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  1. I don't think he refuses to leave the White House. But I don't think he goes away either. All that decorum about previous Presidents going dark after going out of office? Fahgettaboudit.
  2. He had an exhibition at the science center in Pittsburgh a year or two back. It was really cool. He is very talented.
  3. I'm a hypocrite. Daily and all the time. I hold myself to a standard that I will not reach, which is ultimately bound up in my religious beliefs (love God, love others as myself). Therefore, I fail. And I fail hard and spectacularly at times. But I still try. When I am a hypocrite, I (hopefully) apologize, I (hopefully) make amends, I (hopefully) learn and grow from the experience, and I try, try again. But even in this I am a hypocrite because I don't always do it, nor want to do it. Because it is hard for me admit when I am wrong and to repent and change. I hate it and I hate doing it. So when I see hypocrisy in others, I try and remember that I am just the same. Maybe not that particular brand of hypocrisy, but some other form of it. So it's not really baffling when I see it in others, because of how deeply in runs in me.
  4. Are you thinking he set a fire as a diversion in order to escape undetected out the window? Because I am!
  5. I do agree that the city and state are free to do with their curriculum as they see fit. I am just responding to what I think is a mischaracterization of the situation.
  6. Except that is not what they seem to be doing. This isn't a AP Calc vs AP Stats debate. They are foisting an entire philosophical worldview into their math curriculum. Just take a look at the proposed framework from the district and skip the story. SDS ES Framework.pdf Does that sound like changing around some word problems?
  7. Well, that's the thing. Did you read the framework PDF? The themes/questions proposed to be discussed will necessarily detract from teaching math. They are not agenda/thought items crouched as math word problems. They are philosophical discussion questions. They will take time and effort. Time and effort that will no longer be spent on doing math. And the themes/questions come from a certain POV that views life defined by ones ethnic class and its historical conflict. Are they even discussing the merit of the fundamental philosophical framework in the math class as well? But to do so takes more time and effort in a math class.
  8. I would not have booed him. I would have just sat in silence. I think that sends a stronger message. Think of him standing there waving in complete silence. Now THAT would have been a message to send. Respects the office, sends the right message. JMHO.
  9. I actually took up hunting about 5ish years ago because I never did it, there are a ton of folks around here who do it and are more than willing to teach, and the idea of having wild, free range meat was too good to pass up. if I could actually get a deer. Hunting is hard
  10. I read the article. Still a bad idea. Just teach math in math class. You want to have an ethno-mathmatics class? Then offer an ethno-mathmatics class. Don't hijack the math class to push your agenda. IMHO.
  11. Jazz hands make me more anxious, personally.
  12. The car, to me, seems to slightly hesitate (as if beginning to slow down to turn in order to wait for the pedestrians), but then quickly accelerates into the SUV running the light.
  13. No doubt. The draw of the video, for me, is how unusual the situation is, in that the pedestrians were OK in spite of all the insanity going on around them.