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  1. Nobody named Pressley gets booed in the South.
  2. And Trump would be screaming "Look at how CNN is helping the DNC fix the primaries for Biden! Why aren't they letting the other valid candidates debate?" All you can do is let time and expenses narrow the field.
  3. Yeah, you could grab women by the ******* and get away with it if you were rich and famous. You could even walk into a room full of half-naked teen-aged girls at a beauty pageant if you were rich enough to own it.
  4. My favorite--that great replacement for Obamacare his administration enacted.
  5. And Redzone is on the Sports extra package. And, yes, you can get Sling on the Fire Stick.
  6. Well, it would certainly be revolting.
  7. When the FBi raided (or "broke into" if you use Trump terminology) Cohen's office, home, etc. they did so under search warrants. At the time, those warrants, the applications for search warrants and the affidavits upon which they were based were under seal because the FBI maintained the info in them had to be kept secret so as not to interfere with the ongoing investigation. Various media outlets (networks, newspapers, AP, etc.) sued to have them unsealed so that they could access the info in them. In Feb., 2019, the Court ordered the Government (Federal, NOT NY) to file redacted versions hiding the info it deemed to be necessary to keep sealed, pending the conclusion of the investigation and to provide a status report to the Court on July 15. The Government did so and its status report indicated that the investigation was complete. Because it is complete, the Court says there's no longer a need to hide the info (other than the few exceptions noted above) and ordered the Government to now file unredacted versions so that the media can see the affidavits of probable cause, etc. and then report what the basis was behind the FBI's raids. Two years ago, I would have said, "Of course the Justice Department will comply with the Court Order." Now? Your guess is as good as mine, although it's likely that there isn't much in the affidavits worth hiding any longer.
  8. Check out Abode ( Self-monitoring options are very good, and you can also arrange for short-term monitoring by them relatively cheaply if you're going to unreachable on vacation, etc. Pairs well with other smart devices like locks.
  9. Even more amazing is that when confronted with facts that show he's not telling them the truth, it's just shrugged off as "fake news".
  10. Not the most earth-shattering purchase, but This was recommended by someone over in the Grilling & Smoking thread. I bought a can a month or so ago for $10 and was amazed at how well it cleaned up grill parts. Stuff that wouldn't scrape off with steel wool or a scraper rubbed off on my fingers when I picked them up after being sprayed and letting it sit for a couple hours. 6 cans for $25 on the Prime deal.
  11. I'm convinced. I'll get the Insignia 39" HD version for $10 less.