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  1. I've seen nothing that suggests Schiff is any less than 10 times more honest than Trump, so, meh.
  2. If only there was some kind of national leader who could take steps to make sure food made it to those who need it.
  3. Saying "there must be a better choice" without being able to articulate a better choice is not an opinion, it's a wish.
  4. He's obviously talking about testing for the 1917 Flu. Nobody else has even considered that one. They all got distracted by the 1918 version.
  5. Depends on if he can use his "call a friend" to ask Frederick Douglass.
  6. People are pulling guns on store employees who tell them they have to wear masks. You think they're going to be able to collect IDs?
  7. Converting debt to equity ownership for creditors.
  8. Mitch McConnell--"We shouldn't bail them out for their bad business practices before the virus. Let them declare bankruptcy." (Of course, he was talking about New York State when he said that, not something important like J. Crew)
  9. They offered Congress the high-tech 5-minute test machines. Led by Pelosi, Congess declined them, saying "Send them to first responders and healthcare providers. It's more important that they have them." Since Trump doesn't do "selfless" and can't allow anyone else to qualify for a "Noble" prize, he has to find a way to make fun of it.
  10. That's the problem the "we're OK, our area doesn't have many cases so there's no reason to keep our city/county/region closed" crowd wants to ignore. When PA closed its liquor stores (along with everything else) people were driving from Pittsburgh to West Virginia to buy it there. When the stores near the state line were sold out, they drove further into the state. It was so bad that all the WV liquor stores within 3 hours of the PA line were sold out and they actually had to institute a new policy that buyers had to show WV identification to buy alcohol. If people are willing to drive 6 hours to buy their rum, why wouldn't they drive that far for other reasons? Right now, my county and the county directly north are scheduled to "partially open" (retail open, restaurants stay takeout only) on Friday. Great. But, Allegheny County/Pittsburgh is 40 minutes away and they aren't opening. In the last 3 days, every local news broadcast on the Pittsburgh TV channels has featured stories about the outlet mall in the "soon to be opened county". Want to guess what Saturday at the outlet mall is going to look like?
  11. My question is: What makes Trump think he deserves to be treated better than Lincoln? Oh, it that he knows some of his biggest supporters are Lincoln-haters?