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  1. Some omissions from my list of favorites: City of God Sexy Beast Let the Right One In You Can Count On Me Memento The Secret Lives of Dentists Shaun of the Dead Zero Dark Thirty Inside Llewyn Davis Minority Report 28 Days Later
  2. If my math is right, I've seen 46 of those. Pretty solid list with many I'd like to now check out. Thanks for the link.
  3. We loved Madrid. As for sights, I think we did the obvious things but they're all well worth seeing: 1. Definitely set aside most of a day for the Prado. 2. Royal Palace 3. Retiro Park 4. Reina Sofia art museum 5. Plaza Mayor We had a great meal at Restaurante Botin. Also very well known but it lived up to it's reputation.
  4. Echo & the Bunnymen - Heaven Up Here (Crocodiles) Many fans would go with Crocs but I think HUH is just as good if not a little better
  5. Please Like Me (Australian comedy, drama; R rating for strong sexual content, nudity, drugs; Dreaded Marco; 5 stars) Hulu (2013-16) Thought it was on Amazon too but, nope, just Hulu.
  6. Drop Keke Coutee: Add Kenny Stills - WR/Houston I thought about a Jay Z song but I'm not a big fan and his Spotify presence is scant. CSNY - Helpless