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  1. Thanks for the @. I love these palooza drafts but work is hell for the foreseeable future so I’m going to have to skip this one.
  2. I wouldn’t say they were bigger but they were certainly better than Jelly. The fact that that song was a breakthrough radio hit has always baffled me. IMO, there are multiple better songs on Transmissions alone, not to mention on Clouds, Priest and Hit to Death. Soft Bulletin is their masterpiece, though.
  3. I like it too. But my one listen overreaction was even greater for the eponymous debut and the Sun Giant ep.
  4. The new(est) Daniel Romano, How Ill Thy World Is Ordered, is great. His 9th release of the year. First single
  5. We rolled the dice in early March when we had nothing but regular surgical masks. We spent $4000 for 1000 KN95s from China. They are crap. No better than a surgical mask. Our state Health Dept. did send us one box of KN95s that are pretty decent. But they're supposed to be single use masks to be discarded after each patient visit. I have to wear mine for every patient (20-30/day) for 10-14 days straight in order to make my allotment last. We have to guess which patients are most likely to have COVID, but now with wide community spread and asymptomatic illness that is fruitless so I wear mine for every patient. As for legitimate N95s we've had no luck.
  6. That is a beautiful obituary. I had no idea who Diana Rigg was until the Allies released their album in '82 and MTV started playing the Emma Peel video. Loved that song and video (esp. Ms. Rigg) in 9th grade. R.I.P.
  7. I believe he did but it hasn't made much of a difference on the outpatient front lines where I live and work. We're 7 months into this and we still cannot purchase N95 masks for my outpatient pediatric practice. None of my friends and colleagues in similar practices can either. And it's not due to a lack of trying----we attempt to do so multiple times a week. Obviously the ER and inpatient providers caring for the sickest and hospitalized COVID patients need these masks first as their exposure to the virus is far greater. But it's been 7 months. If the DPA was truly effective and prioritized, we would be swimming in N95 masks by now. This is unacceptable and pathetic. Given the masks I am forced to use, I'm very surprised I have not yet contracted COVID 19.
  8. Just to add to your queue, Summerteeth is my 1a. to Yankee Hotel Foxtrot at 1. At times it's 1. But, other than one album, they're all great, (and that album is still pretty good). IMO, they are the band with more than 3 albums released that have no mediocre ones. Arguably my favorite band.
  9. Missing this draft. I'm pretty sure this is the first year in 30 that I have not had a single FF team. Nice job so far. I'll keep following along. The truth is an unnamed source The truth is not available for comment at this time The truth is an infinite playlist The truth is not what you expected The truth has over one hundred million views The truth is unverified and unverifiable But it is the truth if I say it is The truth will not be televised The truth is we're no longer sure it is my voice on those recordings The truth is a sinking ship The truth is a moot point Cry me a river!
  10. KOMPROMAT by I LIKE TRAINS may be the perfect soundtrack for this ####ty, godforsaken year. Currently my AOThisparticularY.
  11. r20 Douglas Dare - The Joy in Sarah's Eyes Thanks to NV and JZ for running this and keeping the playlist up to date. Really looking forward to shuffling this one over the next few weeks. Like our mega-draft from April, I sent the Spotify link from this draft to my brother-in-law who is still quarantining in a tiny apartment in Bangalore, India with his wife and their 2 young teens---5 months and counting. He was again quite appreciative of our efforts and asked me to thank everyone.
  12. Agreed. Re: #3, I like to wait to listen to the entire playlist before commenting much. I try to take a quick listen to the links for songs I'm not familiar with but have missed several. I will listen to every song on Spotify once the draft is completed.