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  1. JMO He's a serviceable ST guy that can fill in on 3rds. Nothing wrong with that. His vision is terrible. Did reasonably well with fresh legs end of last year If they need someone for carries (and don't want to give them to Shady/Darrel), they'd be better off signing Spencer Ware for that. The guy he reminds me of is Ty Montgomery. Guys with terrible vision and have a complete lack of instincts running the football but can provide help in a pinch as pass down back.
  2. Optimistic Gurley plays. Brown doubtful. Going to be real interesting with Henderson.
  3. They're wasting carries with Damien. Whether they go to Shady/Darrel/Darwin......someone off the street. Outside of Kalen Ballage, Damien is the worst rusher to see an NFL field this season. Horrible, Horrible, Horrible. Just stunning to me he's still seeing carries.
  4. They have the answer on their roster in McCoy. They simply don't use him enough / waste carries with Damien. I simply don't see them signing Ajayi to deactivate/cut Damien. As have been saying for weeks upon weeks now, the only place (if active) Damien belongs is on special teams or injury replacement as receiver behind Darrel Williams. Shady is head & shoulders above Damien/Darrel as a rusher. It's comical to me that Damien is even getting carries anymore. Darrel has very good long speed & great hands but the quicks of a fullback.....he's STILL a better option as a north-south runner than Damien. Damien's problem is he's a 220+ pounds RB that tries to run like a scatback and isn't quick enough. I've watched every preseason/regular single carry Shady's had this year many many times and he's looked terrific. Is he prime Lesean McCoy? No. But he's much much much much much much much much much much better than anything else KC has as a runner. I lost count of the # of people I blocked this preseason that said he was done and just completely ignored how he looked with Buffalo this preseason. I mean if you're not going to actually watch things, your opinion is completely meaningless. Wonderful he didn't look good with a horrible Buffalo line with a rookie QB in 2018. Means zippo for 2019. He's looked terrific all year this season. People are completely ignoring he's average 5.4 YPC.....and that includes Andy Reid given he's still giving Damien any carries. Damien Williams has zero business getting carries -- whether for Shady or Darrel.
  5. WWE wanted to fire Bischoff within a couple weeks of hiring . And remember he wasn't actually doing anything those first couple weeks. He was "getting adjusted" and trying to "understand the current product". I was absolutely floored when they hired him. As I mentioned when they hired him, no one that's in WWE right now had anything good to say about Bischoff's work in TNA. Not a single person One of which is a prominent star that everyone can guess who absolutely despises Bischoff and how he treats and interacts with people. Eric's not a people person whatsoever. The only "friends" Eric Bischoff has from the business are ones he was giving blank checks to who were drinking/biker buddies. As Eric found out quickly, it's hard to re-develop a work ethic. McMahon may be out of touch/senile, but no one outworks him.
  6. I'd love to know the lowest historical YPC for a RB that's gotten 50/100 or more carries in a season. I gotta believe logic will prevail and they'll cut his carries at some point but he's on pace for over 100 carries.
  7. Amazingly he found a way to actually DECREASE his 1.9 YPC this season last night.
  8. Picked up Lazard after waivers. No one stood out to spend $$ on. Gonna see how the next couple days play out with MVS & Allison. May even start if one of the 2 are out.
  9. Yes I was joking. I'm sure after 15 years and 250 organizations that teams know what he can do. There's no reason for him to remain a Dolphin rest of year if they can get something/anything for him. But IMO if a deal were to already would have.
  10. Whether Gurley's healthy or not, I don't know how you don't get him at least a handful of touches every week. The difference in the burst between him and Gurley/Brown is enormous. Would be absolutely foolish not use him in at least a change of pace role going forward. Might not mean a whole lot in fantasy but widely apparent watching these guys on the field. There's one guy in their backfield that can make something out of nothing. And it's not Gurley or Brown.
  11. Imagine CM Punk on FOX trying to talk about the draft as if it were real. I just can't see this marriage working out. He's going to tell it like it is IMO and WWE will bltch about it. WWE will complain to FOX just like Dana White did with Ariel Helwani and he was gone. I want CM Punk on commentary. His stuff on NXT many years ago was great. It definitely wasn't Vince in his ear telling him what to say every line. Bruce Prichard will do nothing to change things. He's a yes man through and through. And not that creative. At least he's better than Bischoff in that regard. Bischoff offers nothing whatsoever. And it sounds like Bischoff was "BACK.....lazier than ever"
  12. Trent Richardson will be a steal on Day 2. Targeting him in all drafts.
  13. Just talked to my good friend after the Bischoff news broke. Said he's not going to clean up Prichard's mess in creative again unless WWE offers a telecommute position. No desire to travel. No desire to deal with backstage politics.
  14. I couldn't imagine watching WWE anymore TBH. 3 hours?!?!?! I can't watch anything for 3 hours. I really struggle keeping my attention to anything more than an hour anymore. NWA put one a very good show in their debut. Short and sweet and a great look that doesn't look overproduced to hell. Hope it takes off for Billy Corgan. It is actually the first wrestling show I actually enjoyed start to finish in awhile. 1 hour just is enough wrestling for me anymore. Jericho shlts all over anything other than perhaps Fiend that WWE is doing. Pretty amazing how he constantly reinvents himself. Pretty sure he's now in his late 40s.