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  1. This. If your knees are directly into the seat ahead of you, there is nowhere for the seat to go. You can ask the FA all you want, but there simply isn’t space. Again, most are good about seeing someone taller and not inclining, but the .1% are going to have a knee in their back when they try to recline. Chet, love you for the CYDY intro (I’m at .30 and .60), but the wallet comment doesn’t work for those of us on corporate travel programs with rules. That is why the exit rows are full of the tall guys. Just as bad as the recline is seeing some 5’6ish passenger in the exit row.
  2. I think this thread is useless without ... posting your height. I am 6’5 and usually have an exit row. But if I have to change a ticket or fly a connection on a partner airline and have a regular seat, it is very uncomfortable and my knees will hit the seat in front of me sitting normally. I will usually tell the person in front of me politely that I am 6’5 and their seat won’t recline if they start trying. 99.9% this works fine and the person is cool. For the other .1%, I would have no problem doing what that guy did. At that point, they are going out of their way to make me uncomfortable so that cuts both ways.
  3. We just visited both of those schools last weekend. CMU places an emphasis on Math and Science scores on the ACT. Schools are right next to each other and feel like they are on their own in the city. Cool campuses on the hill. So urban setting but felt very safe.
  4. Also, if you can, get to Brisbane. Kids will really enjoy it (Koala Sanctuary, zoo, whale watching, etc.)
  5. We did this trip a few years ago also with kids. Chances are you'll be leaving from the West Coast late at night. If it all possible, try to get acclimated to their time as quickly as possible. Stay up as late as you can and then crash for the final piece of it. The flight should be about 14 hours (from LA). Once you are there, you will be pretty exhausted. If you can resist the urge to take a mid afternoon nap and push through until evening, it will be better for meaningful sleep that night. But that may not be possible with kids six and eight.
  6. sounds like the girls were having a little fun trying to be one of the guys in the bathroom (trying to piss in the urinal, aiming his junk at the stall toilet), and the two in the stall let it go much further than messing around. That is how George would know she was holding it. It may have even been some bet or dare between them initially. Her refusal to deny and say that "Steve wouldn't do that" is a huge RED FLAG. She is putting all the pieces in place so that she doesn't have to take responsibility for what happened.
  7. I hope this helps. The agent is a neighbor of the seller. The couple selling are selling both this home (one they bought for their elderly mother) and their own (which is next to the agent). Both are about to get listed. They are in the process of cleaning it out and getting it ready for sale. They signed a contract with the agent to give her a 2-3 week period to sell the home before it officially gets listed. I am not sure of the exact details of this, but it essentially gives her a window to work something out first.
  8. Great thread here. The debate on getting a buyer's agent is of interest to me, but with a twist -- what is the best way to work a deal when the real estate agent represents both buyer and seller, but the property isn't on the market yet? The situation is: --buying a home for mother-in-law -- like the house that hasn't been listed the most -- feel like it is overpriced in a soft market with lots of sellers -- agent counters that they are very few homes that meet our requirements (ranch in a decent neighborhood with bath off master and not needing much work) I recall some advice of being a pain in the ### to redirect the agent's efforts for a deal towards the seller. We have cash in hand and deal would not be contingent on us selling a different home. What can we do to get the best deal here? All thoughts would be appreciated.