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  1. Some day someone will invent a way to run a document through a machine and convert it to an electronic file and then invent some way of transmitting those documents over a system of interconnected computers so that they can arrive safely and quickly. When that happens, the Democrats won't be able to have moles in every delivery service looking for packages with the Fox News name on them to stop the truth from coming out.
  2. The operative word here is "could". Not "will", not "is likely to", not "probably"...COULD. It's just as easy to say "the world could end tomorrow." This seems to have become the favorite tactic of the Trump support PACs. Every commercial for Trump I see says something like "electing Biden could decrease your take home pay by $6,500 per year" or "Biden's healthcare plan could lead to thousands of hospitals being closed". Just another unsubstantiated scare tactic.
  3. I agree. She should be ashamed of herself for writing such drivel, especially under such a misleading headline.
  4. I credit Rush with turning me into a Bill Clinton supporter. When Clinton first appeared on the scene, I was far from impressed. However, at the time Rush's show was on at noon on the local radio station and by default I would listen on the way to and from lunch. It seemed like nearly every day he launched some attack on Clinton and I found myself involuntarily thinking about how ridiculous his argument was each time. Eventually, the cognitive dissonance of defending a person I didn't like forced me into "Hey, maybe Clinton's not so bad, after all."
  5. If only "no" could have honestly been the answer. Unfortunately, unlike the President, some of us understand that answers to complex problems are seldom simple.
  6. New England Journal of Medicine The current numbers and those to come all relate back to incompetency.
  7. 2 career politicians who have never been responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of Americans in 7 months.
  8. Well, he and Harris will get rid of 2 people who have no interest in following the guidelines.
  9. Definition of smear campaign from Oxford Languages: Oxford Languages is the world’s leading dictionary publisher, with over 150 years of experience creating and delivering authoritative dictionaries globally in more than 50 languages. What is included in this English dictionary? Oxford’s English dictionaries are widely regarded as the world’s most authoritative sources on current English.
  10. Yeah, perfect storm weekend for me. Didn't think it would be that hard to survive my Raider connection byes (Carr, Jacobs, Waller). Didn't plan on Gesicki and Jonnu going into the toilet or for Rogers and the Packers wrecking Jones' value. Steelers hammered the Browns so badly that Hunt couldn't get any points and Ben didn't have to throw at all. Then the Falcons and Dolphins get big enough leads that Ridley and Fitzmagic get to virtually take the 2nd half off. Sure enough, the last minute swap of Claypool for Thompson was the difference between surviving and going home. Good luck to those remaining.
  11. How much was paid to Mar-a-lago, Trump Tower, etc. for "campaign expenses" again?
  12. Wait...having business associates who do something illegal is now a disqualifying event for all family members? Now there's a change in position from the Radical Right.
  13. So the argument is that Russia doesn't have the capability to create such things? Really?
  14. Personally, I think a search warrant to see if Rudy has hard drives with child porn in his possession is appropriate. Lock him up.