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  1. You're right. I hereby apologize for not doing enough to prevent the election of a conman to the office of President of the United States and underestimating the stupidity of the American voters..
  2. Reading GoBirds Political Posts Visiting Shark Pool /\ Which way do you think the balance tips?
  3. Are you suggesting the PACs should be seeking you out to run for president because of your qualifications?
  4. More like, "he killed his girlfriend because he was afraid she was going to go to the police and report his child abuse, so he isn't guilty."
  5. And who would replace her that has any more integrity or credibility? The only one who stands to gain by getting her out is Donald Trump, who can have her replacement lie just as much, but without the admission that he/she is doing so.
  6. Yeah, why didn't they warn Trump about such things so he could avoid the traps......oh, wait
  7. How exactly would one prove why people decided to vote the way they did? Does one approach every eligible voter in the country and ask "Why did you vote (or not vote) the way you did? What factors did you consider? What ads did you see? What did you see on facebook? What did you hear from friends who have facebook? Could you have been subconsciously affected by things you don't even remember now?" Ads/memes/"twitterbot stuff" have an impact. If they didn't candidates wouldn't spend millions of dollars every campaign on ads. And, I'd bet that facebook memes have even more impact than TV ads because people tend to tune out TV ads when they come on, but religiously read facebook messages they get from "friends". To say there's no evidence they had a meaningful impact is to deny reality and common sense.
  8. It can be President Bonespurs again showing his gutless nature and ordering an underling to pass along his instructions to another flunky.
  9. "legally authorized to" <> "fit" If I pay the entrance fee to enter a marathon and put on the bib they give me, it doesn't mean I'm fit to run the race.
  10. Not if he answers more questions and therefore has more chances of hitting the DD with his next pick. As Alex said yesterday "When you control the board and answer more questions, you're more likely to hit the DD. In addition, as people have noticed, his opponents have started to play his game--more and more often, they're adopting his "go straight to the high money questions first" strategy. Relocating the DDs doesn't change the odds of hitting them, it only changes the size of the bankroll you have available to bet if/when you do hit one.
  11. The only ones "freaking out" are those that buy the absolute crap that Trump spews. "What happened" is that Russia interfered with the election. Anyone who doesn't believe that deserves an investigation, whether or not that investigation finds that a conspiracy with any candidate was involved, is either a simpleton, a blind loyalist, or a supporter of Russian tactics.