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  1. Nice move putting belt on Jinder. See if he's able to run with it. We've long ago seen the best of orton.
  2. Saw A's doing similar. Get ticket for the 25 June &July home games for $50.
  3. Wasn't in market for TV but was able to pick up this for $119 this AM thru Target. Think it's going to come up unavailable thru Target's website now but might check your local Target to see if available.
  4. #fakenews it's just an edited photo of him attending a UFC event a couple years ago.
  5. Just absolutely amazing to me they pay MacDonald (obviously well to get him to move) and he's on ####### tape delay.........with a ppv upcoming that could've desperately needed name guys.... in their primes. Obviously a spike decision but so minor league
  6. Rory MacDonald's Bellator debut this weekend............ ............on tape delay
  7. Whoever this Michael C Wright character is on this ESPN pre-game coverage is ####### atrocious. Makes the Tim Hardaway ESPN experiment look good.
  8. That stone faced ##### sitting to the left of Holly Holm
  9. That fight felt like it lasted an eternity. Joanna and Mighty Mouse have same problem. There's no one that's gonna touch them in a 5 round fight anytime soon in their divisions.
  10. He definitely deserves it. Just hilarious jackass Dana saying "You got it" after he gets on his knees. Remember "Jon Jones won't main event in UFC again"........ Remember "Dana had a better chance of backing up Brady in Super Bowl than Conor-Floyd ever happening"...... (And add the laundry list of other bull#### Dana's spewed.....) Absolutely no one will be shocked if Maia is bypassed for the shot.
  11. Maia "Dana give me title fight" Dana "You got it" Yeah sure...... Get it in writing.
  12. Jason Knight really ought to change his nickname to 'Fight of'
  13. Haven't watched press conference yet (assuming was covered there) but Dillashaw-Garbrandt isn't likely for 213 with Garbrandt hurt.
  14. Watched my first (probably last) episode of this season of tuf. Only made me realize how long ago quit watching this show. No clue who 75% of these guys are. Unless crowning champ or some interesting idea, let this series rest. I really don't get having season comprised mostly of guys on seasons no one watched. The forced coach interactions/confrontations are cringe.