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  1. Yep. The dots were always there, at least locally, if one chose to look for them, but most didn't care because of what AB brought on the field. I know of at least one local reporter who was anti-Brown (and Bell for that matter) years before anything blew up. Nothing really made it nationally, though, which is why the national media pinned the AB-Steelers breakup on Ben.
  2. Anyone against having that mini-horse on a plane is a monster. Cuddles 😍
  3. ...and your bottom US state to visit would be?
  4. I haven't followed these congresswomen (nor whatever Trump said) close enough to say, but that was really low hanging fruit you put out there. If "racist" is a squishy term used in the eye of the beholder, then this certainly is too.
  5. I don't think we can predict the paths the next billionaires take or the best path for people in general or the best path where innovation comes from. Therefore, I think the best approach for society is to make more options available and let people decide which path they would like to take (within reason). Hedge our bets as a society, if you will.
  6. Unless technology develops to ensure the validity of videos/photos (think something along the lines of a blockchain for media), at some point video/photographic "evidence" won't be trusted anymore. Personally, I'm not even sure it can be trusted without other collaborating evidence right now.
  7. I think the author might be an alcoholic the way she describes her drinking habits (and attributes the way Americans drink to the way she drinks).
  8. I think if a politician and society would speak to them as if they were a block, they might vote as a block. But race/gender/identity have been invoked too much by both politicians and society to really allow that to happen.
  9. I try to be polite about it. No sense in piling on when rejecting someone.