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  1. I am playing some albums in search of my next draft pick, though. News is on mute. And that is lifting my spirits.
  2. 28.25 Doves - Lost Souls (2000) One of my favorites from that decade and one of my favorite debut albums. I don't think they ever topped this one. Here It Comes The Cedar Room
  3. I've been eyeing it for the past 15 rounds and just never pulled the trigger. Not happy that I missed it. Like you, I don't usually take live albums in these drafts, but figured since that's where MMJ is at their best and they're also the band I've seen in concert the most times that it would be fitting here. It also covers right up to the point where I think their albums took a significant dive in quality so all my favorite songs are there.
  4. It was a pretty good mix, IIRC. Kind of like our current Spotify playlist with fewer 11 minute songs.
  5. 27.xx Rufus Wainwright - Poses (2001) Poses Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk Rufus was the first concert my daughters attended in 2007, 12 and 8 at the time, now 24 and 20. We're still big fans. That same year, for my 40th birthday party we asked all the guests to bring a CD-R of their favorite 3 songs of the previous 40 years and played them all on shuffle as the soundtrack for the night. My youngest picked that 2nd song as one of her favorites. Her other 2 favorites were 3rd Planet by Modest Mouse and King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 1 by Neutral Milk Hotel. Obviously my playlists had a lot of influence on her at that time. I kept that CD-R. And she still listens to all 3 of those albums and that makes me happy. Anyway, Rufus Wainwright is a super talented artist and, IMO, this is his best album of many excellent albums.
  6. 26.25 Big Star - Third/Sister Lovers (1978) When I first heard this album I wondered where it had been all my life (or at least since I was 11). Probably won't be a hit in the shuffle but this is my favorite from Alex Chilton. So great. Kangaroo Holocaust
  7. 25.16 The Fall - The Wonderful and Frightening World of the Fall (1984) If my math is correct the Fall released 37 albums. Obviously some misses but this album doesn't. This is my favorite. C.R.E.E.P. 2 x 4
  8. Short list snipe. Great song choices. And I love that song that everyone knows from an ad, too .