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  1. Exactly why I got it. (For Ring Doorbell) Basically traded in a 2nd gen Echo Dot and wound up getting the Echo Show 5 for $25 I believe. Appears deal is still ongoing for couple hours
  2. Bought a lot more this year than previous years. They were basically giving away many of their products and lots of credits were available this year. Was hoping they'd have some Warehouse deals but doesn't look like it. Wound up getting: 3 FIresticks 75' TCL Ring Pro doorbell + Echo Dot Smart Plug + Echo Dot Portable device/phone charger Echo Show 5 Bunch of cat treats Gonna bet Sling subscription #s go skyrocketing up soon
  3. I've had great luck with Brother printers. Never been an inkjet person and have always went with toner. (Last longer and you can buy secondhand toner replacements for like $10-15). Bought this one a couple years ago.
  4. Got it for family member for bday. I'll have to ask them how it's going. I think the reviews for it are pretty good overall.
  5. Great deal. Spent ~$50 more on it like a month or 2 ago
  6. From my understanding that's correct. $25 Blue Package (I think it's Blue) + $10 Sports Package that includes Redzone - $15/mo credit. I don't think it works with existing customers from what I read. My assumption would be if you're an existing customer right now, let your current subscription lapse, then use a different email address to start service. The Sling credit must be activated by Aug 31 so if you time activation right, you can get the first 12 weeks of NFL season/Redzone at $20/mo.
  7. Sling credits may be helpful if you want cheap option for NFL Redzone. The 3 months credit will get you NFL redzone access for $20/mo plus channels Sling offers. The $14.99 $fire stick package right after midnight gave the stick, 2 months HBO and 3 months $45 Sling credit. Tried searching to find it and appears now dead. Brings up "Page Not Found". Perhaps it'll come up again before the prime days end.
  8. You have to order it using Alexa I believe. Ring 2 and Ring Pro aren't the same product.
  9. Didn't see this posted unless I missed it. Buy $25 or more in Amazon egift/gift card and get $5 credit. Indicates you'll get credit in 2 days (after Prime days)
  10. $4.99 Amazon smart plugs if you're an Alexa type. Have to order it through Alexa to get this price. Edit: Sorry just saw this was a repost
  11. If you have CC thru Chase bank, they currently have offers with Staples for % off all purchases there. My CC are getting 20% off up to $14 max discount. Can go grab a couple $75 Amazon gift cards (depending on your % off and max discount) and get a quick $28 statement credit while shopping Amazon. If you log into your Chase CC account you can add the offer(s) to your card(s).
  12. There was a pretty insane TV deal through Best Buy/Amazon this AM around midnight PST. 75' Roku Smart TV for $399. It was this TV: 75s425 75 inch 4k uhd smart roku tv 2019&qid=1563172054&s=gateway&sprefix=tcl 75&sr=8-3 Prices are back up but possible marked back down during prime days. I'd just recommend going to the slickdeals hot deals forum and refreshing. They do a good job of posting the deals.
  13. I fail to see the value of it personally. I'm not an Alexa person at all. Unless I'm being given a dot, etc... for free, I'm not interested in it. Still think this thing is overpriced. Stick is just as fast/faster and a lot cheaper. They had a deal earlier today for Stick + Dot for $12 (has ended but always possible started back up during prime days. I just fail to see what this Cube adds to that for $50/$60 more.
  14. If you have Prime Now in your city, try code 15PRIMENOW ($35 or more order) with it. The fire stick + Sling TV deal appear to be over on Amazon main site, but can still get 4K Stick + $45 Sling Credit (for $25) or Reg Fire Stick + $45 Sling Credit for $15 through Prime Now (or possible other related deals within your city) Just got a couple sticks with the above code and existing promo credits for just the $5 tip.
  15. Some decent deals already out there. $14.99 for Fire TV Stick + 2 free months HBO (auto-renews so be sure to cancel) + $45 Sling TV credit ($15 off your first 3 months of Sling). Hoping to use these Sling credit during NFL season for Redzone. $15 for the stick alone is worth it. 4k stick is only $24.99 Also scored Ring Pro Video doorbell + Echo dot for $68 total due to price mistake They mistakenly were giving 2 $100 discounts instead of 1.