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  1. it's that time of year again. Mack listed as LB, but wil he be listed as a DL for the season?
  2. Well, I traded Robinson for Crowell and Moncrief. My thoughts on that deal were that Crowell is a FA, he is 24 years old, he rushed for nearly 1000 yards on the crappiest team in the NFL, and he catches a lot of passes. My receivers are now Evans $26, Cooks $21, Jeffries $6, Moncrief $1 plus I have lots of cap room. I happen to like Cooks, and I don't like the Jaguars getting better, I saw way too much Marquise Lee last year as well.
  3. I made two dynasty deals this offseason (220 cap) Allen Robinson $10 for Crowell $10 and Moncrief $1 and Christine Michael $1, Coleman $10, and Ertz $6 for McKinnon $6 and Cooks $21
  4. I tried that in my dynasty league and the ingram guy wouldn't budge, but Gurley is way overpriced salary cap wise for our league. I was offered dirt cheap salries in Crowell and moncrief for Gurley and probably will take
  5. hey tough guy, I didn't ask you to comment on what I said. Someone mentioned that he didn't see a scenario where Cam would be tradeable, and I just commented about that. I'm not one of those idiots who posts WDIS WDID crap. People often want to gauge value if they are thinking about trading Cam. That's all...That was my value.
  6. Before yesterday's game I traded Cam for DT, and kevin white. Its a dynasty league and I have Winston and Wentz. I love Cam, but I am thinking Winston is a Cam lite, and I really needed the WR help. So, I didn't think I'd trade him, but before week 1 I did, so in my mind there is always a tradeable scenario.
  7. Team A gets Tyler Lockett $1, Team B gets Duke Johnson $42..$220 cap. Ppr dynasty. Team B has b.cooks, k.benjamin, moncrief, agolor at wr and still lots of cash. So salary wise it's not ideal, but still plenty of cap space for team B
  8. 220 cap league...melvin gordon $52 for Jremy Hill $27. Both guys have lots of cap room
  9. Srart QB, RB, 2WR, TE , Flex 225 cap Team a got Demaryius $26 , L.Murray $1 , AS Jenkins $10 Team B got Cooks $21, CJ Anderson $20, Fleener $7
  10. $220 cap Traded Watkins $27 for Kelvin Benjamin $16 and Davante Adams $1
  11. DYnasty $220 cap ..Offered Kelvin Benjamin $16 and Tavon Austin $10 for Watkins $27. As a cam owner im intrigued with the combo
  12. yes I tried that and it still didn't help. Just explain to me why it makes sense, that's ridiculous. Why does it matter if a game is in progress.
  13. so I went to the Eagles Jets game this week, and of course I wanted to track my fantasy crap, so I busted out my Sunday Ticket on my Phone to check out the Red Zone Channel...Big Message "You are in or near an NFL stadium ...." can't remember the rest but says I NFL doesn't allow the use of Sunday ticket inside a stadium. What the hell is that all about, I pay for a service and I'm not home. I get the local broadcast thing, and even that makes zero sense, but why can't I watch my Sunday ticket while I'm falling asleep at an NFL stadium watching two crappy teams play a game????
  14. is he the starting slot WR for them? Do they employ many 3 Wr sets? I love the kids potential.