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  1. Well, at least I didn't have to wait until Goff's bye to get eliminated. His 2-point week did it for me a little early.
  2. They should just pass a bill banning the wall that includes a rider requiring a vote before any impeachment investigation can begin. Then they can send it to the Senate and Moscow Mitch will bury it on his desk.
  3. It's probably just about the same level of loathing I'd have to have for America to cast a vote for Trump.
  4. Isn't it funny that none of those Democrats or their supporters are pushing the "Warren lies" story, then? The only ones doing it are Trump supporters (and those who deny supporting him but merely defend him at every opportunity). Why do you think that is?
  5. Those stinkin' Libs started working on Trump's impeachment back before he was nominated, and maybe before he was even a candidate. Wouldn't surprise me if Obama's grandmother was working on it at the same time she was faking his birth announcement in the Hawaii newspapers. See, she know Barack would run for president and she though maybe Trump would run at the same time so she needed to set him up for impeachment, just in case. ETA: When Limbaugh and Hannity start running with this story, I want full credit. Remember, you heard it here(sy) first.
  6. Unless: (a) Trump had something to do with it; or (b) shows his approval (or lack of serious disapproval) of it, it shouldn't. Kathy Griffen's nonsense wouldn't keep me from voting for Democrat again. Of course, in this case, (b) is very likely to happen.
  7. And probable cause then triggers an investigation, including subpoenas, searching for hidden evidence and questioning potential witnesses. If only someone would do that here, huh? Instead, they're conducting a coup by investigating, issuing subpoenas, searching for hidden evidence and questioning potential witnesses. I can see why you're upset.
  8. So "allegations" about someone whose identity is unknown (and which, therefore, cannot be evaluated) are credible enough to dismiss the claims that have actually been supported by the subsequent investigation?
  9. A complaint is not supposed to be evidence. A complaint is merely a device to alert the authorities that a crime has been committed and needs to be investigated. It's the purpose of the investigation to determine if there is actually evidence of that wrongdoing. It's just like a call to the police reporting something isn't evidence. When the police arrive and start investigating, what they find is the evidence.
  10. Pagleys is pretty meh. Head to Ellwood City and Nico's for much better food.
  11. Yeah, all Trump worshipers (and non-supporters like you) consider anything bad said about him to be heresy...I mean that's part of the religion, right? Sometimes they even claim it's hearsay and should be ignored, even if it has all proven to be true. How dare they act on classified information that proves their "second coming" is the most corrupt and evil person ever to sit in the oval office (and, yes, I've been around long enough to see both Clinton and Nixon, who were saints compared to Trump)?
  12. Pelosi should tell him in her next press conference: "Mr. President, I welcome your lawsuit. Five minutes after I'm served, my attorney will be scheduling your deposition where we can put you under oath and explore your many lies. If you choose not to sue me after this announcement, the American public will know that it is because you are afraid to testify under oath and that it is an admission that you are lying to them."