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  2. Another great Dark Side of the Ring. Show is so FN good. In comparison to the actual wrestling product today, you're actually wanting more. Big fan of Martha and Oje Jericho is tremendous narrating. Not surprised about Ricky Starks leaving. Commented when the show started they'd have a heck of a time keeping him with as young and talented as he is. NWA had him positioned great as the TV champ/opening type act. Agree the Taker episodes have been good. WWE does a great job with their documentaries.
  3. Makes sense. I've been ending with Carson in the couple drafts I've done. Not even cuffing with Penny. (And I'm stout cuffer). I think there's next to no shot he's ready to go Week 1 in league starts on tiem.
  4. He tweeted awhile back to the extent "They're not wanting to add new fans. Only to try to keep the ones they have". Not going to try to drudge up the tweet. Was many months back. Needless to say, isn't surprising whatsoever to see their ratings down 50+% already. Cody'a a good midcard act with his ability to cut solid promos. Everything else IMO he's woefully underqualified at.
  5. Watched parts of this. Wasn't good, wasn't bad. Too long IMO and lost my interest (as you mentioned the entire Kamille stuff was a replay which really didn't make any sense given it's already available on demand on Youtube). I think they've got it perfect with 1 hour or less weekly with their regular Powerrrs.
  6. Company was on a downward spiral in ratings before Hardy came and has continued. I agree his gimmick will suck unless you put in cinematic setting. And who really knows if that gimmick has already run its' course. Parts of the stuff they did with him in TNA was very good IMO. They've already lost 50+% of the audience since premiere months ago. The folks that wanted to give something new a chance have already left. And what's left is your small dwindling audience. Just like Cody wanted it... Wrestling Boom BTW
  7. Gaethje already doing a great job of baiting Connor with a Gaethje vs. Khabib graphic he just tweeted. Brilliant move.
  8. But "Jacare was isolated"..... (Something isn't adding up....Shockingly). At least they got those ceremonial weigh ins in 2 of Jacare's cornermen tested positive as well. Jacare reportedly had been contact with family member with Corona.
  9. Not that there was any doubt because he's 100% gone once their season is announced over.
  10. NBA salary cap Jordan's final year with Bulls (97-98): $26.9 mil NBA salary today: $109.1 mil (19-20)
  11. WWE releases Curtis Axel. Guy has had one of the best gigs going. Been in WWE 13 years and literally done nothing for most of it.
  12. Agree. I'd put my money on him landing in Jacksonville as Minshew's backup and chance to start if Minshew doesn't build off last year. Makes all the sense in the world for both sides.
  13. I truly can't imagine any scenario where a new front office is brought in.......and they want to keep James ####### Boylen as the coach.