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  1. Cool. Do you have two spots or is that a PITA? I mainly play on my TH10 (really a TH9.5) but I use my TH11 to feed troops.
  2. I went down this rabbit hole several years ago when a close friend of my brother died in similar circumstances. He left friends at a bar to walk home, had been drinking but people say was not super drunk, and was fished out of a river a couple of days later. Comments on an article about his death mentioned the SFK so I read up on it. Didn't seem to be much to it at the time.
  3. I've just reinstalled after taking a break. Any clans still going that are active enough to complete the Clan Games? I might be up for a war here or there, but probably won't consistently opt in.
  4. Honda: Sorry I haven't been attacking in wars consistently. This is usually because of two reasons 1) I'm not immediately sure what range I should be attacking in and 2) I'm in Australia and sometimes I wake up and you guys have cleaned everything out. Regarding #1, I've been in a dormant, #### clan for a long time, this whole new "engineering" war dynamic is new to me. When I did wars in the past, the thing was to aim at or very near your rank. But now, even though I'm ranked around #9-#10 or so, I'm probably one of the lower ranked attackers because we (and everyone) has so many offensive-only builds. So basically - should I just be clearing out the trash (i.e. TH8's on the other team)? Very happy to do that if it helps, I think I have been hesitating because I'm worried that'll be "a waste", but I end up being a waste anyway. If I take out a TH8 is that preserving an engineered TH11's attack to do some higher damage? Also happy to do only scout attacks, I really don't care about war loot that much. ETA: The time zone thing isn't a big issue if I know what I should do. I'm almost always awake when the war starts, it's just if I don't attack in the first 2-3 hours, then I go to sleep, and yeah, everything I can remotely touch is already in ruins when I wake up.
  5. Sounds good. Go ahead and drop the trophies and I'll apply. I'm at like 1800 right now.
  6. Been picking this up randomly and running a few attacks. Does anyone still war but also not care if someone sucks at it? I have a TH11 and TH9 but only play on the 9, really.
  7. I have kept my second account at TH9. Just nearing max defenses, about to start on walls. I don't raid a ton, but enough to keep the builders busy mostly. I'm a decent hogger, nothing special, but that's okay because the clan I'm in is terrible.
  8. You know what would've help set up his kid financially? Not pissing money on high priced lawyers to defend a double homicide charge when he was already sentenced to life in prison. Also, playing a game for millions instead of being a thug would've helped too. If anyone thinks Hernandez gave a #### about his family, I think you're nuts.
  9. I moved to Australia in 2009. My wife and I now have three kids. We have always talked about moving to the US. The healthcare system is one of the things that makes me hesitate. After living here for so long, I would be so unprepared to handle the health insurance thing over there. Since moving here, off the top of my head, I/my family have gone through the following: - A broken leg (snapped tibia/fibula) for me. - Three children delivered via C-section, the first one emergency. You get up to 5 days in the hospital after a C-section, though usually we wanted out after 3-4. Each time we had a private room. - An infection my wife got shortly after the emergency C-section (four more days in the hospital). - Probably one ER visit a year on average. - Countless doctor visits between vaccinations, random kid ####, stuff having to do with my wife or I. Of that, the only thing we had to pay for out of pocket was drugs to take home after my wife's infection, and sometimes our doctor charges a $10-$15 co-pay. You show up, give them your Medicare card, and that's pretty much it. You have the option of buying private health insurance to augment Medicare. Medicare doesn't cover dental, glasses, etc. You can also get extra hospital cover that lets you choose your doctor and hospital and stuff if something happens. Everyone pays 1.5% Medicare levy at tax time. If you don't have any private health insurance, you pay another 1% Medicare levy "surcharge." I have no idea what I'd do in the US, wouldn't even know where to begin. ETA: Also, my mother in law had (and ultimately died from) lung cancer. She was treated for about 14 months, and during that time, they operated on her twice, which I gather is not always deemed worth it for lung cancer patients after they know that it has spread. The second time, it was brain surgery after she was already told she was terminal. The surgery was to remove a tumor in her brain because if left alone, she would have a much more rapid decline than if they took it out. My point is, it's not like they ration care out because it's single payer. They performed what I assume is a very expensive surgery on a dying woman so that she could have a few additional months of quality life. Obviously this is all just my experiences, etc, take it for what it's worth.
  10. I am parked in a clan with a friend of my wife's. Cool people, but they are horrible and have no improved in the months I've been there, but I don't really mind. I barely farm anymore, I just check in once a week to war on my TH9. Anyway, that's my story. What FBG clans are still around and who wars?
  11. My god was an exhausting turd this movie was. It wasn't even funny/good bad - it was just ####### boring.
  12. Thanks for posting thing. I'm from MA and went to UMASS Amherst, so I have plenty of liberals with their brains melting to entertain me, but an extra chuckle never hurts.
  13. Wow, has it come to that? I have been gone awhile. I'm not super active on my TH11 since I haven't figured out how to play it. If there are empty spots anyway I'll hop over but I wouldn't want to take up a spot if other people want in.