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  1. Watched FFH and Boneyard. Thought both were great. Didn't watch the match but unfortunate Drew won the title in an empty arena.
  2. JMO Best Taker match since at least the HBK matches. This taped stuff they could bring back about anyone, edit it and make it look presentable in that type setting. Nothing against Goldberg but FFS please stop going to this well in the ring and trying to present him as Bill Goldberg circa 1998. The only match tonight that could possibly touch Taker-AJ IMO will be Fiend-Cena (if they present it in a similar fashion). Presenting it in gimmick matches out of ring setting makes you forget about no crowd.
  3. I'm not tuned into like I once was but Taker-Styles was the best stuff I've seen from a WWE match in a several years. THAT kind of stuff will draw NEW viewers. Shame they couldn't agree to new deal with Matt Hardy as is pretty obvious that Jeremy Borash (big role in Hardy Compound stuff) had a hand in that Taker-Styles match. Obviously don't think you can do that type of match with just anyone. But also stresses the need to build characters. Outside of something involving the Fiend, I can't see any current regular performer they could do this with. I'd MUCH rather have great taped stuff like that than live wrestling match after wrestling match. I also think you can protect older guys with takes/taped content.
  4. Might go back and watch taker-styles as only thing that sounds interesting. I turned it off after Corbin-Elias. I can't believe someone in WWE can't stand up and say "stop with the camera cuts every 2 seconds!". But understand very few in the company prob give a shlt at this point.....or even watch it
  5. Literally nothing else on and couldn't sit through all the camera cuts. It's just unwatchable. Read the results. So they completely buried the one and only hot act (Fiend) in their company to have Braun (or Roman) go over Goldberg in a couple minutes? Just amazing to me they couldn't have just thought "Let's have Goldberg go over Bray Wyatt and not the Fiend"
  6. I'm the complete opposite. I know there's little chance I'd be able to commute into an office 5 times/week anymore. I've been doing WFH for a decade and couldn't imagine having a regular commute or working in a set office anymore. I generally don't like being around people/introverted, single w/o wife or kids, and hate traffic. I understand many won't be able to but I usually start at 5am and work til 10 or 11, go for a hike, then finish out my day at work. I've been working M-Tu and Th-Fri flex schedule (Wed off) for many years. Breaks up the workweek and workdays nicely and get to enjoy the outdoors here while many people aren't on the trails. I've always looked at it as I gain 12-15 hours a week from not having to commute and breakfast/prep (business attire to shorts). I usually only go into the office half dozen-dozen times a year.
  7. Thought the same thing after the 1st or 2nd equation. Thought it was some modern math that order of operations no longer applied.
  8. Why I think WWE eventually WILL sell rights to current ppvs. So many will sub just for library. If they can get idiots to pay through the roof for their current garbage (fox/USA/Saudis), good for them. I've been binging on 1997 raws/ppv. So many stars they were building up and continuous storylines week to week for every single performer. What a concept. Heel 97 Bret was by far my favorite version of him
  9. Watched Dark Side of Ring with New Jack. No clue how that guy isn't in prison. What a complete piece of shlt
  10. 24 hour Challenge stream leading up to premiere.
  11. Unless they plan to have him come off the bench as a 6th man, it's an absolute no brainer IMO for them to deal Levert. He's not going to be a "3rd star" in a role playing off the ball with Durant & Irving. He did a pretty good job of rehabbing his value after Kyrie went down.
  12. Really really fear this stuff. Just saddens me. Have had many discussions with co-workers already about the potential impacts at these long term care facilities. Particularly when many people in there aren't able to communicate. Just frightening stuff.
  13. Arizona issues stay at home order. Really doesn't change anything that Ducey's already laid out.. Been surprised (even shocked) how well people here have been handling it. Roads have been really clear in the Paradise Valley/downtown-midtown Phoenix/Scottsdale areas anyway for the past week+. Almost surreal how empty the 51/202 are. Imagine it's probably worse in Tempe with so many younger folks there. Also expanded the current closure of AZ public/charter schools to rest of the school year.
  14. Khabib announces he is off UFC249 because he can't get out of Russia Because Dana couldn't accept announcing it himself. Imagine saying some of the #### he did recently: The world's on lockdown and he's calling everyone/everything else "weird". ESPN is reporting Ferguson's been offered a fight against Justin Gaethje. -------------------- And now imagine Dana ever doing anything about Jon Jones......Riiiiiight.
  15. Too early to decide for me with remainder of FA & draft upcoming but do like the Bucs out of division road games Bears-Lions-Raiders-Giants-Broncos.
  16. 👎 Complete garbage. Please stop shlt posts like this. Accomplishes nothing TIA
  17. Roman reportedly OUT of Wrestlemania match.
  18. I don't need disagree with the premise but would ask enforcement by whom? (I know what your response will (likely) be but can tell you it won't be just that easy. It's going to come down to accountability/personal responsibility at the end of the day)
  20. Paying Drake almost $2 mil less than they would have Johnson for 2020. Remains to be seen how Drake can hold up as the guy for a full season but Johnson was a distant 3rd as a runner IMO amongst Drake/Edmonds. Both are the latter 2 are solid enough receiving options out of the backfield to negate that difference between them/Johnson. I think they could grab a short yardage/goalline back as well for gamedays with Edmonds ability to also play ST. Still in amazement Keim was able to pull this off. After being just dreadful to watch the past several years, they were much more watchable with the offense in 2019. And now add arguably the best WR in the league in his prime.
  21. AZ much more spread out and not a walkable city like NY. ASU went full online so eliminates a lot of the congestion there. Roads have been much less congested even though they're typically overrun this time of year with snow birds/spring training. Only place I've seen packed are trail lots everyday (as opposed to just weekends this time of year). And it's not difficult to exhibit distancing there.
  22. Benoit episode on Vice aired in full tonight. Excellent
  23. One thing this has made me appreciate more is those lower wage workers who you know go unappreciated every day prior to this. Delivery drivers are getting all the work they can handle right now.