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  1. Since several outlets have now picked up our boy SRS's Exclusive.... SRS reported NWA offered Starks $1000/mo contract to stay. Offered $250/mo contract to Zicky Dice.
  2. As reported EXCLUSIVELY by SRS on June 25 Part of Meltzer's "breaking news" a week later
  3. Ricky Starks announced he's a free agent this morning and no longer part of the NWA.
  4. Some news from one of my sources from the weekend. Becky Lynch is pregnant. Sting has signed with AEW.
  5. This has now been confirmed.
  6. Source is telling me Brad Shepard has been FIRED.
  7. Love when someone says Foles lacks upside. He won the Super Bowl and Super Bowl MVP 2 years ago
  8. My source is saying @Wrestlecon tweeted this was resolved today.
  9. Imagine listening to human filth scumbag pot stirring e-beggar Joe Cronin. Yikes.
  10. What a gutty effort by Warriors on the road with their 3 All Stars against the Thunder and their future Hall of Famer.
  11. What a gutty effort by Warriors at home with their 3 All Stars against the Clippers and their All Star.