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  1. "I really can't stay" "I simply must go" "The answer is no" #believewomen
  2. I don't think Kavanaugh should be confirmed. Drop him, nominate somebody else, and move on imho.
  3. Substitute "washcloth" with "loofah" and "bar of Dove" with "some outrageously expensive organic body wash with ingredients fair sourced from the Amazon rain forest"?
  4. Thanks for the reply. So the funding is set by the government. I assume that the educational sector employees must collectively bargain their wages? How do wages not increase exponentially if higher education is guaranteed by the government? It's not like the government can just fire everybody or shut down the schools. Or do they? That makes sense that the demand for educational seats are tempered by some sort of grading requirement. So is the system there in Denmark actually one of "college education is free, if you meet these other requirements", or is it, "college education is free, you just might not get into the program you want". Or in other words, do some people end up not taking advantage of the free college education because their grades are so poor? Or is there always a spot somewhere for anybody? Also, are there more prestigious universities in comparison to others? If so, how does that work when applying, and the (higher?) costs associated with the "better" public university? And just wondering out loud, I wonder how this system would import over to the US with the US's extensive private higher education system. Does the government just take all that over? Or do we have a dual-track for education, one public and one private, much like our primary school educational system?
  5. "Shouldn't be a big deal" is how I get myself into all kinds of DIY trouble
  6. I do find it sort of interesting that our economic model must be doing something right for it to generate the same tax revenue equal to that of the entire country of Norway in 70% of one person. Do we lose or slow down that economic engine with a fully-implemented Nordic platform and its associated taxes and costs, or does it become even better because the middle class has more disposable income? I don't know.
  7. How do the Nordic countries/Democratic Socialists handle the costs and pricing structure of their public colleges and public trade schools? Or do they essentially just become an extension of the public schooling system and are run the same way, except with fewer locations? Or do they follow more along the lines of the community college model? How do they handle situations when the demand for the public colleges outstrip the number of seats available at the public colleges and universities? Are private schools and colleges still an option? If so, are their prices regulated directly by the government?
  8. They opened up another store near me, much to my annoyance.
  9. Got it, I agree with you. Your OP sort of makes it sound like you considered that a boycott on your part. Quotes around the word "boycott" would help clarify your position. JMHO.
  10. I find is sort of odd that you are criticizing his "boycott", when in your OP you "boycotted" Chick-fil-a by not going to a restaurant that isn't even in your area. I also "boycotted" Starbucks, but it was easy because I don't drink or like coffee.
  11. I doubt they even stock the fridges in the first place.
  12. Yep. It is only a "hot topic" when a potential candidate is old and other people don't like that candidate.
  13. I'm not Trump, nor am I a supporter, but the MAGA slogan plays well in the rust belt, of which I am a resident. There are eerie places in and around town here where you can find the rusted out remains of our manufacturing base. Like huge sprawling downtown areas with large parking garages just completely deserted and wasting away due to the steel mills closing. It is certainly regional, but it exists, and not just here in Pittsburgh. Then you throw on all the tariffs that Trump has put into place, and you see action on top of his words. In our local paper just last week there was a pro-tariff piece about a local manufacturing firm that has seen an uptick in business due to the tariffs. Tariffs play very well in the manufacturing sector around here and is a step towards MAGA in many peoples' minds. tldr; MAGA plays to the hope/promise that these regional halcyon days will return. I don't think they will in that same way, but that doesn't stop people from trying to bring them back. And I don't blame them for hoping and trying.
  14. As long as one's social media history can be weaponized, this will continue. Have fun kids, be sure to play nice!
  15. As in, Generation Zombie? Is that because they are all wandering around with a glazed look in their eye while staring at their phones, and answer spoken questions with grunts and groans?