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  1. Voted 8. I love women’s soccer. My daughter is a pretty good player and I’ve gone to hundreds of her club and high school games. I’ve watched every US game in this tourney, live when possible. Also watched 4 or 5 neutral games as well. But, given the way the poll was worded, I couldn’t give it a 10. I’d have to rank NFL playoffs and college football/basketball IF they involve “my” teams (Seahawks/UW) ahead of the women’s WC. Otherwise, I’d choose USWNT in the WC over anything else.
  2. The Wrens This Boy Is Exhausted Happy Built In Girls 16 years and counting.....still waiting for that follow up to The Meadowlands.
  3. It's Lou Barlow (bassist from Dinosaur Jr.) and Jason Loewenstein's band. They released 5 or 6 albums in the late 80's and 90's. All pretty good to great.
  4. Sebadoh. Not Too Amused Brand New Love The Freed Pig Their album released last month, 30 years after their first, is pretty damn good.
  5. We definitely have a lot of crossover in our musical tastes. You ranked a lot of great 80's artists but not The Chameleons: Swamp Thing Don't Fall Up the Down Escalator You might like these guys.
  6. I've seen more MMJ shows than any other band. I don't love their last 3 albums that much but the first 4 are fantastic and I'll always see them live. The Way That He Sings Gideon Mahgeetah One Big Holiday
  7. The YouTube options for this great song are surprisingly pathetic.
  8. Possibly my favorite band. Definitely the band whose albums I find the most consistently very good to great. Love them all.
  9. That one and these two are my personal favorites. Bigmouth Strikes Again Death of a Disco Dancer