playing at all) since the whole Aaron Jones-Jamaal Williams saga. Who knows how Akers will figure in this thing when healthy but I can't fathom their being a more talented back that is/was on your fantasy wire this season than Henderson.
  8. The nonsensical story behind Retribution on TV is awful But TBar's Twitter game is strong
  9. ESPN Gameday can't let Corso continue on there. It's really uncomfortable to watch him struggle this much. It's been a helluva run.
  10. Been out of the loop the past week, how's this series going? Game on #####
  11. Several AEW talents reported test positive for COVID SLOPPY SHOP